He wants to switch team! (gasp) What?! what?! I drove you! I drove you here on the donut truck and now you are leaving us Huan?1 How dare you Huan! Shoot him Draco… We’re back here again, in my favorite color! Orange! I’m joking… We’re back into jail! Because today Roblox Jailbreak has an update where there’s tons and tons of more stuff! Draco:Yeah so Supposedly now we can use another way to break out of jail not crawl under the fence like always and get electrocuted and thrown in jail under Construction. Oh I wonder what that would mean Not like it wait wait. What do you mean under construction? There’s nothing here? Except you can explode the wall Wait is anyone looking? Hold down E to explode the wall nice Go-go. Yes Ok let’s go let’s go We’re running out of here. Oh my gosh. Is that new it’s a swat car Yeah That’s kind of intimidating It’s also this new Mini-map, so we can see where we’re running Oh its’s like GTA now. I like it. I think I saw a cop up there with a pistol Whoa some has a rainbow cop. It’s a cop. It’s a cop jump over jump over Right you know leave behind gold are you actually gonna ditch track him up oh? No V Dracco are you on your cell phone uh? Yeah, hello Are you safe did? Um this rainbow car keeps. Hey wait this police officer said get in ok What it’s a corrupted car keep driving keep reading wait? I mean What do you mean witness? What is he corrupted is a nice track. Oh ask him if he’s a nice dude You just just said where do I want to go and that’s just a town That is so cool. Whoo You wait. I think we can take a hose not a lambo. So we have this car the pleb ecar We’re gonna take up Lemmy car in here Do you see that there’s a police officer in there? awkward sure he is so we can choose a texture for our car since we did play jailbreak when it was beta and if you guys did too you get this free a Pixel texture, which is super cool. It’s really nice. Oh my gosh It’s 40 grand for a galaxy texture that is too expensive for us Let’s go for scrolling on over. Oh, wait. Do you see this one? It’s a donut. Oh That one is so cute this one’s me so hungry. I think I wanted oh nice officer outside your garage. Oh boy He’s try to arrest me Okay, I really don’t want to go outside now. So we’re gonna go with the diamond texture I’d really like it, but I also like the donut. We’re gonna go with the diamond and let’s get some rims for our wheels Hey, low Expense. We will camouflage That’s – that’s true. All right brakes We’re gonna get in how about we’ll just use a regular breaks for now a high suspension. Wow that’s so cool Oh, it’s so expensive. Oh is it worth that you’re gonna be bigger than all the other car. That’s right What’s your in this pleb car into a big car? Let’s see your take here – fun oh It’s so – too fun for you and weaves have just paid five hundred dollars for the suspension. We’ll pay 2500 and our car is ready. Oh, we could paint the wheels blue can we Or white oh, let’s go with let’s Mainu yeah, let’s do a science. So we’ll buy this there. We go. We’re ready drago is a safe out there I don’t know last time. I was out there a comrade and handcuffed me He’s waiting tint your windows. Those are so cool. You’re right. I really like okay. You ready drive I’m scared Drive drive. Oh Get the freak cops us hey, dude. I’m shoppin what? oops I just bought this guy and I got captured oh that is so cool. So I did customize it Do you think the wheels look pretty dirty though? Holly please so much to get high suspensions Whatever now we can drive on land without falling let’s go rob my first bank without that cop if you see that cop We gotta we gotta smack them in the back of the head we gotta go get weapon. That’s true. We gotta go get weapons I like it. I like it I think we look to for extra and ridiculous And you get in a better car with more seats so I can uh sit in it, please. That’s true Can we get a truck? Yeah? If you see a truck? Shout out it to me, so I could go grab it What is happening down here? Oh my God they all have lamborghinis? lamborghinis with Super oh 500 oh I will never have enough for 70 k but let’s rob this jewelry store. Oh, it’s her car Jackers like come back So hot what was the policeman? Again is too pretty sister police, okay? Oh You guys don’t get captured all right? I’m over I don’t know I’m getting out who’s Gonna Tell Laura. Oh No, oh no, he’s coming. I’m backing up. Don’t apprehend me out of my cups I found the chuck. It’s the chuckling one it is $9,000 let’s buy. It should we buy it to lay out if I Jericho can sit in the back and hopefully not get hit in by hit by the clock. What is this place this convenience store? Come on. Come on. Let’s rob