Will Serena Williams win Grand Slam #24 in 2020?
Will Serena Williams win Grand Slam #24 in 2020?

The 2020 Australian Open is here and after
ending her title drought in Auckland last week, many feel like 2020 will be Serena’s
year in terms of finally getting that 24th slam. I’ll give my thoughts on whether I
believe she’ll win a major this season and look back at her past 4 slam finals losses
plus more, here on GS Tennis News Today. Im just gonna cut straight to the chase, yes
I believe Serena will win 24 and even go further than that this season. Amazingly at 38 years
old when she’s healthy and fit Serena is the best player in practically any tournament
she plays in. For the past 5 years its been the case as an injury-free Serena has made
every single slam final in that time period except for the 2015 US Open were nerves and
pressure from trying to get the Calendar Slam sent her packing in the semis. Since her comeback
from maternity though, she’s done well in getting to the finals but in that title match
she played no where near as well as she did in the matches before. Starting with Wimbledon 2018, her form most
of the tournament was decent, but her semifinal dispatch of Julia Georges really showed us
that she was back to slam winning tennis. In this match with Goerges, Serena won 87%
of first serve points, 53% on 2nd serve and was only broken once. However in the finals
match vs Kerber, Williams won 63% of first serves points, 36% of second serve points,
was broken four times. In the trophy ceremony, Serena said that Angie played one of the best
matches ever, and the German disputed this saying that she too wasn’t quite on her
game. This to me shows how Williams was trying to deal the loss more by merely saying the
opponent was the much better player, but in reality Serena’s nerves prevented this from
being a competitive match. In the 2018 US Open final, the same nerves
were prevalent as Serena’s long first service game in which she almost, lost was an indicator
of worse things to come. She lost the first set to an-inform Naomi Osaka 6-2, but planted
a comeback by going up 3-1. Some controversy and stellar play from Osaka halted these hopes
handing the Japanese woman her first major title. In this match Serena didn’t play
horribly and I have to say its probably her best she’s played n a major final since
the pregnancy comeback. despite the difference in opponent, there’s just no denying Serena’s
level had a significant drop. In her semifinal match against Sevastova, she hit 64% of first
serves in, won 76% of points when that first serve was hit in, and won 53% on the second.
Against Osaka, though her second serve points won percentage was 5% higher, she hit 55%
of first serves im. won 63% of points when this happens and hit a total of 6 double fault
to just 3 aces. Im going to briefly go over the 2019 Australian
Open because this honestly I feel was her best chance to win #24. She played so well
in Melbourne and after beating then world number one Halep it was clear that Serena
could and outplay those steadier counterpunching players. However, after spraining her ankle
while match point up vs Pliskova Williams suffered one of the most heartbreaking tournament
exits in her career. I just felt that this was the perfect time to get over the hump
because she would’ve had to play Osaka in the semifinals which would’ve been a test
that I believe the American would have passed. A common theme in Serena’s past major semis
is that she faced an underpeforming player than doesn’t give her the adequate prep
she needs going into the final which is what Naomi would’ve given her. I feel like if
she could get a close 3 set semifinal win. it would take a lot of pressure off of her
knowing that she almost didn’t reach this championship match. Elaborating on these further,
in her 2019 semifinals against Strycova and Svitolina, her opponents didn’t challenge
her at all which kind of makes Serena take these wins for granted if yo understand where
I’m coming from. In short, this season should she happen to make these slam semis she needs
to be tested and pushed. In the 2019 Wimbledon and the US Open finals her opponents played
well and definitely deserved to win, but being at the final vs Andreescu in person, it became
clear that in these big match situations Serena’s serve goes away and when the serve goes the
confidence tends to leave the room as well. Up until 6-3 5-1, serena was serving horrendously,
but after breaking Bibi to keep us at 5-2, she started going up after the ball more and
showed flashes of the old Serena. However when she leveled the match at 5-5, her feet
and legs stopped working and she once again struggled to win easy points. In the Auckland final I honestly thought this
would be the case again as she lost her first service game right off the bat. She almost
went down two breaks, but something clicked inside Serena which led her to fight in way
we haven’t been seeing in these finals matches lately. She played her way into form simultaneously
shaking off the nerves to win her first title in nearly 3 years. As aforementioned this
win is monumental for her confidence for her further matches not only in finals but in
intense battles. Seeing her cooly close the match out at love despite the adversity and
pressure was an even greater sign. Reiterating my point, Serena rarely has problems
in her first 6 matches of these slams, lately its been the 7th causing her the most pain.
However, I now believe that if she stays healthy and does what she’s capable of doing, nobody
can stop her from adding to her slam count. Not even Serena herself.

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    100% she will, maybe even more then one this year!

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    Bro do you have a free link for me to watch the tennis match live

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