Will Forte Gives Pros & Cons Of His Wild Hairstyles
Will Forte Gives Pros & Cons Of His Wild Hairstyles

38 thoughts on “Will Forte Gives Pros & Cons Of His Wild Hairstyles”

  1. BaDlz YT says:

    The best episode

  2. BaDlz YT says:

    First one

  3. Blue Potato says:

    First lol

  4. Blue Potato says:

    I am the best

  5. Itz_ Aliii says:

    Hi James big fan watch u for 3 yrs

  6. Kevin Anderson says:

    When you are so early but have nothing good to say 😂

  7. Blue Potato says:

    and from Germany

  8. Saveliy Goreev says:

    he is so enthusiastic about his mustche, so much description and thought

  9. Its nothing says:

    Early squad

  10. Hellish says:

    Love LOVE LOVE will forte

    Tandy time

  11. kjdnyhmghfvb says:


  12. DjDarkD says:

    So basically dr Will Phoenix

  13. Val Acosta says:

    Hairstyles… Harry Styles. He's everywhere. Lol

  14. anthony mo says:

    I love F'n me self

  15. Keren icehand says:

    Will is awesome! Love him!💜🤣👍

  16. DannyBoycustom says:

    Bring the last man on earth back !!!!!!!
    Really miss that show

  17. Stitt Happens says:

    I thought this was Jim Carrey in the thumbnail

  18. Foo Kelevra says:

    Quick we need a distraction

  19. IJ says:

    She embarrassed herself after inviting him to sit on her lap and he declined… what a man 👌

  20. Lioness Mummy says:

    I like his hairstyle he’s wearing right now. He looks handsome. In fact, I’d let him sit close to me on a couch. 😜😍

  21. Jordison Jonkaes says:

    The last one isn’t the “dr Phil” it’s the “Terry O’quinn”

  22. Eunice C says:


  23. redexplodingsun says:

    James Corden is not funny.. maybe slightly because is such a fake butt kisser..

  24. Nomon Munir says:

    I am rocking will forte’s current mustache style

  25. Jeff Miller says:

    Didn't he used to do comedy with Demitri Martin? I enjoyed that.

  26. Curtis Lowther says:

    Do a carpool with green day

  27. Ronnie DiMaio says:

    Will Forte was funny on SNL

  28. jenniferkeyfrahm says:

    Why is she all over him? She's married, totally in his space, and not even 1/4 on her own couch cushion.

  29. Kelly Bills says:

    I miss The Last Man On Earth. Sad that they cancel good shows.

  30. Avetor UAC says:

    2:23 how heir change People =) if add closes other new person

  31. meurtri says:

    does he have a lisp now?

  32. Shawn&Inna Barrett says:



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  33. 左将军领徐州牧如东侯 says:

    I really love Will Forte’s works in SNL…

  34. Mimicu says:

    I miss him so much!

  35. WalkingCane says:

    I miss Last Man on Earth so MUCH please bring it back

  36. Shaq4real says:

    I'm convinced that Will Forte is Woody Harrelsons long lost brother.

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