them. Hey. Give me your monies. Yeah, and he obviously have no weapons, but we’re scared That’s all oh we cry no You got 250 okay um don’t mind us. We’re not doing anything. We’re just standing besides your cash register and everything They said I don’t have any money. Don’t come don’t come back later Okay, well thank you for the monies. I only got 50 but gold got a lot dracco. We have a truck it is so cool Can you come back and like get me out? Okay first off let’s pimp our truck I? Like it Super tall wheels and let’s make the truck go super fast how expensive 50 grand ouch All right, we’re gonna Afford a level two engine there. We go the brakes and I don’t care about race What brakes are important, but right now? We don’t really care and the license plate says to fun That is so truly we got this and the texture lets me more fun and not get a diamond But let’s get donut car. Yeah, or should we rusted pink wheels Yes, a way actually like this color scheme. You got there. We go. Let’s go drago I’m coming to pick you up where it got a scene? In a donut truck driving back to the City you want to listen to the radio yes, I’m joking I don’t have the radio edition, so I’m your gerd that a cop is going to pop out of nowhere and murder you gold okay? I’m pretty sure cops Gonna pop up anyways cuz you’re riding a donut Oh, you’re right. They love donuts. I’m joking so Drago, where’s the prison exactly I’m on the lookout for a man I’m so sorry, I just Um I just flip the truck oops okay, if I can get megan off on on flip it on flip it How do you unfit ride you cannot we have to start pushing it no? Don’t come push this Josh is broken oh Oops, what do we do? LV you present me do You know why I was driving this way Why I see something majestical in the distance. I think it’s a donut shop ways up oh It’s 35 grand though. I don’t think we can afford this nope get back in the truck that everyone can sit in Drago is going to meet us in the city and we’re still trying to find the the villain hideout We’re having some trouble here because the map has changed. It’s a lot bigger now Yeah, I got super big so where we go and go away. I think I see the camp. It’s right along helicopter You’re not allowed to go in the camp. Oh Sorry, I do. I thought I could do some truck parkour over this but let’s try this again, please when you get weapons with Holly Let’s do it. Let’s do it How dare she drive her cop car into this camp? Ok kids need to cross them you ready? Yeah, let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s Grab some guns and shoot her so she cannot murder us shotgun Pistol come get us yeah come fine and take off this pretty these prisoners clothes because they’re so uncomfortable Alrighty girl who kept throwing us in Prison Twelve times Are you get out of here? Where is she oh she lies at the criminal hideout yep? We’re at the criminal hideout Systematic you’re right you’re right. Oh, I see them. They’re driving away. They’re scared. Oh wait. No. Yeah, you better run away Drago is going to meet us here in the meanwhile. We will stand here. Hello drago. Where are you welcome? Be careful be careful. There’s campers here. Do you see that helicopter the popos are out? And they are very angry ok did you grab your weapons guys where do I get the weapons they are inside the shop? We golden I will be in the car right now get on board make sure there’s no cop imma Shoot anyone who comes near I don’t accept for fellow villains We that guys like hey go with me? Welcome to the donut truck ok so He wants to go to the jewelry store. Let’s go to the Jewellery store. Oh now He’s gonna. See my bad driving skills also wears a swat car. That is so cool. We’re going to the jewelry store. Let’s go Yeah, don’t we need a keycard to do that. I don’t know let’s just shoot anyone Okay, we’re at the jewelry store. Let’s do this hey. It’s a cop where shoot There’s no one there’s no one here wait. Wait. Wait. Whoa whoa whoa whoa, whoa? It’s a cop. It’s a cop you’re not It’s a guest wow that’s right. We’re sick of you guys throwing us in Prison was so tired of it So let’s go in here. Oh, we gotta climb up we gotta climb up I think we did a very good job of clearing out those cops now We can crawl up these ladders and break into the jewelry store for monies. Let’s go up the ladder Do you see any cops around here? Oh, I think we need a keycard oops. Maybe this dude knows oh My God, it’s a cop in The Pharisee all they said follow me follow them. Oh, they know where we’re going nice. Okay one let’s go. Oh Oh, oh is that a police chopper? Oh? My God, she just fell out oh No, no, no no no not today Yeah, so do they know where they going. Let’s follow