Wang’s Family | 왕가네 식구들 EP.28 [SUB:ENG, CHN, VIE]
Wang’s Family | 왕가네 식구들 EP.28 [SUB:ENG, CHN, VIE]

(Episode 28) Who’s there? Why are you doing this to me? Who are you? We’re not going to hurt you. Do as I say, and I’ll let you go. How could you… Stop wasting your energy and do as I say. Okay. I’ll do whatever you tell me to. Your family will call the police, so you should call home. If they call the police, I can’t promise your safe return. Call them. Who? Your family. Hold on. I’m shaking so hard. Calm down. If you say anything other than what I said, you know, right? I’ll put it on speaker. Hello? Mother. Where are you? Why aren’t you home? Do you know what time it is right now? Mother, I’m… On a business trip. You did that without telling me? Something urgent came up at work. I’m at a factory outside Seoul. When are you coming home? I don’t know yet. I’ll have to see. Okay. Oh? Hobak. Gwangbak, I’m on a business trip. When did you go? Today. It was a last minute thing, so I couldn’t call. So don’t look for me. Even if you can’t get a hold of me, don’t worry. I’m at the factory, so my phone may not work. Okay. Call me if you need anything. Gwangbak! What is it? Well… Hobak, is something wrong? No, nothing’s wrong. Gwangbak, I’ve been kid… Hobak? Hello? Hello… The person you called isn’t available. Your call will be directed to voice mail. She didn’t tell you about it? Who knows if it really is a business trip. Maybe she went on a vacation. leaving me with the kids. What if she went with a man? She’s been acting weirdly lately. She sneaks out and gets home late. Huh? Don’t be scared. You just need to stay here. Why aren’t you in bed? I’m not sleepy. Oh, right. You want to travel? You should pack. You can come? Of course. I won’t disappoint you this time. I, Heo Sedal, will be a free man tomorrow. Get ready to leave the day after tomorrow. And prepare the yacht. Good shot. Oh, it’s cold. Where were you? What are you doing here? I said where were you? Uh, I… You didn’t pick up so I called mother and she said you were asleep. It’s cold. Let’s talk inside. Tell me where you were. It’s weird. I thought you were supposed to be asleep. What’s wrong now? I don’t know! He’s nagging on me again. And I’m exhausted. How can a mother of two come home in the morning like this? What’s wrong? She had to go to a funeral. A funeral? Yes, a funeral. I was at a funeral all night! But you said she was asleep. She was at that time. She got a call after that. But she’s not dressed for a funeral. I didn’t have time to dress properly. I had to throw something on and go. That’s nonsense. Mother, instead of covering up for her, you should scold her. Scold me for what? Would you feel good if I told your father to scold you? A housewife should sleep at home. I’m not a housewife. I have a job. Even if you have a job, you have two young kids. You can’t keep acting like this. Why not? She has a job, and she can go to funerals and parties. You can’t nitpick and expect her to work. If you’re going to do that, you should provide for your family. It’s the losers who get suspicious and suspect their wives over nothing. Right. This is really crazy. It’s today? I’ve been telling you for days. Everyone else has done it. Who’s going to help? I have a seminar. I’m working. I’m busier on Sundays. I’m sorry, mom. Remember my friend Aeran? I’m her bridesmaid. You’re the only friend she has? But she asked me a long time ago. I have to meet her at the beauty salon. Mom, I have to go to work today. I can’t miss it. The investors love me. No way. I have to study. I’m meeting my teacher at school. Oh. So nobody’s going to help? I can’t do it alone. Call Hobak and ask her to help. She went on a business trip. When? Yesterday. It’s going to take a few days. What should I do? I can’t make kimchi alone. You’re free today, aren’t you? He has to go to the hospital. It’s Sunday, so his sister and her husband will be there. Then you should help me make kimchi. Me? Who else is there? Nobody else can help. Why? You don’t want to? It’s not that. I don’t know how to do it. Just do what I tell you to do. Mother, please take care of Jungji. Aeji’s going to her friend’s house. It’s not like we can say no. We all must do what you say. Egh, hyo, hyo, hyo, hyo, hyo. I think it’s a good idea. It’ll be a bonding experience. Who knows if we’ll become friends or foes. Do you have to go to work? It’s Sunday. The investors can’t do it another time. I can’t be alone with mother. How do they look? We can rinse them in a while. Salting is the key to good kimchi. I’ve been doing this for 40 years. Minjung! Where do you think you’re going? I… She caught you! Were you sneaking out? I told