Wang’s Family | 왕가네 식구들 EP.32 [SUB:ENG, CHN, VIE]
Wang’s Family | 왕가네 식구들 EP.32 [SUB:ENG, CHN, VIE]

(Episode 32) I couldn’t believe my eyes. He’s crueler than the meanest mother-in-law I know! I’ve just about seen and heard everything, but I’ve never met anyone one more absurd. Compared to him, Sedal’s mom’s a saint. I couldn’t believe how absurd he was being! Don’t talk like you know everything. I’ve lived longer and seen much worse. It couldn’t be worse! No wonder he couldn’t remarry. It was horrible. He’s horrible. All he has is his son, so be understanding. We should all be understanding. Why should we do that? Was the house nice? Did they look rich? The house was nice. He sat at the head of the table, like he’s important. He should’ve sat across from me! He has no manners. And he said he was being considerate by not asking for a mink coat and brand name purses. He kept talking back at me whenever I said something. So forget it! He’s weird, but he’s not a bad man. What do you know? So I told him to call the wedding off. You canceled the wedding? He screamed he wants to cancel, too. So Gwangbak’s not getting married? I guess not. Egh, hyo, hyo, hyo. Taking care of a single father-in-law is harder than taking care of a single mother-in-law. I can’t believe him. He should leave Gwangbak and Sangnam alone. This is the problem with Korea. Parents ruin their children’s lives. Especially the parents-in-law. I have a horrible sister-in-law, too. She keeps nagging about everything. Father, they should break off the engagement. Just look how mad mom is. Thank goodness this happened before the wedding! Can you believe this? You saw her! She was rude at the lunch, but how could she tell me to cancel the wedding? How could she do that? What did I do? What did I say? It’s not like Sangnam’s a doctor? Tell me. Whose fault was it? Huh? Tell me what you really think. Daese, calm down. How can I calm down? Whose side are you on? Huh? What happened? This wedding isn’t happening. What? The wedding’s off! Her whole family is rude. I thought her father was the vice principal! But he wasn’t able to teach his family a thing! Like mother, like daughter! I’m sure of it. The whole family is rude. End it! You were there. What happened? It was horrible. My heart’s still pounding. Your dad aside, her mother’s difficult, too. She just blurt out everything on her mind. She brought up canceling the wedding first. She did? She brought up the audition, saying you’re not good enough for all that. I can see why your father’s hurt. He did said some mean things, too, though. What do we do? They were just going at it. It was unstoppable. Why didn’t you come home? Why did you go around in your boxers? Have you been eating at all? Where have you been staying? How many days have you gone without food? Can we have another bowl of rice? Are you full now? Now I can see you clearly. Why didn’t you come home, then? Just look at you. How can I come home? It’s your home, so why not? I missed you so much, so I just wanted to get a glimpse of you. I can’t go home looking like this. How could I? I was horrible to Hobak… You were blinded by money and lost your head. Why didn’t you test the waters out first? Why did you have to jump in like that? At least you got out in one piece. Why didn’t you talk some sense into me? When a son acts crazy, a mother should beat some sense into him! Let me know I was going the wrong way. Why did you let me go on? I didn’t just let you go on. I actually encouraged you. Oh, who knew it would end like this? I thought she’d take you places. You’re getting a divorce? Did Hobak tell you that? Yes. She keeps yelling at me to move out. We had a fight this morning, too. Mom, I’m sorry. You’re suffering because of me. – I should go. / – Where? I saw you and had lunch, so I should go. Where will you go? Anywhere my feet take me. I’ll work at the construction site and sleep in the underpass with newspaper blankets. Let’s go home. I can’t go home like this. I’ll come when I’m successful. How do you plan on doing that? You’d be lucky if you don’t starve to death. Let’s go. No woman would forgive you looking like this. Go in. Take a bath and stay here for now. Buy some food with this. Mom. Go in. You can’t work at construction sites. And it’s freezing winter! You’re not good at manual labor. I should buy a phone for you first. It’s okay. It’s not like anyone would call me. Don’t go anywhere. Stay here. I’m going. I have nothing more to say. Please forgive him. I’m really sorry about this. How can I be