We Broke The Budget | Overtime 12 | Dude Perfect
We Broke The Budget | Overtime 12 | Dude Perfect

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twins, purple hoser, dude perfect’s in Overtime. Tall guy, beard,
twins, purple hoser, now we’re heading onto Overtime. Coming up on this
episode of Overtime, we’re kicking it off
with Cool, Not Cool, then Top 10, a brand new
segment, Absurd Recurds, and Wheel Unfortunate. Let’s dive right in. What are you doing? What are you doing? For those of you
that don’t remember, Overtime 11, Coby was
sentenced a one-game suspension for going overbudget. I’m making an
executive decision. One-game suspension. Nooooooo! If he talks, we already decided
he is an automatic wheel spin. Last Cool Not Cool, it was
budget episode, under $20. This one we’ll just say you
were mandated to go over $20. All right, I’m
going to go first. I got a treat for you. I’m a food guy. I’m in. I’m hoping it’s food related. I took it upon myself and got
us a personal five-star chef for an entire month. Oh, dude. Hey, here’s the deal. I brought him up here, and he
made us a three-course meal to enjoy during Cool Not Cool. All right, Chef
Eric, bring it out. All right, guys, here we go. What do we have
here, Chef Airric? I call it the three
king crab cakes. We’re going to have Alaskan king
crab, red king crab, and salmon king caviar. You know what? First bite Gar? Guess what? Oh, he’s in. My man. He’s in for a green. It’s the best crab
cake I’ve ever had. Easiest green of my life. It is going to be a
good month at DPHQ baby! Who’s up next? Oh, I’ll go next. Pretend you’re going out
on a fancy date night. You want to dress
things up a little bit. Are you guys familiar with ice? Like that you put
in your drinks? Are you familiar
with bling bling? Yes. This ice is so drip fam, no cap. And I’m talking about this, OK? Let me show you. So the Texas, obviously for
me, I’m the Lone Star boy, OK? Check this one out. This right here, you
know what that is? That is a recluse. A lot of people have FOMO,
the fear of missing out. One man in our group is a FOBI. He has a fear of being included. Also known as a recluse, Gary
Hilbert I hope you enjoy that. I don’t know if I’ll wear
it, but I’ll keep it. You should put it on. Oh, OK. Yeah. It will make you feel good. This one’s actually for Cory. He is a shoe guy. And last but not least, the man
who gets way too many haircuts, enjoy that! OK. All right, make some room. Here we go. I’m going to present
this to you guys. Thank you, Chef Airric. And he loves steak and lobster. So right here, we have two
cowboy tomahawk ribeyes, dry-aged, topped with Australian
coldwater rock lobster tails with broccolini
down the middle. Broccolini. I don’t know if I voted. I appreciate the gift. Thank you. Oh, also, how could I forget? Guys, I got the editors
some bling as well. Check it out. Instead of a DP shirt they
wear while they’re filming– thank you. And I am a heavy, heavy green. Glad there was no budget,
because you definitely would’ve blown it. Sure. Absolutely. That lobster
though, I gotta say, this necklace is a
perfect segue into my gift for the three of you guys. I scoured the internet– Foreshadowing. –and got you guys
some sweet kicks. CoJo, T-Tone, and G-money. Sneaker heads at home. You guys know. For me not being a shoe
guy, I still love ’em. Yeah, so that’s a green for me. You got me 13. Super cool. Thank you. All right, guys, can I
interrupt one more time? Oh, please. Please, Chef Airric. Dessert is here. Can you pass that to
him for me, please? Thank you. Chef Airric you’re going
to fit in perfectly. We have caramel cheesecake
topped with Chef Airric’s famous 14 karat gold
macaroons, french vanilla, and chocolate, topped with a
little bit of black truffle salt. Doesn’t Coby love cheesecake? He loves sneakers,
he loves cheesecake, I think he loves
everything we’ve shown. Cobes, what do you think
of the episode so far? I almost got him. I really want him
to say something, because I’d love
to not be in Wheel. I’m up. I am going to ask us to leave
the shoes, leave the dessert, and actually leave the drip
because I want us to fully embrace what I brought us. Really? We have to leave? Real fast. We’ll be right back. It’s worth it. Oh, this could be
a bad move for you. Like you guys, I also got
something for everyone. Well, not everyone. What you’re about to see
is yours for one year. No way. Dude! Are you serious right now? Yeah. No way. I can’t take it anymore. Have you lost your minds? If he talks, he is an
