Why Fiesta Americana Cabo Is a Great Resort for Families
Why Fiesta Americana Cabo Is a Great Resort for Families

Looking for a family-friendly all-inclusive
luxury resort in Los Cabos, Mexico? Then you have to check out the Grand Fiesta
Americana Cabo San Lucas. In this video, I’ll share with you our family’s
experience staying at this resort. And be sure to stay till the end, because
I’ll be giving you 3 insider tips that will make your experience the best that it can
be. By the
way if you’d like to get a free copy of the Top Flight Family Guide to Kid-Friendly Los
Cabos, just click here or go to topflightfamily.com/cabo Grand Fiesta Americana Los Cabos is located
about halfway between Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo. Now, this location has both pros and cons. The biggest pro is that it’s very quiet and
family-friendly, since it’s nowhere near Cabo’s party scene. The biggest con is that it can feel a bit
isolated. If you’re planning to stay mainly on-site,
that’s not a big deal. But if you’ve got a lot of excursions lined
up like we did, the cabfares can add up and it might be a good idea to rent a car instead. The facilities at Grand Fiesta Americana are
top-notch, extremely clean and well-maintained. There are several large outdoor pools, including
a stunning infinity pool overlooking the Sea of Cortez. There’s a beach, two golf courses, and a spa
that specializes in treatments incorporating wine. We stayed in a one-bedroom suite, which was
very spacious and comfortable. Our girls loved hanging out on the balcony,
which had a fantastic ocean view. The service at Grand Fiesta Americana can
be a bit uneven. Most of the staff members we encountered were
friendly and efficient. But there were a few remarkably bad service
experiences we had that pulled the average way down. The resort has a terrific kids club, where
our girls had a great time. I appreciated the fact that they don’t just
keep the kids in the room all day. Some of the activities take them to different
parts of the resort, like games at the pool, or a sushi-making class at a restaurant. The beach LOOKS beautiful, but it actually
kind of sucks. The sand — if you can even call it that — is
extremely rough. It felt like I was walking on shattered rocks. And the water is too choppy to swim in, so
it’s only safe to play right at the edge. Luckily the pools are so fantastic that it
doesn’t feel like you’re missing out on anything at all. While the resort itself is rated 4.5 stars,
I’d say the quality of the food is firmly in the 3-star category. If you’re ordering a la carte, it’s not worth
the price. But if you take their all-inclusive food and
drinks package, it’s really terrific value. There are 12 different bars and restaurants,
offering everything from steak to seafood, from sushi to ceviche. Even room service is included. Overall, I’d give the Grand Fiesta Americana
a thumbs-up. It’s great for families, as long as you’re
okay with hanging out at the pool instead of the beach, and if you’re okay with longish
commutes to other parts of Cabo. Here are a few insider tips to make your experience
the best that it can be. Insider Tip 1:
Bring your own Wifi The Wifi at the resort is teeeeeeerrible. I tried to watch a 60-second YouTube video,
and it buffered for 20 minutes before I finally gave up. So do yourself a favor and rent a mobile wifi
hotspot before you leave for Mexico. Either that or plan to pay for roaming charges
on your cell phone. Insider Tip 2:
Try the steakhouse By far the best restaurant at Grand Fiesta
Americana is La Bodega, an Argentinian-inspired steakhouse. So be sure to eat there. Just don’t make it your very first meal, otherwise
you’ll be a little disappointed by the quality of all the other restaurants you try after
that. Insider Tip 3:
Call for a golf cart Grand Fiesta Americana is a large resort,
and some of the rooms are located far away from the main facilities. But you don’t have to trek everywhere yourself. Just call the front desk and ask for a golf
cart, and in 5 minutes, a driver will pull up and take you wherever you need to go. For our girls, this was one of THE highlights
of the stay. They were ecstatic every time they got to
ride in what they called “the little white car.” If you’re planning a trip to Los Cabos with
your family, be sure to grab your free copy of the Top Flight Family Guide to Kid-Friendly
Los Cabos. Just click here or go to topflightfamily.com/cabo

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    Great video! And your Family is so cute!! 🤗 We’re planning to be here in December and I can’t wait! The Hotel is listed as All Inclusive but I guess you can opt out of it? I’ve come to that conclusion from reviews that I’ve read lol 😂

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