more understanding than this? You think this marriage will work? This wasn’t meant to be. End it here. I’d rather Gwangbak die a spinster rather than let her marry into your family. I’m going to be her husband. And I’m not like my father. I’m not interested, so leave. Mother, I’ll make sure my father leaves Gwangbak alone. How? You’ll all be living under one roof! Don’t be absurd. I’m very sorry. There’s no need for that. Your mother wants to cancel the wedding. Father. How dare you call me “father”? Just call me Mr. Choi. I understand how you feel. My mom can be very blunt, so she even hurts my feelings sometimes. But deep inside, she’s not like that. And when we get married, you won’t see her but once or twice every few years. Please be more understanding. I’m different from my mom. You’re not. You’re the same. You say whatever’s on your mind. You have no respect for anyone. You’re the same. Leave. Why are you asking for forgiveness? You have doctors and judges lined up for you. But I’m sure they’re all idiots. You should go. I don’t think we can decide anything here. I understand what you want to say, so go. You should leave now. You got your point across. I don’t think we’ll get answers here. Goodbye. I’ll come back again. There’s no need. You’re making me uncomfortable. Daese, how could you say that to her? I look weird to you, don’t I? I don’t normally say mean things. I try to be nice and say nice things. But whenever I see that rude girl’s family, I can’t help but say rough things. This means we’re not right for each other. Where are you coming from? Oh. I was meeting some investors. The amount involved is huge, so my nerves are on edge. Here. Are they for me? Of course. What happened to my money? It’s been a month. I’ve been dying to get it back. Oh, I forgot to tell you. Give me a few more days. How many? When tens of millions of dollars are at stake, your money is like child’s play. Your money can’t compare to the smallest dividends. Should we go on a trip together? Really? Where? Anywhere. Just the two of us. Let’s go after things get sorted out. We’ll go somewhere secluded and enjoy each other’s company. And try to cool down my burning heart, okay? I feel better now that Sedal’s at the sauna. I felt lost when I didn’t know if he was alive or dead. What is he going to do? He’ll have to think about it. He looked like he’s been on the streets for a long time. He was all skinny. You feel badly for him? When he’s making our lives miserable? Hobak wants us out. What are you going to do? I’m going to talk to her. I’ll scream and yell if I have to. She won’t kick us out by force. And we’ll just refuse to move out. That’s what others do. All cheating husbands come home to their wives. Go to the bank. Okay. Hello. I’m looking for some… Oh, my. What are you doing here? I switched to skin care business. I think this suits you better. Doesn’t it? You’re looking for skin care products? Yes, I’d like a toner, please. For a woman? No, for a man. I don’t have a woman I’d buy a toner for. Oh, okay. What have you been using? Anything I could find. You shouldn’t when you’re so stylish. Should I pick one out for you? Sure. This one’s popular because it smells nice. You won’t even need to use any cologne. Would you like to sample it? How is it? It’s nice. Isn’t it? They say it attracts women. But I think it’s the man who wears it that counts. Don’t you agree? I do. Of course, I do. Give me your hand. How does it feel? It’s nice. Where are the red lipsticks? You can look for it yourself. I should just die. Those darn grannies! Let’s see who lives longer! What’s that smell? Huh? Oh, my! Anggeum! Oh, fire! Fire! Huh? Fire? Fire? Fire, fire… Oh, my! Ugh! The Korean War was nothing compared to this! Oh, mother! Oh, my… How many times has it been already? You’re going to burn this house down. Where will we live if you do? It’s winter! What happened to you? You lose your mind? Oh, if I lost it, I could go find it. I don’t know what happened to me. What if you’re getting senile? Taking turns with chores isn’t helping you. Should we hire a housekeeper? We could hire someone twice a week. If you want to, get me a full-time one. Twice a week won’t do me any good. Hang in there. When I retire, I’m kicking everyone out, and we’ll travel the world, holding hands. If you’re not used to it, you can’t do it. Why would we hold hands and do that? We’re too old for that. Why not? It’ll feel all brand new since we’ve never done that before. That’s why I haven’t held your hands. So it would be exciting for