What is the Best Golf Glove? Review of The Claw by Caddy Daddy
What is the Best Golf Glove? Review of The Claw by Caddy Daddy

okay today glove test put this bad boy
of it to the test let’s go all right I don’t do typically
a glove reviews there’s so many clubs out there normally I play either this
vulva k– glove high-end leather or the Titleist top-of-line high-end leather I
mean I typically use the best high-end leather glove out there so this company
caddy daddy reached out they want me to test out their glove I said okay all
right I’m not gonna mess around I’ll give it an honest review and I’ll let
you know what I think okay so as always thanks for watching hope you liked the
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bell also so you don’t miss anything dig into this thing here we go okay right out of the gate
feels like let’s say you’re going to be a a doorman or door person you’re gonna
work an elevator or maybe serve somebody some something right that’s what it
feels like like that type of a glove except this
part is rubbery kind of like something maybe spider-man would wear on his uh on
his hands okay that’s a–that’s like a rubbery
very thin almost feels like a wetsuit material okay so this is a MASH
breathable mesh on the top rubbery spider-man whatnot on the bottom it
feels different I don’t know if it’s good or bad yeah
it’s totally different but uh alright is it a shot so okay we’re ready to rock
and roll they say this thing will not tear will not harden well not now I’m
just gonna use it in this video I can do everything today so what I’m really
gonna try to put it through a lot of the elements as I can okay and see how it
performs okay one thing that is most people don’t think about I don’t know if
they think about it or not in a glove is this is the top I like the breathable
mists of the top that’s fine I like that here’s a problem I my grip
what this is where we kind of they miss I think a lot of people missed about is
the top when I grip I want to feel some some grip Ness on the top the top of my
hand with my other hand I want to feel it right now it’s a little slippery so I
don’t know if it’s good or bad it’s just you know the other gloves I’ve got a
little leather I’ve got leather up here and I I could lick it and stuff and I
get a a nice you know connection in my hands so don’t have that
a great Drive I don’t know if any in kitchen tation of this but make it old
quick here’s one of the things that you got to consider is grabbing your wet
towel okay and wiping your club off a lot of us do it with the glove on right
and if you do it with this glove on I will admit the good I got to be really
careful to take this off because if it gets wet and dry wet and dry it’s no
good so well we’re trying this wet towel put in here
wet water ice okay wet towel clean my club yeah wet
dripping off and squeezing my hell yeah clean my club so I just did what I just
did what I never would do it it’s so slippery right now you feeling slippery
all right but now oops dry off it says it’s the palm will not
crack hardened or tear remarkable comfort lasts three to five times longer
than then leather and conforms with the rules of golf
machine washable okay that’s all good also it says no animals were harmed in
the making this glove good to know there might be animals harmed in the testing
of this 12’o anyway no nothing’s gonna get harmed test test testing doing the test come on sometimes we’ve we’ve just got to do
some unconventional testing hey if you’re gonna make claims that
it’s not gonna tear hard enough dick I got to put it to the test pretty good the UM the top did tear in
my cart testing that’s Tom they didn’t say the top wouldn’t air but did say the
bottom Li the bottom is holding up I gotta say the palm is doing quite well
the top not so much but not bad I mean I didn’t drag it along around with the
card okay the claw from caddy daddy the glove I mean I gave it a pretty good
work over here and what do you think this is for you here’s what I like pros
I do like the mesh outside I like how it breathes in on my hand I don’t like the
grip that I feel on the other side with my right hand against the mesh so I
could live with it it’s just I’m not used to it okay I’m used to a leather on
the other side also uh man I got it wet did a whole bunch of stuff with it and
it dried out very quickly it didn’t affect the grip nests in the tackiness
of the palm so I did I did like that as well
it’s got a lot of flexibility in it so that’s nice too it’s not too hard I do
like to lick my glove a lot and just kind of go like that you don’t really
want to do that with this one okay does it it’s not the same as let’s say a
leather glove all in all it’s not bad it’s I think it retails for $19.99 so
it’s on the higher end of the price range but they say it will last a lot
longer so other than that the palm is in good shape
I mean I’ve did this live I really try to tear it it’s hard as I could to make
sure you know we’re not getting any any thing and tears around the velcro so
that was nice who is this club for if you destroy a
lot of gloves you have one of those grips that just tears through your glove
a lot then this would be a good glove to have so that’s something to consider I
will leave a link obviously in the description below for these guys who
something you’re interested in I like it I’m probably not going to switch to it
just because I do prefer the soft leather and I do like to be able to
control the moisture of the glove so I can have it a little
more tacky when I want it just by licking or spitting on it things like
that so I don’t particularly like the feel of the rubber ah it feels a little
rubbery to me so it’s not what I prefer but for somebody who destroys a lot of
gloves I think it’s a great a great glove so check it out
caddy daddy claw claw

16 thoughts on “What is the Best Golf Glove? Review of The Claw by Caddy Daddy”

  1. KeenCrafting says:

    It's the claw!!!! THE CLAW!!!!!

  2. xstevex59 says:

    Golf course pesticides, fertilizers, nose picking, butt scratching…. just some of the reasons not to lick your glove….)

  3. Kyle Wilson says:

    I use the bionic brand. Bought a mesh one last year like that and it was done after a month.

  4. Bob Rella says:

    Oriental(ish) KAOS agent: It is called the CRAW!
    Maxwell Smart: The Craw?
    KAOS: NO! Not the Craw…the CRAW!!

  5. Zax Drums says:

    Cool review Matt!! I think it kind of looks like a gardening glove on the bottom at least!!

  6. Joe Wilkes says:

    😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 a leather glove wouldn’t last long dragging it along the ground ,

  7. jporter504 says:

    Any one of the three models of MG cabretta leather golf gloves. $6 to $7 each.

  8. Chad Mace says:

    Haven't used a glove for a few years… A wet glove = sliperry glove and poor shots… Lost the glove and use overaized soft wound grips. A good way to go!

  9. martin quinn says:

    "Wet water" who would of thought it 😯😂 good review

  10. Jimtoledo says:

    Usually I like your reviews but this was a train wreck!

  11. poe's ReLiC says:


  12. drhopkinspath says:

    Hirzl makes a good glove, especially if it gets wet…

  13. FLYBOY123456789 says:

    reminds me of the mitt used to take hot food out of the oven…pass…thanks M…just saved $20…

  14. Josh Judge says:

    Even if I wanted to try it, they don't sell for lefties. Oh well, it must be a sign.
    Solid review.

  15. Oran Paul says:

    What is your set of irons in your bag

  16. Paul Humphris says:

    I've used the bionic gloves for years and love them. Last loads longer than a standard glove. Might try one of these if they come to the UK.

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