Wide Ping Pong
Wide Ping Pong

Maybe I’ll just wait over here What’s up guys, we are Pongfinity We are back with another episode of challenge Pongfinity Our special guest today is Keisha She’s not very good at tricks but she’s here just to show her pretty face This video is sponsored by Raycon whose wireless earbuds we’ll talk more about later on Okay so is it possible to play with a
needle Needle was quite on point there but not
enough Dropshot, smash You can really feel that something has struck the ball You wont expect this.. Had a bit of a rush there This is my way to do it Okay what’s happening? Lets try playing on Otto’s shoulders Let’s go! For once you don’t have to worry about
footwork Someone else is doing it for you! We are unbeatable! Where’s the footwork Otto! Maybe I should be the one below Yeah you should So for the next challenge we need a target The one who spins a different colour rubber, loses No! I knew it! I get to eat some bubble gum so I guess I’m the real winner here! Not bad! We have to do slight modifications to the net Just put it like this Bit of an operation There it is! Thats pretty good! I’m surprised that we got it so well Looks quite good! This is some creative video shooting Maybe I’ll just wait over here That was a roller! The table is suitable for around the nets I’m sure you didn’t expect that Found the technique now Apparently yeah Raycon is a wireless audio technology brand whose earbuds start at about half the price of other premium wireless earbud brands The audio quality is great! And are also perfect for practicing This is the latest model, E 25 with six hours playtime It also comes with a handy charging case It’s also suitable for around the nets! So go to buyraycon.com/pongfinity to get 15% off your order Brought to you by Raycon Big thanks to sponsoring this video! Thank you Keisha you’ve been a great help today Don’t forget to hit subscribe and watch our previous videos. Until next time! Keisha you’re supposed to say until next time!

100 thoughts on “Wide Ping Pong”

  1. Pongfinity says:

    "I guess I'm the real winner here!" 😂🤣
    P.S. If we hit 1M subs this week, who wants to see Stereotypes 3 next Monday? 🤗

  2. Viraj says:

    I’ll sponsor u with AirPod pro

  3. Maha osama says:


  4. trevor nyagaka says:

    Bryce walker-

  5. Pongfinity Man says:

    When Mikka is on Otto’s shoulders, is he using some kind of experimentation with the bat? Why two red sides? 🤔

  6. Cameron Kohlmann says:

    Everybody gangsta til the ping pong table gets wide

  7. lousyfication says:

    Hey! You guys do provide the most entertaining table tennis content on youtube, actually. Great videos, lots of fun.

    Thumbnail on this video is awesome! 😀
    I don't like dogs, though (not your fault, of course!). xD

  8. 300 subscriber without any video says:

    Heres a challenge
    Play with you legs instead of hands

  9. ESP Talan says:

    When you don’t have friends 1:11

  10. Santi Díaz Elite says:

    I dont know how can they play with a needle while i cant play with a racket

  11. Ojjas Pahwa says:

    Play table tennis with a gym dumble

  12. muhd hanzo says:

    Can u do .. one video .. that play … Repeatly… Left hand ..right hand ..left hand ..right hand

  13. nicole tosi says:

    challenge is to hit the ping pong ball over the paddle with ping pong tables

  14. Hamza efe Yılmaz says:

    Türk izleyicimiz yok mu gençler

  15. Mr.AJWorks says:


  16. Rey says:

    Challenge: Play table tennis using the dog

  17. Akasith Bijaphala says:

    Play with your head

  18. General says:

    Challenge: you gotta hit the ball with the handle

  19. Fraser Macpherson says:

    Play with uranium238

  20. Afrina Faria says:

    Play table tennis in badminton court

  21. Mr Popsicle guy says:

    Play ping pong on a tennis court

  22. Omega316 says:

    play ping pong in China

  23. Benji is here says:

    What would a tall net look like or a table with an incline inwards or outwards from the players.

  24. LolisTG says:

    1v1 me in ping pong trash kid

  25. Kubeson says:

    Play with a goalkeeper glove

  26. r_squared says:

    how did I get from "funniest rainbow six siege clips" to this

  27. Happy Gwapa says:

    Do an intro with SNAKES

  28. John Maxwell says:

    3:27 he looks like justin beiber

  29. MASTERJ3WY _ says:

    He was slapping that pups head in the beginning

  30. 罗恒 says:

    Play table tennis with a tennis ball

  31. Otto Pikk says:

    Play ping pong whit kendamas

  32. Ukko Arrelo says:

    Missä suomalaiset?