you already! I can’t do this alone! Go get some rubber gloves. Hurry. Okay. Minjung. Hi. Is she your daughter? Yes, this is Miho. Miho, say hi. I remember you. I remember you, too. You know each other? She gave me directions once. Smart girl. I knew she looked familiar. How have you been? Good. Hello. Hi. Are you going somewhere? I need rubber gloves, too. My in-laws are making kimchi. So are we. We’re not making a lot. I’m trying to get it over with. You must be making a lot. Yes, it’s a big family. Everyone’s busy, so it’s just me and my mother-in-law. You? What about the hospital? Minsuk is there. I better go. Goodbye, Miho. Oh, right. Don’t. But I want to. She’s your daughter. Miho, buy some snacks. It’s okay. Thank you. I’ll see you again. I’ll see you again. Bye. Goodbye. Bye. Mom, how do you know the delivery man? We go way back. I wish he was my dad. What? He has a kind face. I like him for some reason. Oh, a comma. Comma, comma, comma, comma. Aunt, this is wrong. What’s wrong with father? You know how he is. He hates to lose. But a daughter-in-law audition? It has to do with his pride. Just humor him. She can pass the audition. But it is funny. What should I tell her? My father’s having an audition, so take it? I didn’t know he could be this childish. And she can’t audition alone. Where am I going to get other women? And who would actually go through with it? I’m sure your father will figure it out. I’m making kimchi today. I’m busy. The person you called is unavailable.. This is nuts. This is how you’re going to handle this? You signed the paper already! I can’t believe you stood me up! I’ve been shaking like a dog for the past hour. I told you I’m going to the police! If you don’t show up, I’m going to sue you, using the assault. Understand? This is nuts. Eat. You haven’t eaten anything since last night. You have to live, so I can get what I want. Give me some water. Please. What is this about? Mr. Heo Sedal. Who are you? What are you doing? You don’t need to know who I am. I’ve been looking after your wife. Looking after? Why would she need looking after? She needs no such thing. In other words, she’s been kidnapped. What? Your wife’s been kidnapped. That’s the best news I’ve heard yet. Thank you for taking her. I was sick and tired of her. Why didn’t you take her sooner? Did Hobak put you up to this? She’s using this ruse because she doesn’t want a divorce? Tell her I’m not falling for this! Satisfied? It’s obvious. It’s fake. Listen to me carefully. I don’t know what she’s paying you, but this is pathetic. When you pull something like this, make sure he’s gullible enough. My nickname is Goof-off, not Gullible. I don’t fall for stuff like this. Are you really this dumb? She wouldn’t get kidnapped. She’s strong. I don’t need my wife, so you can have her. Why, why are you doing this? Your wife’s been kidnapped. How am I supposed to believe that? If she really was, she’d be on the news. But nothing’s happened yet! Where is she? I can’t tell you that. Can I talk to her on the phone? I should at least hear her voice. Put her on. Sedal! It’s me! Sedal! You really kidnapped her? Why? What do you want? Money. Money? We don’t have any money! You’ve made a mistake, then. You shouldn’t kidnap just anybody. An apartment she bought with a loan is all she has, so why would you kidnap her? Enough. Bring me $100,000 by the end of today. $100,000? Where am I supposed to get that? Get it by five o’clock. And you better not call the police. You can’t cut it like that. They have to be the same size. This is too small, and this is too big. You can’t tell? You can’t do anything right. Go rinse the napa cabbages. Ugh. Rinse them thoroughly. And drain them on the strainers, okay? Yes, mother. This is the area they’re redeveloping. Right here. It’s 1.3 million square meters. There’ll be a 36-hole golf course and a resort. The drive way is here. There’ll be a resort and… If you grind them, they’ll be too watery. Doing it by hand is much better. Right. Who’s making Minjung cry? They’re burning my eyes. You can’t do anything. Go bring the napa cabbages in. Oh, how could you drop them? You ruined them all! I’m sorry. I’ll rinse them again. How do you deliver parcels? You can’t even carry this! I’m not good in the kitchen. This isn’t the kitchen! Hurry up and rinse them. We’re never going to finish this today. Hello. Daebak isn’t home! Oh? Miho. Hi! Mom, mom! Don’t run. That man is Daebak’s brother-in-law. What? Your friend. He’s Daebak’s eldest sister’s husband. But mom, Daebak’s mother is really scary. She was all yelling at your friend. How am I supposed to marry Daebak? She was yelling at him? Why? Because he dropped napa