automatic wheel spin. Ladies and gentlemen, please,
put your hands together for the next Wheel Unfortunate
contestant, Coby Cotton. I feel like we’re in
Fast and the Furious. Drive the speed limit. It’s only a lease. We’ve got to return ’em. Oh, the doors lift up. I’m sorry, Coby. Dude, thanks, Cobes. I don’t even have to
close my own door. Hey, my wife’s going to want
to borrow that next weekend. Bentley, start. I have never felt so left out. [CHEERING] See you Cobes. Have a great day. That Rolls Royce– I cannot tell you guys
how frustrated I am. You went above and beyond. And for that, that’s
a green, Codes. Cody, did you know your car is
only one of two in the world? I know it’s the fastest
car in the world. Green. You’re welcome. Rolls Royce is
right up my alley. How about that
cheesecake though? I mean, if I haven’t
said it enough, one more. And make that one
last extra long. Repeating green. This was an anomaly
of an episode. We pretty much blew through
our yearly budget for Cool Not Cool. One time thing. Lifetime budget. Yeah. Let’s give it up for
Chef Airric though. Thank you, Chef. Appreciate that. It’s time to head to the next
segment, which I must admit is bound to be potentially
one of our most controversial and argumentative
segments we have ever had– It’s going to get nasty. –in Dude Perfect history. Let’s go to Top 10. Welcome to our brand new
set and segment Top 10. Today, we will be discussing
Top 10 movies of all time. Your Top 10. OK, my Top 10 is what
we’re going to start with. We’ve got a potential
list of movies. I guess you’d call this
a word bank of movies. And then we’ve got our
top 10 and the places I’ll put them in. I want to go on record. Tyler hasn’t seen
a lot of movies. In fact, he saw– It’s fair. –Top Gun about a
year ago, first time. That’s fair. He’s never seen Gladiator. And that’s not true. What happens? I’ll tell you what happens
if it makes my Top 10. It daggum better. Can I have a moment of honesty? You may. I get Gladiator, Braveheart,
and The Patriot all mixed up a little. They’re very– –they’re very similar
movies with similar outcomes. Yes, they are. I’m going to kick us off. In my number 10 spot, if
you can convince a man that he needs to drive a Mini
Cooper, that is a good movie. Top 10, Italian Job, there it
is, a Mark Wahlberg classic. I’m not going to fight it. So far, no huge objections. I’m not mad. I’m not happy. Let’s continue on. Let’s take this
row in particular. For example, a movie
like Avengers, Endgame, this one could be
thrown in the garbage. [BUZZER] You don’t even
really need that up here. Oh, my. Honestly, this– That’s the number one
movie of all time. Gross-wise. Jurassic Park. Eh. I’m not going to lie. I really thought that whole
row was going to make Top 10. You know what? I’ll be honest. Gladiator, it’s on my
honorable mention list. Number 11. Are you serious? It’s going to sit down here. Everyone hold up
on your fingers, ’cause it’s one of the
five, which number you would have put for Gladiator. Ready? Set? OK, coming in at number
nine, Tommy Boy’s got to make it up there. Over Gladiator? Come on. Yeah. There it is. Coming in at number
eight on the list, I think a lot of times
you got to look at actors that are at their prime. Tom Hanks. For example, Ben Stiller. I would argue Night at the
Museum was every bit as good– No, you’re not serious. Unbelievable. Ty, real quick. Will you look me in
the eye and tell me that’s the number eight
movie of all time? Night at the Museum,
it is a Top 10 movie. I don’t even think those are
some of the best Ben Stiller movies. I mean, Zoolander’s
got to be up there. Have you seen Zoolander? No. I’ve never seen Zoolander. Have you seen Forrest Gump? I have not. Have you even seen End Game? I have not. Are you kidding me? Sit down. You threw it on the ground
and you haven’t even seen it? What is happening? Night at the Museum,
the mummy guy comes out. You did all three things. He likes movies he can quote. Let’s round out this foundation
of incredible movies. Number seven, Shooter. We have two Mark Wahlbergs
on the on the bottom row, OK? Taking it up a tier. These are some pretty
quality movies. Number six, Big Daddy, OK? As a single dad, he
did the best he could. I cannot believe
it’s in your top 10. Top five movie of all time,
The Master of Disguise. Tier three is a joke. Claimed by some people
