World’s Most Amazing Materials
World’s Most Amazing Materials

welcome to TTI welcome to a whole new
world of science and fun today we’re going to explore some incredible and
amazing materials from the world of science fiction so sit back relax and
enjoy the video number one do a yen polyuria spray well we all know that
many martial artists have enough strength to break these concrete blocks
with just one strike not bad huh they believe that true strength comes from
inside not outside but this concept is challenged by a Turkish company duo yen
the company has developed a polyuria spray system which provides an excellent
outer protective strength to protect the wall of blocks
it needs the double layer spray application whenever this polyuria spray
dries its outer film becomes stronger just like Superman I mean strong enough
that it can withstand beating from hammers while the martial artists will
freak out on this material if you spray a single block then of
course it will provide you with some impressive physical strength even
against Thor’s hammer while even Thor needs some serious upgrades to his old
hammer if you apply this spray on cardboard boxes then after drying it
will become a strong water-resistant storage tank or even you can stand on
this cardboard without any physical damage or it can be used as a fish tank
for fishing guys it’s really awesome without a doubt you know how weak
thermic all is it breaks easily but with the help of this magical spray you can’t
imagine this or this it can be used to protect watermelons from physical damage
as well guys tell me what will you coat with this let me know in the comments
number two healing cloths probably you’ve seen the
coolest scene of Hulk transformation where Bruce spanners transforms into a
green giant monster and during his transformation all this clothes ripped
out except his pants or maybe you’ve seen Superman movies where his clothes
remained undamaged even after some extreme fights right well welcome to the world of Wolverine
where materials can self repair you can cut it in half even after you can join
it thanks to its self-healing property it’s exceptional fabric can be healed
after penetrating multiple times by these nails it reacts to heat and
friction and reconnects the puncture holes it can withstand the extreme
forces and can be stretched to 50 times of its original length this recently
developed material can conduct electricity and have high transparency
it’s developed by a company imperial motion and possibly it can be used in
self-healing electronics to number-3 non-newtonian fluid this creepy liquid
can be created at home just by uniformly mixing the potato starch and water the
main feature of this non-newtonian fluid is that it behaves differently depending
on the pressure force if you hit the liquid surface with your fist it’ll feel
like a solid and elastic material but if you repeat the moments slowly the liquid
will behave normally and you can easily place your hand inside the strange behaviors of this liquid
happened because of the molecular structure of the substance and the bonds
between the molecules inside it number forms thermochromic paint now you can
change your car’s color or pattern by using thermochromic paint the
thermochromic paint is the same material that is found in mood rings and under
the screens of many smartphones or LCDs this material when exposed to heat the
molecular structure changes and it reflects different colors on warm
conditions the thermochromic paint intentionally prepared in such a manner
that will change its color at 37 degrees Celsius which is our body temperature
this color under warm water becomes translucent revealing the car’s true
tone after a few moments the paint becomes opaque again number five
super glue glue is not a new material it’s pretty much a historical thing the
earliest evidence of glue is on cave paintings over 5000 years old but super
glue is way more different than regular ones one company broke the Guinness Book
of World Records with his impressive product Loctite cyano acrylic adhesive
they just used nine drops of adhesive to lift a car weighing more than five tons
Loctite pushed its products beyond the limit and they demonstrated that only 3
grams of Loctite adhesive is required for pulling 208 tons of a train for one
hour with Loctite hy4 zero nine zero adhesive
you can stick to half pieces of golf balls into one piece and it’s strong
enough that it can withstand a lifetime of hits from a golf stick also
henckles Loctite products are used in various medical devices for life-saving
purposes Loctite super glue pen can be used to stick broken things around the
house safely and precisely an addition super glues are used in CSI laboratories
to find finger prints as well number six lava lava is one of the
hottest and fascinating materials known to humans actually lava is nothing more
than a rock that is melted into the hot liquid state voilá is also known as
magma that contains crystals unmelted rock dissolved gases silica titanium
calcium and a few more elements when completely cool natural carbonatite lava
turns silvery creating an otherworldly landscape around the volcano
even though lava is 1 million times more viscous than water surprisingly it can
flow great distance before cooling and solidification due to its thixotropic
properties surprisingly lava rocks are used for decoration and gardens building
materials and for construction of beautiful wall textures in addition lava
rocks used for cooking food and are used for grilling meat when lava meets water
the water starts evaporating below the lava surface and produces steam thus the
result is beautiful as well as bubbly and it blows up
similarly when lava meets ice the ice directly turns into vapors and is unable
to escape through the thick and dense layer of lava
the lava gets a bubble pattern on its surface due to the vapors entrapment
number seven glittering ink all that glitters is not gold probably you’ve
heard this face but this is the glittering calligraphy technique
developed by a great Dutch artist life’s mission lib got and this calligraphy
technique is worth more than gold she uses oblique holders and nib for this
calligraphy with the self mixed ink she makes the custom ink with water
Arabic gum and some glitters thus each stroke magnificently dazzles this
calligraphy technique can be used in logo designing and for making wedding
cards and many other applications glittering ink can be produced in
multiple colors and it’s really beautiful guys share this video with
those friends who love calligraphy or glitter number 8
bio elastic display this ultra thin bio elastic display is developed by Samia
research group at Tokyo University it fits perfectly on the skin and it can
monitor your health by measuring vital signs such as a blood pressure and heart
rate it can transmit biometric data onto the online cloud or smartphones as well
as the biometric readings can be displayed on the screen in real time
this new integrated system combines a flexible and a deformable display with
lightweight sensors ultimately this is very comfortable for aging populations
number 9 fire extinguisher ball probably you know Iseman he can
extinguish a fire with his supernatural powers similarily Superman can
extinguish a fire with just a single blow introducing the fire extinguisher
ball a lightweight compact and spherical designed ball compared to conventional
fire extinguishing cylinder it is lightweight safe effective and easy to
use simply throw it into a fire it will activate within just three seconds and
effectively dispersed extinguishing chemicals when a fire occurs and known
as present fire extinguishing ball will self activate when it comes into contact
with fire and gives a loud noise as a fire alarm there is no special
training or skill required to operate the ball you just throw it number 10
gradient index glass we all know that light does not always travel in straight
lines light curves when it passes through gradient index materials these
are materials that don’t have a uniform composition and its refractive index
changes from the top to bottom this material is used in creating optical
fibres that’s used to connect our world through telephone signals internet
communication signals and cable television signals they allow
transmitting data as the pulse of light across countries and oceans thanks for
watching which material did you find impressive let me know in the comments
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