cabbages. I feel so bad for him. – Bring me sesame seeds. / – Okay. – Bring me chili power. / – Okay. Garlic. – Bring me the ginger. / – Okay. Bring me fish sauce from under the sink. Hurry up. Okay. What’s taking so long? It’s right there! Oh, okay. Oh, man! Why can’t you find it? I can’t believe how slow you are! Where did it go? Oh, right. I forgot. When you’re my age, you’ll understand. I’ve been like that for a while now. We’re short on julienned radish. I want you to julienne some more. Is Jungji asleep? He’s not, but he finished his bottle. Okay. Did you cut yourself? Oh, no! Oh, that’s terrible! What is it? Minjung cut himself. You cut your hand? You can’t do anything right! Ouch! Hot! Hot! Oh, I’m dying! Oh.. Ugh… Oh, no! Ugh.. – Oh, no! / – Ouch… – Oh, no! / – What do we do? Take that off! Don’t move, okay? Oh, no. Oh, it hurts. It hurts. There you go. Oh, oh, no! What will I do? Isn’t that too cold? Oh, no… Get on my back. Huh? What? Oh, get on his back! Oh, hold on. Oh, oh. Oh, it hurts. Hold on. Here! She needs help right now. My mother needs help right now. Hurry. What happened? My mother burned her foot. She spilled boiling liquid. Please hurry up. Wait here. Excuse me! Time is crucial for burn wounds. What if something happens to my mother? Please treat her right now. Right now! Ouch… What happened? Oh, oh. Thankfully, she’ll be fine with a little treatment. Carrying her on your back must’ve been so tough! We got lucky. You sit down and mix the kimchi. I’ll fetch anything you need. What happened to your hand? He cut himself with the slicer. You should’ve gotten them to look at that, too. I’m fine. It’s not bleeding anymore. There’s a first aid kit in my room. Get it. It’s a deep cut. It must have hurt. Mom, mom! Big news! Remember the guy I met before? The guy from our neighborhood? His father’s picking a daughter-in-law. The one who bought you the bag and dumped you? What kind of woman is he looking for? How is he doing it? Through an audition. Audition? You know, like on TV, they pick singers, dancers and chefs? They look for people like that? They have all these people there? He wants someone who can sing and dance? No, but there are five exams. Exams? That family must be really weird. Why would he hold an audition? He’s going to eat you alive. He can’t be normal. But it’s fun. It’s fun? You’re going? Huh? But he dumped you! Have you no pride? And you’re awful at exams. You’ll fail the moment you take it. Mom, I’m not that bad. Don’t you dare! I won’t. Look! I’m getting so many applications. This is crazy. I posted Sangnam’s photo and resume and photos of my house, and they love him. There’s even a woman with a Ph.D. You know how ridiculous you look? In places like China, rich people pick their children’s spouses this way. I read it in the newspaper before. That’s what weird people do. You’re really weird. You think those women are normal? Half of them aren’t even serious about it. You can’t expect to find anyone decent. Who cares? You’re bullheaded. Making your son suffer is fun for you? Grow up. I never back down from anything. We’ll see who gets the last laugh. Yes, Mr. Kim. I met him the day before yesterday. Yes, yes, yes. Okay, I got it. Yes. Did you hear about this? Can you believe it? He’s just being a jerk. You need to make an effort. Ask her to take the audition? She has to, don’t you think? But how can she? What do I say? I can’t even bring it up. If she wants to marry you, she has to. We’ll help her, so tell her. Neither one of you will back down. Your father came this far, so he won’t. He’d rather die than give in. You know that. You’re just like your father. Where are you? I’m at my friend’s wedding. Oh, right. Should I come over to your house later? I think I’ll be late. My mom’s making kimchi today, and I couldn’t even help her. You’re making kimchi? My mom and Minjung are. Got it. Try this to see if it needs more salt. How is it? I can’t tell. I think I’ll need another bite. You can’t? Maybe it needs more salt. How is it? I can’t tell if it’s salty or not. Well… You can’t tell? Jungji’s asleep. Maybe he knows we’re busy. I can’t tell if anything’s too salty. Hey, that’s not good. When you’re old, you can’t do anything. Minjung’s waiting with his mouth open. Oh, I forgot. So? Does it need more fish sauce? It’s perfect. It’s really delicious. It was perfect, but I just wanted more. As long as you like it, I’m happy. Let’s finish this off. Okay. Hello. – Welcome. / – You’re here? Hi. I heard you were making kimchi. Why didn’t you call me? I’m strong. You can’t make kimchi with your strength. I bought some pork and fruit. Great! Pork goes well with fresh kimchi! I heard if you’re