What’s inside a Chainsaw?
What’s inside a Chainsaw?

100 thoughts on “What’s inside a Chainsaw?”

  1. Reaper Grim says:

    Uses chainsaw to cut in things

    This Video : The tides have turned

  2. Tgo Playz says:

    This happened to my dads stihl ms462, but I filed all of them down and now it goes again🙂it takes a li time to thats all

  3. Patrik Stettner says:

    Wth I can't see stuf cause of the 360 thing

  4. [Plants VS Games] says:

    so laggy

  5. Curtis says:

    Fun Fact: 20 Million tree's being planted is 1/15,000,000 (0.000006%) of all the trees in the world or about 1/19500 (0.005%) of all the trees in the Amazon. A small step but I think this is amazing and gets us going in the right direction. Each tree homes about 500 different species, which means 10 Billion homes. Not to mention the oxygen and natural temperature cooling. Trees make this earth beautiful.

  6. Nick Ginnivan says:

    Why is dan wearing a welding helmet while holding a chainsaw

  7. Alexander Bontenbal says:

    Please stop with the 360 videos, it's more irritating than fun, thanks!

    Btw, I donated 30 trees earlier 🙂

  8. dresi tron says:

    I love bee swarm I love bee swarm it's a roblox game lol

  9. Isaac Harrison says:

    I hate the 1080 vr

  10. Regina Mikeis says:

    I’am watching in 4k on iphone xr

  11. Okkie Jansen says:

    I liked the 180º video!

  12. C K says:

    I like the 3d

  13. Simon says:

    Quick summary:
    Intended message is help plant and save trees.
    Video is cutting wooden stuff with a tool to cut down trees.
    Then destroying the tool with an even bigger tool to take down trees.
    And even on a 4k monitor it looks like shite.
    Think it's safe to say you missed the mark with this one.

  14. First Last says:

    Next on what’s inside they be cutting open license plate

  15. Rick Seiden says:

    VR180! What else should you do in VR180? NOTHING! IT SUCKS!

  16. Hattie Healey says:

    I can not donenate but I am going to plant trees with my school

    In school i am in eco club

  17. Sven says:

    stop with the 360 video, its kinda ruining it

  18. Pearl Court says:

    You should do what’s inside a snare drum

  19. 1M Subs - No vids? Challenge! says:

    lincoln mom: dont play with knives
    also lincoln mom: honey, can u take lincoln and a chainsaw out to nevada or something

  20. MSЯ says:

    4k not supported 😭

  21. IncredibleZab says:

    Even you? Team trees? Mrbeast is gonna be really happy

  22. NAVEEN suvarna says:

    Other YouTubers now: we are going to plant 20million trees
    Dan: what's inside chainsaw you must know working of chainsaw before that 20 million trees grow

  23. jwhartman14 says:

    Do you have a non 360 recording? I haven’t really been a fan of 360 recording

  24. Mary Dreesen says:

    I love you guys best YouTubers

  25. THUGLIFE Adel says:

    Everyone he has to cut something made of trees to demonstrate how it would do against a tree

  26. Sai Preetham M says:

    This video was unnecessary until he was tearing it down

  27. Miasjb3 says:

    You should could cut your house

  28. mike drayton says:

    how olds lincolin

  29. Aiden Bowling says:

    Chain saws don’t kill trees you do

  30. The ROWLEY Vlogs says:

    so close to mill

  31. Rittik Basak says:

    Expectation:Cuts things that destroys trees
    Reality:Cuts things that are made of trees

  32. Nathan. raps says:

    This was just anoying you guys should just do 360°

  33. Quin Gamer says:

    What's inside should do a normal video and a VR 180° video of the same thing so those who don't want to do VR can just watch the normal video (if that makes sense)

  34. Alyssa Endelman says:

    I was looking for vr 180

  35. Alyssa Endelman says:

    What’s the team tree thing about I have seen it on every video I have watched today

  36. Thomas Urgento says:

    STOP doing the VR 360!

  37. Caitlin Eychner says:


  38. Razheil maglaque says:

    Do vr 180 next on swat breaching school like matpat’s video you know the rainbowsix seige

  39. Ckinggaming 2.cking says:

    what’s inside whatever allows these 180 or 360 view vids

  40. Mousagaming 5669 says:

    Why is the video on vr

  41. cee jay says:

    Dont donate he rich let her I'm pay for the tree

  42. jimmy öström says:

    That was fricking Amazing to watch it like this..

  43. Lynda Wilkinson says:

    Dan, why are you wearing a welder’s helmet?

  44. Mohan Babu says:

    Gays make more 3D videos pls

  45. John Reeves says:

    Between the website an YouTube it's close to 5 million

  46. Saturday Projects says:

    One of these days your lack of common sense and safety is going to get someone seriously injured.

