What the Golf seems simple enough. There’s a hole with a flag in it and you’ve got
a club and a ball. Aim, hold to pick your swing strength, and release to smack the ball
towards the hole – rinse and repeat. But after a few levels, things get a little weird. The flag,
hole, ball and club are still present. But upon aiming and releasing, this happens So, yeah. You probably should ask, ‘What The Golf?’ *STRANGE WHAT THE GOLF MUSIC PLAYS* This game takes the idea of golf and runs
with it – far…far away. Mixing meta humour with absurdity, you’re plonked into some properly bonkers golf courses – with almost everything you could
possibly think of trading places with your golf ball. The entire game relies on your
mastery of the simple aim, hold and release control. It’s intuitive, simple, and perfectly
suited to playing on a mobile device. Levels are scattered across a hub world, divided
into zones. The little zones are actually fun in themselves, with just getting into
the levels presenting a challenge – sometimes floating about in space, or locked behind
a blast door. To progress to the next zone, you’ll need to complete each hole in the zone
at least once, then smack your bally head into a power grid – which will unlock the
next portion of the map. Each zone introduces a few new elements to the game, teaching you
new ways to play. My greatest discovery was learning most smooth
or rollable objects can be aimed and released multiple times. So, with the help of the games
inbuilt slo-mo whilst aiming, I found myself practically drifting around courses in later
levels. It was exhilarating I tells ya! The deeper you go, the further the concept of
golf is pushed. The developers have crafted some proper physics based fun here as well,
basically creating a pool table of planets and a spider-golf-man simulator. It was a
constant…ball, to see what madcap creations I’d be playing next. You’ll also find yourself in many a homage
to other games, from a portal like platformer to flat out Flappy Bird. It’s clear the developers
had a long list of potential ideas for future projects, and just threw them all into this
game instead. Sometimes it doesn’t quite work however, with some levels feeling a little
underdeveloped. When you’re thrust from a genius physics based golf course, to a simplified,
dull Mario Platformer – you can’t help but feel ideas were running a tad thin. However,
there’s also an additional set of challenges, to keep you puttering on through. You unlock them upon completing a level for
the first time. Each new objective expands on the original level, descending it further
into insanity. Thought firing a barrel across the track was hard? Why not ramp the speed
up to 50. Bopping a ball through gravitational fields was fun, why not fire a planet? And,
if you nail all three challenges on each zones levels, you’ll unlock a stack of collectibles
from across the world. So yes…for a game called What The Golf,
there’s surprisingly not much golf, and thankfully a lot of the stats and tricky golf stuff has
been left in the sand bunker too. There are target pars placed on some of the additional
challenges, but no immediate point or time limit along the main campaign, just passes
or fails. And in a world of ever present timers and star systems, simpler feels oh so good. The whole experience clocks in at around 5
hours, which may be short for some. But for me, it was more than enough. At first, the
crazy comedy of it all had me grinning from ear to ear – but as the main campaign drew
to a close, I was feeling a tad over the persistent weirdness. It slowly became more silly, less
funny. It’s the kind of humour you’ll either love, or just give an occasional ‘ha’
to. Which isn’t a bad thing, but it’s just a simple – ha for me. What The Golf is a wacky montage of madness,
I’m not sure if I ever ever needed to see what playing golf with a 2 seater lounge chair
looked like – but I can rest easy now knowing. I’m giving it 4 out of 5 rubber chickens.

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  1. winner yeahmate says:

    Lame (very little golf content)

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