smart, you don’t starve. Right, right. If you’re smart, you don’t starve. I’m glad you came. Wash your hands first. You have to have good ingredients. If the cabbage is good, the kimchi is good. – Okay. / – Yes. If the radish is good, the kimchi is good. The ones that are crunchy are delicious. When you mix ground perilla seeds, it makes the kimchi taste even better. You put ground perilla seeds in this? Of course. It adds more flavors. Mix the green onions and the mustard leaves whole with the radishes. It’ll be perfect for eating with rice. Okay. How is it going? This is the last one. You don’t buy salted cabbages? Others do. It’s better to salt them at home. I deliver lots of salted cabbages these says. But instead of writing “salted,” some write pickled. Like as in pickled vegetables. Those cabbages must be sour. Oh, you must be really happy since your sons-in-law did all the work. I am! I bet this is what it feels like to get daughters-in-law. Pretending they are daughters-in-law makes me so happy right now. Mother, she’s being rude. Can I teach her a lesson? Oh, please! Be nice to me. If Goof-off were here, it would be perfect. Don’t even talk about Sedal. He’s awful. If you call the police or tell anyone else, you know what will happen, don’t you? This is nutty, nutty, nuts. Sunjeong, I’m sorry. I finished making kimchi just now. Something happened in the middle of it. I’ll have dinner and come right over. It’s okay. Take your time. I just got here and sent Minsuk home. Your father fell asleep just now, so when you get here, help him exercise. Oh, can you buy him some long johns? Okay, Minjung. Oh… Good job, everyone. This kimchi came out especially delicious. Right, thanks to my hard work. Your hard work? All that nagging, yes. It must have been a lot of work for you. I didn’t do it alone. Minjung helped me. And Sangnam came later to help. I didn’t do much. Minjung did everything. What would Minjung know? He did a lot. He worked the hardest today. He made kimchi and carried me on his back. What did they say at the hospital, mom? They said I was lucky for getting their early. If I hadn’t, it would’ve been a lot worse. It’ll be all right in a few days. Wasn’t it hard to carry her on your back? Is your back okay? What? What are you expecting to hear? Fine! I’m heavy. So what? Lucky! Minjung gave you a piggyback ride. I’ve had a few. From both Minjung and Sedal at their weddings. You should start practicing, too. Don’t worry. I don’t even have one son-in-law! Egh, hyo, hyo, hyo, hyo. I could give you a piggy-back ride. Don’t. You’ll hurt your back. Why you little! She’s worried I might hurt her groom’s back! Now I definitely need one. Come here! Hurry! Grandmother. Hey, look. Go. Grandmother, you’re light as a feather! Egh, hyo, hyo, hyo. Anyway, why did Hobak have to go on a business trip? It would’ve been nice if she was here. There’s no money, and he’s not picking up. He’s not? He doesn’t care if you lived or died. If that’s the case, we can’t let him get away with this. What are you going to do? Hello. – Hi. / – What’s up? I wasn’t expecting you to show up. Did you know Hobak’s on a business trip? Of course I do. And I know more than that. If you hadn’t eaten, sit down. Mom made kimchi today. I’m not hungry. You don’t seem to have any worries. What are you talking about? Did you come here to spy on us? Why don’t you sit down? It’s okay. I’m just mad because I’m the only one worried. What do you think you’re doing? Loser, you stay out. You’re no help, and I can’t tell you anything. I should go. Is he crazy? Sedal, what’s going on? Why wouldn’t you even sit down? This is no time to sit around laughing. Hobak is… Don’t blow this out of proportion. This is nuts. What? I don’t care what happens now. I’m not responsible. It’s not like I’m Hobak’s parent. Man. What did Sedal say, father? I don’t know. He said some gibberish and left. Is he crazy? How dare he? Did something happen to Hobak? No, she didn’t even see him. He’s crazy. Don’t mind him. May I help you? Excuse me? Well, I… You can go inside and talk to someone. Okay. Sedal! What took you so long? What? I told you to meet me by the gate. You’re going inside? Oh, you’re so dense. Let’s go. Please don’t hurt me. Don’t hurt me. Mom… Mom… Where am I? Bastards! Help! Help… Mom… Mom… Sedal, Sedal! Sedal! Wake up, Sedal! – Bye. / – Go. Oh, Minjung… What are you doing? Who is he? Uh… Say hello. He’s the CEO of the company I work for. He’s my hubby, I mean, husband. I’ve heard a lot about you. I’m Heo Udae. Please take good care of my wife. Of course. I’ll see you tomorrow, Director Wang. Good night, sir. He’s pretty young. Not all CEO’s are old. Where are you