You’re up. People have these Nerf Dart wars at work sometimes, so in an effort to keep people from picking on me, I decided to create the world’s largest functional Nerf gun. So, I reached out to a couple of fellow engineering nerds, Ryan and David, from the Youtube channel Eclectical Engineering to see if they’re up for the challenge. So, it’s one thing to look good, but let’s see how she holds up against the guns of my co-workers. So here’s how it works. So the source of the air is this 3,000 psi paintball tank. By pushing the trigger forward, you let the air into this firing chamber here. And then, when you’re ready, you can pull it back to let the air out into the main cylinder and fire a dart. So, the paintball tank starts at 3,000 psi, but the silver chamber is regulated to only 80 psi for shots. By doing it this way, you get about 20 shots out of a single tape. So, after you shoot, you just rotate the cylinder over, and you can do it 5 more times. The darts exit the gun at about 40 miles per hour. And they’re made of pool noodles with toilet plungers on the end, which means they can actually stick to things. So, you can use it for skeet shooting, or Dude Perfecting. We also 3D printed a projectile that was a little more aerodynamic. And we were amazed to see it travel 130 yards. Wow.. So, I wanted to see if this thing actually worked in real life. And as usual, my niece and nephews were picking on me. So I challenged them to a Nerf dart war. Only, I may have neglected to tell them about my creation. So, a huge thanks to the brains and muscles of Ryan and David for helping to push this project to completion. They actually made a video on their channel of everything you need to know to build one of these for yourself. We also made some modifications to the Nerf gun to make it possible to absolutely obliterate watermelons. So, go watch that, and subscribe to their channel, because they’re kind of new, but they got some really cool videos in the works. I also want to say thanks to Audible. So a couple times a week, I will sit right here in my backyard, and sort of just look at the sky, and think about whatever. And it always makes me smile when I think that one of the dots 50 million miles away, has stuff on it that I have touched and designed. In fact, of all the videos that I have made, my favorite one is the one where I talk about what it felt like to see Curiosity land. [Inaudible] So, Rob Manning was the chief engineer for the Curiosity Mission, and he wrote a fascinating book that I just finished listening to, that gives a perfect overview of how Curiosity succeeded against crazy odds. He’s a really smart dude and a great storyteller. So, if you want to learn how NASA puts robots on tiny dots in the sky by listening to Rob’s book, or if you want to listen to any other book for free, all you have to do is use the link in the description, or go to Thanks for watching.

100 thoughts on “World’s LARGEST NERF GUN!!”

  1. Senpai says:

    no need to spend hours looking for the bullets

  2. Lucky Sean says:

    2:41 remember kids don’t judge something by its cover.

  3. August Green says:

    That thing can be used as a weapon of war if the right modifications are made, such as:
    1. Switching out the toilet plunger ammo to actual shells
    2. Increasing PSI per shot

  4. Jetpack Boy09 says:

    Way better than the Fortnite Nerf Guns.

  5. Noob Cews says:

    Former NASA engineer.

  6. Joseph Drew says:

    2:13 RIP gun

  7. This one Person says:

    That moment when you have to load you nerf gun like an artillery shell

  8. nguyen ha says:

    oh no not good
    kill your friend

  9. Coca Cola says:

    Child abuse

  10. Sarah Kemp says:

    “Person robs marks house “
    Mark: You chose the wrong house buddy “loading nerf gun sounds”

  11. Dark Star says:

    Coop772: are you challenging me
    Coop772: “puts 3 prometheus together”

  12. Richard Huang says:

    Imagine getting shot by that thing

  13. Ghost YT Gaming says:

    That would hurt

  14. SpeedyGD says:

    I may have neglected to tell them about my creation.

  15. Jose The Thinket says:

    Coop772 would like to know your location

  16. mystix꧂ ωσlƒу says:

    Alternative title: shooting giant nerf plungers at 40 mph at my neices and nephews for picking on me

  17. Praise Venom says:

    These are illegal in school zones because it’s 40 mph on launch

  18. Ohgeesy Shore says:

    Shoots a kid with a flying 40mph plunger smh

  19. Ben Wang says:

    He got the Guinness world record

  20. A Bunch of Drawings ._. says:

    0:05 Breaks Glass

    2:52 Alright lets shoot this thing at kids

  21. Muhibplays says:

    You should collab with Elon Musk

  22. Gavan Tan says:

    Bombs away!

