What’s inside a Transparent TV?
What’s inside a Transparent TV?

96 thoughts on “What’s inside a Transparent TV?”

  1. JD Kassing says:


  2. DJ TWIG says:

    hey guys do you know were i can buy a transparent TV?

  3. Sean The Sheep says:

    It cost less to make and more to buy

  4. Walmart Coldwater Crossing says:

    I saw FGTeeV

  5. Peter Xiong says:

    "Anything less than oled, you're almost doing a disservice ot the actual footage that os going to be on the TV"

    meanwhile my house is still rocking a 10 year old plasma tv that has fewer pixels than my phone.

  6. WolfDemonProductions says:

    If you go to Best Buy and but an OLED tv, everything else you buy is 10% off? That is by far the worst coupon I've ever heard of

  7. GamerZone says:

    'oled or oled', dan, there's a thing called money…

  8. FDB -Iq ツ says:

    Dans question… how do i break the screen?

  9. Cal Bonnett says:

    Today's my b day

  10. Yash Pathak says:

    You guys should do "What's Inside A Redbox" . Like one of those red boxes you can rent and buy movies/ games from.

  11. useless bum says:

    Madness? THIS IS SPARTA!!

  12. Gabouray Tran says:

    09 year old girl 11 year old girl 13 year old boy

  13. Gabouray Tran says:

    Black Friday shopping

  14. Lochie Battersby says:

    OLED is the way to go

  15. Lochie Battersby says:

    If you want 8K LG makes an 8K OLED

  16. Andrew Ziggy says:

    People still use TVs

  17. Tristan Wall says:

    I dare u to cut open airpods

  18. 1BlackopsGuru says:

    your kids looks like dear in the headlights

  19. ScriptedCx says:

    6 MILLION SUBS, 70k views. rip.

  20. Steve K says:

    That truck is going nowere near the cetneral us besides way up north

  21. Iron Maiden says:

    Transparent LCDs have been around since the Nintendo Game & Watch handheld video games from the early 80s.

  22. Lucas Perälä says:

    I'm not getting a OLED because of the burn in

  23. AT22 says:

    Too bad the products they sell to their customers are garbage. Like , you may as well unbox it, and throw it in the garbage or take it back immediately.

  24. shannon jones says:

    I went to ozcomicon in brisbane Australia

  25. Jared Franklin says:

    What's the purpose of a see through tv if it is on the wall

  26. Isac Vellby says:

    What's inside a extinguishers?

  27. Stick Anims says:

    0:19 oh hi Nora and that other dude who I forgot

  28. Rommy Soeli says:

    OLED itself is a nice technology, but transparent TV ? It’s kinda meh, it serves no function over than being a technology demonstrator,

    Why would you like your very amazing OLED screen to have its contrast ratio to be very dependent to your rooms lighting.

  29. Ken Veranga says:

    Sana ol😂

  30. khem llama says:

    Real life editing

  31. Mayank S says:

    Bro review the Samsung 8k Qled TV 98 inches

  32. Udom Power says:

    For the game room you should buy the specialist for gaming

  33. JerryRigEverything says:

    Dan, repeat after me: "I will not break the Wallpaper OLED"

  34. LIL DIBBY YT says:

    You should cut a Ballon d'Or

  35. Keons says:

    You should do a "what's inside nike air jordan 1"

  36. Prab Han says:

    Anyone think they saw the toy hunter Jordan Hembrow in there?

  37. Victor K-W says:

    There is a protector.

  38. Musa Amir says:

    no one can ever replace lg signature oleds, especially wallpaper tv and roled!

  39. Musa Amir says:

    i think it will be better for game room to get the lg rollable oled from ces 2019

  40. Thomas Tevis says:

    Love your videos

  41. Officer Dennis says:

    this thing costs 23'515 dolars in my country 😑

  42. Neo Monkey says:

    A projectir

  43. Obi Dark says:

    Have mercy 🤗 Let this man have a tv in the living room!

  44. Reuben Mclord says:

    Why didnt you open the tv? That's the main reason why I was here.