going? To the hospital. Go, then. Where’s my father? He went out for a walk by himself. How did the kimchi making go? Good. Miho came over earlier. I didn’t know she was Daebak’s girlfriend. When Sangnam marries Gwangbak, I’ll see you at the wedding. You wife thinks I’m a caregiver. Will it be okay? She wouldn’t even notice you. She’s not interested in anyone else but her. She’s kind of cool that way. Your father will be released soon. He will. Thanks to him, I saw you every day. It’s getting late. You should go. Thank you for today. For what? You help making kimchi, dug the ground, and even brought pork. It was nothing. But, promise me something. Anything. It’s for both you and me. Let’s not try too hard for each other’s families. Higher the expectation, greater the disappointment. Expectations can only grow higher. That’s how everyone is. You’ll have to come the next time we make kimchi and so on and so forth. Do you see where I’m going? I can come. No problem. You might not know yet, but I have two brothers-in-law, so I know. You have to control this at the beginning. Let’s do only what we can keep doing. People say they think of their children’s spouses like their own children, but I know that is down right impossible. I have experience, so just do as I say. I will, Miss Experienced. Again? This is for what you did today. That wasn’t enough. I was really worried about the piggyback ride. Because you’re worried about our first night? Yes. Oh, no. Oh, boy. Oh, I’m so happy to be walking with you like this. Well, have you heard of the daughter-in-law audition? Huh? What was that? The daughter-in-law audition. I haven’t. Which channel is it on? It’s not on TV. It’s an actual audition. They are auditioning for a daughter-in-law? Yes. That’s nonsense. How crazy! Shh! I know audition shows are popular, but who picks their daughter-in-law that way? They must be some crazy people. Marriage isn’t a joke, so who would… Shh! I think we should stop here. It’s my father. Huh? The person who wants to hold an audition for his daughter-in-law’s my father. This is crazy. It’s nonsense. This can’t even happen. Ask anyone if this makes sense. I can’t believe I told you. Forget about it. Wait. If that’s what he wants, I won’t back down. What will you do? I’ll be in the audition. What? But promise me one thing. Anything. When we’re married, always be on my side. I promise. Thank you for going along with this. If you humor my father a little, I’ll be the best husband ever. She’s in? Why are you so surprised? You wanted this. Sunjeong, see? She can’t be normal. Others would come and beg for forgiveness, but she told him she’s in! That’s how much she loves Sangnam. Why else would she take the audition? You go, aunt! Nobody’s on my side. I’m so lonely. Fine. Let’s do this, then. Look at the contestants. You already got applications? I narrowed them down to 40. Pick 20 out of them. Pass on this side, fail on this side. Huh? Why? I like her. Fine. Look at them. They are all great. She’s going to have a hard time. She’ll be crying her eyes out. She’ll get eliminated early. Tell her to give up. She’s pretty strong. Yes, she seems to be. She’s so strong that she could be a thug. That rude girl! Father, she has a name. It’s Gwangbak. I don’t even want to know. How’d they come up with that name? It’s a cheesy name. Are you awake? Wake up, Sedal! Where are we? I don’t know. I think it’s some basement. There’s no use. Don’t waste your energy. Look what you did! You’re driving me nuts! Why did this happen to me? Why did you get kidnapped? How stupid must you be to get kidnapped? I’m sorry. Sorry’s not going to solve this! What did I do to deserve this? Why did I have to be dragged into this? Have I wronged you in another life? Sedal, calm down. We have to work together and… Hey! I’m not like you. Why do I have to go through this with you? We’re getting a divorce! This wouldn’t have happened if you signed the paper sooner! You should’ve divorced me when I asked you! Hey! I have nothing to do with this woman, so let me go! I don’t care if she lived or died! We signed the divorce paper, and we just need to submit it! Why are you doing this to me? Let me go! Did you talk to your wife? She’s not my wife! Let me go, please! I have nothing to do with this woman. We signed the divorce papers! I was in such a hurry that I had forgotten it was Sunday and waited at the court! I don’t know this woman! I don’t know her! I don’t care about that. I’ll let you both go if you pay $100,000. I don’t have $100,000! Sedal, stop screaming. I can’t help it! Stop asking me. Ask your parents. Wouldn’t that be faster? I can’t. My father will go into shock! You only worry