you. Getting old’s made you cheeky. I’ve become a pathetic old babysitter. Who knew marrying you would do this to me? Hang in there until they can move out. That’s what I’m doing right now. I keep forgetting things. Honey, let’s get fire insurance. Fire insurance? I’m afraid I’ll burn this house down. I keep burning pots these days. I keep forgetting about the pots on the stove. Thanks to mother, I didn’t have to call 911. Where do I call when I lost my mind? Me. Would you like to see a doctor? I’m afraid to. What if it’s dementia? Do you remember who I am? I don’t. Who are you, sir? I’m scared you might forget who I am and run away from home one day. Don’t worry. If I get dementia, I’ll disappear. Nice. I can get a new wife. If you don’t want me to, forget the kids. You’ve been working too hard lately. Hobak’s getting a divorce, Gwangbak lost her mind. We just have too many daughters. Now that Subak’s family is okay, the other girls are giving us trouble. At least one is doing okay. You can’t lose your mind, not until the day Daebak get’s married, Anggeum. Got it, Bong. Oh… Sangnam’s the problem. He’s completely blinded by love. Can you find someone nice for him? Wait, that girl you were talking about, can you ask again? She said she wasn’t interested. Ask again. Maybe she changed her mind. Since you like her, I’m interested. I’ll ask. By the way, Sangnam took some money from the company. He told me not to tell you. How much? $5,000. That much? Can you find out? I think he gave it to that rude girl. And he didn’t want to do wedding gifts, because they can’t afford to do that. I think he gave it to her for the wedding. Ask him. If she’s that poor, it’s a problem. So ask him. It wasn’t that, aunt. It wasn’t? No. Then why would you need $5,000? Behind your father’s back. Aunt, actually, I met mom. What? When? Where? The day you met Gwangbak’s parents. She was waiting for me outside the house. So I gave her some money. Who knows when I’ll see her again? I didn’t want to let her go empty handed. Aunt, was that a mistake? I understand. It’s me. We need to talk. I know you’re in Seoul! Give it back. What? You want some gum? $5,000. Crazy… Give it back. My son gave it to me. How dare you ask for it back? What right do you have? You’re horrible. You’re a mosquito sucking on your son’s blood! Dracula, vampire. Mosquito’s too cute. You’re a parasite, not a mom. You gave up on being a mom a long time ago. Where are you staying? Why do you want to know? Go home. Why do you care if I go home or not? How ridiculous. Don’t stay in Seoul. Go home! Does Seoul belong to you? Do you own it? Stop talking nonsense and give the money back. It’s gone. You already spent it all? It’s only $5,000. It’s barely enough for chewing gum. And don’t mess with me. You think you’re Sangnam’s mom or something, but wake up. I’m the one who gave birth to Sangnam. I’m seeing my son, so stay out of it. This is none of your business. Stay out of Sangnam’s life. He’s getting married soon, so stay out. Sangnam’s getting married? When? He didn’t say anything. You gave birth to him, so act like his mom for once. Leave quietly. Oh, ouch. Oh… Who are you? Is this Mr. Wang Bong’s house? It is. I’m a housekeeper. Mr. Wang Bong sent me. What should I do first? Why did you send a housekeeper? Just let her help you today. Do you have money to burn? Then give it to me. I got her because you were aching all over last night. Just let her help you today. That’s not going to solve anything! There’s so much to do around here. And giving instructions is a hard job. Honey, then you shouldn’t tell me you’re sick. Obviously, I can’t tell you anything. I just wanted you to listen, not try to fix anything. I’m not going to tell you anything again. I thought I was helping you out. Then send help throughout the year. I hired her for today, so give her a chance. I sent her home. You did? Don’t ever tell me you’re sick again. You’re not romantic at all. I’m not traveling the world with you. What? Why would I go anywhere holding the hand of a man who’s dense and not romantic? It’ll drive me insane. Go with some other woman. Fine! I will! Hello? Hey! Bong, you! Bong? You mean my son? Uh, no. My friend. Her name’s Bonghui. She’s short and wears glasses. Bonghui. Oh, she won’t listen to anything I say. Sedal! Sedal! Where are you? Mom. Oh, you look so sick. I brought some medicine. Shouldn’t you see a doctor? Medicine is enough for me. You can’t on an empty stomach. Here. Let’s eat first. It’s like I’m visiting my son in prison. Eat up. I can’t