Wilson Staff Pd6 Driver | Golf Club Review Video
Wilson Staff Pd6 Driver | Golf Club Review Video

As you can imagine, on Golfbidder we have
thousands of drivers and I love taking them all out. Especially the older ones and seeing
how they match up against the newer technology. So I’ve got the Wilson Staff Pd6 driver here.
It’s got a 460cc head. It’s got all the things you’d expect from a driver. You can see the
2 weight pods at the back there. All the weight is low in the driver to produce high launch.
It comes with a quality Adilia stiff shaft. A shaft that practically all good golfers
had in their drivers a couple of years ago. So I know it’s a 460cc head, it’s nice and
classic looking so it should perform. Here we go, let’s put it to the test. Down behind
the ball it look really small and compact. The shaft feels really stiff. And it gets
it out there as good as any driver you can get these days. So if you’re looking for a
good entry level driver, and you won’t get a rate better than it anywhere else in the
world. Check out the Wilson Pd6 on Golfbidder.

3 thoughts on “Wilson Staff Pd6 Driver | Golf Club Review Video”

  1. Troy O'Brien says:


  2. leeroy8t5 says:

    Why Did you aim at the trees?

  3. Robin Tricker says:

    The only club in my bag that I have never changed. Hit it beautifully when I bought it years ago and still banging them 300 yds with it now.

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