What Are Those Bottle Caps on Streets?
What Are Those Bottle Caps on Streets?

The Big Apple, The Melting Pot, the city that
brought you, “Hey, I’m walkin’ here!” New York attracts tens of millions of visitors
each year. But most tourists flock to the typical sights and miss out on the secret
gems hidden throughout the city that never sleeps! Check out my list: 1. There are secret tennis courts in Grand
Central Station that some of the terminal’s employees don’t even know about! If you
manage to find them, you can get an hour of play-time for free! They used to be part of
an exclusive club but are now open to the public. Well, open but hidden, if that makes
sense! 2. While you’re checking out Grand Central,
don’t miss another hidden gem there – The Whispering Gallery! It’s an archway with
a pretty cool acoustic trick if you come with a friend: two people standing at opposite
ends of the arch can hear each other’s whispers perfectly! 3. No, that’s not a random bottle cap that
somehow got embedded into the pavement. These things are called asphalt tags. If you take
a closer look at them, you’ll notice different numbers and letters. “Oooh, a secret language
that leads to a buried treasure if you decode it?” Eh, it’s not that exciting. When
some part of the road is patched up, these tags are left to denote who did the job and
when. The number in the middle is the year, and the different colors represent different
roadwork crews! 4. How about a museum that fits into an old
elevator cabin? By the way, it’s also free of charge! It’s called “Mmuseumm” (no
typo there!) and has a very special collection of “overlooked, dismissed, or ignored”
objects. Some especially odd ones include a rock, a tube of toothpaste, a cheese grater,
and a can of Tasmanian air! The devil you say! 5. You can also find a ‘Freedom Tunnel’
in Manhattan. It used to be an abandoned railroad, but it’s since been turned into a graffiti
art gallery. Ya know, in case looking at toothpaste and cheese graters isn’t exactly your cup
of tea… 6. Apart from the famous High Line, there’s
a less-known elevated park in the Big Apple. It’s called The Elevated Acre, and it’s
on one of the rooftops in the financial district. It looks like a lush oasis hidden in an urban
desert! It has a lawn, an amphitheater, and stunning views of the city. 7. Speaking of oases: there’s a miniature
rainforest hidden inside the Manhattan office building at East 43rd Street. It’s 12 stories
high, made of glass and steel, and serves as a greenhouse. You can see tropical trees,
magnolias, and bizarre water pools there all year long. 8. If you’re looking for an unusual sculpture
or monument to take a picture of, there’s always the 15-foot bronze Hippo Ballerina
downtown! It’s a public art installation inspired by Walt Disney’s “Fantasia”
cartoon. 9. Pizza fans will like this one: a whole
museum dedicated to your favorite cheesy gooey delight! It’s in Brooklyn and has some of
the items from the Guinness World Record’s largest collection of pizza boxes! The museum
features fun facts about pizza, interactive installations, pizza-inspired works of art,
ads, and even short films. 10. New York City hides a “Mysterious Bookshop”
(that’s the name, by the way). It’s the world’s oldest and biggest bookstore specializing
in detective stories, espionage novels, and thrillers. Grab some pizza and go get a good
book to read while you chow down! 11. You’ll come across crowds of people
in the Big Apple, but how about meeting stone people? If you take a walk along the Hudson
near Fort Washington, you’ll notice an unusual work of art. The Sisyphus Stones are stacked
on top of each other and stay that way thanks to gravity alone. They’re not glued or cemented
whatsoever. Okay, they’re not exactly people, but do you kinda see the resemblance? 12. New York is all about details, and even
the subway has a little something to offer. If you go to the 14th Street – Eighth Avenue
station, you’ll see these funny little bronze statues making up a series called Life Underground.
They can only be described as whimsical and slightly absurd. 13. Another gem that only those with an eye
for detail will spot: around ⅓ of the benches in Central Park have plaques with love quotes
inscribed on them. Like this one: “To my sweetie Lauren. I love you, I adore you, I
cherish you. Will you marry me? Mark.” What quote would you leave there? Leave it down
below in the comments! 14. Anyone with a passion for arithmetic should
check out the National Museum of Mathematics, or MoMath. Are visitors forced to solve some
complex formula before they let you in the building or something? (No worries, they aren’t
– I checked!) Some of the cool things to see there are sculptures of light reacting
to touch or bicycles with square wheels. 15. There’s an abandoned theater with a
gorgeous interior that turned into a furniture storehouse. The Loew’s Canal Theatre was
built in the 1920s and was once the second largest one in New York. Now the only actors
this place sees are chairs, tables, and the employees of the furniture retailer that settled
there. 16. If you look up, you might notice some
bees buzzing over your head… since many people and companies like to convert the rooftops
of their buildings into bee farms. It’s an entertaining activity and a way to produce
your own natural honey! Probably not that cool for the bees, though – I can’t imagine
the concrete jungle has many flowers for them to buzz around! 17. And if you want to escape the buzz of
the city, there’s a special place just for relaxation: a meditation room. It’s right
in the United Nations building! You’ll have to go through the security checkpoints. But
once you do, this quiet space is absolutely free to use! 18. New York obviously has a lot to offer,
and you can add a laboratory on wheels to the list. There’s a truck that makes its
way around the city offering a variety of lab tests, including DNA! Apparently, it’s
a pretty popular service there. Maybe people looking to see where their ancestors came
from? Seems useful in a city known as The Melting Pot! 19. “City Hall Station” was the very first
subway station that opened in New York in 1904. Handcrafted mosaics, beautiful arches,
vaulted ceilings… too bad it closed a mere 41 years later! But you can still get a tour
around this hidden NYC gem! 20. “The First Street Garden” is another
treasure hidden in the concrete labyrinths of New York. It’s a community garden that
also serves as an open-air art gallery. It has a series of murals of “women who have
changed the world” – sounds like something worth checking out! 21. If you’re looking for an unconventional
travel experience, visit the Staten Island Boat Graveyard. It’s a dumping ground for
decommissioned ships. Now it hosts all kinds of ferries, tugboats, barges, and even submarines.
The place is so scenic and historic that you’ll likely bump into a photographer or filmmaker
there. 22. If you want to have a fun underwater experience
(without donning your scuba gear!), you can check out the SeaGlass Carousel! It’s located
in lower Manhattan and offers a ride on a glowing fish that spins to music. There’s
also a changing light display that makes you feel like you’re actually underwater! 23. There’s a hidden garden in Central Park
that most visitors have no idea about. It’s a Conservatory Garden in the northeastern
corner of the park. The entry to this little paradise is behind a big wrought-iron gate
on the side of 5th Avenue, between 104th and 105th Streets. Oh yeah, and they have some “Statue of Liberty”
or something, too. Might want to check that out. Hey, if you learned something new about the
Big Apple today, then give the video a like and share it with a friend! Here are some
other cool videos I know you’ll enjoy. Just click to the left or right, and stay on the
Bright Side of life!

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