What’s inside the UNCUTTABLE Lock?
What’s inside the UNCUTTABLE Lock?

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  1. Cole RT says:

    Is that Lincoln’s favorite shirt or something, he has worn it a lot of recent videos

  2. Voro Kusanagi says:

    You don't cut the bike, you cut what it's attached to.

  3. Lori Ann Dimino says:


  4. Roblox Dude says:

    Why is there a BMW in the garage?

  5. O Al says:

    There's no way you're going to get that off without waking up the 5th floor.

  6. Rayan Sous says:

    What’s Inside : Cuts uncuttable lock
    Uncuttable Lock : Am I a joke to you?

  7. Askold R. says:

    "That is some thick stuff."
    "You can only go down a couple of inches on this thing."
    "You could potentially get a 7inch…"


  8. Nat Caruso says:

    seriously, NYC isn't a crime den DAN!

  9. Muzahir Abbas says:

    7:23 stealing bikes no joke it's NOT A HARD THING 😂😂😂😂

  10. ryannayr140 says:

    That lock weighs more than my bike lol

  11. Bagus Nata says:

    Better u cut the bicycle

  12. NeoZapper Games says:

    Puberty hit him like a truck, i havent been on this channel for so long

  13. Ryan Cooper says:

    7:27 to 7:29
    Damn it there goes my plans

  14. phil says:

    Nope. Uncuttable

  15. Doug Hopkins says:

    Sawsall 30 seconds

  16. Ehren Cruz says:

    Why does lincolns voice is new and deeper?

  17. Mayank Patel says:

    Dan: Cuts the uncuttable lock
    Uncuttable lock: Am I a CUTTABLE LOCK to you?

  18. Hollan plays says:

    I liked little Linkin now he's big

  19. Mariano Iniguez says:


  20. Asher Wallace says:

    RIP bike

  21. Cade Berman says:

    I think it’ll take I think it’ll take an hour and 23 minutes

  22. Super Luigi Odyssey says:


  23. Timothy Dulan says:

    Sawzall next

  24. Ramon Murillo says:

    At that point you would just cut the anchor that the lock and bike are on. Lol.

  25. Ramon Murillo says:

    Pee wee Herman needed this lock.

  26. Joycee Brown says:


  27. crazyhalo95 says:

    Wtf I want that. Where you get that giant U lock from??

  28. Pixel says:

    Puberty is a hell of a thing.

  29. Mohmmed Shanif says:


  30. eddieh1530 says:

    I think a battery-powered angle grinder would be weaker than your plugin one and run down the battery super fast. 🙂 Good Show.

  31. Galaxy Gamers says:

    I Believe you will be able to cut said bike lock open.

  32. Galaxy Gamers says:

    its easier to pick the lock

  33. Jonathan Finger says:

    Better to lockpick it then cut it…

  34. helal.Lincoln Gopro says:

    Introduction is sweet.0:01😂👍

  35. The Recommended Page says:

    What's inside:
    A roller coaster car
    A roller coaster track
    A Ferris wheel
    A carousel

  36. Gunter says:

    2 or 3.5 hours?

  37. Vatsal Singh says:

    Who is recording?

  38. Leonard Lim says:


  39. Maighread Finn says:


  40. Eden Heynatz says:

    At this point, if I were to steal a bike like this, and encounter a bike lock like the one in this video, I’d probably just cut the bike rack and go

  41. Donovan Oakden says:

    How much do you want for the bike if you still have it?

  42. Donovan Oakden says:

    I would actually buy the Bike

  43. 340ISLAND MAN VI says:

    Send it to lockpickinglawyer on YouTube he would’ve pick that in way less time it took you to do all that it would be a good video

  44. liltwinkie069 says:

    Nothing is uncuttable except for a diamond lock

  45. Matej Nukic says:

    You could try to connect it to car by rope or something and drive to generate energy then try to charge it😂

  46. legends of laughter says:

    Could you not just cut loads through the white part with the mechanism? If you break the mechanism enough it should just open up

  47. Javier Pena says:

    Is no one gonna mention dan is wearing the goku Adidas!👐

  48. Brian Joslyn says:

    That thing is so big a college student wouldn't have space in their bag (back pack) to even bother having one.

    I'll always say this… pass on any VPN. They need to be illegal. Some websites actually block access when they're used.

