What’s inside Purple Mattress?
What’s inside Purple Mattress?

100 thoughts on “What’s inside Purple Mattress?”

  1. Jesus Anguiano says:

    Goop Avacado Mattress?

  2. Austin T. says:

    Aren’t most mattresses the same just with different names?

  3. Carmel Sackett says:

    Hope you donated those😠😠😠😠

  4. Jace Rogers says:

    Hey I can see Las Palmas!

  5. Mifune Takumi says:

    I'd choose the second one

  6. Keaton Halyk says:

    800th comment

  7. devind 407 says:

    Me: *sees knife throwing

    My head: if they start complaining about a rip in the mattress i do not know what to say

  8. FP BigCrazyBoy9 says:

    Puberty Jokes.

  9. Emerald Party says:

    Casper the friendly matress

  10. sjonge jonge says:

    1960: in the future we will have flying cars
    2019: people cutting open matrasses

  11. Sandu Zmeu says:

    4:19 You shouldn't touch graphite…

  12. Jimmy92 says:

    I need a new mattress! I'd still take one of the ripped up ones haha. Better then what have right now I bet

  13. Rutata Productions says:

    I love how he pointed at Lincoln with a knife 0:47

  14. Sniffy Jiffy says:

    What’s inside a PS4 controller or Xbox controller like your guy’s other video about what’s inside a PS4 or Xbox!

  15. Andrew Ricard says:

    You should have done the raw egg test

  16. SlimeGuy says:

    When did his voice change

  17. Victorico Hernandez says:

    Purple waffle man 👌

  18. GachaTube 100 says:

    Do what’s inside a beanie boo eye, because they follow you around and has sprinkles!

  19. Scott Johnny Johnson says:

    "Kinda smells like sharpies.. "

  20. Scott Johnny Johnson says:

    You literally laid down on every single bed… Except for the single one you were reviewing.. Oooook.

  21. Teddy S says:


  22. christinebpratt1 says:

    “That thing’s TINY” Lincoln 2019

  23. Ian Rankin says:

    Wow haven’t watched this channel in a long time and man Lincoln has sure grown up

  24. lindalewendling says:

    Could you get a storinator with Linus? Also, please put a AMD epic or Xeon platinum 8180 (please the 8180), and let Lincoln set it in the socket!

  25. James Goughler says:

    I thought Lincoln was Dan for a second because there about the same size Lol

  26. Yurami Sweet ʕ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ says:

    When they all look different… he has grown to fast ;^;

  27. Sneaky duck47 says:

    I don't know if you will see this and I know you are the what's inside channel but you should do a video on what cardboard is made of

  28. Hamish Burnett Browne says:

    so when you wet the bed all your pee gets caught in little cups??

  29. Breianna Cochran McWane says:

    Laying on my Purple mattress while watching them destroy a Purple mattress.

  30. crazy kids says:

    The thumbnail looked like VR

  31. Chasity Hall says:

    Those beds: l

    My bed: .

  32. Jacskon says:

    4:17 doesn’t that look like a cat?

  33. Life with lincoln says:

    are you in st george

  34. Trash can Me says:

    Bruh I haven’t watched them in years and he hit puberty!!! He sounds so old

  35. James Bond says:

    is this filmed in Arizona??

  36. Random Rivera says:

    For a year i forgot this channel caise of my new account so ima sub aggain

  37. Daniel says:

    I have a T&N mattress and it’s so comfy can’t complain I love it

  38. Tech Vevo says:

    How strong that …….

  39. Robert TV says:

    Can you make a video of whats inside ethernet cables? Cat6 UTP,Cat6 FTP,Cat6, SFTP, outdoor Cat6 UTP, Outdoor Cat6 FTP, outdoor Cat6 SFTP. THANK YOU!

  40. AstroCat Gaming says:

    I don’t even have a bed.. but this was a cool video

  41. Galaxy Boy says:

    Who else realizes a difference in Lincoln’s voice?

  42. Arturas Santa says:

    wow, Lincoln is growing up soo fast

  43. Abigail Martin says:

    Can you put an electric blanket on purple mattress? Or will it just melt the ruber

  44. Amanda Robles says:

    What are you going to to do with the purple grid you ripped out?

  45. NowhereMan says:

    Damn I can't even afford one new mattress and you got 4

  46. ValterGT says:

    Try what's inside a Coco-mat mattress. its around a 6-8k matress..

