What It Takes To Be An Olympic Table Tennis Player
What It Takes To Be An Olympic Table Tennis Player

(energetic music) – My name is Allen Wang, I’m a professional table tennis player. (ball pings) – Oh my gosh! My father used to play on the
weekends at a local center. And he first brought me
there when I was five or six. Making my way to Team
USA has been a long road. My dad decided to send
me overseas in China when I was 10 years old, and I was there for a year and a half. And every day, we would practice
for 5, 6, 7 hours a day. (upbeat music) This is the Lily Yip Table Tennis Center, where I always train. Let me give you a little tour. Adam Hugh, multiple time
national team member. Great friend, awesome
coach, amazing player. People of all ages can play. No matter who you are
or where you’re from, it’s a beautiful community, it’s awesome. So here we have Cory Eider. Cory and I played men’s doubles together, and we got national
champion in 2013, 2014. – (Cory) 2014. – Yeah, 2014 men’s double match, so. – (Cory) Right. – Awesome coach as well. (ball pings) – They told us that you
trained Forrest Gump. (laughs) – Six, one. – Alright, so here we’re gonna … I’m gonna attempt a round
the net shot with my phone. So basically, hit the ball
around the net like this, without going over the
net, so it’s pretty hard. (energetic music) (ball pings) – Are you just as good
tipsy as you are sober? Yeah, probably. (laughs) – A lot of people usually,
like every five years, there’s this huge kind of, everyone gets really
excited about table tennis. (upbeat music) – The most important thing
is that you have to love it, you have to enjoy it, even though the practice
might be hard sometimes, if you endure it, it’ll create
many opportunities for you. Coming from my experience, I realized that table tennis
was much more than a sport. It was just a gateway to
many other things as well. Just awesome adventures. I just want people to know
that this is a beautiful sport. (light music)

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  1. Ash says:

    Reminds me of the movie Forest Gump.

  2. TearS CS:GO says:

    Its called ping pong

  3. Julia Ball says:

    As soon as I read the words "dab serve" I was done.

  4. The Good Doctor says:

    Foose ball pro next plz!

  5. Virginity Thief says:


  6. Virginity Thief says:

    when your rejected from every sport out there

  7. matt says:

    Disliking because the music drowns out his voice – really poorly edited

  8. Kyrie23 says:

    Table tennis isn't a sport hahah

    All the triggers table tennis players just attacks hahah

  9. nicholas chong says:

    What kind of around the net is that wtf

  10. Max Becker says:

    Cringe at 30 seconds

  11. Max Becker says:

    Help this guy out he is suffering from a dab disease every time he dabs another person dies

  12. Eirian H says:

    When you used to play at LYTTC

  13. ShadowHunter says:

    0:30 best picture in the video

  14. Reka says:

    i've also played tennis for almost 5 years, it's not an easy sport. you should be careful when u choose your couch

  15. ETin Thiyam says:

    ewww dab serve. Get out.

  16. Michael Farrelly says:

    Everybody who likes this comment I will buy you McDonald's

  17. Lil Dee says:

    No I don't really care about a love song…. Whoa it really is catchy

  18. Liam Cannon says:

    the dab thing is absolutely unforgivable ..

  19. Chairman Meow says:

    Doesn't apply to all Asians.

    All modern table tennis champions are specifically Chinese from mainland China.

    There are many documentaries where western table tennis players go to mainland China to compete against locals.

    They couldn't even win against provincial or city competitions because the skill level of average Chinese tennis player was so high.

  20. Truth Seeker says:

    leave see man alone bunch of Satanic paedophile s

  21. Luke Diggle says:

    I thought this video was what it takes to be an olympic table yep I actually did

  22. Luke Diggle says:

    also youtube! it says there is 1 comment, I've posted two and I can see about 100 more.

  23. Karlo Gabriel says:

    i cringed at the dab

  24. Tom Holden says:

    It says to see where he trains, while they are on a train, illuminati confirmed

  25. Toxic Ash Main says:


  26. Anthony Gibboni says:

    Alllen!!! He goes to my school #solegit

  27. Emily Obes says:


  28. Keitaro Adachi says:

    its not a sport

  29. Woolrys says:

    I played this for 7 years won A couple of nationale gold medal but stop because of school πŸ™
    I was like 3 in my country for my age

  30. Kevin Hornibrook says:

    This kids little brother is in my homeroom let me tell you they are not the same people

  31. Adellyssa Nicole says:

    I'm a table tennis in my school and I want to learn something from them : )

  32. WalnutTime says:

    :30 what the hell

  33. Samuel O'Brien says:

    Whoa that's a cool dab serve

  34. Joseph Stalin says:

    The comment section is filled with attention whores. "*LIKE IF YOU AGREE*"

  35. Ethan H says:

    He dabs when he serves πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

  36. M Freeman says:

    I never knew someones face could be awkward

  37. Bernie Sanders says:


  38. BunnyFett says:

    Allen is seriously awesome!

  39. Renu Prakash says:

    awesome. wish i have such facilities here in India. all the best.

  40. Intel Doge says:

    I'd like to see people watch this video that think table tennis is the easiest and the stupidest sport ever.