  45. EC Art Studio says:

    Now that’s a flat screen

  46. RoeiGaming says:

    Do whats inside bluetooth headset plz

  47. Bob Jiang says:

    Lincoln looks like the hybrid of the two girls in this video

  48. BlueCasey11 says:

    OMG, why is the semi not going to portland when its going to these random cities in California no ones ever heard of

  49. Takeru Kyle says:

    I saw JerryRigEverything’s Video

  50. Takeru Kyle says:

    Pick LG

    I have the wallpaper tv

  51. Yo2times-_-Yt says:

    Lincoln looks like Lincoln from the loud house

  52. Vrsz says:

    Are you guys members of the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints?

  53. Josh C says:

    What’s inside a dog shock collar and transmitter!

  54. Bhavraj Sullar says:

    It’s good and all but it really is not that good for the eyes

  55. abu mnisar says:

    What about QLED

  56. abu mnisar says:

    It is from samsung

  57. wolfgang tritremmel says:

    how about cutting open an alexa with a tech specialist and show all the spy tech they have installed

  58. Tyler Cai says:


  59. Rich Rich says:

    So what's inside? One time you didn't demolish something?

  60. The Un-Known Musician says:

    Your mum

  61. Ghostiez says:

    Me: why would I want to see someone behind my tv when I am watching a movie?
    Rich kids: so we can flex

  62. Dengo boi says:

    Try sony srs xb12

  63. João Trigueiros says:

    “TV above the fireplace”. Such a cliche and so wrong! These TVs are not prepared to get the temperature that it may get to right above it

  64. Pak Neger says:

    i got a 65 inch tv for 900 euro new if i would get a oled it would cost me around 3000 euro

  65. Mr Mavado says:

    I haven't been up to date with this channel since 2016, who are these girls? Are they his daughters?

  66. Saira razi says:

    Hey What's Inside, Check out Sssinperwolf's video "Ordinary things cut in half". It has a photo of "What's Inside Juggling Balls".

  67. Catlady CatLady says:

    Transparent tv? I don't see that as a benefit! What if you had wallpaper?🤪👀

  68. just george says:

    Instead of a notch on phones, just hide the camera behind the screen

  69. FastLikeUNO says:

    The transparent TV is awesome for 360 degree theaters or living rooms at home.

  70. daniel_crissey says:

    Can you guys cut open a Jet Engine?

  71. Alex Briggs says:

    At 0:15 is that dinasuar Mr beast

  72. Kieran Okennedy says:

    But what if the sun reflect off it?!?!?

  73. spider plays_YT says:

    hmm windo tv?

  74. xXxBrendyn_AwesomexXx says:

    My dad got a curved 4K smart tv from samsung

    FOR FREE!!!!

  75. Sammy Fennell says:

    I used to watch u all the time and be amazed because your son has the same birth day as me

  76. The radcat Shaun says:

    Do “whats inside a Osage orange” I did

  77. angie jack says:


  78. Ugandan Warrior says:

    I would really love to know what's inside a hexagonal crimping tool

  79. Mr Mavado says:

    Where is his son?

  80. Mai Va Lee says:

    Can you do finally Whats inside a soda fountain and how it works???

  81. Mr Mavado says:

    Transparent TV? forsenCD

  82. Andr3sk1 says:

    I saw you I went there

  83. Ken Bange says:

    So should I buy OLED or QLED?

  84. cartyoo77 Cartyoo77 says:

    Ok sooooooo 4K is better than 8K 🤔 ._.

  85. Snip-Snip Tear says:

    0:07 My brain cells during a free response question
    0:12 My brain cells working when answering multiple-choice questions

  86. silverwess says:

    Put a nice Woden frame around your TV.

  87. JeffreyFire says:

    Join team tree

  88. Fly Code says:

    20,000,000 trees?

  89. Johnny J says:

    How's the power consumption? Is it energy efficient?

  90. melbourne transit says:

    Wasn't adam savage at this comic con?

  91. Akshay Pooja Mathur says:

    Open the iPhone 11

  92. Everything on YT says:

    Imagine being this rich…

  93. Jakob Jensen says:

    How many times did you say lied in this video xD

  94. Matěj Remeš says:

    Oh my god,the 4K OLED TV really looks so much better than the 8K LCD TV.I was like yeah,it's maybe only a bad angle,the 4K can't be better than the 8K,but it actually is.Well,numbers doesn't matter sometimes.Good Job

    PS: Sorry for my bad english,I am from Czech Republic

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