  47. Kevin R says:

    Im disbaled and my mattress is 21 years old and I cannot afford a new one and they just destroyed 4 brand new mattresses. 😂

  48. Troy Dreamer says:

    why do i have a purple mattress comercial before this video started

  49. Tay Gumi says:

    Take my money!! I want that Purple thing, to sad that I live in Germany, to expensive Taxes etc… Maybe sometime later on. :DD

  50. JUICYJUICE says:

    No one:
    Purple matress: top and bottom end mattresses for rich and poor.

  51. Rick94rr says:

    What's Inside COPPA law??

  52. Anonymous M says:

    What's inside neptunus

  53. iTimoor says:

    why do i wanna eat it?

  54. TNC Sol3rz 2 says:

    Who remembers when Lincoin was tiny

  55. Havish Prattipati says:

    I got a Purple bed and at the beginning of this video.

  56. Levi Hancock says:

    After the first ever what’s inside video I saw I had a dream with Lincoln in it

  57. Whatever We Do says:

    I wish my mom would buy me a new mattress… specifically Purple but she refuses cause there too exspensive… and I have springs in them and its extremely uncomfortable and hurts my back and hips…. 😭

  58. A Oleson says:

    What’s inside of my pillow

  59. Ethan Productions says:

    Alright all future parents that K N I F E is not S A F E so don’t f**king throw it or point it at your children or point it at yourself like one of these mongoloids

  60. Creek’s Cave says:

    I have nectar mattress

  61. RKC RIchardson says:

    what's inside a one world futbol

  62. RKC RIchardson says:

    what's inside a one world futbol

  63. TOXIC WEAVER says:

    I’m telling you my sister is a SWEATY sleeper

  64. Ansshh.S says:

    Watching this while sleeping on a purple mattress lol…

  65. sir dunksalot says:

    I didn't realize how close you guys were to me!😂

  66. AW MAN says:

    Use the purple mattress as a blanket

  67. First Name Last Name says:

    At the beginning he never said Tempur-Pedic and I thought that was one of the most top selling mattresses

  68. geo plays says:


  69. Eoghan Jones says:

    I love they just have random weapons like a machete at their house

  70. Ben_ fifi says:

    please see what's inside gruby ( teddy ruxbin's friend)

  71. Ellis Gatenby says:

    What’s happened to Lincoln’s voice

  72. The Sherrods says:

    Can you please cut open an iPhone 11?!

  73. Zachary Busch says:

    They are my favourite company I have the pillow and blanket

  74. Watch Dog says:

    Can you guys do a video on what’s inside beats

  75. jordon sprauve says:

    bro the kids voice got so deep

  76. TBK Cyborg says:

    What’s inside a hydro flask!!!

  77. Gibbon Edgar says:

    6:18 why was that funny😂

  78. Blacketer Sisters says:

    1:49 so close

  79. Ant says:

    From someone who hasn't watched one of these videos in a while: holy crap Lincoln is so grown!

  80. Mike Ellington says:

    I’ve always wanted one of these mattress

  81. Buf.Aviation says:

    I just came from the gold play button vid and MY GOD LINCOLNS VOICE IS SO MUCH DEEPER

  82. Lindsay Elms says:

    the blade that came with the purple is a letter oponer

  83. KingZinedineFaze says:

    Does your son play fortnite cause I do pls respond and if your son does play fortnite pls tell me I want to play with him

  84. Edidas says:

    Lincoln every bed “oh yeah that’s comfy”

  85. Dhruv Chowdavarapu says:

    thanos bed

  86. Flora de la O says:

    Is this a giveaway ? Because I’ll take a ruined purple mattress any day lol 😂

  87. Tane and Mollie says:

    Remember when Lincoln was really little

  88. Ron Zawora says:

    I want to make a room covered in purple grid…

  89. Daniel P says:

    Lincoln’s voice is so deep. I still remember watching when he still had his kid voice

  90. Brenden Roberts says:

    Hahahaha my teachers sisters husband founded purple

  91. Matthew Martinez says:

    Crazy how much his Lincoln’s voice has changed!!


    My mattress is a purple is a queen size and is super confortable it has gel an micro fiber

  93. Scuba Steve says:

    Ok boomer

  94. That plush Channel says:

    Cut into a iPhone 11 Pro max

  95. SacLockings4578 says:

    y e l l o w d o e s n o t e x s i s t .

  96. Matt Morrison says:

    Poor delivery driver…

  97. kaylahface says:

    They couldn't bother to give y'all a discount code for your peeps?! Come on now purp!

  98. Cloudzz __ says:

    i already got one and it’s soo nice 🤤

  99. ChrisGamz / says:

    Lincoln hit puberty 😕😕😕

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