eat anything. But you have to. I brought nigiri, your favorite. I’m working so I can afford this much. Thanks, mom. You didn’t tell her I got kicked out in my boxers? It’s embarrassing. Then hurry up and pull yourself together. Just look at you. You look horrible. Dad, dad… You should take a nap now. Don’t get sick again. Bye, mom. I’ll be back. Dad. Dad, dad… Is it true? It was dad. He was standing with grandmother. But he pretended not to see me. With grandmother? Where did you see him? Bangtong, go home. Hobak…. Hobak, it’s all my fault. Please forgive me. Don’t say another word. I’ll see you in court. When can you come? Don’t do this. I’m really sorry. Don’t get clingy on me. It’s driving me further away. I don’t want to see or hear you cry. How about noon tomorrow? Hobak, please. I’ll see you at the court tomorrow at noon. I’m really sorry. I have nowhere to go. If you dump me, I have no where to go. Please forgive me. I made a mistake. You ignored me when I was kidnapped. You screamed I had nothing to do with you and you didn’t care if I lived or died. When you did that… I died that day. I’ll see you tomorrow at noon. You better come. Sangnam, it’s mom. Yes. Can you come and see me? I’ll call you back at another time. You haven’t gone home? I was going to, but I wanted to cook a meal for you. This was your favorite when you were a boy. Eat. Eat with me. I guess eating alone isn’t very appetizing. Try it. See if you like it. When I made this for you, you used to say I was the best cook. How is it? It’s good. I’m a great cook. When I ran a tea house, my coffee was famous among the locals. There’s this herbal tea. The one with a raw egg yolk floating. Mine was amazing. I was successful back then. Those were the days. But I had to close the place down. Oh, I can’t talk with my mouth empty. This is better. Here. I bought thermal underwear for you. It’ll keep you warm at the construction site. I heard you’re getting married. I was a bit disappointed. Did I have to hear that from my sister? Well, it’s okay. Even if you don’t think of me as your mom, I’m going to see you get married before I go. That’s why I rented this apartment. But there’s no need. How can you say that? I should’ve raised you and married you off. I made so many mistakes. It breaks my heart when I think about it. What kind of woman is she? And her family? Are they well-off? She’s an ordinary woman from an ordinary family. Ordinary won’t do. She must have money and a good job. Married women work too these days. Do you have time tomorrow? I want to see her. Excuse me? I haven’t done anything for you, but I should get to see my son’s future wife. Otherwise, we wouldn’t recognize each other and might get into a fight on the street. That’d be real funny. I don’t have an ulterior motive. I just want to be good to my daughter-in-law to make up for how I was to you. Oh, my! Is it for me? Deposit $1,000 a month to that account. I heard I should get at least that amount. $1,000? Why? It’s too much? No, it isn’t. I’d like to give you more, if I could. More? $1,000 isn’t enough? Oh, forget it. Then you raise your kids. How can you say that? Mom, you’re mean. You’re preying on my weakness. What? Don’t say anything. Don’t deposit it whenever you feel like it. Pick a date and don’t miss it. I’m going to pretend I have a job. You’re going to complain no matter what, so I’d rather get paid for it. When I get sick raising your kids, will you two take care of me? I’m going to save the money for when I get old. Isn’t that better, Minjung? It is. We should’ve paid you before you asked. I’m sorry. How can we afford $1,000? Let’s make it $500. You want to haggle the price of raising your kids? But they’re your grandkids. You care too much about money. You’re my daughter but Minjung cares more about me. And don’t yell at me about how I raise them. Then you stop saying you can’t do it, how sick you are, or tell us to move out. Fine! How mean. You’re horrible. Parcel service. I’ll be there in 10 minutes. I’ll leave it at the front desk. Okay. Hello. You didn’t have to do this. Running into each other on the street is rare. I’ve always wanted to treat Miho to something. Thank you. I really appreciate it. You’re not busy? I was on the way to the factory for pick up. I told them I’d be 30 minutes late. Miho, what’s your favorite bun? The sweet red bean bun. Mine too. My favorite is the sweet red bean bun, too. How weird. Kids these days don’t like them. Right? I’m looking for a cab. I can’t find one. I’m freezing out here. Just hold