What’s inside the Apple Pencil?
What’s inside the Apple Pencil?

100 thoughts on “What’s inside the Apple Pencil?”

  1. Abigail Hlavacek says:

    I like the full white pencil

  2. JM Vore says:

    I love you

  3. JCrumbz says:

    Don't hit the battery!

  4. gaby figeauroa says:

    I do not got a iphone

  5. Ahappydudeee Official says:

    Please give me one ❣ ❣ ❣ I really want an iPhone/ Samsung s9/ anything! We’re quite sad at home because my dog just passed away so even if you just replied I’d be happy 🙂

  6. Stupid Vega reviews says:

    how to basic wants to know your location

  7. Sofiex says:

    Just don't hit the battery

  8. Carlos Gamer116 says:

    I really want a Samsung galaxy 9+ but i never win anything

  9. googleguy 2019 says:

    I liked subscribed and turned on notifications! Can I get a iphone x?

    Just don't hit the battery

  10. Amazing Ethan Levinson says:

    PPAP: Apple Pen, Pineapple pen UGH! Apple made an Apple pen!

  11. Shanmugam sundaram says:

    i want a ipone

  12. Danuka Thennakoon says:

    slick wraps is dope why do you cut them open

  13. Amazing Ethan Levinson says:

    I wish i had one… my ipad is an air 2 not in the pro series

  14. 30 CLIp says:

    What’s inside a gun

  15. HotWheels Blitz says:

    I want them to blow up in your face

  16. Jasvinder Singh says:

    Love your channel

  17. KORVISEN says:

    I dont have sensors in my fingers?

  18. Forward Gibbon says:

    iphone x pls

  19. Jay Greasley says:


  20. Cooper Fair says:

    Just don’t hit the battery

  21. GAMER RINGS says:

    I want iPhone and apple pincel pls

  22. Rami Khanji says:

    can i have a phone

  23. Jape On IPad says:

    What is your sons phone?

  24. Jaden Gargollo says:

    HOW DO YOU GET ALL THAT??? lol so cool.

  25. Rayden Garcia says:

    Can you set alarm for me I live in Wisconsin cuz I want one of those so bad

  26. Rayden Garcia says:

    A apple pencil okay

  27. Rayden Garcia says:

    Any LG once

  28. Emma White says:

    I like the retro pencil

  29. Emma White says:


  30. ʜᴀᴘᴘʏ ʟɪᴛᴛʟᴇ ᴀᴄᴄɪᴅᴇɴᴛ says:

    Ugh I’m glad I’m not this guys kid waisting millions of expensive products

  31. Nathan Grosso says:

    I need an iPhone X

  32. MinecraftDude446 says:

    I see those iphone x's

  33. Xchalse Gaming says:

    Hope i have those😥😪

  34. Kloie Squad says:

    i don’t care what i get i would be grateful for anthinv

  35. Jillian Browne says:

    Just don't hit the battery

  36. WafflyAndrej8 WafflyAndrej8 says:

    Just don’t hit the battery

  37. Benji Does Something says:

    Just don’t hit the battery

  38. Centurion says:


  39. Max Meenan says:

    Just don't hit the battery

  40. Cole Bear says:

    The Galaxy S9

  41. Cole Bear says:

    I want the apple pencil 2

  42. Awesome awesome Pro says:

    Please can have an Apple Pencil I don’t have any tech only 1ipad that my family uses

  43. 『Milxyway』 says:

    Ooooooo fire pretty

  44. Tyler Cranfield says:

    No one:
    Literally no one:
    Dan: hey Lincoln wanna go cut open some Apple pencils?

  45. Harley Schwarz says:

    Lincoln before puberty…

  46. Ryanieboy 6969 says:

    Ohhhhhh I would like all the phones

  47. Lewis Treves says:

    what's inside what's inside? not a clue how

  48. Loosey Guuzey says:

    What’s inside a Tesla roadster ?

