What’s inside Angry Mama?
What’s inside Angry Mama?

(playful piano music) – Okay, it’s eight o’clock at night 8:10, Lincoln and I are the only ones up. The girls all just went to bed. Why are we up? – Because we are going to make the microwave super duper messy. – Our channel, we consider
it like an unboxing channel on steroids, that’s how
I’ve described it to people. We see a cool product online, we’ll a lot of times just jump at it and buy because we want
to review it ourselves. So we this thing, I saw it on Facebook as, like, an advertisement
for a thing called Angry-mama. Microwave cleaners, look
how angry they look. – We have SpaghettiOs and
then Peeps are supposed to get super big, like this big, maybe, grapes should explode. – Explode! Grapes are supposed to explode. There are other dangerous
things we could have done in the microwave, but we
wanted to keep it safe to not give you guys
any bad ideas (laughs). One thing to know about Leslie is that she always keeps
things super clean. So we’re gonna make the microwave messy. It’s 8:12 at night. And then in the morning, we’re
going to let her come down, start making breakfast for
everybody, open the microwave, and see if we can get a real angry mama. – Let’s, let’s start with SpaghettiOs. – [Dad] Let’s put ’em
all in at the same time. – All of them? – [Dad] All of it. It’s gonna be the perfect storm. Angry-mama better be
able to clean this thing otherwise, we’re gonna have to
buy a new microwave (laughs). – It looks professional, don’t you think? – [Dad] Yeah, you’re good. You’re a great, you should
be a professional mess-maker. Let’s do it for a minute and a half. (laughing) (microwave whirring) Stay here and watch,
let’s see what happens! (playful piano music) – [Dad] I think we need some extra time. (microwave beeping) (sizzling) (Dad groans) Needs another minute and a half. (laughs) It’s getting super steamy in there that we can’t even really see it. We’re gonna keep going. One. (microwave beeping) Ooh. – [Lincoln] Is that hot? (both giggling) Oops! – Uh-oh. What happened? Oh, it’s stuck. Oh, it’s stuck again. (giggling) (playful piano music) One. (microwave beeping) (groaning) Oh, that’s bad news. Let’s see if Angry-mama
can clean the microwave, Again, this is not sponsored. I just saw this product and was like, how the heck does it work? And, does it actually work? And now we’re gonna wait til the morning and see a real angry mama. It’s morning. I’m tired. How are you, buddy? – Tired. – 7:55, I stayed up editing
til probably three last night? But we gotta get up for
the shot of the microwave and school. School for this guy. Mama’s awake. – I got ready ’cause I have
to go to an appointment. – [Dad] Mama, you look nice. – Hi, Lincoln. – [Dad] Nice and ready for the day. – [Leslie] I’m getting ready. – [Dad] Tell mama your
surprise that you have for her What’d you give for her surprise. – I have a surprise? – [Dad] You’re gonna be
super happy about it! – Yeah? – Open the microwave. (suspenseful music) – [Leslie] Open the microwave? Did you make me breakfast? – Maybe. – Aww! I was hoping you had time, hey, breakfast would be big – [Dad] Let’s see. Go see your surprise. – Okay. (gasps loudly) (dramatic music) (Dad snickers) – [Leslie] Lincoln! – I made you breakfast! – That is so gross. Why would you do, did
you know he did that? – [Dad] Yeah. We’re gonna clean it
today, that’s the goal. We have Angry-mama. We have Angry-mama. – What are those? Like, meatballs? I was hoping you guys made me oatmeal. That is not my oatmeal. Oh my gosh, that’s gonna be like, next to impossible to get off. – [Dad] I know. – The Peeps? – [Dad] Yep. Hopefully that Angry-mama works, otherwise we’re gonna have
to clean the microwave. – [Lincoln] Mommy, I’ll make you food. – You’re so nice. Okay, I want a different surprise. – [Dad] Lincoln, have fun at school. I’ll make sure that mommy
cleans the microwave while you’re gone, see ya! – I am not gonna clean it. – It’s alright, we got Angry-mama! Okay, it’s 5:15 in the afternoon. Lincoln went to school. None of us have touched the microwave. This is the mess we’ve made. This is the worst part. Like, how’s it gonna clean down there. Oh no, what’s this. (Lincoln laughs) Did we break it? (Lincoln laughs) Yuck. We need to figure out these Angry-mamas and I really hope that they work. Angry-mama, the easiest
way to clean your oven. Okay. – [Lincoln] So it makes it easy to wipe. – [Dad] So we need to put water in there and vinegar in there. Remove Angry-mama’s
