What’s inside Star Fruit?
What’s inside Star Fruit?

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  1. cdboy33 says:

    i have had these before i like it

  2. Sophia Angel says:

    You guys should she what’s inside a nintendo switch lite.

  3. Noah Wilson says:

    Yay! My favorite fruit!

  4. Buckster Games says:

    Rip… it’s been 3 days and this video only has 87k views. Not that I could ever get that many views but for this channel that’s not that much.

  5. Soham Bhattacharya says:

    A fav fruit for Indians.

  6. Joel Beni says:

    We get it here in India.. 😍

  7. JDO-Vibes says:

    Noooo what happened to his little kid voice

  8. jerry Paul says:

    I actually tried Starfruit in Mexico and you can eat the entire thing 😀 so yummyyyyyyy

  9. Armaan Mazumder says:

    I have a tree of this fruit

  10. Reset Astro says:

    Lincoln’s voice sounds different!

  11. Reuben Dias says:

    Carambola (Spanish)… Plants vs Zombies… Now it makes sense🔥

  12. Nathan Reaperz says:

    surprisingly delicious™

  13. JS CREATIVE says:

    Actually this is '''Averrhoa carambola'''

  14. Aamir Mohammed says:

    In trinidad we call it five fingers

  15. John Moruzzi says:

    Your channel grew so much over the years!! Omg

  16. Joe Mcmaster says:

    how many balls were inside the nike joyrides?

  17. Ravenza Maulana says:

    Wait wtf Lincoln voice has changed?

  18. ExTrEmE RaNdOm ness says:

    star fruit is very bad for you and contains many unsafe neurotoxins

  19. alex tseng says:

    my neighbor's garden has star fruit becus i live in taiwan

  20. Mikey F says:

    Star fruit taste like a very sour apple

  21. Emily Self says:

    Try dragon fruit it looks interesting to eat

  22. Julhash Alpha says:

    In Bangladesh and somes parts of India its called "Kam-ranga"

  23. Hue Thanh Nguyen says:

    in Vietnam it's called " quả Khế "

  24. Joshua Robinson says:

    No-Offense 1:18. HEY FAIL ARMY WE HAVE A NEW JOB!

  25. vloging kid says:

    What's inside a tv

  26. Spider Z says:

    Lincolns voice changed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😰

  27. Will Snyder says:

    Came back after a long time. I knew Lincoln’s voice was getting deeper but 5PTHE FUDGE

  28. Minh Bao Le says:

    Lincoln's voice is a little deep now.

  29. Trainable Monkey says:

    Time for Rambutan! I was first introduced to star fruit in Upstate NY (4 hours away from NYC) in a regular grocery store over 30 years ago. Time visit the grocery store for content.

  30. Cartier Phillips says:

    Whats inside dragon fruit

  31. հokцƽ ρokus says:

    Why would you buy so many? They are gross and we all know you didnt eat them all

  32. ANGRY CAT says:

    I got some brookside I was really good

  33. Kxng Leo1206 says:

    In the islands we call them ‘five fingers’

  34. VocueFX says:

    Over where I live we call them five fingers idk why but they are very delicious

  35. Mr. Cartoon says:

    Is it just me but linchons voice is really evolved

  36. Mr.Gucci gang says:

    Looks like mangoes that are cut like stars

  37. RedrichPlayz says:

    dorians are freakinnnnnnnnn goodddd

  38. ClarxGamer says:

    It tastes like sour candy when it is small and green… I plucked some from a tree during a camp

  39. Pax Man says:

    You where born in the phillipines

  40. Arifuzzaman Yousufi says:

    In Bangladesh we call it Kamranga.

  41. Red Lightning Sky says:

    Next video what's inside sophia robot

  42. Lo 0220 says:

    *Laughs in mexican

  43. Geeta Autar says:

    In my country we call it five fingers

  44. Dolfin says:

    What's inside shells idk

  45. memes gayz says:

    lincoln has hitting puberty…his voice is getting deeperrr

  46. Amir Faruk says:

    What's Inside a Fluid Head tripod ?

  47. Karen Collins says:

    I've not watched this channel in ages and I'm suppised about how low Lincoln's voice is

  48. Heather McCormick says:

    They’re really good candied too. Boil the slices in sugar water.

  49. ClaimedBacon81 says:

    For some reason I think Dan is Gordon Ramsey

  50. Vitones says:

    Hi Satr fruitu Name here in Brazil is CARAMBOLA

  51. Mike Ellington says:

    If you never had star fruit served to you at lunch in school, did you have a good school experience?

