Wii Sports Golf Is Hard
Wii Sports Golf Is Hard

(Chime) (Golf Ball Hit Sound) (Successful Chime and Applause)

20 thoughts on “Wii Sports Golf Is Hard”

  1. ducklife9000 says:




  3. Sister James says:

    Holy shit this is perfect

  4. Mineapple FX says:


  5. Spurdo mies says:

    Did anyone else flinch watching this?

  6. Mac says:


  7. Just a dude who likes dbs says:

    So smooth!!!

  8. JeffSwiper says:


  9. Daniel Nijkamp says:

    Amazing editing as usual

  10. EpicDonutDude says:

    Always go full force when standing in front of a tree

  11. Delta says:

    damn that edting

  12. XBASGAMESX says:

    Wait… Did You Always Called Hearing Aids?

  13. I am a loaf of Bread says:

    Made me acutely jump lol

  14. Chan0 says:

    Anyone else wince?

  15. Bazoka810 says:

    I like how you edited him to do that little shift thing the mii does in-game. Really fucking subtle I almost didn't notice it.

  16. IndieRed says:

    god i love you mr hearing aids

  17. Too Vertical says:

    That inch forward edit! I failed NNN thanks..

  18. H M says:

    Thought the ending was gonna be that crying kid who broke his Nintendo DS

  19. ツB o x says:

    The new wii sports game looks super realistic now

  20. Matt From Wii Sports says:

    And this is why you should always put the wii strap kids

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