as the single worst movie in the history of the world. I’m not kidding. Google it. It’s a one-star review. 1% on Rotten Tomatoes. Then go in and watch the
movie expecting the one star, and you will be so
pleasantly surprised. Gentlemen, we got our
top four to get to. The number four greatest movie– To you. –is a movie that will make
you want to get up and dance. It will make you feel good. Oh, my gosh. It’s a Jack Black movie. This is insane. School of Rock, baby. Unbelievable. Give me the stage. Let’s rock. Let’s rock today. You know what I’m saying? If he can quote it, he likes it. I feel like I need to go
with an honorable mention here because I’m realizing with
all these phenomenal movies there’s only three spots left. He’s in trouble. I am in trouble. I got to give a shout out
to one of my favorite actors of all time. I know where he’s going. Rush Hour. Chris Tucker, Jackie
Chan, one of the greatest duos to ever do it. I’m agreeing with
you on this one. Thank you. Totally deserves an
honorable mention. There is a theme that I kind
of have going on my top 10– Yeah, trash movies. –as far as a
certain actor goes. And that is why Daddy’s Home– I agree with you. –is an honorable mention. How is that not
better than Tommy Boy? Swap it out. Replace Master of Disguise. With three– no, no,
no, no, no, no– three Mark Wahlberg films in
the bottom of the Top 10. There it is. So you’re telling
me, random night, you’re going to pound a
little Master of Disguise on a Tuesday at 5:00 if it’s on? It is a great pounder. And when you think of the
top three greatest movies, entertainment value
is through the roof. I said in my honorable mention
that Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker were the greatest duo to
ever do it on the big screen. I was incorrect. They were the
second greatest duo because the first greatest
duo was Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson in Shanghai Noon. It does not get
better than that. It does, and it did. With the unbelievable
martial arts of Jackie Chan, and the comedic relief
from Owen Wilson, top three movie of all time. Who do you think is the
greatest actor of all time? Jackie Chan would be up there. Can we flashback to when
I said our whole list are going to be comedies? Comedy, comedy, comedy, comedy. Give me a quote from that movie. You know a quote. You have to. What’s wrong with my horse? Is he dead? That was Jackie. Go watch it. Watch it tonight. I might actually
watch it tonight. There’s something
missing in this Top 10. Movies that are
good, five stars. Do you think about some of the
greatest movies of all time, Miracle on Ice, Little Giants. Sports movies do
not make the top 10 unless it’s Remember the Titans. Remember the Titans is an
honorable mention on my list, an honorable mention. An honorable mention. There it is. Can you, please,
for the love of God, replace the Master of Disguise
with Remember the Titans? That’s a top five movie. In all honesty, does Voodoo
even have this on there? Yeah, it’s free. Yes. Hey, hey, hey, hey, here we go. Two spots remain. Major Payne is number one. Cory, you are so
far from the truth because Major Payne
is number two. No. It’s not number one. It is number two. Is he serious? You’re not serious. I am 100% serious. Major Payne is right there. OK, it is come to the time where
we crown the single greatest movie. I know that it is
one of the most classic movies of all
time, and a lot of people would be very proud. I just need to
throw this one away. That one’s not in the top 10. I just needed to get
it off the board. It was a distraction. Because the single greatest
movie of all time is Elf. Is this the Top 10
Christmas movie? When you can watch a
movie year after year, and you still laugh,
that is a great movie. There it is. Ty’s Top 10. Thank you very much. Thank you. Thank you. Home Alone you can also watch. Home Alone I’ve never seen. So I coulnd’t rate that one. What? Haven’t seen Ocean’s 11. Interstellar, never
saw the end of it. The Wi-Fi in the
airplane kicked off, so– Lord of the Rings, I’ve fallen
asleep probably five times watching it. It’s trash. Tolkien, that’s classic Tolkien. I feel good about it. I think everyone at home
should comment agree, disagree, or disgrace. Don’t take this
personal, but I do feel like this is just a giant joke. How could I not take
that personally? Folks at home, if you want to
see an actually good Top 10, AKA, mine, which I feel
like is very well-rounded, with some action, some
comedy, some dramas, go to Vudu.com/DudePerfect,