  33. PEWDIEPIE for the win says:

    Where do they play

  34. Dr.wii.2008 says:

    Try playing ping pong with your eyes closed

  35. NO peeking At my name says:

    Do The intro in swedish

  36. Marin Čižek says:

    Do intro in montenegrian

  37. Boksa YT says:

    Do you intro in serbian

  38. The STARBOY says:

    #challenge try to hit the cap of a bottle with a glass ball

  39. Saksham Agarwal says:

    You guys really kill it 😂 😘 💙 💖 😘

  40. Stormer Games says:

    The wide ping pong is an Otto slayer

  41. Lavignes says:

    Play beerpong, with beer

  42. Jimmer Donnelly says:

    Play with a 6 tables in a row

  43. Switch SnipEz says:

    Nice job try to play ping pong but with tables stacked up on each other good luck

  44. Infinity ping pong says:

    Play with a safety pin

  45. Kiran Bhat says:

    Guys try playing with x table

  46. Ali Diab says:

    Play tabel tenis with a shose

  47. The Games says:

    Play with a shoe

  48. Steven Fortney says:

    Challenge: play with one of those self ping pong games (I've seen them at every retailer now). One of you holds the mini table and the other two play on it. #letsseethemskills

  49. Cricket guys says:

    play ping pong with a paper

  50. WvW NinJa_10pro WvW says:


  51. Carmen Diaz says:

    Mika ilove you

  52. Stevie says:

    Challenge: play ping pong against a wall with a hole on it.

  53. Smellfish says:

    The needle was quite on point there XD

  54. Krisha Matchpoint says:

    Plz do estonia intro ☺😊

  55. I U says:

    Do a intro in swedich

  56. titi Box says:

    Hello I we love ping pong💪

  57. Victor Moroz says:

    1:20 I'm shocked, I did it too, even before I watched this video !!!

  58. 廣瀬絢 says:


  59. AM_ Gaming says:

    Ottos back was sweating so much when Mikka went on his shoulders

  60. Vincent Gourley says:

    Blow the ball to the other side with a hair dryer

  61. Oscar Bailey says:

    Your really good English accent is really disturbing because no one who isn’t English who can speak English speaks like an English perosn

  62. Julian Barillari says:

    You really did thread the needle

  63. Isidro Ayora says:

    What about fins in the world championships. Do you have had any top ten player??????????

  64. C O C says:

    Do intro naked

  65. Solai Kumar says:

    Light matchstick with ball

  66. WilczEk says:

    Play go pro

  67. Yogesh Singh says:

    Challenge: Play a TT Game using bottom part of TT bat

  68. James Lawlor says:

    Challenge,play with otos beard

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    Can u play tt while having ###

  70. Qasim Shakil says:

    Play table tennis with your dog or hand

  71. udbhava niranjana says:

    Play ping pong on five table

  72. Nu'man Muqri says:

    the intro must otto without beard

  73. Arda Küçüközbek says:

    Selamın alaykum ben turkiye

  74. marco yt says:

    Geil. Ich liebe diesen kanal

  75. Brilenda Beqiri says:

    Can you try to play with spoon.

  76. Dawid Gamża says:

    2:oo ottopus XD

  77. Mary Liju says:

    Play ping pong with your tongue

  78. Hạnh Phan Thị says:

    play table tennis with a ball

  79. EROXA Kz says:


  80. the luke says:

    Challenge: a normal match, but say YEET every time you hit the ball.

  81. Alexander Monaghan says:

    Who’s your Fabio

  82. F!NN says:

    Damn boi it thicc

  83. 154 Demonic says:

    epic footwork battle

  84. Luukas Lönnberg says:

    Käsittääkseni ootte suomalaisia

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    Play with finger

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    Play a table tennis match while playing a game on the phone
    (with ur other hand)

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    play 2 vs 1

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    play table tennis with a dog on your shoulder

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    Play ping pong with a tablet

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    Please make table tennis tips for beginners thanks

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    Your creativity is amazing

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    Play table tennis with foot😀❤️

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    Play with leg

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