Yakima/ Whispbar flush roof rail kit (K739 Kit used in this demo) – How to fit
Yakima/ Whispbar flush roof rail kit (K739 Kit used in this demo) – How to fit

Place the bars on a flat surface, unlocking the
locking cover and remove from the foot. Using both thumbs, push the clamping block
out of the foot. Remove both dowel pins using either your thumb
or fingernail, or the tool provided. Lift the bar up and remove the foot plate. Your new foot pack should include 4x feet,
1x allen key, 8x screws and a set of instructions. 2 feet are for the left hand side and 2 are
for the right. The easiest way to find out which foot is
which is to match the top of the clamp with the underside of the bar. Then make a note of the code and the side. To access the fixing screw you need to reposition
the fitting plate on the underside of the clamp. Using the allen key provided loosen the front
bolt as far as it will go, making sure the plate is straight. Looking into the foot you should now be able
to see a groove in the plastic and the silver fixing screw. Take one of the feet and match to the underside
of the bar, then push up into the foot. locate the silver fixing screw and tighten hand tight. Attach 2 self-tapping screws to secure the
foot to the bar. Using the tool provided with the
bars, loosen the adjustment 3-4 turns and set both feet to the width of your roof rails. When fitting to your vehicle, remember that
the rounder, wider end of the Whispbar is the front side. Locate the fixing holes on the inside of your
vehicles flush rails. Place the bar onto the rails and line up the
fixing hole’s, making sure that the feet sit flush against the rail on both sides. Tighten the front bolt gradually and keep
a check on the alignment. The foot clamp has a tendency to draw in on
one side whilst tightening, but once located into the rail, the other side fits in place
easily. Once secure, tighten the adjustment screw
with the tool provided with the bars, fit the locking cover and lock in place. Then repeat for the other foot and other bar.

3 thoughts on “Yakima/ Whispbar flush roof rail kit (K739 Kit used in this demo) – How to fit”

  1. Shea Meade says:

    Wish I had found this a few days ago..!!

  2. allanmackay027 says:

    Very helpful – wasted hours trying to follow instruction book and then searching you tube for this video. A link to the video in the instructions would be good marketing. The video was very helpful and even better once I had found the little spanner & alan key behind the lock plate . I am fitting to Kia Sorento 2015 – now on to Pro Ride 598 – hopefull there is a video!

  3. Werner Busch says:

    Found this on Youtube. Nice video!
    Which combination (bar and installation kit) suits to a Jeep Compass 2018?

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