What Year Is My Harley Davidson Golf Cart?

Today I’m going to be talking about how
to find the date on your Harley-Davidson golf cart. Sometimes it’s not very easy,
but if you’re lucky enough to have one you’re gonna need to know this before
you can buy parts. Harley Davidson Motorcycle company started making golf
carts in the year 1963 starting with a three-wheeled type and then moving on to
a four-wheel later on. In 1969 they sold their company to the American Machine
and Foundry company, best known as AMF Bowling Centers and in 1971 they legally
changed the name to AMF and the carts were then labeled with AMF
Harley-Davidson. Due to financial struggles, AMF sold the cart division to
Columbia Par Car in 1981. In 1983 Columbia Par Car dropped the name
Harley-Davidson completely. The serial number is on the metal tag located above
the rear wheel on the passenger side for electric carts and above the rear wheel
on the driver’s side for gasoline carts. On the models that don’t have a hinge-able back section to raise up, like the Master Glide IV, it’ll be located
underneath the seats on the frame somewhere between the driver and
passenger side. All the models produced in 1960s have the first two digits being
the year that they were manufactured and the next digit being what model, as in 65
D would be a 1965 model D gas cart, a 66 DE would be a 1966 Model D electric cart.
In the 1970s they moved the date designation toward the end. The 1970s
were designated by the letter H and the next number being the year – so an H0
would be a 1970 and H5 would be in 1975. In 1980 they changed to a J. this lasted
from 1980 to 1982. In 1983 Columbia put their own
designation “C” in there and it would continue on with C3 through 9.
Using the chart at the right you can see what model number indicated what
type cart you had. Harley Davidsons models are “D” for a gasoline golf cart,
“DE” for an electric golf cart, DF for a gasoline personnel carrier, “DEF” for an
electric personnel carrier, “DC” for the gasoline Utilicar, “DEC” for the electric
Utilicar, “D4” for a gasoline golf cart with four wheels (became a DX4 from
1982 on), a “DE4” for the electric golf cart with four wheels and the Master
Glide IV which was the electric four-wheel version. In case of a missing
ID tag further identification can be done on the electric models by comparing
the solenoid arrangement on the firewall of the vehicle. It’s a broad range of
vehicles and doesn’t really pinpoint the exact year but you can get pretty close.
Sometimes the serial tag is just missing or too corroded to be of any use.
Now, wasn’t that easy? You can find the date easily using the charts. Go over to my
site if you have any more questions golfcarttips.com and check it out. We’re
gonna be upgrading this particular model that I’ve been showing in the pictures.
We’re gonna fix it up and bring it back from the dead. See you all later…
stay tuned!

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