What’s inside YouTube Red Diamond Award?
What’s inside YouTube Red Diamond Award?

100 thoughts on “What’s inside YouTube Red Diamond Award?”

  1. JerryRigEverything says:

    That was freaking awesome. The way they make the red crystal is way cool.

  2. Joseph Ogleznev says:

    Where’d you find this song? And what’s it called it’s fire 🔥🔥 8:28

  3. malachite dude says:

    If he dropped the tray ,he'd be ded

  4. Nathan Kerr says:

    The.kid used to talk diffrent noelw alot of yeara from now he has pitched voice.

  5. Boarder McNair says:

    7:58 Paul: "This is before we glue it"
    …wait, do you actually glue it?

  6. Haruka Nanase says:

    5 minute craft hmm
    Let's see if it will reach 100 mill 10 year olds

  7. Mantai Konyak says:

    So this is the secret only 1.2 million people know

  8. Monet Noonoh says:

    Puberty hit him like a truck

  9. Nitrousoxide says:

    Wow I can actually watch this channel without being annoyed by his voice.

  10. Ipraku says:

    Make a crystal clear color red triangle and get diamond reward and cut a triangle and put it there. That’s how they made the 100 mil reward…

  11. Neirin Greer says:

    Give that to 5 minute crafts and the world will self-destruct. O_O

  12. Wolfey says:

    He hit puberty

  13. Xeta6 says:

    "To show you the power of flex tape, I sawed Pewds 100Mil play button in half"

  14. Happy Nick says:

    I subscribed hopefully you get 100mil

  15. Big Black Crocodile V2.16 says:

    Everyone is talking about lincoln…. But is the guy on the video is the one that published the first video on youtube?

  16. King Chazza says:

    Wat about the ruby 1 for 50mill

  17. DGJM says:

    damn its the first time visiting this channel for a long time and the kid hit puberty, damn

  18. donut enter says:

    Wait why 5 minute's craft have no ruby play button

  19. Jonathan Tough says:

    Saw the Tik Tok

  20. Klay ツ says:

    T series still viewbots tho

  21. Frdzone says:

    but bobby duke gave pewdiepie another 100000000million subscriber award

  22. H e a t h e n s 7 8 9 0 5 says:

    5 min crafts cocomelon dude perfect will hit 100 MIL IN 2020

  23. Jibby says:

    Its kinda funny that this could be pewds playbutton and thats why it broke lil

  24. Mhyre Blackmaze says:

    The guy that cut the diamond has a collar with a french flag, which in France means he is recognized as one of the best in his craft. Dude's an expert.

  25. WEI HAN LOH says:

    That guy's voice sounds just like Ryan Reynolds

  26. Game Central says:

    Omfg I haven’t watched one of your videos in a long time Lincons voice is getting real deep

  27. Annika Voss says:

    Lincon was wearing the pink jumper again

  28. laura william says:

    to dangerous crazy

  29. Chris Millon says:

    His voice got so deep

  30. Dom Yum says:

    "Congratulations to Pewdiepie and Tseries
    > Congratulates TSeries

  31. Onetimepenny560 says:

    3:15 ItS lIkE gLoWiNg JeLlO

  32. Sir Wiggle says:

    So now there’s literally one 3 of them in the world. Officially made by YouTube wow that’s crazy

  33. Princess Zelda says:

    What are the songs ?

  34. Savageify says:

    I only want 100 subs i have 4… 🙁

  35. MangoDoods says:

    Every time a YouTuber gains another 0 to their subscriber count YouTube picks a new color diamond for the reward.

  36. DeavastatorTNT84 Cline says:

    Lincoln’s voice has changed so much since I last watched.

  37. Lori McBride says:

    Like and subscribe if your a putedpie fan

  38. Graysen Gould says:

    My youtube channel videos dont have comments because im a minor. Why cant i have comments like them?

  39. D1RTY D4SH says:

    That is just glass😂😂😂

  40. GAM3RZ 1 says:

    Where is the 500 million sub play button?

