what’s that very welcome back to the
channel today we are going to be doing a kind of a part two to the wrong sport
basketball video we did a while back we’ve got smooth from Ukraine and the
Randall twins today we’re gonna start with a game of knockout with a
basketball that’s normal then we’re gonna move on to football wiffle balls
cornhole bags ping-pong ball and then finish with tennis balls but you have to
use the racket house your 10th house your tennis skills solid if you get
first place you are awarded three points if you get second place you get two
points if you are third place you get one point if you are the last place if
you’re the first person that you get 0 points most points at the end wins here
we go Pete gets zero points isn’t awarded the role of cameraman come over
here Jake Oh Oh take it his time no no I didn’t
deserve to win I miss like 19 layups you’re okay move move three points two
points one point Pete next sport next up is football
what are your football skills like I’m a hero of all zero skills I’m a better
shooter with a football apparently that are basketball I don’t miss I haven’t
miss you I miss impressive if I don’t say so myself
okay that’s five points for me I got three one smooth three three all right
next up wiffle ball you get I’m just give me the basketball not this weird
balls you go oh this might take a while Oh oh my gosh oh that was through yes so
you got three tail three I have now I’m six I got six – ooh close game yeah okay
okay okay this one will be interesting cornhole
bags are you familiar with cornhole yeah I saw it once on a TV okay okay okay look at that I get it down oh you did oh
my gosh I can do this the common eating Jake right now okay this is big this is
big this is big money I can’t lose all these all the time Oh with this me oh my god oh my gosh
alright so plus 3 plus 3 what is your total now 6 6 5 5 7
I got 6 & 6 it’s a close game yeah it’s very close and there’s only 2 rounds
left next up ping-pong balls there you go
hi this is white like Shaquille this what it feels like guys do we want to
move up to the free-throw line for this okay we’re gonna go to the free-throw
line for the ping-pong ball right I need I need a I need a Pete dove here for me okay hold that there you go oh I’m glad
I got out on this an early you hit it it’s like physically
impossible he’s gone he’s gone oh I get him out of here
get him out of here Oh nein I’m also at nine we’re tied going into the final
round how we can have a three-way tie potentially what do you have I’m at six
I’m out if you’re at six No oh if you wouldn’t I go if I win but but
if one of them gets one if you or me win oh yeah we we tie then yeah but we’ll
have to lose never right next round is tennis balls but you have to use
brackets Oh oh my goodness did you thought that one oh my gosh on
camera you have no idea where that ball came from yes right now oh thanks Hey well I still
beat you haven’t yet subscribed my friends are Randall twins I’ve been
doing a lot of uses them on their chance of cool subscribe go check out their
videos and hit up my friends the Ukraine Dimitri smooth he’s the man ball handler
dunker all sorts of things to go check out his channel and his Instagram show
him something oh what a hear my jam shout outs and
make sure you click on those videos up there we’ll see you guys later bye
Oh Jake’s dying

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