What is a GOOD 100m SWIM TIME for triathlon swimming?
What is a GOOD 100m SWIM TIME for triathlon swimming?

– Morning, Trainiacs. Little Friday morning
recovery kind of swim, nice and light, lots of
fins, lots of snorkel, nothing too strenuous,
just loosen up the body from the last three days of hard training. Now, somebody on the Trainiask podcast asked the question what is
a good 100 meter swim time? I answered it, as we do
on the Trainiask podcast, and it blew up. It’s by far the most
popular Trainiask podcast that we’ve ever done and I might as well answer it right here, after the swim. Also, I didn’t bring an
active wear shirt today, so there’s gonna be some
excessive speedo action. Apologies ahead of time. (upbeat music) (hip hop music) Ah, man, super late, Trainiacs. This one took a lot longer than I thought. 3400 meters in an hour 10,
gotta go to physio quick. Alright, so let’s talk… Whoa, you are filthy, guys. Better. Let’s talk about what is a good 100 meter swim time for triathletes. Actually, let’s not talk about it, because that answer is all relative. Let’s say a 110 per 100 meter swim time, if you were to ask me, I’d
say that’s pretty good. If you were to ask elite swimmers, pros, they’d say that sucks. If you were to ask
Olympians, they’d be like, “Well, yeah, that’s a nice warm up, cool, appreciate you coming out and getting the blood moving here, Taren, but we’re about to do
some real swimming now.” But I can certainly give you some context for where various 100 meter
swim times will place you. Let’s talk in terms of a Half Iron Man, 70.3, 1900 meter swim. In that case, the pros are
doing it at anywhere from around 23 to 28 minutes, which
puts them, on average, around a 115 per 100 meter split time. That is the top one percent
of all swimmers out there. I myself am doing about a 31,
32, 33 Half Iron Man swim, which gets me to a 138 per
100 meter average time, which then places me around the top five to 10 percent in the entire field. But here’s the thing, I think
that, let’s take good away, and I will replace that with attainable. What is an attainable 100 meter swim time over the course of a Half Iron Man? I think that with really
purposeful training, just about everyone can get under 40 minutes for a Half Iron Man, which translates to a 206
per 100 meter swim time. And I’ll give you some
reasons why I think this. So, you know that I’ve recently
changed over to Tower 26. The co-host on Tower 26, the
sidekick to Jerry Rodriguez, is Jim Lubinski who is a pro triathlete, started out doing his first
Half Iron Man distance race with a swim of, I think
it was, 47 minutes. Fast forward to today, he’s around a 27, 28 minute Half Iron Man swimmer. And if you listen to the Tower 26 Podcast, there was one time that coach Jerry said that he went through all of
the 1000 meter time trials that the entire subscription,
that’s people like me that are doing it online, not in LA, the entire subscription
database of athletes, which I wanna say is in
the hundreds for sure, several hundred, I don’t
know exactly what it is, and he saw that 98
percent of those swimmers were getting faster. Now, I would certainly
suspect that far, far fewer than 98 percent of you are getting faster. That, to me, is an indication
of how important it is to have a really
intentional, well thought out swim program with a
little bit of coaching, and I think that, paired
with some hard work, almost ensures that
everyone can get faster. And I think that that 40 minute swim time for a Half Iron Man is
kind of what I’m gathering from the more I talk to people, that if you get the right technique, you can hit that almost certainly. Now, what does it take to
get to that kind of time? Well, it takes a few things. Number one, I would say
that you need to be swimming three or four times a week,
with two of those swims being really, really
key, really purposeful, well thought out, well designed. That’s why I’ve gone to
the Tower 26 program, because it is specifically
for triathletes. It’s made for us, it’s made
to get us ready for the bike, and it’s made for the things,
the challenges that we, as triathletes, have working against us. Our flexibility works against us, running compresses us which
works against us in the pool, and the lack of time that
we can spend in the pool, that all works against us. This is starting to
sound like a Tower 26 ad. It’s not, just like ’em. So those swims need to be really critical. If you’re two a week, you’re gonna have a tough time getting faster. Three, odds are pretty
good you’ll get faster, but they have to be
really, really purposeful. We’re not just talking any
screwing around, very efficient. If you’ve got four, you’ve
got a little bit more room for inefficiencies, because
just that repetition, it helps a lot. Swimming is a technique sport. It’s not a fitness sport where you can just build a huge amount of fitness and muscle your way through it. You need the right technique and to develop that right technique,
you need repetition after repetition after repetition, so that the right technique is ingrained in your muscle memory, and then when you get
out into the open water and you get knocked around,
it’s still really easy to keep that technique,
because you’ve done it hundreds of thousands of times. So I think everyone can get
to that 40 minute swim time. Here, however, is something
that I think is a hard and fast, if you can do this, move on, if you can’t, step back and work on your technique. Something that I’ve mentioned
before, if you can’t yet do a 400 meter continuous swim
without taking any breaks and without finishing that 400 meters and being out of breath,
so that means being able to swim 400 meters or
yards just consistently, smoothly, without effort,
you aren’t yet ready to really start progressing. That is a sign that there
are really key inefficiencies in your swim and I would
recommend for people that are at that level
that still can’t yet do that 400 meters continuously, go to TriathlonTaren.com/SwimDrillProgram. That is a free series of swim drills that I’ve put together that’s
entirely meant to basically just build your comfort
in the water to the point that you can get a swim coach,
you can sign up for Tower 26, you can start making big progression. But if you are so inefficient
that you can’t yet do that 400 meter test and
complete it successfully, you’re not yet ready to start progressing. And don’t worry, these swim drills, you can go through them in a month or two, and then boom, you are
on the upswing to speed, getting under 40 minutes. I think you can all get there. So there you go, Trainiacs. Swim, swim, swim away. Go to TriathlonTaren.com/SwimDrillProgram, work on your swimming, and
looks like it’s gonna be a little bit less dusty
for us around here. Finally we get some rain,
clean this place up. Later.