on. Huh? Seoul men love girls from Gyeongsang-do Province. I can melt them with my accent. What are you doing? Subak. Hello. What are you doing here? Oh, I ran into her. I wanted to say thank you. Father told us to treat her to dinner, but I’m doing this instead. Hello. Oh! Aren’t you Daebak’s girlfriend? You’re Miho’s mom? Yes. Oh, and you work as a caregiver. People might mistake you as family. Oh, actually, she looks like you. Don’t say that. Gwangbak’s fiance is Miho’s cousin. Huh? It’s kind of complicated, but they are in-laws. Miho’s mom’s older sister’s son is… Whatever. I won’t get it even if you explained. Yes, sir. I’m in a cab. I’ll be right there. I really am in a cab right now. He bought us too many buns. He did. Mom, you worked as a caregiver? Yes, for a short while. Uncle doesn’t pay you well? He does. I wanted to help someone in need. Anyway, mom, it’s weird. I can’t help but like him. Daebak’s brother-in-law seems like a good man. He looked really happy to be with you today. You did, and he did, too. Bangtong! Dad! – Bangtong! / – Dad! Let’s go. Hurry. If mom catches me, she’ll get mad. It’s okay. Mom won’t find out. You’re our dad, so why not? Coming home with you is so great! Yay! Mother, where is Sedal right now? I don’t know. I know you’ve been talking to him. Then why would you ask? Go to the sauna right now and tell him to come to the court. He said he’d be here, so he has to come. Tell him I won’t let him weasel out out of this. If he keeps this up, I’m going to sue. Okay? Hobak, hello? What did she say? She’s demanding for a divorce. Or she’s going to sue. Oh, this is crazy! Left! Right! Doesn’t that feel good? Yes! Dad, you’re the best! ♪ I didn’t know what love was back then! ♪ Hello? Why didn’t you answer the phone? When did you get home from school? A long time ago. Then why didn’t you pick up the phone? You scared me! Didn’t I tell you to come home on time? You did. So we came straight home. And? Well, we were playing with dad. What? I’ll be right back. Okay. ♪ I didn’t know what love was back then! ♪ What are you doing? Come with me. You two stay here. What are you doing? This won’t work. I’m not going to change my mind. You know how long I waited for you? I’m sorry. But I missed the boys so much. You can see them after the divorce. Don’t see them behind my back. I wanted to take a bath with them and make them spicy rice cake. Whatever you want to do for them or with them, do it after taking care of our issue. Hobak, let’s start over. We have the boys. The boys? When did you ever think of them? – Honey. / – Who are you calling honey? Don’t make me mad. And don’t use the boys. Now you want to think of the boys? I don’t ever want to talk to you or see you. Get out before I get really mad. Hobak. You want me to kick you out? Dad, don’t go! Dad! Dad. Sintong, Bangtong, I’ll come back some other time. – Dad! / – Mom, can you forgive dad? Bangtong’s crying. Let’s tell dad to stay. Dad. No, dad has to leave. Leave now. Dad. Goodbye. – I’m leaving. / – Dad! – Dad! / – Dad! Hey. What are you doing? Worrying. I can’t figure out what to do. How are things with your family? It’s like walking on thin ice. The wedding’s around the corner. What now? You and I will be there. No way. You talk to your parents, and I’ll talk to mine. Okay. Father, the wedding’s around the corner. Wasn’t it canceled? How can you say that? I wanted to talk to you in private. Have a seat. About that audition. It keeps bugging me. You’re the daughter I rely on the most, so why in the world did you enter that audition? Have you no pride? I know love goes beyond pride, but that was too much. I told you before. We met under such horrible circumstances that even when he wanted to accept me, his pride wouldn’t let him, and that was why. That’s what you think. What normal people would do that? It’s not like his son is a prince. I was furious and embarrassed to hear that. Your mom was a bit too harsh, but I don’t think he’s normal. Didn’t you see him at the lunch? He kept arguing with your mother. You think you can handle him? How could you handle him? You’d be living with him. You’ll see him every day. I know what I’m getting into, father. But that doesn’t mean a thing. To me, you’re the most important. I want him to say you’re the only one. Instead, you had to compete against other women, cook instant noodles, race carrying a pillow, and do a triathlon? Nobody would believe it. You know how powerful mothers-in-law are? Before the problem used to be the husband’s mother, but now it’s the wife’s