  23. playz SKYPERY says:

    Use this to break into area 51

  24. playz SKYPERY says:


  25. Andrew Wu says:

    Local man uses high caliber gun to assault his coworkers in an work nerf battle

  26. sprink says:

    Nobody needs or should have a Nerf gun. I don't know why people think they should have them. ONLY the Police and the Military should have them, not the citizens. Nerf Guns are Bad. You don't need more 3 rounds to protect yourself from Bad guys-5 rounds are too much and encourage mass Nerf shootings.We don't need anymore Mass Nerf shootings. They all should be banned or a Nerf Buy back program for Food Stamp Cards. STOP! the Mass Nerf Shootings and write your Congressman. Join "MANS" ( Mothers Against Nerf Shootings). Get out and protest against the use of Illegal Nerf guns. Ban the Nerf Bumpstock, Suppressor and 30 round Nerf mags. Fight against the NRA (Nerf Rifle Association). We don't need the Nerf Amendment,we should just get rid of it. I can't believe YouTube's Advertisers find this video's content suitable for their Ads. I can't believe this Pro-Nerf Channel hasn't been banned for promoting the sale of Nerf Products. Don't forget about the Nerf show "Loop-Hole where people can buy them without a Backround check and you can buy as many as you want off of the internet. Nobody needs or should have an "Automatic" Nerf gun. Take the Nerf Guns Now and worry about Due Process Later. I'm just sick to my stomach over all of the Nerf Shootings out there today, It's got to stop.

  27. 1000 subscribers with no videos hi says:

    We need those guns for area 51

  28. Rapist Scunt says:

    I am the heavy weapons guy, and this is my weapon

  29. superpowercaptain boys says:

    Read more

    Because its awsome

  30. Slix Gaming says:


  31. Gavin Loesche says:


  32. Gamen Met Sam says:

    You are just shooting massive plungers

  33. Donald Dump says:

    0:48 Begone t h o t

  34. Practical Wumbo says:

    Creds to eric heiner for the comment but i agree with him
    My favourite part is how when the nephews see the gun, they instantly know that it works

  35. ҒΔZΣ CΩDΣ says:

    2:19 the stick is pewds chair

  36. Nolan Robinson says:

    Makes giant nerf gun, breaks glass, explodes watermelon, and then you shoot it at your nephew👌

  37. Hamani Alali says:

    you'll never lose a bullet

  38. Biggest Chungus says:

    Me:trying to build a JSBP gun
    Takes me a whole summer

    Rober: making a nerf gun
    Takes like what 3 second to build

  39. Trans Car Girl says:

    Did anyone else hear a halo arena announcer say "Overkill" in an overly dramatic voice when something got hit by his op nerf gun


    on my quest to become best uncle. shoots nephews at 40 m/h

  41. Ezko7 says:


  42. I don’t know What I’m doing says:

    2:45 FPS game

  43. Kristofar Dzhenev says:


  44. Samantha Ballew says:

    I made a smaller version of this and shot it at my brothers head and I cracked his head….

    The hospital bill was $2,350……

    Sorry mom and dads bank account………

  45. Shadowhunter says:

    Built an exploding projectile!

  46. Nicholas veale says:

    Gwr for the largest nerf gun

  47. Gamer M31 says:

    Is that even gonna hurt?

  48. Godzilla The Horse guy says:

    Why that enormous blaster not for sale at Indonesia?

  49. Ooby The second says:

    You were on Guinness world records 2018! Vewy nuice

  50. Noah Ali says:

    Shoot someone

  51. EJerel says:

    Does anyone know where I can get that "firing chamber" at 1:19??

