What’s inside Samsung Galaxy Fold?
What’s inside Samsung Galaxy Fold?

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  1. Imdaad Pobon says:

    Samsung: Makes a Fragile, Rare Foldable phone

    Whats Inside: Lets Make a butterfly with it

  2. trickythinkingdoodle happy says:

    We want the butterfly!

  3. EnderTheNeko says:

    Yes please I want part of it

  4. Jake 'n Logan says:

    just change the title to We turned Galaxy Fold to A Butterfly
    Trust me the video will blow up

  5. Alyssa Endelman says:

    Why does Samsung make there products so expensive but when you get it you fold it then the screen can brake and and get scratched easily

    You when happened it happens: 😡

  6. Ethan Santos says:

    LOOK how old linclon is!!!!

  7. Joey Whitsitt says:

    Hi can you please subscribe Lincoln and Dan

  8. Mohammed Merchant says:

    It's painful

  9. Ben Reeves says:

    So someone mentioned winning part of the screen? May I? 🤣

  10. Mohammed Merchant says:

    But only 20,000 units were made and many of them were wasted by youtubers

  11. Oliver Oliver says:

    don't like it!

  12. Larsbarst he says:

    Have they made a phone case for this case?

  13. DiegoMasterZ says:

    Hola Yo estoy suscrito a tu canal desde hace años me gusta Su contenido un saludo desde Perú

  14. Toy’E Boi’S says:

    I just came back to this channel from 2017 and WTF HAPPENED TO LINCOLN’S VOICE

  15. Abdullah Daud says:


  16. 100 subscribers with no videos says:

    Cut open an Iphone 11

  17. Roy Liu says:

    That’s what she said 1:11–1:16, 2:07

  18. Google jj c says:

    Samsung Galaxy pictures?

  19. TΩwmaX says:

    Lincoln hit puberty

  20. Brandin Hunter says:

    Take the layers off slowly then put them in resin

  21. Gadget Lucknut says:


  22. ThomasThe Great29 says:

    Whoa is that lincion??? He kinda looks like a teen and kinda sounds like one I don't really watch your new vids that much but I watch your old vids alot

  23. md reezwi says:

    Tera maa ka chodea khanea ko thek Sea nai milta hai ar chor ka choda 1.64 999 rupes ka maa chod dea. Butter fly ko apna maa ka boor mea daldea

  24. HUGHgamingHD , says:

    can you please buy a samsung galaxy fold for me?

    seriously i'm always broke

  25. Appleman Apple says:

    Subscribe to what’s inside they are the best youtubers EVER

  26. Roel Pluijmen says:

    Wat een mafkezen. Gewoon dure producten vernielen

  27. Noob Mobile Gamer says:

    U r insane man i think you should have taken the battery out first

  28. Noob Mobile Gamer says:

    U r insane man i think you should have taken the battery out first

  29. Noah Marty says:


  30. JD Macz says:

    probably comes out like a little "LEGO"…hahaha

  31. Abdulrafay Ghouri says:

    Who is the winner of nike joyride

  32. Raman Abdullah says:

    It is expensive right ?

  33. Thijmen Fox says:

    Kanker hom

  34. Standardgrapes says:

    You shouldn't put a pencil in your pocket

  35. Harshavardhan Reddy Mendu says:

    06:54 why Lincoln is slowly vanishing.

  36. itzz.me.marmar 13 says:

    I havent watched in a while and once i get back this kid got smacked by puberty

  37. Nicolau Cezar says:

    OMG! Lincoln,s voice is SO much deeper then i remember!

  38. Christine Curtis says:

    Not trying to be mean but I don't like your voice I like your young voice😭😭

  39. The Sketchy Bunnies says:

    Can You Guys See What’s Inside Of An Alphasmart Neo 2? I Really Enjoy Your Channel! Keep Up The Good Work! 💛

  40. Joshua Lewandusky says:

    Do what’s inside a hand warmer

  41. Yatish Sharma says:

    Guys just got acquainted with your channel & you guys really make some amazing videos. Why don't you look inside a iphone 11 pro next. Keep on being curious & make us informative. 🤜🏻🤛🏻😇

  42. Yatish Sharma says:

    Guys please give me one i really need it so that i can continue to watch your amazing videos please 🙏🏻✌🏻👍🏻🤜🏻🤛🏻