mother. You’ve met her, you should know! But we won’t be living together. She’ll still control you. I can’t let you marry her daughter! Like mother, like daughter. Oh, it’s cold. What’s all this? It’s our stuff, mom. Hobak, Hobak, come out here! You’re here? What do you think you’re doing? You won’t listen, so I took actions. I told you that I’d be forced to take action. Please move out. You’re so mean. Where can we go in the middle of winter? Neighbors! Come out and see! She’s kicking her mother-in-law out! Oh, neighbors! Be quiet. How can this happen? They’d put this on the news! Why can’t it happen? You and I aren’t family anymore. Why would I live with strangers at my home? Are you picking a fight here? This is wrong! You went too far this time. God will punish you. The boys miss their dad so much. I heard he came home but you kicked him out. How could you kick my boy out in this cold? You made your kids cry, and now you’re kicking me out. You think you’ll live happily ever after? God will punish you! Fine. I’ll accept any punishment. What about you? What about him? What? I went too far? Remember what you did to me? You screamed at me to divorce your son. You said I was in your son’s way! What’s wrong? That woman doesn’t want him anymore? She dumped him, and now he wants to come back here? Don’t even dream about it. I’m not a trash can. I won’t take someone else’s trash. Hoping he’d come back, I let him go to her. Do you know how I felt? Why do you think I took you in when you moved in with your stuff? Because I like you? No. I did it because I thought maybe Sedal would be back. But remember what you did to me? You’re a woman, too. If you sided with me just once, just once, I wouldn’t be doing this. I couldn’t. Think of Yeongdal. Who knows what will happen to her? You have a single daughter for heaven’s sake. You say you never know how one’s life will turn out. After sending Sedal to that woman, I couldn’t sleep anymore. Just thinking about him being with her made my blood boil, so I went running at the riverbank. I beat my chest over and over again. And what did you do? You took kimchi to your son. The son who’s living with a rich woman. Laughing with him, behind my back. Was it really that great? My heart’s broken to pieces. It’s shattered and covered in dry blood. And you think I went too far? Just think of the boys? Take him back for the boys? I heard lots of people regret getting divorced, so I tried to hang on with all my might. I tried everything, breaking my heart to pieces. I don’t want to open up that wound again. I told you that I would hold on until I couldn’t take it anymore. I can’t take it anymore, and I don’t want to. And now we’re strangers. Understand? Come out! I said come out! Is someone here? I said come out! Who’s screaming? Go and see. Hello. What brings you… Go tell Hobak’s folks to come out. Well, what is this about? I don’t know what Yeongdal told you, but I’m just as upset as she is. Maybe we should go somewhere… Loser, you just go and fetch him. It’s Goof-off’s mom. he wants to talk to “Hobak’s folks.” I wonder which one. Should it be you, mom? Hello. Yes, hello. You have lots of daughters, so maybe it’s okay for one of them to divorce, but not us. How dare she demand for a divorce? What did Sedal do to deserve it? Mr. Wang, tell me. Let’s go inside and talk. Are you on something? You’re talking like you’re out of your mind. Who do you think we are? You look like you had a few drinks. Yes! I had a few drinks! So what? How dare you talk to me like that? You want a piece of me? Stop it. Mrs. Park, it’s cold. Let’s go inside. I’m furious, so I can’t feel the cold! But still, we should go in. Fine. Let’s go in. You think I’ll get scared? Oh, my! – How dare… / – Oh, my! I can’t believe my eyes. I never said anything because of Hobak, but how dare you act like this? You always said everything you wanted! Hey, Park Salla, are you mad? Yes, Lee Anggeum, I am mad! Your daughter kicked my son out. It’s freezing, but he can’t come home when the boys are asking for their dad. How can she be so heartless? She thinks she’s above everyone. You must be very sad. We’re very sad, too. But what can we do about it? No parent wants their children to get divorced. However, Hobak tried very hard, and she couldn’t do it anymore. Look what happened to my son. This is how you raised your daughter? It’s because your son cheated on her! He didn’t cheat on her! A rich woman seduced him, and he fell for it because he was naive. Oh, man. Little kids would follow anyone