and give it a look. Ty? This list is honestly absurd. It is not. And that’s actually a great
transition to our next segment. Our good friend Michael
from Guinness was here. We accomplished an
amazing feat, as usual. It was absurd. Let’s take a look. Welcome to Absurd Recurds. It is a beautiful day to try
and break an absurd recurd. Michael, thank you
for joining us. Glad to be here. Why don’t you tell the
folks at home what we are attempting to break today? Tyler you are attempting
to break the Guinness World Records title for most drink
cans opened in one minute using one hand. The mark to beat is 48. OK. Let’s talk a little strategy. I’m thinking we
move up the rows. So [IMITATING CAN OPENING SOUND]
and then instead of coming back, we move over. Smart. You don’t want to waste time. Shorter movement. And then we’re coming back down,
is in this region. Is it not? Yeah. The goal is to get
this side of the table. I think we’re ready. I feel ready. I feel ready. Whew. Tyler, are you ready? I am ready. OK, for the record,
three, two, one, go. It’s such a satisfying noise. That’s 10 seconds. 10 seconds. You’re fine. You’re fine. I shook one of them up. You have time. You’re good. Good, good, good, good. Come on. I know you’re getting tired. 20 seconds. 30 seconds remaining. Oh, yeah, dude. You’re going to need more cans. Let’s go! What you do now will
echo in eternity. Come on! Hey, come on. Do you even care? 10 seconds. 10 seconds. Come on. Come on. Five, four, three, two, one. I think he did it. [INAUDIBLE] [YELLING] Are you not entertaineed? I’m telling you, you feel
real solid up until here. And then you’re just
like, [YELLING].. Oh, I thought I was
going to rip a nail off. Look, I’m bleeding, Michael. You are. Do you mind if I grab a sip? No, go ahead. So, Tyler, I have
inspected the drink cans. The mark to beat was 48. Today, you had 52 it’s a
new Guinness World Record! [CHEERING] Congratulations. Great job. That’s absurd right there. Man, that feels good. I completely abandoned the game
plan as soon as we started. I went right up. And then instead of going
over, I came right back down. Folks at home, there you
go, perfect opportunity. You saved that one
second by coming over. 53, new Guinness World Record. Well, back to the desk. Thanks, Michael. I think my fingers are bleeding. They’re still bleeding? Because that was a while ago. Oh, yeah. You’re right. They were bleeding. That’s pretty bad. You should probably
get that checked out. Anyways hey, we would love
some input from you guys. What is the most absurd
recurd you could ever possibly think of? We’ll pitch it to our
friends at Guinness, see if we can get it approved,
and we will give it a go. All right, well, moving
on, personally I’m excited because I was
about to reach under and pulled a hat out
from under the desk. But we don’t need to because
Coby Cotton himself is headed to Wheel Unfortunate. All right, Cobes. Ladies and– oh, sorry. Wiggled off camera there. I’m full of life, full of
energy, the golden boy, Ned Forrester, fresh off of
20 Cities sold out tour. All right, we’ve got a special
show for you guys today. You know, I heard the
man who’s on the show, he wasn’t even
randomly selected. He volunteered
himself to come on. He loves me so much. Please, put your hands
together for Coby Cotton. Coby, I found a little
something special for you, a limited edition
pantless golden boy with some real Ned hair on
the top of that bad boy. Check that out. You know, it’s
kind of like a coin when they print
the head backwards. You’re going to want
to hold on to that one. Thanks, Ned. Do you mind if I just
put it over here? Yeah, I’m sure
you’ll grab it later. That’s not a big deal, for sure. Absolutely. Don’t ever do that again. Last time you were
on the show, you had to sit in a box of snakes. I know there was a lot
of concerned people out there for you. Yeah, I’ll address it. The snake really
bit me in real life. Did it hurt? Yeah, it hurt. I think there’s one
thing left to do, if you would hold my mic. [MUSIC PLAYING] So let’s take a look at some
of the new consequences we got on the board. Be handcuffed to an
editor for a day. You know, as much as
we love our editors, that would be pretty terrible. Eating dog food like cereal,
get a henna face tattoo. Drive until you run out of gas,
and where back at own a cat. So I got some new ones up there. Could be good. Not as good as old
Ned, obviously, because I’m the best. Stop running away, I’ll get ya! All right, well,