  41. peter dhillon says:

    You should collab with the hack Smith you can use he's inventions to open the stuff to see what's inside

  42. Carlehe Six says:

    I haven’t watched in a really long time and he’s so so different

  43. T-rex Playz says:

    dont even talk about t-series

  44. Cuky Harvey says:

    rip og lincoln

  45. Rodrigo Vergara says:

    Brooo this kid is finally hitting puberty congratulations 😂😂😂

  46. Austin Lawnmower man lund says:

    My goal is hundred million scribers……………………

  47. Ty says:

    They actually gave y'all the 100mil subscriber button I'm sleep

  48. ジ『yukzyy』ジ says:


  49. Tyler Frederick says:

    I’ve been watching this kid since the bee hive. Og fans know what I’m talking abou

  50. Zack Knorr says:

    There is a 59 million also

  51. sheetmaster jdmfreak1738 says:

    Its cool and rare

  52. Patch McGuffie says:

    OH god I haven’t seen this channel in forever and Lincoln’s voice!

  53. Alicia Adams says:

    Hey dan I live 5 min away and met ur wife

  54. BINH TRUONG says:

    Wow his voice is so low now o-o

  55. NikhilND says:

    The sad thing is that I just came back from paris a day before this

  56. OMG FELIX says:


  57. Dinah Macdonald says:

    Bro hand cufs

  58. Chris says:

    Weres sml sll sbl I million plack or the 10 mill I firgot

  59. Jake Dela Cruz says:

    8:19 whats the name of this beat?

  60. Sudhir Pratap says:

    Music gets it next

  61. iistarXP says:

    I don’t think anyone notice that these people are working non stop for famous you tubers and there only getting paid 0.25 to 1$ per hour

  62. The_EXTROVERT says:

    That Rolls Royce Cullinan though 😍🤭

  63. Ryder Bechaz says:

    The next person to get it is ed sheeran

  64. Ryder Bechaz says:

    Justin Bieber

  65. sluzymemes says:


  66. Mr. Livi says:

    that play button belongs to me

  67. Mr Jombier 33 says:

    I wat one in bleu

  68. sans says:

    Bobby duke atrs 100 mil is better tho

  69. BakerStaysBaked says:

    Ur kid will hinder ur chance of getting 100 mill

  70. Scary Terry says:

    “we’re 93 million away”

    um your 94 lmao humble yourself

  71. The_Toaster_God says:

    Cocomelon. Nursery rhymes. The next to hit 100mil. Think about that for a sec…

  72. Tiddles says:

    one day this channel will be Lincoln and his son cutting things open

  73. husi x says:

    8:12 So that now they have to steal your child WITH the play button. Brilliant! 😀

  74. M W says:

    Help me be the next one to reach 100 million subscribers

  75. Jake Mccain says:

    Can’t be that secret if it’s been around that long

  76. TheReborne says:

    ew he got PUBERTY D:

  77. Elijah Strong says:

    So satisfying!! Nice video!!

  78. Cohen McDougall says:

    50 million

  79. CowsAreCows 123 says:

    What’s Inside when they get their 1 mil play button:

    “Let’s break it open!”

  80. Sergio Alcantara says:

    I love how our American companies that we make big in the first place, and wouldn’t be a thing without us, love us so much that they send out good work to poor foreign countries… anyone else?

  81. ALIF IQKMAL says:

    Real diamond are not real diamond ?

  82. Allen Wright says:

    They should give ten mini red diamond play buttons, like they did for the ruby play button.. 2-3 inches or so.

  83. american inu gamer says:


  84. Kirsten Hilario says:

    Steven universe fans as enter the chat

  85. Charlie BT says:

    0:15 What’s Inside: Far From Home

  86. Xavier Cook says:

    Imagine in 2029 when most youtubers have this and does not care about 100 000 000

  87. Please subscribe me for no reason says:

    That button was for made for cocomelon for sure

  88. A K says:

    Not PewDiePie aur T-series it's T Series aur PewDiePie T-series is first who cross hundred million

  89. Random Internet Human says:

    Oh man… He really is growing up..

  90. Ron Zawora says:

    Everyone knows that 100 million sub awards should REALLY be made by the great artist, Jack Storms!

  91. Hyphy_B says:

    Lol t series

  92. Hysk says:

    Whats inside a red diamond?

    Me: a red diamond

  93. Zach Attack Games says:

    i feel like me and linclon could be good friends

  94. almat veliji says:

    I love your videos pls shoutot me ❤❤

  95. Aaditya Raval says:

    Safety is the number one priority

  96. Sologuy 95 says:

    "Is this What's Inside or How It's Made?"
    How It's Made theme song intensifies

  97. Amir H says:

    I am Late , Nay!

  98. Hoang MVP says:

    So who is the 3rd?

  99. Teigan Natalia Malik Yusif says:

    I'm going to Paris to see this museum

  100. Lord Asian says:

    Well PewDiePie got that play button

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