  49. wac36 says:

    Where would the thief plug in the angle grinder?

  50. CyberRacer says:

    Holy crap Lincoln hit puberty haven’t watched this channel in a long time but damn his voice is different

  51. Waseem Iqbal says:

    What's inside Area 51

  52. Jax Nean says:

    What's inside a Voxon Photonics?

  53. EpicATrain says:

    Or just cut the thing the bike and lock are attached to…. That would be so much faster….

  54. viktor josevic says:

    they'll just probably cut the pole instead.

  55. Logan's Locksmith Shop says:


  56. Lmaoitz Jay says:

    Wtf happened to Lincoln he sounds like a man now

  57. Andrew D says:

    why didn't you cut the ladder???

  58. bhvm333 says:

    Starts testing bike locks. Ends up cutting bike itself How wasteful.

  59. gabriel calimlim says:

    The zx 500 dragon ball z tho

  60. Kayra Ege Arda says:

    just cut the bike and re weld it lol

  61. VickyGrazel Ilagan says:

    who would someone put their heavy lock in top of loptop

  62. unT studio says:

    or just cut an upside-down triangle opening, remove the piece, then finish it from there

  63. PLANT 168 says:


  64. Abdullah Nashbat says:

    Voice is wad deeper since last year

  65. WiseSubscript says:

    they are safer cutting the bar your bike is attached to

  66. Exotic Gaming says:

    You guys should try what’s inside a transparent tv! Btw I LOVE your vids!

  67. jomppis 2001 says:

    could you sell me the battery and charger??

  68. Kayden M says:

    You should do what’s inside a redbox

  69. MyHiroXD says:

    What's inside Bedrock and/or Obsidian?
    Yeah I know, I'm addicted to Minecraft…Forgive me.

  70. Mikody Griffin says:

    I think it would just be better to cut the bike rack.

  71. Conor Riches says:

    Thermic Lance will cut right through that

  72. Gman 2.0 says:

    Put a motor on it

  73. justin nitsuj says:

    Cut it using the water cannon thingy

  74. Yuri Tanaka says:

    I still can't get over lincons puberty voice transition

  75. Akshay Pooja Mathur says:

    Cut open the iPhone 11

  76. Noob Mobile Gamer says:

    I feeel sad for the bike😭

  77. Jack Feder says:

    That lock probably costs more than a cheap bike your kid should take to school. And an expensive bike plus that lock likely weighs more than a cheap bike with a cheap lock.

  78. Splash says:

    Lincoln is slowly morphing into his dad every videos💀

  79. J-sizzler says:

    Keep in mind as well that the likelihood of a thief using a grinder with a wall plug is very low. Battery operated ones produce lower torque and rotational velocity so the process would take even longer

  80. Trent Doyle says:

    Those cray cray normans!!!

  81. Arch Master says:

    it would be easier to pick the lock 😂

  82. Captain Scmandagh says:

    Lincoln finally got his puberty

  83. MrClassified says:

    It would be easier to Cut the frame and re weld it later

  84. TubMez says:

    Its easier to cut the bike than the lock…

  85. Debabrata Mandal says:

    Any thief would just pick it, not CUT it… Lame

  86. Mia Butler says:

    Those who are in Utah probably just need tiny thin bike locks

  87. Badri Sekrieh says:

    3-4 minutes

  88. Julian Fox says:

    at 2:02, the computer there is the exact one that my uncle has and the one im watching on

  89. Cancer Is fun says:

    Join team trees

  90. Harsh Adukia says:

    Bike locked with Uncuttable Lock.
    Thief comes.
    Plot Twist : Lock gets stolen

  91. Mr Beast says:

    Lincoln voice change

  92. Phoenix fire says:

    I remember when Lincoln was a small lil kid

  93. Fhdhd Duffy says:

    I haven’t watched in a while and Lincoln’s voice is so much deeper

  94. Teton Willie says:

    Just city the later

  95. Biswajit Mahapatra says:

    You should cut the lader instead of lock🤔🤔😎😀😀

  96. Jackson Wolfe says:

    I haven't noticed how hard Lincoln hit puberty

  97. Mohammad Jazi says:

    OMG. the last time I watched what's inside, Lincoln sounded way younger. Now he sounds like he went through puberty

  98. Nutty Kid says:

    Man you could still use that as a non-electric bike?! Wait hold on the frames cut now you couldn’t use it

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