What’s inside a Golf Ball?
What’s inside a Golf Ball?

– Alright, ball number two. It’s got “Titleist 2”, “Pro V1”. That’s a four dollar
golf ball right there. We’re going to put that in this
clamp and see how it works. So, let’s get it in there. Let’s cut it so the “Pro V1” shows, so that way when he’s doing his project, any dads that know how to golf, they know this is a nice ball. Because they will be
curious what’s inside. Oh, look at that bend. – [Man] See how it bends?
– [Lincoln] What? – [Man] Turns oval when I squeeze it. It smashes it more like
(makes smashing noise). Alright. Let’s see what’s in this one. I’m just gonna do it like this. – [Lincoln] This might
be a little bit tricky. – [Man] This… might be. Cool! Turning pink. – [Man] Look at that.
– [Lincoln] It is? – [Lincoln] Neat!
– [Man] Check that out. – [Man] Claire, come look
at this. It’s turning pink! – [Claire] Huh? – [Lincoln] That’s a golf ball. – [Man] Alright we got it
back on the clamp here. – [Lincoln] It’s workin’. – [Claire] That’s a lot of it. That’s a lot of dirties. – [Man] It is a lot of dirties. Man, that’s hard. Probably can see how far we’ve gone in. Haven’t even gone in that far. – [Lincoln] It’s workin’! (Man chuckles) – [Man] Seems like it’s there. – [Lincoln] That’s a way to do it. (Claire exclaims in the background) – [Lincoln] Well, that’s a way to do it. (golf ball snaps in two) – Whoa! Bingo! Woohoo! – [Claire] Let me see!
Let me see! Let me see! – [Man] Let’s go guys, check it out. – [Lincoln] It’s pink inside.
– [Claire] Can I touch it? – [Man] Yeah, touch it.
– [Claire] Can I taste it? – [Lincoln] It’s like… like hard play dough. – [Man] Hard play dough? (laughs) – [Lincoln] Yeah.
– [Man] Yeah. That’s pretty cool. Look at all that mess we made. All this pink dust stuff like foam. – [Claire] Can I touch it?
– [Man] Yeah, touch it. – [Man] Make a smiley face out of it. (Claire sighs with satisfaction) (Man laughs) Alright. – [Lincoln] Ball number two done. – [Man] Looks pretty good. – [Lincoln] Ball number two done. – [Man] Yippie!

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  1. Wyoming Parmesan says:

    Randomly found this channel, and I’m staying for the kids because they’re all adorable <3
    Also cutting things open is cool too

  2. Tina Lynn says:


  3. NeoFN says:

    did he get a A on that


    Little did they know they were going to have a great YouTube channel someday

  5. Imani Silcock-pond says:

    I was like please don't cut your finger off


    Skill saw?

  7. Jon Lemon says:

    "Hard Playdoh", I'm going to be laughing for two days. "That's funny right there!"

  8. Betsy Schultz says:

    Did you hear him say sh**

  9. swish swash says:

    Your going to cut your hand off

  10. Hal Main says:

    Great video

  11. damin theboss says:

    Pink you hear in the background at the first part

  12. VIDEO'S 4 U says:

    “That’s a lot of dirties”

  13. 하로% says:


  14. Black Panther says:

    Who is watching in 2018!! 😃

  15. FunMuslimBoy says:

    Lincoln = 😲

  16. JacobBratty1 says:

    But would they know this is the start of they're career

  17. Subscribe4nothing says:

    Your wife is obviously not home..

  18. Ali_daboss52 says:

    Jesus Christ Lincolns voice

  19. gaming master says:

    I can hear Donald trump crying

  20. Richard Kubitz says:

    thats alot of dirties

  21. Barbie Production Fails says:


  22. Vgdvgdedbgbrgdbgbbf Car says:

    Lincoln looks so sick

  23. its sareX says:

    That’s a lot of Dirties😂

  24. MrGrumblier says:

    Older golf balls had a liquid core surrounded by elastic bands – luckily it wasn't one of those type as they could be dangerous to cut open.

  25. Jonathan Lynch says:

    Why am I watching this?

  26. Alex Mathena says:


  27. ארפז says:

    Fast-forward to cutting a Gold Play Button etc. but I still can't watch you put your fingers at risk. I mean I know nothing bad is coming but my mind still goes YIKES!

  28. Mc Lovin says:

    Mad skills with that saw. kids watch and learn haha

  29. Eliza Ari says:

    I type of golf ball is Taylor made

  30. Prof. Infinity says:

    LOL! Lincoln just sits there and watches.

  31. VanishingNomad says:

    His wife is going to kill him!

  32. Beninu Andersen says:

    I'm sure this is just perfect treatment for that marble kitchen table to yank the tip of the saw into the surface over and over … 😀

  33. Vinniegret says:

    On the KITCHEN COUNTER?? Jeez. If I were his wife I would be pitching a fit! If you scratch those counters they STAY scratched.