him oh Wait, there’s some what he picked up a key card of food night Drago seems very excited they picked up a key card all right open up these doors open Em Up 1 y om 1 1 1 open up the door. We know you got the key card. I don’t think he wants to open it. Oh Whoa look at this girl. She’s like aah, hey swat. She’s like smacking the car to death wait Whoa, whoa whoa? I think there’s a swat person in the car I Drove you Here on the doughnut truck and now you are leaving us one How dare you han shoot him track? Oh? shoot juan, so you get the Key I Can break you out I can break you out. Oh, thank you. Thank you I? Lost all my weapons. I’m useless now You know what let’s return to the piece. You didn’t get in get in let’s go. Let’s go No break me out break me out Get it get it get it get it We’re going back to the joist or once we were read resupply. Let’s go our plan is we need to get a key card from the cops by killing the cops, right Okay, so if we murder at least one police. We can get the key card, and then a break open for their jewelry store Let’s try this again this time. We aren’t teaming up with anyone okay if someone says team B Like no, we are lone pack we travel in three husbands. Yes, what why would you betray us, okay, open it? Drock will stop bringing our position. Dude. You’re bringing out our position. Let’s go. Do you think our truck sticks out? Okay, thank you. Oh there. He is that one. That’s right Get both of them prisoner I’ll break you. I’ll break you out kick get in the car get in the car. No bunny We just got a key card and went into here and stole everything now. Let’s get out of you prisoner. What happened? We know and we just trip we are super duper triggered look at that spreads like let me out no Look look girls glitching big holes, right? She’s just wobbling a cop There’s no cop here. Come on. There’s a cop right in front of you should we be careful should we just shoot them No, cousin below we have a garden Okay, let’s escape through this place because she doesn’t know we have these weapons yet I think someone saw us. It’s okay. If anyone even tries to get close to us shoot them down That’s it. Don’t come near us. Oh, and there’s a cop. This is put those choppers There are choppers right there hopefully we have our truck run golf ball. He’s a criminal We need to go back to our amazing truck. So let’s go. Let’s go over here this time We will not fail we have the perfect plan set it all out. We got a key Carla We got shotguns our goal is to heist that Diamond store, and no police is going to IMprison us We’re going to shoot them down asaP. Let’s go okay. So first. We’re heading off to the roof right. That’s part of our plan Yes to the roof. Oh, wait. This is no I’m bad. Hey, I have a doughnut cuddle This is the area okay. Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go run run run run It looks like some blue person is already in there come on track off the bank. This is the bank oh Please there’s a police It doesn’t matter I want to Help me there’s another one the Key card for him. Oh nice a key card and a gun. That’s what you get. Okay. Let’s go in here gold We’ll wait for Drago, but we’re gonna steal from the bank first all the way down here. I like this Yeah-ha gold it is time for super Secret agent our super secret agent noises Let’s go. Oh okay. We got some tnt placed it around the door and could blow me Exploding noises don’t get here by the lasers Keep boom actually it’s taken quite a while to put on this tnt, but it’s coming oh Bunnies bunnies, oh I can all play my duffel bag be careful We met we want to make sure that there’s not a cop behind us. We’re still in everything. We have almost $1000 with full are we ready to get out of here You ever watched one of those movies where people break into a police station grab all the swiggity swag and walk out like bosses Well, let’s see if this works out properly breaking in that’s right and grab is the guns You got a flashlight. We got a gun I don’t know why I mean if I don’t buy in the swat gear so I cannot die. That’s right No, that’s right I’m angry now I got this with I bought with robux and we got these police gear over here, and I got a flashlight People ready wait. I think we can get a helicopter to go up Okay, key card open let’s get to the roof. Let’s get to the roof come on. Come on. Come on run run run run and press this button here So up here wait. There’s no helicopter no someone took it No Old-school Stylez, let’s go we have taken the classic way out. Come on. Let’s go. Oh Come on. Come on. Get in the swat guard get in I’ve already entered. Oh, okay get in the back. Oh No Elise man, shoot him shoot