  49. Abdul Khan says:

    Can I get the Apple iPhone 📱

  50. Sam Sam says:

    Please give me a iphone se

  51. Dakøta says:

    I lost my Apple Pencil :< I would like one

  52. Diwakar Bhandari says:


  53. Maddex Westermeyer says:

    I want a the i phone 10

  54. Alex Bravo says:

    Definitely you need JerryRingsEverything

  55. Benny Mann says:

    Do off white what’s inside

  56. Ken Chen says:

    Handy man’s little joy 🙂

  57. Innus world says:

    Please Give away

  58. DB SCYTH says:

    Can I enter the giveaway… I liked subscribed and hit the bell

  59. Gaming With The Dabber says:

    JUST DONT HIT THE BATTERY oh wait I’m watching this on a Note 7 and my charging it ahh I’m going to di

  60. NOOB DURACO says:

    Apple just left the chat 💭

  61. Rachel Jorgenson says:

    Steve jobs: wHo NeEDs A StylUS

  62. Rihaan 058 says:

    Can I win the costumized iPhone 📱

    I subscribed and liked and turned on the notification bell please can I win

  63. Nikølai Mcanally says:

    The retro on the iphone and the pencil are my favorite

  64. q8 arts | الحرف الكويتية says:

    steve jobs 2007 : who wants a stylus argh
    2019 : apple pencil 😑✏

  65. Cyovez Blacksummer says:

    What’s inside the house?

  66. Tate Nikolaus says:

    whats inside your son computer history

  67. Tate Nikolaus says:


  68. Vrinda Sharma says:

    I got the normal slick white one

  69. Pleb Potato says:


  70. Doreen Birchell says:

    Can I have a phone?

  71. ultan,s gaming channel says:

    What's inside a BB gun

  72. Fernanda Velasquez says:


  73. Maria Adela ventura says:

    I need the iPhone X I need the iPhone X i need the iPhone X. Please. Please. Please. Please’s

  74. Danny Beans says:

    Don’t hit the battery

  75. RODEE GAMEING says:

    What is inside air pods

  76. Justin Arsenault says:


  77. Jacko wilko says:

    Just don't hit the battery

  78. Randy Reyes says:

    I want one of the iPhone 📱 x

  79. Tommy Masten says:

    I love your videos so much what’s inside you do awesome stuff like get iPhones and stuff like that Apple products

  80. FaZe- Keller says:

    I do not have the phone can I win the giveaway

  81. Preston says:

    you guy rock

  82. Elias Rosales says:

    I am using a note 5 and only because a friend sold it to me cheap. I could so use a new phone. I like the white pencils.

  83. WOOLFYY says:

    I do animations and I really need a Apple Pencil


  84. Keeping up With Emily says:

    When you go to enter the giveaway but remember your a year late hahah 🤧🤧

  85. Harry Morton says:

    Just don’t hit the battery

  86. Shebin shamsuddeen says:

    the kid has iphone x

  87. Lxx Darkk says:

    Net video: Whats Inside Heaven?

  88. Mitchy Gaming says:

    I have never had a phone 📱 and I’m 17

  89. JellyBlobGuy says:

    Just don’t hit the battery

  90. Diamond Rosay says:

    can you give me one . and give me the iphone 10

  91. xxsapphirexx says:

    Just don’t hit the battery

  92. brandee vardinakis says:

    Just don’t hit the battery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  93. Dennis Meehan says:

    Just don’t hit the battery!!!

  94. Marissa Leyanne says:

    Lincolns voice now in 2019 vs in this video

  95. Rk Sharman says:

    Who loves I pad like here

  96. Robert Livingston says:

    Just don't hit the battery

  97. Braylee Baum says:

    As I’m watching this I’m using my Apple Pencil I’m literally typing this with a Apple Pencil

  98. Ayden Cardenales says:

    Just don’t hit the battery!!!

  99. Hi im Bucky says:

    Can I please have one please i my hole family has only the first iPhone

  100. Shadow Plays says:

    i want that iPhone you handle it

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