  34. The Cringe Comp says:

    I wouldn't be surprised if they had a room full of all the things they've cut in the past years.

  35. James Goldsmith says:

    The saw is so close to the camera!

  36. Xander Pryce says:

    cut open a soda fountain

  37. Paul Palanzi says:

    Did anyone notice the baseball remains on the table

  38. krxxcker says:

    1:00 ima cut open your ball and try to stab you at the same time >:)

  39. Ms. Taylor Reads says:

    its been 4 years sense this came out

  40. Fluenzal says:

    rip golf ball from bfdi

  41. Gaven Gibson says:


  42. Justin French says:

    “That’s a lot of dirties.” Haha 😆. London’s so funny.

  43. Lillyflower8 says:

    I loved how he said "look at all that mess WE made" to his kids lol

  44. Swirvy says:

    That sure is a lot of dirties

  45. To Some Extent says:

    2020 anyone?

  46. Tyson Wall says:

    You can hear someone say let me out at 3:10

  47. LPS Bentley says:

    Golf ball : OW!!!! STOP!!!

  48. Anirudh Mummadi says:

    Watching in 2018

  49. Game Saver says:


  50. FloppyDish says:

    I wanna see what’s inside my own balls now (Talking about my-)

  51. Mr Hoppo Playz says:


  52. Abigail Huffman says:

    At least do it on a cheap one Titleist is nice

  53. Muggy plays says:

    Lincoln is so different it's kinda scary that he such a squeaker no his voice is deeper then his dads

  54. BBYY E1mo says:

    That probably took hours

  55. I_take_them_ L’s_boi _ says:


  56. Stephen Vishagan says:

    Little did these people know that they would one day be cutting a diamond play button

  57. Itsyeboy Damon says:

    First video I’ve watched on your channel

  58. the slime Queen forever says:

    Who else skiped to the end

  59. Antonio Pineno says:


  60. Nba_Roopa says:

    It looked like momos mouth

  61. Harley Cornwell says:

    2019 anyone??

  62. Kristo Nurmik says:

    2019 anyone?

  63. Jaketheaxman says:

    Thats not pink, its red with white from the ball. It is bleeding. HIDE THE BODY

  64. Jaketheaxman says:

    I feel bad for that countertop

  65. Richard guillama says:

    Who's watching in 2034?

  66. Max Gaming says:

    Why is pink stuff in there

  67. Bobbie Grimes says:

    I had a neon yellow goofball in my car for years. My 2 year old grandson found it and fell in like with it. Now I want to saw it open, but I don't want to upset him because he recently lost his dad.

  68. Shrief hacker says:

    Hows from. 2019

  69. Bandit Jeff says:

    Dude fails at sawing for 4 minutes. 8 out of 10, would watch again.

  70. ,fPaul Neumann says:

    2019 anyone

  71. Carter pksa says:

    When he cuts open the pro v1 it triggers me

  72. Epic gamer Dan says:

    2019 anyone?

  73. real Biden says:

    Lincoln's first words:"that's inside"

  74. Cameron Silvestri says:

    anyone 2019

  75. A Beaver says:

    Friend: Don’t worry, he has all his fingers still!

    Me: Uhhhh,Run that by me again….

  76. MR•Carlos UZUMAKI says:


  77. BBQ sausages says:

    I know the movie that’s in the background my sister watched it last night (idk why this is comment worthy)

  78. Ramsey Schaefer says:

    A legend was born

  79. Hanna Banana says:

    How come they put Lincoln’s name in the captions when he says something but for Dan they put man?

  80. Hanna Banana says:

    New meme that’s a lot of dirties

  81. Allan Galo says:

    2019? Anyone

  82. Idfk Anymore says:

    LiNcOlN’s SuCh A fEtUs… I’m literally less than a year younger than him lol😂

  83. JackStar313 says:

    This is where it all began

  84. Kiraa Gaming! says:

    2019 anyone?

  85. Playnice vlogs says:


  86. Mayibongwe khumalo says:

    Thank you

  87. PaxMan2K10 says:


  88. MUMNY NOW CATS WLLI Ball says:

    What's Inside I Dont Like You

  89. Kamikaze says:

    2019 anyone?

  90. Zachary Shevchuk says:

    Aww baby Lincoln 😆😆😆

  91. games HD says:

    Every time that saw gets closer I move my head back

  92. Secret Albums says:

    Lincon looks so adorable

  93. Snickerdoodle Gamer says:

    Who’s here in 2019

  94. The Wantan Family says:


  95. BRB_BOY says:

    If you watched the first one you would've heard " what inside a ball( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)"

  96. Fox locks Videos says:


  97. how to origami says:

    1:18 😂

  98. Alexx Does Tech says:

    Its amazing how this channel started for a school project…

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