38 thoughts on “What is a GOOD 100m SWIM TIME for triathlon swimming?”

  1. Schröder Gambel says:

    Good stuff

  2. Maddo fit says:

    Mine is a work in progress

  3. shaun houlahan says:

    I agree that 40 mins for a 70.3 is a good benchmark. It’s possible to get hung up on it though. There are so many variables in open water swimming that you can have a good swim and still be slower than this. Get wet 3 times a week. Showers don’t count.

  4. Sean Baldwin says:

    It is good to have a ballpark figure to shoot for

  5. Troy Ricci says:

    Very helpful vid today!

  6. p tay says:

    I found this useful, thanks. Every other time this question has been asked, it has always been shaken off with,,,,'it depends.' I get to swim, x2 per week. Yesterday I did a 34min for a 2.1km in a 50m pool. Thats pretty standard for me, depending on how busy the lane is (not a club member, no coach and 38years old with a water polo background, so not so much a swimmer). My current problem is not being able to video my swim technique. Its not allowed in any of the pools close to me. Any suggestions on how to overcome this and 'see' myself swim and where i am going wrong. (I have a 70.3 (my 1st ever tri) in 2 weeks, so its too late for this, i know)

  7. Dr. Plínio Ferraz says:

    I've been using your swim program in the past 3 weeks, training 2-3 times a week and I can see the results already! Tks Taren!

  8. Mark Kress says:

    Wtf is a hunerrrrrrrrrrrrd meters?

  9. theweekender25 says:

    Swim a lap everytime TT says "Tower 26"!!!!😄

  10. Mark Roper says:

    Finally sat through an ad that was worth watching!…thanks Oakley

  11. Mike Underell says:

    31:44 in my last 70.3. Pretty sure I can break 30 with some focus. Maybe Tower 26 is something I should check out!

  12. Stephen Rinaldo says:

    Really miss your 'non-aligned' videos Taren of yesteryear…it's what drove my triathlon pursuits …guess this is the new era of Triathlon Taren – I get you're being backed now by product/manufacturers but it's hard to identify what's truly from your heart as opposed to now what you should say. Just my five cents.

  13. Tom Fisher says:

    Always great advice

  14. Luke Doyle says:

    Do my 100m swim in a 58:5 only starting up triathlon now

  15. mary-margaret dickinson says:

    Are those the paddles that Gerry Rodrigues recommends? I would be interested to hear your thoughts on them.

