– Yes ? What is this building? This one? This is the “Beaux Arts” Thank you. Hello. How are you? Hello. I’m all right. Your father went to bed early. He has a an important seminar tomorrow morning. So? How are you feeling? I’m fine. I went to the first student meeting this morning. I met nice students. They asked me to hang out with them tonight. No way, you did not come to Paris for vacation. Your father and I pay a lot for this program. Yes of course. Well it’s too late out there. I’m going to bed now I’ll call you back. Hi ! We met during the student meeting early on. We’re off to get a drink with my friends. Do you wanna join? I’m sorry but I have to study. Now? I mean we haven’t started the class yet. All right then. Maybe next time? Hello. May I sit at your table? Yes. Come on. Thank you very much. So did you study yesterday? Oh ! So you are the one who lives in room 14. I’d be frightened to sleep in this room. And so? Is it all right? Did you really sleep in there? I couldn’t make it if I were you. I would have stared at the ceiling all night long. Whatever ! You can’t never be serious. I mean You should switch with another bedroom. Come on. I went to see it yesterday. There is nothing creepy whatsoever. We are talking about a girl who hung herself in her room. That is creepy ! Let’s talk about something else and less gloomy. What do we do tonight? Let’s go back to the DEUX POINT ZERO. Do you wanna join us? I don’t know. Well yes. Yes I’ll give it a try. Awesome.

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