hair and head from body. (laughing) Oh my gosh. There’s my Angry-mama. (electric guitar music) And now we need some water. Okay, we’ve got two Angry-mamas. I’m so mad! So here’s what it’s supposed to do. The water and the vinegar that’s inside is supposed to heat up and
then it’s suppose to steam in a, the perfect way
to come out of her head and then all of that moisture is supposed to soften up all the
things in the microwave. Make sense? Sound good? Let’s see how it rubs right here. See this part right there? It feels pretty hard. If I rub it, – [Lincoln] That does not do anything. – It doesn’t. So, seven minutes. And then let’s put the Angry-mamas in. – There. You need to look at us. You Angry-mama. – [Dad] Start. It’s not spinning ’cause it’s too messy. Maybe we should clean the
SpaghettiOs out first. Oh well. I wonder if we should try cleaning some of this stuff out first. – [Lincoln] No, no. Just go, it’s supposed to clean it. Supposed to clean it! Let ’em do its job. – [Dad] I’m starting to smell the vinegar. We’re at, we have three
minutes 24 seconds left and I’m smelling the vinegar
and you can see on the window, it’s starting to steam up a little bit, so I think they’re starting to steam. I don’t know if there’s a rule
about putting two in there. We didn’t check that. – Hi! – [Dad] Hey! – How’s it going? – [Dad] Well, we’re Angry-mama-ing it up. We probably should have cleaned it out before we ran it for seven minutes. – Oh my gosh. You didn’t even take out
the, you didn’t take out the? – [Dad] SpaghettiOs or
the Peeps or the grapes. – Ken, that’s not how it works
– Do you smell the vinegar? – Honey, you gotta take
out the stuff first. That doesn’t, that’s not. How is it gonna clean? It’s not like it’s gonna
disappear magically. – [Dad] Maybe we should clean
the SpaghettiOs out first. Oh well. – Let it do its job. – Okay. – [Dad] Yum, thanks
for bringing this home. – You’re welcome. – Two, one! – [Dad] Ready for the vinegar! They don’t look angry. – [Lincoln] No. – Let’s see now, let’s run this on it. Oh, look – [Lincoln] Look! – Look at that! It’s kind of got it. Where before, remember,
it was really crispy. Okay, so, we already
found that it loosened up one of the stickiest, marshmallow-y parts. – Honey, you gotta take
out the stuff first. That doesn’t, that’s not. It’s not like it’s gonna
disappear magically. – I’m gonna clean this out. I don’t think we had to
make our microwave so dirty. (Lincoln screams) – Our adventure so far
has been really nasty, really gross, and really awesome. – [Dad] Yeah, I don’t think
it’s worked very well. – Put the Angry-mamas back in. – [Dad] Angry-mama one, Angry-mama two. They are refilled with
the vinegar and the water. (coughs) It stinks so bad over here. Alright, we’re going for it. Oh yeah! That’s way better! Look, there’s liquid in it. And that stuff’s all coming up. Oh Angry-mama works! It works! We were actually having an angry dad because it was not working earlier, so I think I need to scrub
this before it gets hard again. (uplifting music) So it’s a lot cleaner than it was before. The interesting thing is
if you look inside of it, you can see down to the bottom. Look how little water is left. There’s where the line was. This is where the line was
where, when it was full when I put it in. It’s all the way down to here. The bulk of that water
and vinegar evaporated and was contained in the microwave and it was able to kind of go all around and soften up all the stuff. I like that idea. I think it does actually work. Um, just don’t make such a
mess in your microwave, right? – We would have had to
replace a new microwave, if that Angry-mama wouldn’t have worked. Our Angry-mama would have
come out in full force. – Yeah. – Right, mama? – [Leslie] Right. I still have more cleaning
to do, it’s not 100% clean. That marshmallow was probably
not the smartest idea. So again, this is not a sponsored video. I saw this online, I wanted to
test it out, see if it works. It does work. It is pretty cool. We’ll put a link in the description where you can get it from. There you go. Is that not the oddest video you’ve ever seen on our channel? There’s a chance that we put
this on the family channel because we didn’t cut anything open and if that’s the case, we might start doing more
stuff on the family channel that’s What Inside stuff,
but we don’t cut it open, so get ready for that.

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