Why do I play golf? – Terry Kirby
Why do I play golf? – Terry Kirby

I started playing golf about 22 years
ago friend of mine said I borrowed a set of clubs, do you want to come for a bash on a Saturday morning. 18 months after that I became disabled, I have a tumor in my spinal cord which meant I could no longer walk. I joined the Handi-Golf Foundation, it was a taster day in Scunthorpe, went along, joined there and then four weeks later I was playing in my first
competition which was absolutely brilliant. I play from a specially designed buggie, made by Patterson products. They’re designed to actually go on to the
greens. There’s less pounds per square inch that goes through these tires than they do an able-bodied persons feet. As long as we go on on in straight lines
come off in straight lines does turn the wheel static, it never causes
any damage to the greens whatsoever. My setting up, just basically bend down and put the ball on. What I usually do is just have a little practice swing. Then my setup, what I actually use is – my right knee, when I’ve got the ball level with me right knee, just slightly forward of it I know I’m in the right place to take my drive. I’ve always use one hand, I used to use
two hands but my body movement isn’t that good but
with one arm I have a full range of movement to take the shot. I play my Golf during the week at Tapton Park in Chesterfield but this year I’ve played in Barcelona, in the European Championships for wheelchair golfers in Germany in Paderborn, then in not far from Amsterdam in the Dutch
Disabled Open which I won my category, so I get
around a fair bit on the continent but also I play quite
a lot of competitions in the UK. My greatest personal
achievement was probably winning the silver medal in the first European Disabled Championships in Germany. The thing I mostly enjoy about golf is I can go out during the week and just suit myself, play around, have a good
time come back and have a cup of coffee and a sandwich and be done or I can go out, play the competition that’s an international or I can
just go and meet my mates on a Saturday, go for a knock and the find them all to be equally enjoyable. A lot people just think it’s for elite people or the rich, it’s not, its for everybody. Just go down to your local driving range
get in touch with your local golf club, enquire about it
come along and just have a go.

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