him deuce man, shoot him I don’t know how we’re supposed to get out of here, but you need to shoot this coffee medially key Someone has to open the gates up oh No, oh no That’s it. That’s it. That’s it. I got this no get away get away from my friends you. I’m not another one We’re not I don’t trust you t no no no no no they always say. They’re nice don’t just die Won’t open the day. I’m Opening the gate Here we go green button. Let’s go bonnie. You have to drive out. Let’s go Let’s go go get in the back end in the back. You would shoot people from the back Yeah, we look so cool. Now last night You better stay back drago has a dangerous flash like that. He’s a flash you and the eyes You think that’s the best tactic flashing someone in eyes oh? Yeah, let’s be serious. We’re going to hoist the diamond. No more bang. No more nothing. I have bought an assault rifle Nope, no more assault rifle. We’re gonna shoot some we’re gonna. Shoot anybody that goes near isis. There’s the diamond store Diamond store here. We are okay. Let’s go to the top be careful. You don’t want anyone following us Okay Why did you abandon us? we are this thing now because Drago is driving it and he is a dirty cop now because this is the only way we are going to get into the jewelry store Dracula cough You know what we could actually perish I’m heading to the top of the jewelry store guys and this time I won’t fall off and break my legs with a parachute not really Are you on the top yep? that’s the reigning moment to finally steal Hey, yeah, you don’t go in through this just go through the front someone already got one in. Oh wait Jack go I’m gonna pick with you, but you should not park your helicopter like this You’re the worst villain ever you couldn’t even hey I fell okay I’ll have this ready, and is there copters. There’s a cop down there that dinosaur again I’m going to ask this free card. They said here you go ma’am. Oh, they’re so cute, huh? Thank you, girl. Thank you so much I really appreciate it after getting thrown into jail 12 times and playing this game for more than an hour to try to Rob a Jewelry Store as it really means a lot to me This time I just I don’t know guys you don’t know how long we’ve been trying to Rob This jewelry store for it’s it’s been a while. It’s been a while this person is telling us to leave you leave you leave You leave you leave first you leave first I’m getting the heli We’re getting the heli Go go go Drive Truck a white. Why are you causing a problem? Just everybody took it? You know what we’re just gonna sit in here. He locked it He’s good. Okay. That was dramatic track. Oh, we asked this person to stop us at the dryer diamond store Let’s go, okay nice, but careful careful demap be cops again Let’s go. Let’s go. I have my card. Oh my God. It’s not working Where does the car? not again Okay, come on. Wait you you suddenly shoot this glass. I don’t think you do I Have a keycard I feel like you have to use The roof access. Oh my guys, please. I don’t want a cop to pop out of nowhere again and murder all of us Let’s go up here. So it turns out that you have to rob the bank before robbing the jewelry store I think I remember that from one of our other episodes Come on. Let’s go this time We will actually rob the bank because there are more prisoners than there are cops keep an eye out though out Someone has pushed me and half fell on my butt. Okay. Keep an eye out though. It’s all bad. Let’s go. Oh oh cuz um oh Please he actually best Go this valleys 9. What is He actually nice Also, this is what is a jewelry store looks like as you can see arrested me the wire Okay, so this This is not going very well so um So at least we got in the jewelry store. That’s the best of it. You know we got in here I’m pretty happy even though we Even though we did not ties to the jewelry store. I’m gonna call it a day here we’ve been playing this game for about an hour and 30 minutes now trying to go into the jewelry store, but the cops are so Good at this can’t be it’s so hard. I just I’m just gonna be a pop Oh damn, just gonna be a police all the team’s corrupted police all the team’s fault turns out I can’t be a police but if you guys did enjoy Jailbreak make sure just smash the like button down below for Villains because Villains We need some love and it’s very sad for us because we keep getting thrown in jail like I cry every time can we reach 8000 likes maybe that will give us some good luck to Rob the jewelry otherwise in that don’t forget to subscribe to our channel if you haven’t already and I And the other two will see you all in the next one bye guys

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