Your Portfolio is Like Golf Clubs | #AskTheAdvisor 73

hey everybody I’m Mike Desepoli and this is
episode 73 of the ask the advisor show. thank you guys so much for joining me
here today currently in Manhattan and I just wanted to
shoot a quick one and talk about as we move into golf season how your portfolio
and your portfolio strategy actually has a lot of similarities to your golf clubs
now I know you might be thinking what could the possible correlation be
between those two things so I’d like to explain it a little bit further and
bring you along for the ride so when you think about getting a new set of golf
clubs obviously that makes every golfer excited taken about the prospects of
doing that you’re excited to play with them you’re excited to hit them and
hopefully it’s going to improve your game you play with those clubs for a
couple of years and they become the favorite clubs that you’ve ever had your
results are great and the scores that you’re shooting are the best that
they’ve ever been and then you get somewhere down the line
and what happens to those golf clubs things on them start to where the grips
start to go and maybe as the grips on the club start to go the results start
to sway with them so what do you do throw the clubs out no of course not you
revisit the grips you get new grips you regrip those clubs in there good as new
your portfolio strategy really is no different when you think about
recalibrating whether it’s every month every quarter or every year we can’t go
5 10 15 years at a time with the same portfolio strategies economies change
markets change and the strategies in your portfolio need to change with them
so in the sense we’re trying to regrip our clubs we’re going to regrip our
portfolio as well revisit the investments that are in there and see if
they still keep up with the prevailing trends in the economy so that’s a quick
tip I had here for you guys today as we move into golf season golfers everywhere
getting the equipment out making sure it’s ready for this season your
portfolio is no different and make sure you stay on top of it thanks for tuning
in we’ll see you back next week.

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