  52. william bloss says:

    i just ate a starfruit like a week ago LOL

  53. Gusde_ Dabs says:

    It’s good with maple syrup lol

  54. Pepsxi says:

    Dan: Even though I was born in the Philippines

    Me: wtf (not trying to be racist tho)

  55. ahmed Ali says:

    Right now I am living in Bangladesh and there is a lot of star fruit here in my old home decors at free of star fruit

  56. ahmed Ali says:

    We love to pick them from the tree we know when its grown

  57. X2_ ElectronicGay says:

    The last time I watched what’s inside Lincoln didn’t have a deep voice RIP

  58. Wolf Games003 says:

    I love star fruit!!! My newborn has a star fruit tree. I’ve been eating it since I was little and I still love it.

  59. Aden Rice says:

    They get 100k veiws for cutting fruit… Wow

  60. Chicaglo Most wanted says:

    50% comments: "Wow Lincoln sounds so much older 😱"

    Other 50%: "Who doesn't know what's inside starfish?! 🤔"

  61. Sophia qu says:

    It tasty very good I’ve tried it before

  62. FastLikeUNO says:

    Doggo: "Bring that star a little closer here…" 😂😂😂

  63. Dreez says:

    In Brazil we call the star fruit "carambola".🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  64. wayne charls delmiguez says:

    durian is the favorite fruit of the presedent of the philippines

  65. Fun with Nuba says:

    You guys seriously didnt know whats inside a star fruit?????
    No hate, just shocked.

  66. 黃柏Cork says:

    This call ”楊桃” in Taiwan台灣

  67. Gibran 1001 says:

    I have starfruits treee in front of my house

  68. Rudy Tube says:

    I live in India and I eat this every day

  69. I busted my uwus on BTS says:

    I havent seen this channel for 3 years and he looks so much different what

  70. AlexZTheMLG says:

    Haven’t watched in 2 years puberty does some mean things

  71. Mr. wolf says:

    Your not supposed to eat the seeds

  72. Doctorus Prime says:

    Although main types of durian is stinky, however, there's one type of Durian called a Cat Mountain King Durian which has none of those stinky aroma and garlicky taste. Instead, they usually have a sweet, honey aroma and the taste starts with a bitter taste then moves to a sweeter taste.

  73. Benjamin Fisher says:

    I eat these all the time

  74. Osman Omarzad says:

    Hmmm jummie

  75. Torrance Witting says:

    U should do what’s inside a medicine ball Like if u agree

  76. Bùi Tiến Dũng says:

    you guys should try sour '' star fruit ''

  77. Kaptian Co0N says:

    Star fruit is disgusting bro, not gonna lie

  78. RGaming GD/GT says:

    Wow they Actually Created the star fruit from PvZ lmao

  79. Alone Starrix says:

    lincon has gone through puberty

    i was grounded for a long time so i couldnt watch whats inside, so i watched them when lincon sounded high pitched

  80. Jm Jm tiktok says:

    I Am in the Philippines 🇵🇭 it’s called balingbing

  81. Gold Striker says:

    He hit pupberty

  82. ANIMATO STICK says:

    kung pilipino ka subscribe na

  83. Foggy Gaming says:

    Poor dog

  84. GADGET CENTRAL says:

    Someone hit puberty!

  85. Ozboi Stewart says:

    yeah this is hella lazy

  86. Ozboi Stewart says:


  87. b0fa scootz says:

    mom helped a little bit


  88. b0fa scootz says:

    less thicc then an apple

  89. Rakesh Mohan says:

    Here in Trinidad and Tobago we call them five fingers, star fruit is a much nicer name.

  90. J.A.K Adventures says:

    I have eaten freshly grown Starfruit they are delicious

  91. Stephan Laubli says:

    i can eat like 50 of these in one day lmao

  92. jme says:

    Looks like a combination of Patrick and Spongebob.

    A yellow star

  93. Elliott Harrell says:

    Who else is here to see the amount of balls

  94. Alice Andrade says:

    We have those in Brazil, and ours are super sour. I usually dont cut it.

  95. Krasen Makes Content says:

    I LOVED STARFRUIT they grow locally in my area

  96. CHI YUNG HO says:

    It is from Chinese

  97. Infinite_ Pickles says:

    I bet for a thing that every asian knows what this is
    ( no offense im asian too)

  98. Matt Flemmings says:

    I love star fruit

  99. Wolfy Searice says:

    Aw man

  100. Golden Glowie Animations says:


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