  41. Thanos Sofroniou says:

    Even the american table tennis players are chinese

  42. Mitchell Dang says:


  43. Tanya Wang says:

    he has the same last name as me!!!

  44. Daniel Struhs says:

    Making jersey proud πŸ™‚

  45. Nino Aquino says:

    I go to school with him lol

  46. pei Rico says:

    Well I guess you guys should have went to China to really take a look at how Ma Long trains and plays

  47. Yong Siri says:

    ping pong always fun

  48. Andrew Guillet says:

    of course hes asain

  49. Bugs 28 says:

    He lives in my town and i've seen his house before

  50. McPhunk says:

    What part of sudden death did you not understand

  51. Niko Georgiafentis says:

    LOL the comments by people who dont play table tennis are hilarious.

  52. Matthew Bourne says:

    My grandpa is a world champ

  53. ahmed alrasheed says:

    still haven't figured out if I have what it takes ir not

  54. Lopez says:

    ayyy New Jersey πŸ’₯πŸ’ͺπŸ”₯πŸ’―

  55. Rice MenaRQ says:

    That coach "Adam Hugh" used to be White but then he played so much table tennis, he became Chinese.

  56. wuichovengeance mtz says:

    i'll start practicing that "Dab serve" XD

  57. Smengsquare Boabpants says:

    Wii Sports Resort Flashbacks

  58. Crackerz says:

    0:30 time to kill myself

  59. Senseless Nonsense says:

    Anyone else still laughs when you see Buzzfeed "news"? Yes? me too! lol

  60. nicholas chong says:

    Around the net shot like that wow wtf

  61. *菜 says:

    Dab serve…

  62. Nehal Changat says:

    juventus got fucked by madrid

    (very relevant)

  63. Fantazztik says:

    Guy with blue cap and blue sweat pants has a nice delicious chunky butt!!!!

  64. Tdawg4lifemyers says:

    Olympic table tennis players are a right laugh my friend beat me with his shoe while drunk and he's only the England reserve

  65. Lisa Beverly says:

    Allen teach me ur table tennis skills and I will coach you steps to achieve the perfect shed approach:)

  66. Andrew Li says:

    Fun fact: The toss-up during the serve is how you can tell a good player from an amateur. A good player should be able to wait and serve in between their opponent's breaths to throw them off, while amateur simply does it for dramatic effect.

  67. josh soon says:

    his face at 1:69

  68. Gurjot Dhaliwal says:

    when your an Asian and you love them American burgers

  69. SAAB AERO says:

    time to build some muscle still have the baby fat on yah

  70. Undying Xavier says:

    sorry but there are at least 300,223 better players in china then him…

  71. Brian Baccay says:

    Most Asian scene i've seen this week.

  72. aznrickross says:

    cringe serve

  73. Oh yeah yeah says:

    How do you say tennis in chinese? PING-PONG

  74. epicblueman says:

    When you realize that he's not on the USA National Team

  75. David William says:

    I have been playing for a year and I'm pretty good with the time ive spent the only thing that's stopping me from competing in competitions is Table tennis players are such a bad sports when they lose.

  76. Γ‡ağlar GenΓ§ says:

    he is not that good lol

  77. Hi Hi says:

    He just realized that it is an awesome sport when Turned 45

  78. PROGamerZMGKA PRO says:

    so your better than ma long

  79. Park Mel says:

    It hurts to livr

  80. Matthew Tan says:

    https://youtu.be/KW8JfO595ME watch that to see what real ping pong is about

  81. Pyro Bros says:

    The common misconception is that white people killed the dab

  82. The 21 Master says:

    Great sport great guy bad dab

  83. Darwinian Bonobo says:

    I know a guy who beat Allen Wang

  84. Ansh Vats says:


  85. Anijah Jackson says:

    This is my town and i work at a pharmacy that’s connected to the ping pong place. Our town is one square mile and just this place being on buzzfeed was a big thing for us lmao bc there’s like 88 people so imagine the exposure

  86. How To? says:

    Love it aswell. Especially as i have a tennis table in my house

  87. Colin Lee says:

    Allen seems like a nice guy, but "dab serve" is just a little bit too cancerous.

  88. UltraViolentLight says:


  89. May Zhang says:


  90. Joepoe 9236 says:

    2:12 was disgusting

  91. Hot_Wax says:

    Once you hear anyone mention Forrest Gump you know they know zero about what table tennis is about haha

  92. Laurence Estabillo says:

    2:28 it is the ghost serve

  93. Tyler Gordon says:

    Of course he’s Asian.

  94. March Wu says:

    "Olympic" table tennis player

  95. Mary Kirkland says:

    Jha the best

  96. Swati Kulkarni says:

    It is indeed a beautiful sport!!!!😊😘

  97. Jonathan Nguyen says:

    3:14 wow you used to wear glasses?

  98. Iuwdbwudbvhwduivhbwduivbi iwudcbwiuecbwuic` says:

    being an Asian always helps !!! πŸ˜‚

  99. Iuwdbwudbvhwduivhbwduivbi iwudcbwiuecbwuic` says:

    an Asian representing any country they want ! πŸ˜‚

  100. Delta_Knife says:

    YoU cAll ThAT a "AroUnD tHe NeT" sHoT?! 0 power and basically no side spin…

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