World Cup Cats
World Cup Cats

Hm, I think I’ll… YES! Inflate the ball, w… work… out… Jump rope now kick the ball wow, that wasn’t good Come on! Don’t let goals in! Don’t let the balls in the goal! OH MY GOD I DID IT! Wow Phil, just, wow Ow! What the- RUN RUN RUN Come on! Faster! Like this I can do… OH COME ON! Work… out… more This is easy Oh, hello :3 OH CRAP! Oh, YAY! Come on, I’ve got it Dang it Ow! EAT IT MORON! Don’t look bad… don’t look bad… Hey, that wasn’t bad! Nice, nice MICHAEL YAS!!!!! Oh yeah… I’m ready MICHAEL OH MY GOD Okay Michael! You’re up! Get in there!! Time to show everybody what I can do! (people cheering) Michael walking into goal Annoncer: That’s not something you see everyday Annoncer: With the kick off! Micahel: Oh God: Annoncer: The visiting team moving surprisingly fast down the field! … Ouch… Beatiful art of Michael scoring, Check out other videos of Michael, they’re awesome as always 🙂 Make sure to subscribe if you liked it, for more videos starring Michael If you really enjoyed, like the video! It helps Aaron and Michael Stay notified when new videos come out with the bell icon Have a great day 🙂 *Turn captions off*

100 thoughts on “World Cup Cats”

  1. AaronsAnimals says:

    thanks for watching. this one was loads of fun.

  2. Mateusz Kacznow says:


  3. Spaz says:

    1:59 skull shattered

  4. Ni Din says:

    Michael you are so cute

  5. Ni Din says:

    Michael is funny

  6. котик суприм рандвоп says:

    Кто русский лайк

  7. Кристина Юдина says:

    HUAWEI MediaPad SwiftKey Jackson Flow SwiftKey Flow Jackson hehsheuhejdudjd Jackson

  8. Camilo Benitez says:


  9. Stefani Gligorevic says:

    0:01 Serbia 😂

  10. Jefferson Magrelle says:

    Lo que mas me she

  11. Jostyn Vera says:


  12. Ni Din says:

    Michael go go

  13. Dora Murillo says:

    Me gusta

  14. katrinabubus one says:


  15. Lixsy_chan angel UwU miau says:


  16. sarkam 73 says:

    OMG Very cute cat

  17. Kamal Adham says:

    Liverpool? In fifa u a fan of Liverpool? Like if u are

  18. Francesco Viola Scognamiglio says:

    3:06 oh no

  19. Yiu Lau says:


  20. GAMER 777 says:

    Is it a real cat?

  21. Alex Dumitru says:


  22. FeatherMay 111 says:

    So cute

  23. Talis Doll exe 2100000000000 says:

    Bonecas ceramel Ai meu Deus que que tá com essa bola na cabeça do Mario porque Esse vídeo foi no Roblox e agora tu falta na minha vida o tempero já tá quase chegando vai chover

  24. Pedro Sousa Nunes says:

    0:07 im br

  25. Marcin Rog says:

    136tys…like to =kolejny odcinek

  26. emilie videlaine says:

    Lol. Super mignon

  27. emilie videlaine says:


  28. Zoya Hussain says:

    Michael you are just adorbs

  29. YouTubeRecommand says:

    Germany : Scores
    Micheal : waves the spain Flag

  30. RYDER 1120 says:

    So cute 😂

  31. Keivison Santos says:

    It Love Cat

  32. Beautiful Animals says:

    So lovely ❤️

  33. miki_ youtube says:

    Ha ha ha fack

  34. Bastian Lippert says:


  35. Miko Bennett says:


  36. Lindemberg Ribeiro says:

    As meninas que merda

  37. Leidy Sarmiento says:


  38. Kuwaryad Singh says:

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    Ionhojohabuhiueqrygpioqeytiogwpyoithhtet ibrppbiwirwnioljulorfvvmlovfurlijkfdrkkdvfrkfdrjjkyou pvugpvpu

  39. angel ramos says:


  40. Иван Ващенко says:

    Мяу-мяу мяу-мяу мяу-мяу мяу-мяу команда мяу

  41. Иван Ващенко says:


  42. Владимир Дунаев says:

    Германия а не Испания

  43. denny sun says:

    Christanio Ronaldo and sergios ramos

  44. Isabel Herrera says:

    Poor mikele hed tran a lot bit he lost like for mikele plez

  45. Miguel Truvides says:


  46. Sarah Criss says:

    I’m coming to your house

  47. AVPGAMER105 Yay says:

    Thank you for putting my real name is this

  48. Ira Ira says:

    Ryrlpyyi 🎶😍😍😍😍😍😍1124

  49. Tiến Anh GAMING says:

    Like & Subscribe! Thanks you !

  50. Suray Cherkezolu says:


  51. zachariah Kane says:


  52. Duncan Troughton says:

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 so funny

  53. Ricly says:

    who saw the Brazilian flag back there.OBS:eu sou BR huehue

  54. gong sting says:

    How do u make bro

  55. rebecca gray says:

    Mike is happy when Germany score

  56. Miguel Truvides says:


  57. Hana Yousaf says:

    Is this cat real

  58. Miguel Truvides says:


  59. Miguel Truvides says:


  60. Miguel Truvides says:


  61. Ali Hotait says:

    Enzo bariol

  62. Jaylene Claire says:

    I dont like phil . I like Michael

  63. Марио Батљан says:

    Serbia flag 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘💓💓💓💓💗💗💚💚💚💙💙💛💛💜💜

  64. temo nishnianidze says:

    moment when cat does kick ups better than you
    you: O_O

  65. xXICY _Panda14Xx says:

    Aaron looks like Cristiano ronaldo

  66. Wilson Avila says:

    😍😍😍 yes

  67. NOEL RODRIGUEZ says:

    Karius at the ucl final in 2018

  68. Crackedwire says:

    It wasn't a goal

  69. AntiNEWspining Anti polnoch says:

    Cat fan! The best thing you can see is coming home./ host: 0_0 cat: meow

  70. Autism pig 101 101 says:

    That's me and me mate 😂

  71. 매운날개구이 says:

    1:56 nice!!!!

  72. Batata Doce says:


  73. Юрий Прокин says:


  74. Юрий Прокин says:


  75. Evelyn Quiros Alvarez says:

    Noce vale a el lo golpearon 🤔🤔like ci crees que él es lindo😍😍😘😗

  76. Ayaan Ahmed says:


  77. Muhaimin Anas channel says:

    1:45 the ball go to the car

  78. Muhaimin Anas channel says:

    2:05 it was a brilliant goal from liverpool and cat say eat it moron

  79. Muhaimin Anas channel says:

    3:03 goal michael fly and stuck at a goal but is actually goal

  80. CADE O MEU NESCAU says:


  81. Victoria Samura says:

    prince mj ❤

  82. ramonlino salaan says:


  83. Joaquin Gonzalez says:

    K e onda con esto? ?

  84. Omz Crisp says:

    Maybe Owl Kitty could give Michael a few tips?

  85. Gabe_101 says:

    2:23 classic meme love it 👌

  86. YouTube vk says:


  87. Paťo Krošlák says:

    Don´t tell me i broke controller in Fifa against a cat

  88. Raquel Antonio says:

    Oye tu gato esta hermoso😍😍

  89. Luis Alejandro Torres Rodriguez says:

    Poor micol

  90. Donna Heard says:

    🤣🤣 crazy 🤣

  91. justms GT says:

    Michael is best👍🏽

  92. Ayaan Ahmed says:

    Aaron foot ball ok like

  93. MemeGang 2% says:

    Soooooo literally one of my friends tried to lie to us saying that this is his channel but he isn’t even inglish HES FRIGGIN BRASILIAN

  94. Alexandra Jackson says:

    How do you do all of these tricks?

  95. Alexandra Jackson says:


  96. Jacob Playz says:

    1:17 excercising cat 😎
    1:20 Thug Life Cat 😂

  97. Daniel Garcia says:


  98. Aluno TIC 11 Externato says:


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