  43. Psychotic Wolf says:


  44. XNinja2009YT - daily videos says:

    Lincoln is so much older

  45. your average introvert says:

    "that's not that big" 😏

  46. Twisted 125 says:

    Jerry rig everything already did this

  47. Jesus Cisneros says:

    Who has been here when Lincoln was really young ( not trying to be a hater). 🙂

  48. Lucas Idk i will not share my last says:


  49. Good Life says:

    Never seen anyone destroy a phone like this

  50. Chocolate Boss says:

    He hit puberty

  51. Brand Gadfly says:

    Boston hempire legally sells weed nationwide

    And accepts credit card. You're welcome !! 🔥

  52. Canal MSV says:

    Manoo namoral correndo um celular desse? Aí é fold rum

  53. Wyatt’s Channel says:

    Do what’s inside a Nokia 3310

  54. Gacha Pup 25 says:

    My first time watching in a while and ahhh h linkons voice

  55. Local Foo says:

    Lincoln has no drip

  56. Daniel Vaughn says:

    What’s inside: Can I borrow your phone?
    Me:Yea sure!
    What’s inside: Alright we got this phone here let’s put a butterfly on it!

  57. judge Jung says:

    구독자 많다고 돈지랄잘하네….ㅉ

  58. NW1234 Walt says:

    JerryRigEverything should open his phones that way

  59. ThexDGuy FTW says:

    Please take apart a typewriter.

  60. CentralGaming says:

    Nice jerry rig everything reference like a little lego

  61. Pineda Rowena says:

    hes voice is deeper than his father

  62. Roblox Rocks YT says:

    Did The little kid change his voice?

  63. Lachlaz says:

    8:15 rapecon?
    Or maybe it’s our accent difference

  64. Jackson Ray says:

    Do a iPhone 11

  65. Christian Chesser says:

    It’s an onion it got layers

  66. omg gaming says:

    Sending my mail for you on Monday!!!!!

  67. 김현성 says:


  68. R Vlogs and GamesYT says:

    Frick, Lincoln has a deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep voice or he is a adult.

  69. Parabat Vlogs says:

    World most expensive butterfly

  70. Vlad Mesa says:

    Cut open a Apple Pencil.

  71. Aidan R. says:

    yes i want part of the phone

  72. Eytuh Saint says:

    Some people can't eat because they have swollen tongue, period.

  73. All kInd oF coNteCt says:

    Do whats inside chernobyl

  74. eddieh1530 says:

    Can you guys do a what's inside a TSA per-list? Thank you. hehehe Fun Story 🙂

  75. Joshuattv Streamer says:


  76. Soonza12315 channel says:

    What inside kyrie 6 shoe

  77. Scrambled Highlights says:

    I used to live in Utah but 2 days ago I haded to move to Colorado

  78. J4nis05 says:

    it would be cool if could fold up a phone as thick as an, for example, an iPhone 11 pro max + XL

  79. Appu says:

    Wow no one has ever cut a phone like that in the shape of a butterfly

  80. Andrew Jackson says:

    Lincoln’s voice has changed a lot over the years

  81. the Blazzer says:

    cut open a ion speaker


  82. Amz Shroomo says:

    Do what’s inside of a pearl

  83. Siyan Keshwani says:

    Do what's inside iphone 11 and iPhone pro please

  84. Pizza_The_GOD says:

    Lincoln’s voice sounds sooooooo different

  85. Ernice C says:

    Galaxy Fold scratches at level 2 with deeper grooves at level 3

  86. Alexander Bell says:

    Dan: $3000 is pretty expensive
    Also Dan: owns three teslas

  87. Cody Brooks says:

    Lincoln voice is deeper then his dads

  88. James U says:

    It comes with a case

  89. Igor Loszewski says:

    lincolns voice changed so much

  90. Sports Rush says:

    Do a what’s inside a football hand warmer

  91. Extraterrestrial E.T. says:

    I love ur videos

  92. Deklin Stanelle says:

    Whitest family to exist

  93. Kayleen Knows It All says:


  94. N. M says:

    Awwh don't cry😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  95. Jonathan_Hue says:

    Dam the Voice:D

  96. CaWolfieGaming says:

    My heart 🥺❤

  97. MrCaringShows says:


  98. Gage Linder343 says:

    Inside idea- whats in side a police lightbar

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