with candy. Is that a sin? This is impossible. You should leave. Mr. vice principal, it happens to all men. How can you ask for a divorce over this? I guess some men could think about it. But acting it out is wrong. So you’re okay with them getting divorced? You should try to talk your daughter out of it! How can you just sit down and watch? Oh, neighbors! How dare you call for my neighbors? Go to your neighborhood and ask for yours! You want to be humiliated in front of mine? Don’t. She’s drunk. I did try talking to Hobak, but she’s already made up her mind. Since we share grandchildren, let’s try to… Try to do what? Uncle, take her out of my house. Oh… The Korean War was nothing compared to this. My poor son… You forgot how your daughter treated my son! Oh, how upsetting! How upsetting! Shut up! Take her home. Me? She’s drunk and emotional. She can’t go alone. Take her home. Why should he have to do that? – What is it? / – Come out. Right now? Okay. Mom! Take her home. Mom, mom! Hey. Mom, what’s wrong with you? What do you mean? Why would you get drunk like this? What if someone saw you? Who’d want to marry me? When my mom’s acting like this? Nobody saw me. Only Loser saw me. Like Hobak, they’re as tough as nails. The whole family’s heartless. I’m all sober now. Now Sedal’s the loser. Oh, how crazy! How did we end up like this? Wait, why did you leave the apartment? What if she moves our stuff outside? Right! We have to stay there so Sedal can return. Mom. Dad! Dad! Dad… You’re getting home late. Yes, father. Are you going somewhere? Yes, I’m meeting a friend. I’ll see you later. Minjung, is that the only jacket you have? – Excuse me? / – You look cold. Go in. Okay. Good boy, go to sleep. Mother, you should put him down. Oh, he starts crying when I do. – Give him to me. / – Oh. I can’t take this. He fidgets so much. He takes after me. No, he’s just like Subak. She was so fidgety and hot tempered. She’s still really hot-tempered. Get out. Let’s have dinner some other time. I have golf plans tomorrow. Are you upset? Tell me what you want. What should I get you? You want a handbag? The latest design? Really hot. Can I be honest? About what? Get rid of all the women you’re seeing. I can’t take it anymore. I didn’t know you got so jealous! Oh, no! You’re so sexy when you’re jealous. But you’re taken. – Taken? / – Yes. You have a husband. Go to sleep, my Jungji. Let’s go and see if mom’s coming. Go to sleep, my Jungji. Go to sleep, go to sleep. Go to sleep, go to sleep. And you’re buying me that handbag! Okay. I’ll get you a crocodile bag. Hobak. Please tell me I’m seeing things! Wasn’t that the bastard? You have no right to call him that. That’s the bastard you lived with. How can you still see him? Stay out of my business. Subak. Be quiet. It’s my life. It’s none of your business. This is wrong. You were young, and you made a mistake. You were only twenty-one. You left home to go to college and lived with that man. It almost broke our parents’ marriage. So how could you see him again? If it weren’t for you, I would’ve married him. If you hadn’t told on me to father, I would’ve become Miss Korea. That day, when you showed up with father, that was the day of the pageant. I was the favorite to win. If father hadn’t beaten me up and dragged me home, my life would’ve turned out differently. I’m here because of you! Understand? What about my life? You lived with a man, but because of you, I had to drop out of college. And I didn’t tell him. He heard it from somewhere. He hit me till I bled. And he cried the whole time. He asked me where you were. Whom you were living with. You told me to shut my mouth, so I did. It’s in the past. You made a mistake. But Subak, don’t do this. You have no idea how horrible what you’re doing is, do you? It’s the most cowardly and evil thing in the world. To me, it was hell. My spouse being with another person. That’s hell. It destroys one’s soul completely. Subak, I’m begging you. End it now. What if Minjung finds out? Everyone will be ruined. You, the kids, and Minjung, everyone. Minjung! Hold on. I have something to… I don’t want to see you. Get out! What are you doing? What are you doing here? How could you do this to me? What do you mean by that? Be honest with me. I think I have to know. Mom, try to remember. I don’t remember where I put him. I should just die! He better be okay! Or you’ll be sorry! I don’t need any of you! I want all of you to leave! Your mom’s the most important person to me.

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