Wilson Staff Spine Driver | Golf Club Review Video

They say that somewhere in the world there
is a partner for every man and women living. Well somewhere in the world there’s going
to be someone that likes the Wilson Spine driver. The first truly perimeter weight driver
with the highest moment of inertia or resistance to twist available on the market. This drivers
job is one thing and on thing only, to hit it straight. Now before I hit it I want to
tell you something, it has to be the ugliest driver in the world! To achieve the functionality
of hitting it straight the Wilson guys have taken a huge chunk of weight out of the head
and left a Spine, so it’s called the Wilson Spine driver. To me it looks like you closed
the car boot on it. But does it hit it straight? Let’s have a look. Let’s have a try. It
hits it dead straight. A big clunky sound out of it. But somewhere in the world there’s
got to be someone who loves the Wilson Spine driver. Check them all out on Golfbidder.

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