What’s the deal with Bunker Shots?
What’s the deal with Bunker Shots?

Welcome inside the short game area
at Profectus Golf in Nashville, Tennessee. If you’re inside the bunker on the golf
course you’ve already made the mistake for the hole, the worst thing you can do
is try to be a hero and try to hit the perfect shot that ends up staying in the bunker or bladed over the green. At minimum, you need to get it on the green ,so you can two putt, sometimes one putt and either make your bogey or your par. So now that you know
the expectation that you should have: just to get it out on the green and give
yourself a chance, now you need to know how this wedge will work best out of the
sand. A lot of people approach it wrong. I’m going to walk up and show you a
little bit more about this wedge. When you look at a wedge, you want the back
edge of this club to be the thing that interacts with the sand. The worst thing
you can have happen is have this leading edge be the thing digging into the sand. So if you look, the more I have this hosel leaned backwards or just vertical this
bottom part is lower than the leading edge and that’ll keep the club gliding
through the sand. If you have the ball back and you make the hosel leaning
forward, now you start lowering the leading edge and it becomes a knife and
it digs. So you definitely don’t want that. So now let me go out here and hit a
shot for you. So now in order to make sure that hosel is pretty much vertical
or leaning back, we need the ball forward. We’re gonna do the classic hitting
behind the ball about an inch or half an inch. Now all we have to do is make a
swing where when we get here, to impact , the shaft is vertical. The biggest
mistake we could make is try to have it leaning like we would for a
shot from the fairway. So now we just kind of make a swing where we get the
shaft vertical, hit behind it, the ball pops out of the green. If we get lucky, it
gets close and we make a one putt, usually make a two putt. Now we’re on to
the next hole. So keep your expectations in check when you’re in the bunker, get
it out on the green and make sure you make five at worst, not seven.

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