Cobes, why don’t you grab a hold of that wheel? Give it all you got, Bud. Say it with me. Spin that wheel. All right. Notice you tried to put a
little extra umph into that one. Thanks for volunteering
for the show, by the way. Really appreciate you– oh, look
at that, ladies and gentlemen. I got a little excited. I thought he was going
to have to own a cat. But Coby Cotton is going to
have to drive his car until you run out of gas. You know, come on
over here, Cobes. Let me explain the situation. I’m going to need you
to put a piece of tape over your gas gauge. And go about your normal day. When you run out of gas,
don’t use technology. Just figure out how to get home. Say it with me. That’s un– unfortunate. Unfortunate. That was the worst job
you ever– you know, folks, a lot of people say
anybody could do this job. I think what we found
today is there’s clearly one man for the job, and that’s
Ned Forrester, the Golden Boy, signing off for now. Drive your car until
you run out of gas? Come on, people. It’s fine. Ned told me I have to
tape up the gas gauge. This is so ridiculous. OK, it should be good. This is so dumb. All right, Will, thanks
for coming with me on this adventure. Yeah. I kind of have to. It’s so unfair. I bought an ostrich pillow,
for heaven’s sakes, OK? I want to drive a super car. Not to mention the
fact that I didn’t even get to eat the steaks
and the lobster. Yay, I’m turning onto 380. Dumb. These guys are cruising
around in their Lambos. So if I turn around
right now, I’m guessing it’ll take an hour
and a half, two hours to get– [BEEP] Great, gaslight. Oh, Will, we’re losing it, dude. Hold on, I’m pulling
over right here. Oh, my god. We’re in the middle
of nowhere, man. Where do you think that last
gas station was back that way? Five miles? At least five miles back. Do I walk that way where
I know there is one, or do I hope that
there’s one less than four or five
miles that way? Surely there’s one less
than four or five miles. Gotta be. Well, there’s some billboards,
which is a good sign. Surely in the next
mile or so, huh? Will, is that a gas station? Yes. There’s a gas station. I’m saved. Five miles later,
are you happy, Ned? Man, oh, man. Well, guys, life lessons with
Coby, never go over budget. And if you do, don’t talk. I’m going to drive home now. Love ya. I could be wrong here,
Cobes, but haven’t you found yourself in a situation
similar to that before? You mean have I run out
of gas before in my life? That’s what I’m asking. Yeah, I have. Yeah. I felt right at home. You looked like a pro. I’ve done it too. I’ve run out of gas three times. Three? How? Once with him. He was the one driving. He blamed me. Shut it down. Thanks for watching Overtime 12. And if you’re not already
a Dude Perfect subscriber, click down here so you don’t
miss out on any new videos. Special thanks to
our friends at Vudu for making this video possible. If you want to see all of
our Top 10 movie lists, click over here and
enter for a chance to win a signed
basketball from us, DP. Also, if you want to see the
last video, click over here. Signing off for now
where the mics are fake. And my Top 10 movie
list is unbelievable. It’s so bad. It is amazing. See you next time. Click our list.

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    i am from the netherlands

  81. Anjli Mata says:

    U should put the longest video on youtube

  82. Chris Cantrell says:

    Ms. Greer's 2nd grade at Lowery Road Elementary in Fort Worth, TX!

  83. Team Challenger gaming says:

    Disgrace for the movies how is home alone not 1

  84. YH Tan says:

    now millions of marvel fans will hate tyler

  85. danisqui 36 says:

    Im for spain

  86. Nicholas Albertson says:

    im from arizona

  87. thunder storm says:


  88. Henrik Spr. says:


  89. Michael Kline says:


  90. Michael Helfand says:


  91. Max Tabone says:

    😭 This is coby and he has been left out of he’s 4 best friends
    👕 1 like = 1 new Friend

  92. Billy Mulyar says:


  93. Black Shadow Wu says:


  94. Billy Mulyar says:

    Who wants office stereotypes

  95. Avril luke Sagun says:

    Please bring back the bottle buster

  96. RDJ Plays says:

    Los Angelos

  97. Elicia Mary says:

    Remember the Titans is never just an honorable mention

  98. Courtney Garrison says:

    Utah 😒

  99. Ariel Hook says:

    Worst overtime ever

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