  16. Chris Reno says:

    5:58 Technique! Technique! Just like Spongebob: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z6RJVE0HOv4

  17. Chris Reno says:

    5:58 Technique! Technique! Just like Spongebob: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z6RJVE0HOv4

  18. aj wvx1 says:

    Hello Taren, congrats on this particular vlog. It has been one of the most informative and practical ones I've found since I started following you well over a year ago. One thing I would very grateful is if you could tell us what would the next step be. Specifically, I am well past the 400 meter limit you stated. As such, today I swam 1,000 m non stop. My problem though, is speed. My best pace so far, has been 2:20. Been swimming for the last 4 years approx. Therefore, what is your suggestion to get to the 2:00 pace you mentioned in the blog? Thanks so much,

  19. ironman tooltime says:

    Solid advice and stats, me likey. 2:06er here 🙂

  20. Brett Wentworth says:

    I'm over 50, not a swimmer until 5 yrs ago and self-coached. Longest event is an Olympic. Average 100m time is 2mins and I barely swim once per week. Will swimming your drills 3 times per week get me towards 1:30 per 100m? And how quickly (I have a 70.3 in 2 1/2 mths.)

  21. Siddharth Shukla says:

    I just love to hear you. You are helping me a lot.. hope to meet you in the future someday man.. keep rocking

  22. Michaël Martin says:

    Thanks a lot for this great video. Do you mean 40 min time with or w/o neoprene for HIM distance ? I had 36 min with last month and I am pretty sure that w/o would have added at least another 8s/100m making it very close to the 40 min…

  23. edclarkey says:

    whats peoples 200m times like

  24. Jason Kerr says:

    I’m now swimming an avg 100m in 1:30 over a 500m session. Not too bad for a 45 year old with my first triathlon under my belt last month. I swam twice before my triathlon and realized the need to train more for it. I now am a member at a gym with a 25m pool and nobody uses it. Love it! Checkout my channel for my first triathlon video, Taren. I want your opinion.

  25. Nathan Novak says:

    I did 1 mile in 58 min. Today I did 2 miles in 2 hours and 10 min.

  26. lefenec says:

    Link for the lazy

  27. 100 subs with no vids? says:

    My average 100m swim is 1:15, but I'm only 12 years old, so I think that I am doing good for my age right? Please tell me of I'm doing well, I don't know if I am

  28. OrganicFreshArtificialSyntheticVitamins says:

    I'm still 2:40 per 100m. I don't know how you guys managed to do it less than 2:00…even 1:30! I have a long way to go….

  29. Evan MacDougall says:

    I started swimming in Sept. I've watch a hundred youtube videos about swim technique. but saw only small progress and was getting very frustrated. Then I bought a pull bouy and 2 weeks later I signed up for your free swim drill program. The pull bouy was a lightbulb moment to how easy swimming should be. And then your swim drill program has been a godsend! In just 2 weeks I went from barely being able to swim 100m to now being able to swim nearly 400m continuously. This was simply from doing the drills and applying the techniques in your swim drill program. It's amazing, but true, that technique is the most important part of swimming. I'm at 3:10/100m, but that's better than the 4:28 when started. And in just 3 weeks I've gone from dreading my swim sessions to looking forward to them. I have a long way to go, but suddenly I have a light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks, Taren!

  30. Christopher Lawrence says:

    Does anyone recognise the paddles Taren was using?

  31. Moto Clown says:

    When you say 100m, are talking about taking a dive in or starting from the pool?

  32. Michael Darnall says:

    I'm 65yrs swimming 2:04 per 100 bike 20mph (uneven ground 20 miles) running 9:00mpm (uneven ground 2 miles) lame! I agree!
    Question: what should I focus on?
    I'm overweight at 6' / 230lbs
    I want to excell at Olympic Distance.
    I have no joint or physical pains.
    BUT… not sure I have a good training plan. Any ideas? Yes I know I'm to heavy. Any ideas?

  33. Nicholas Burnett says:

    "Let's say a 1:10 per 100 meter…" That would probably murder the pack and crush any masters fast lane. Especially if that was long-course.

  34. Charlie says:

    What do you call the one that you put on your wrists? I want one.

  35. Eye says:

    Im 15yo and im a competitive swimmer, my avarage time is 1:05… Is it ok?

  36. djeeee911 says:

    Attention on time of elite swimmers, I was one of them. When they says i'm on 57" on 100 meters, it's only on 100 meters not 800, in the pool not open water, with a start, with a speedo, and with nobody in the pool. So it's a perfect sprint time.

  37. Tony Watson says:

    Are these pool times or open water times ?. Swimming laps in a pool is a good bit different to swimming continuously in open water, as you get a nice little break every 50 (25) metres at each turn, not to mention the speed boost you get from each push off. Surprised this hasn't been mentioned.

  38. jeff barber says:

    what if you are just plain old slow. then what is acceptable?

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