What’s inside Security Tags?
What’s inside Security Tags?

100 thoughts on “What’s inside Security Tags?”

  1. Cozani says:

    What's inside a microphone?

  2. Kate S. says:

    I had one of those stuck on my prom dress I ordered from Macy’s online, I was way too scared to let anyone try even though my dress was black and red

  3. Alyssa Steinbock says:

    Was the machete necessary?

  4. baseballstar 1485 says:

    Do what’s inside of a game fuel can

  5. seth Russell says:

    What’s inside my son

  6. darkhumour memes says:

    Wack Meldon

  7. Derp Wolf says:

    I love how after Lincoln changes his shirt he wore the same shirt as his dad

  8. grace says:

    it’s probably been 2 years since i’ve watched one of your videos. lincoln looks so old and i like the way you edit your videos now!

  9. DYLAN BOYKO says:

    Did anyone else notice when he was banging it with the hammer that Lincolns apple watch went off?

  10. Gerbera Daisy says:

    Im sorta confused as to why theyd do that. IF the merchandise was stolen..or attempted…. It would be ruined…

  11. Fruity Moon says:

    5:05–5:10 that was a good song lol let’s name it HAMMER

  12. Alex Darrow says:

    When did Lincoln hit puberty?!? He was like 9 yesterday

  13. sheldon lawson says:

    Interesting how a security tag back is held on with a device similar to a roller clutch in a fishing reel

  14. Meow Cat says:

    Lincoln is getting big, jeez

  15. Cowboy Christian says:


  16. Gg Tomczyk says:

    Lincoln voice has changed soooo much

  17. haseeb scott says:

    What’s inside ? Lincoln

  18. Jaswinder Bansal says:

    The boy is all grown up now

  19. raptor Blue 12 says:

    What’s inside a printer

  20. Camden Swenson says:

    I haven’t seen this channel in months, rediscovered it and puberty hit Lincoln like a truck

  21. Power mover Gaming says:

    Why is your house a rental

  22. Madison McAvoy says:

    Dan: I’m a professional
    Lincoln: mm :/

  23. Chris's Moisturizer says:

    Imagine if someone busted open the security tag on a $500,000 shirt

  24. 〈彡XʜᴜɴᴛᴇʀX彡〉 says:

    Scientists are so SMART….


  25. David Chen says:

    Yoooooo haven’t watch this channel for years and Lincoln voice change soooo much sound so weird!!!

  26. ii_KoolPlayer says:

    Next video: What’s Inside your Dog?

  27. Brad Baca says:

    The hammer is my new ringtone

  28. Jack supreme wagner says:

    Me:doesn’t watch what’s inside for 2 minutes
    Links voice: monotone
    Me: WHAT THE FU…

  29. Genius Bot says:

    You should wear these badges and go to a tore

  30. Steve King says:

    and dad. wont be able to go to retail stores for a few days…

  31. joshua says:

    it just takes a magnet

  32. Looking In With Victor B says:

    The mechanics seem like something you'd find on Mr. Puzzle's channel.

  33. Haris Jamil says:

    dad is so dumb he is using machete on kid.

  34. Idris Wardak says:

    what’s inside your house 🤔🤔🤔

  35. Nathaly M says:

    Ok but did he have to put A big a$$ machete 🔪 to Lincoln he coulda use a regular knife

  36. Jethro Tuppil says:


  37. Will Thomson says:

    This video could have easily turned out to be…

    “What’s inside of my Son”

  38. Sparta’s Chopping block says:

    wtf lincon your voice!

  39. ayyee_elijah says:

    5:08 shots shots shots everybody💀

  40. lightking2 revamped says:

    Hehe "little balls"

  41. Magalea Chiesa says:

    It’s insane. We’re watching the progression of a boy going through puberty and we don’t even know it until you stop watching for a while then come back. I now feel old

  42. C9 Viper ツ says:

    Am I the only one who hasnt seen the one with colours?

  43. Taleik Pio says:

    use a lighter smh

  44. bartybuns says:

    whoa lincoln got smacked but the puberty bat

  45. Xsiner says:

    Nice now we know how to steal them and get them off without them breaking.

  46. 0.2uikorraM says:

    Lincoln’s grown up since I last saw him his voice is much different

  47. Obi The Bunny says:


  48. Pam Drayer says:

    3:47 antimicrobial ( an-tie-my-crow-bee-ole)


    Do you want to kill Lincoln

  50. Sander Ognedal says:

    I legit have not seen these on clothes in at least 6-7 years

  51. GD JENDA says:

    So Lincoln recently moved to my town and I’ve had the opportunity to play golf with him plenty of times and it has been amazing he is such a good kid. Keep it up

  52. Sniffy Jiffy says:

    Oh!! Sorry

  53. Tom Lloyd says:

    I know we’re you live

  54. Maggie's World says:

    Why are you pointing a giant knife at your son?