  52. Erick Castellanos says:

    ITS NeRf Or NoTHinG

  53. Fortnite Is cool says:


    Not a single soul:

    Mark: Let’s make a giant nerf gun

  54. Drew Dafoe says:

    Poor kids are getting plungers chucked at them at 40 mph

  55. File storage says:

    Hahaha the bullet is for toilet

  56. Unicycle TUB says:

    Mark Robers Mars rover

  57. I like lions says:

    Hey. This is unspeakables house

  58. PewdsterFan says:

    1:10 yes I’m quite late but I thought I was looking at a normal nerf gun.

  59. Panda Corn says:

    Wait, if you got hit with one of those bullets, would it be like getting hit by a car, considering it goes a little faster than an average speed limit?

  60. Chris Kulit says:

    Mark: lets have a nerf war!
    Nephew: Im bout to end this man's whole career.
    Mark: No u

  61. En-Is says:

    2:14 that looks like jake too

  62. Carleton Jillson says:

    i have the same gun but smaller

  63. Duolingo owl says:

    Me entering the area 51 2:40
    Me leaving the area 51 2:46

  64. Tyler Shaw says:

    Wife: the toilet is blocked
    shoots GIANT nerf gun at toilet

  65. Create -Space says:

    We made it well.

  66. Mr. gamer-man 64 says:

    Half the video: actual video
    Other half: advertising

  67. Wierd dog says:

    And he never lost a single nerf gun bullet again

  68. oMuStIiA says:

    Little nerf gun: poik

    Big nerf gun: THOOMP

  69. D3m0nb0! 10000 says:


  70. Mineblox says:

    To everyone saying that 40mph is too fast and can hurt people, I get shot by airsoft bbs going at 260 mph on a regular basis

  71. Nicholas Franclemont says:

    anyone else notice how mars rover sounds a lot like mark rober

  72. Sophia Karp says:

    can i be related to you please and thank you

  73. Isaiah Miller says:

    psi 3000? more like pk nerf dart

    (earthbound refrence)

  74. Finley Aitken says:

    it dose not look very mobile on the battle field

  75. Plasma Dragail says:

    Normal nerf gun: gets a bullseye

    Giant nerf gun: breaks the bullseye

  76. Hrtless says:

    Lmao My Mans Is Awkward Asf

  77. Kingsly Animations says:

    2:47 the moment you realise your about to die

  78. Lars Sims says:

    Are we bringing this to Area 51?

  79. Amavex T. says:

    Your a fun uncle, funcle if you will.

  80. YEE LEE says:

    Nobody at all

    Mark rober: shoots kids with plunger that destroys glass

  81. SushiCakess _ says:

    Kids: I'm gonna win for sure

    Mark: pulls out massive nerf gun

    Kids: runs for life like horror movie

  82. Vicki says:

    Hard not to lose bullets

  83. Dio Brando says:

    Finally a dart we can find

  84. Night_Hunter47 says:

    I feel like everything Mark makes is to get revenge on his nephew and nieces

  85. Geo3003100 says:

    0:47 bottle cap challenge on another level

  86. Ding Dong says:

    I love how the kids just knew right away that it would shot

  87. That King Benny says:

    I love your videos bro

  88. Katie Lawrence says:

    And the thing about these bullets is you can’t lose them

  89. tastedPork says:

    why are you guys using 7 year old mavericks…

  90. Le Potato says:

    You vs the guy she tells you to not worry about

  91. Naruto Uzumaki says:


  92. Wiktor Kijowski says:

    0:08 ur go

    *shatters window 😂

  93. Kristiee BACK says:

    Dude Perfect Wants to know your location

  94. corbin vlogs says:

    You suck

  95. PvPower Gaming says:

    Imagine just trying to have a Nerf war and have some fun when all of a sudden you get nuked by your uncle.

  96. Lydia Custer says:

    Finding those bullets must be easy.

  97. Kakashi_ Treys says:

    Teacher: ok class we’re learning about nerf guns today
    Girls: nerf guns are for brats
    Boys: 2:45

  98. Skelyboss says:

    Mark robor, Mars rover, coincidence ? I think not

  99. pixel gamer says:

    Will you ever do a video with The Hacksmith

  100. M T says:

    0:42 little dart against bottle: wow thats it?
    Big dart against bottle: WOIII

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