Uhh, did I get her? (weird noise)
AH! I did get her- oh God–! Hello everybody! My name is Markiplier, and welcome to Mortem! Now I don’t know about you.. But something seems a little bit disconcerting about this here intro here. Namely… THIS lady (refrences the scary lady in the background) Alright, whatever. I need to get into this game so We’re gonna find out what go-OOAAH Seek and find find Motem at least 10 times Otherwise you lose Get ready to run! You need to hide in the closet after each- Wh-why am I doing this?? (No idea) Why am I doing this? ( Don’t know) Wh-why would I do this? (mark, I dont know) Oh no Looks based over the closet “Enter the closet and turn off the flaslight” WHAT?? *mark is starting to regret playing this game* Wh-what? WHAT WHAT? “press space to open the”- its not working! Oh god I don’t wanna(creepy girl laugh) *cue the Scaredyplier* Hi-who came over to- OKAY!!! Wokay! Alrighty then Hey- you wanna play games with ME?? HUH???? (yep) *kisses his manly biceps* I’M READY FOR YA!! BRING IT ON, MORTEM!!! I’ma find ya in our weird game of hide-n-seek that I didn’t volunteer to play with you and do that In this closet? no Where’s Mortem? Where’s Mortem?? Mortem! *cue the weird accent* Mortem? Where are you? Mortem? *back to the normal accent* Oh-Okay alrighty then Hello?? Mortem?? ehh… Mortimer?? Where are you- eyEH I DIDN’T DO THAT!! I DIDN’T DO THAT! *le click* ‘kay. No one’s there No one’s there No one’s there okay-alright then so I gotta do this janky ass thing and YEAH “DAT DON’T WORK Yeah dat don’t work at all Was that a- I DIDN’T DO THAT Fuckin’… what is going on here?? MORTEM! MORTEM!! -oh boy hi *What’s with his face?* ewh okay. Well yeah this looks bad Yeah- this looks bad (calling out) Mortem. Mortem? Mortem… Mortimon Mortimon? MORTON!! Mawtem!! MorTEAHHH!!! (creppy laugh) HEY OKAY ALRIGHT THEN- AYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYA!!! Hide in the CLOSET!!! Hide in the CLOSET!!! I CAN’T HIDE IN THIS GODDAMN CLOSET!!! *scared* HELLO?? Is this the closet that I need to hide in?? (nope) HI MORTEM!!! O-OKAY! WHY? I DON’T GET IT!! SHE’S RIGHT THERE! What the fuck? Mortem? (yes?) Hi (hi) How are you doin’? (Better than you) Nice vest! and hat! oh god kay, I’m-I’ma *Jumpscare that scars the shit out of markipoo* Okay! Alright then! I died!! Alright! Okay! I get it! Okay! THAT WAS BAD!!! I get it. Okay. Alright, then. I dont know what happened I think Mortem got stuck “When you see her standing still, right click her and run “The closet ONLY opens when”– Ohhh *Let the relization sink in* Ahhhh So I have… to go back… to that particular closet. Oh. Okay. I get it. It is a perverse game of hide-n-seek (creepy laugh) HEEYY!! I DIDN’T DO THAT!! OKAY!! ARE YOU THERE!? HUH?? WHAT THE FUCK!!! D-Don’t do that to me! Don’t do dat. I don’t like that. At all (finally) Fuck you. a-All of you okay, alright. Is she downstairs? I don’t like this game. I don’t like this game (mumble) I don’t like this I-I mean the game fine in itself. I’m just talking about how I don’t like the game hide-n-seek in the darkness It’s a bit of the opposite of what I’d rather do with my time. *scrambling in the darkness* Mortem. *laughing* o-OHH. Did I get her? AHH!! *mark screaming like little girl* I DID GET HER!!! OH GOD!!! OH FUCK!! OH FUCK ME OHHHHH FUCK ME I’M IN THE WRONG AREA!!! *hysterical* HI MORTEM! hiiiii Mortem oh he’s COMIN *found by the seeker* Fuck Mortem, you gotta be up here Gotta be up here- OHHH okay. I don’t like that See, I don’t like that Mortem? Ohhh great. where the fuck are you MORTEM? You in here? (mumble) might be in there *Gasp* hi. Okay, alright. She’s in there, but what do I do about that?? Here we go *door magically closes* Fucking god- STOP THAT! Gah- Just OPEN THE DOOR *instantly regrets it* Ahh god OH GOD OH GOD I can’t– WHERE THE FUCK AM I?? WHERE AM I?? OH MY GOD x6 GET IN THERE!! GET IN GET IN GET IN G-okay turn off *click* How do I turn *click* Turned off. I DON’T KNOW WHAT I DID *clanging of metal* *More clanging (and some drips)* *just drips now* *madman laughing* *Thumbs up from Markiplier* *relieved, but scared* Okay! I think I did THAT! *le click* That’s good Alright. I don’t know where the fuck she would have gone- OOOOOKAY ewh… *creepy laugh again* Oh, okay. Alright then. Does that mean your near? does that mean I’m close by? *sees her skirt* OOooOOhhhHH HEEEEEY!!! *nervous laughter* Ahh. Me no like that. Okay. GAHHH- I DIDN’T GET HER! I didn’t get her. oOOKAY There- there we go. There we- WOAAH. GOD that’s so weird. ‘kay, space to open Spa-SPACE TO OPEN!!! I”D LIKE TO OPEN THIS NOW!! PLEEEEEEEEAAASE!! Please. please, please, please can I open this, Okay! I did apparently *scared stranglie grabbers* *with stranglie grabbers* HeeEEY HOW YA DOIN’ THERE? (pretty good, actually) I got my STRANGLIE GRABBERS ready if yo come through this *stranglie grabbers come back out* I’m ready to STRANGLE Anybody home? for a STRANGLIN?? *apparently so* I’m gonna guess that’s the all clear signal Not 100% sure about that, but I’m gonna guess. *clickypoo* Okay Alrighty then ohWOAHHHAYAYAYAYAYA- OKAY alrighty then Can I… okay your just gonna close the door ayeyeAYAYAYAYA!!! Fucking god dammit! GOD DAMN IT!!!!!! Okay, she’s not here (mumble) that’s weird Okay I’m a bit concerned now- WOAH the fuck? A’ight ewh. Don’t like that *le screech* AHHH!! FUCKING WHYYYYYY???? why would you DO THAT? WHY WOULD YOU DO THAAAaaaAAAAaat?? why would you- Oh FUCK YOU. FUCK YOU AND FUCK ME TOO! OKay! Open the GODDAMN DOOR *Screech* AH! Fucking god dammit… Ahh.. It’s IMPOSSIBLE!!! So anyway, that’s all the time that I got for this one. I’m gonna take a bit of a breather because my voice seems to be fragile as a baby right now So I’m gonna let Mortem lie for just a little bit longer While I figure out a strategy to beat her I mean I could figure it out, but- to get that ten times in a row and not be screwed over BY THE DOORS is gonna be a bit of an iffy trick So thank you everybody so much for watching. Let me know what you think down in the comments below and if you wanna beat it, I’ll leave a link to the game in the description as well. The demo is free right now, so go right ahead and play with Mortem So, thanks again everybody, and- as always- I will see you… in the next video! BYEBYEEEE!!!

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