  55. kcjm says:

    DIY tie dye shirt

  56. Jean Viloria says:

    That moment when the store cashier forgets to take the tag off and you get home and the. Realized it’s still there…

  57. ꧁Raven ꧂ says:

    He Sounds so weird now I’m comfuse

  58. Dime says:

    Jesus Christ take the machete away from the boys chest. Tf is wrong with this dude..

  59. Orlen Igor Mäkelä says:

    Next what’s inside JBL boombox

  60. WilliamGamerTV #gamerpro says:

    Do whats inside a Amazon echo mini

  61. Kameron Cole says:

    Make a painting with security tags

  62. Daniel Lundahl says:

    is anyone else so unsettled about the fact that he’s literally got a massive blade two inches in front of his son’s chest?!?!? What if it slipped and plunged into his body???!!?! child endangerment isn’t a joke… this is scary af

  63. Jxshua Yuzn says:

    Me: Clicks on this video

    0:00 : I'll stop you right there

  64. Night Fury says:

    That's a big knife

  65. Filiberto Gutierrez says:

    Freeze the ink

  66. Scope Crossfire says:

    Imagine how many things he had to steal to get all those.. SMH LOL.

  67. MJ’S Draws says:

    3:03 🤭

  68. Austin Boettger says:

    how old is lincoln now?

  69. Freed says:

    I more than curious about hurting his child rather than the clip

  70. Dorian Mcnab says:

    Whats inside my shirt

  71. Julian Fullwiley says:

    Knifes a security tag off his son
    “Don’t let it drip on the carpet Lincoln”

  72. Janosz DajHajs says:

    Why not just use a magnet as they do in the stores?

  73. thecoolrashid23 says:

    What’s inside Lincoln’s throat

  74. Mount ooferest says:

    Wow since last time i watched one of their videos lincolns voice really changed

  75. Andrew Sanchez says:

    Cut open a tesla head light

  76. Corey L. says:

    Playing with ink on white chairs… Smart.

  77. Ryan Kirkland says:

    “I’ve never tried to take one of these off before”
    holds 3 foot knife to sons chest

  78. Just Why says:

    Wtf happened to his voice

  79. Soraya Vargas says:

    Has anyone noticed that Lincoln's voice has changed or is it just me cuz I haven't watch what's inside for a long time so it could be just me.

  80. colin lorenz says:

    I thought he was about to pull a lance stweart and almost cut his finger off

  81. Donald Duck says:

    There's no security in them anymore if u can just buy one of those magnets on eBay

  82. Hans Milling says:

    Just use a neodymium or some other strong magnet, and they come right off.

  83. Mason Schaef says:

    Could you use a Dremel with the cutting disk to cut the little metal rod?

  84. KXL Squad says:

    Thanks me and my mom about to go to Walmart soon 🙏

  85. Kayla Aesthetic says:

    I was wondering what happens when you take of a security tag I was about to search it then a got a Notification for YouTube I open it then a saw your video I got my question answered

  86. Yoshi says:

    "I am a professional"

    Holds a giant blade to his sons chest

  87. Ball Is Life says:

    Next video:

    What's inside my son

  88. Julian Lopez says:

    I have not seen Lincoln in so long now it looks like he hitting puberty

  89. RasheemVance FlashyVideos says:

    Puberty hit different😂😂😂

  90. Rey Baltazar Adarayan says:

    Fck that knife. Booooo

  91. Kikipups says:

    Them: Opens tags without gloves and getting ink on them.

    The tags with print on them Saying contains Mercury: Am I a joke to you?

  92. Rich Rich says:

    So use a very strong magnet to take them off, not a knife. The More You Know!!!

  93. Fluffy Wolf says:

    Wow linkin grew up sense I watched one of these videos

  94. blindeyezniko 60 says:

    1:09 10 out of 10 parenting

  95. Preston Bunch says:


    keep it paused

  96. yy11bb22 says:

    Lol this kos wad wiring white T-shirt and it got messed up

  97. the Blazzer says:

    from 5:05 to 5:11 it sounds like the song shots

  98. Gianari Caballero says:

    What happened to his voice??

  99. Adrian Silva says:

    Bruh your voice 😳😳

  100. Moises Abetria says:

    At first, I thought it was chocolates for a second.

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