  47. Spencer Travis says:

    Should have just taken the head off and the clamshell

  48. Shorty Gamer boy says:

    Hate the 3D on this

  49. Kalib_Odiv says:

    The thumbnail has a very… "that is not a knife, this is a knife vibe to it…*

  50. Beast 1 says:

    Stihl is garbage but when it works it works great

  51. Sander Kvinlaug Lyngvåg says:

    What is wrong with you, Stihl chainsaws are beutiful peices of engineering, and here you are destroying one….. You motherf*ckers😂

  52. Tommy says:

    that’s not 360 that’s 180 lmao

  53. Lars selter says:

    Your destroying something that created co2 to make it

  54. Holy Allias says:

    Oh you guys are on team trees too

  55. Aron Li says:


  56. Nav Aujla says:

    It cool in3d

  57. Adrian Rodriguez says:

    This video sucks I don’t like the VR videos can you please stop

  58. abanoub samy says:

    Watching this on my phone, had to download it on 720p, sucks

  59. Honeyfo says:

    They are not a channel I want to watch anymore.

  60. Electric Lightbulb says:

    00:00 – Chain lock is on so the blade isn't spinning ;l

  61. VacMaster1991 says:

    That was a good chainsaw though! CrazyRussianHacker would have loved it!

  62. Pato Swag says:

    A motor

  63. Nathan Gradinariu says:

    Do not put 180 videos anymore or 360 they are trash and difficult to watch

  64. Cole Kirby says:

    So u destroyed both a really good saw and your ear drums

  65. Kyle Liu says:

    Very cool

  66. Just Silva says:

    Please use regular camera

  67. Lucky Ethan says:

    i dont get 4k im more cooler 8k baby.

  68. Paige Avenue says:

    I’m not really a fan of the 180/360 videos. I’d much prefer if there was an option to watch a normal video instead. I often watch on my Apple TV and that doesn’t allow the screen to move so they’re a pain to watch. Love you guys but dislike this style of videos

  69. Jude Sebastian says:

    Can you make It 360 again in your video

  70. Trash Mix says:

    So I got my friend Bobby he lived in Oregon and cut down lots of trees

    Me: well you've defeated the purpose

  71. Velocity says:

    Nice to see the internet doing good for a change

  72. Ryan's Outdoor Channel says:

    Yayyyyyy, we just destroyed a usable cabinet that could’ve saved a new one being made, and a chainsaw that was made by and I’m sure put lots of chemicals into the atmosphere🤦🏼‍♂️. I’m not a climate change activist and I don’t know the facts behind it, but this seems counter intuitive.

  73. clayton steele says:

    cool video and all.., but because I really need a new big saw for work and you bashed up a brand new one i'm going to give you a thumbs down on this. I'll change to a thumbs up if you donate a saw to some struggling young arborist..

  74. Prince Neithan Bondoc says:

    Moment of TRUTH no chainsaw live in Earth lol

  75. Sam Stark says:

    Lincoln definitely didn’t say chain saw at the beginning….

  76. Jennifer Parker says:

    I like the 3D

  77. PrincxssArielTriton says:

    i have some few question: how can i settkng this into 4K? if this is like using VR or smth?

  78. Kohliaten! says:

    This hurt 😭

  79. kamron Dodge says:

    I have to say thanks for helping team tress but you are wasting Materials from inside the earth (you’re cutting wood that came form trees that got cut down). ( and I love your videos)

  80. Inam-ur-Rehman Junejo says:

    I hope Dan has nt destroyed all of his furniture in his house and the wood pallets he used to construct his new house.

  81. GTechno13 says:

    "What's inside a chainsaw?" and "We take apart a Chainsaw!" The video is just smash a chainsaw and hold up a mangled part from the inside…

  82. Gavman's Workshop says:

    For those who have subscribed to my channel already and watched my videos you already know what I think of this video.
    The entire video had me stopping and walking away multiple times shaking my head.

  83. Ausreflect Industries says:

    *SUGGESTION* whats inside one of the equalizers sound technicians use – you now the ones…. 100's of slides, dials & buttons.
    HOPE YOU READ THIS – Love from Australia as always.
    Zac (JerryRig) said he'd drown my goldfish if i didn't ask

  84. Justin C says:

    What a waste on a 1400 saw

  85. Ausreflect Industries says:

    Good job with the "interactiveness?" Pretty coool

  86. Gaming Grandpa says:

    Whats in side a calculator

  87. Stephen Matthews says:

    Bro that chainsaw is a really expensive why would you brake it just because of trees you could look in the manual and see what’s inside

  88. Doumilkshake says:

    Use the CAT to distroy your tesla. Like this so that whats insides this wreets this

  89. VIPER410 says:

    I thought this was suppose to be a what's inside a chainsaw not a smash a chainsaw and look at a couple parts

  90. Ben Baker says:

    First off if you use a chainsaw properly it won't break second off you do take extra chains and a file to sharpen them.

  91. Ben Baker says:

    Not a fan of the VR 180

  92. 2a_ch says:

    Next video: what’s inside Area 51

  93. CLIMB-N-CUT FReeTREES says:

    Chainsaw put food on my table….plant trees lazy

  94. Noah Michel says:

    Everyone has mr beast donation

  95. two farmers and a cat says:

    It’s sad that you destroyed a good stihl chainsaw. You should of destroyed a cheaper chainsaw because sthil chainsaws are expensive

  96. Stev Chieen says:

    Your new house is made of 90% woods from cut trees, so what you talking about?

  97. Matthew McCabe says:

    And they cut dressers which are made of wood which are made of …..

  98. NOT_Leksa says:

    5 m trees🌳

  99. Dylan Carey says:

    Your killing trees bc ur building a house😂😂

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