about your parents! Your parents don’t care about you! They were all laughing, having pork. So why would you worry about them? And why do I have to be here? I hadn’t eaten all day! You didn’t tell my parents, did you? You can never tell them. I had a hard time! But I didn’t do it for you! I did it for him, understand? You’re impossible. Your father’s a vice principal, so he could get a loan from school or at the bank to help you out! If I had been kidnapped, I would call my mom, not you! Where could I get money now? Can you ask the director? She’s rich. Wouldn’t she help? Huh? Sedal? Let’s sell the apartment. Not the apartment. If one of us survived, we’d have to take care of the kids. One of us? It has to be me! So don’t touch the apartment. It’s in both of our names, so we’d both have to be there to sell it. This is nuts. Meeting you was the biggest mistake of my life. Mom… Mom… Shh. I’ll make a suggestion. One of you stay here while the other goes to get money. Me! I’ll go! Let me go. I’ll the severance package if I have to. You… I should go and work this out! Let me go. She’s the one you kidnapped in the first place! I should go! Yes. Let him go. Sedal, you have to get the money. Come back and save me. You have until the banks close tomorrow. Sedal! Sedal! Sedal! You must come back! You must! Excuse me! Time is crucial for burn wounds. What if something happens to my mother? Please treat her right now! Right now! Meow. What are you doing? How could you pretend to be a cat? Was fooling me fun for you? I’ll be like a son to you, mother. Oh, that hurts. Stop that! How can you break the soy sauce pot! Can’t you do anything right? Oh, how could you drop them? You ruined them all! Minjung. Have a seat. Have some food. It’s cold. You need food in your stomach. How’s your foot? It feels much better. I dressed it again this morning. Soybean paste soup. I couldn’t make any other side dishes. Try it. It’s delicious. Thank you for yesterday. It must be hard. Working, looking after your father, and having to put up with me. Try the soup with the rice. What is it? The soybean paste soup reminds me of my late mother. Whenever she made kimchi, she made this soup with the leftover cabbage. It used to taste so sweet and delicious. You tearing the kimchi with your hands reminds me of her even more. You think about your mother? When I first got married, I kept thinking about my mother, and it made me cry all the time. You really miss your mother, don’t you? Thank you, mother. I should thank you. You’re so kind and understanding. I was terrible to you but you ran to the hospital carrying me. I would’ve just tossed me aside. But you were screaming at the nurse, calling me your mother. Hearing you call me that really touched me. Minjung, my Minjung. I didn’t sleep a wink last night. I felt heartbroken… I’m selfish and I lack so much… I know I’m not good enough, but think of me as your own mother. Forget the mean mother-in-law that I’ve been and pretend you’ve met a new mother. I’ll be good to you. I won’t make you sad. You couldn’t get over how I treated you overnight, but let’s work on it together. We’re not related by blood, but we’re still family. We can’t reach your husband. You know what that means, don’t you? Don’t kill me. Please don’t kill me! I can’t die like this. It’s not fair! I can’t! I won’t! Mom, I’m going. When are you coming back? I have a lot to research, so 2 or 3 days. When are we meeting his father? Huh? We’ll figure things out. If you want to get married this year, hurry. Okay. I’ll set it up when I come back. Get in two lines! Please move quickly! Get in two lines! You too? How crazy! This isn’t happening. Why not? I got set up with him before. I can’t believe you signed up for this. Everyone who signed up for this audition! Until we arrive at the destination, do not reveal any personal information. Get on the bus. Please move quickly. Focus! Clap! This is nuts. Where are we going? You two, get your things and come out. You’ve been eliminated. This is for transportation. – It’s your fault. / – What did I do? You must focus for 3 days! Let me introduce the CEO, Mr. Choi Daese. Applauds please! Hello, I’m Choi Sangnam’s father Choi Daese. Applause! Applause! Congratulations in making it to the audition. Only one of you who pass the audition will be able to marry my son. So, good luck, everyone. The bus will leave now. Let’s clap to lift the mood up. The 3-3-7 applause, go! He turned his phone off. Please go and look for him. It’s because you’re not being affectionate! Come with me. I’m not affectionate? How can you say that to me? I might be eliminated. You can’t. That’s what my father wants. Oh, no! Oh! Anggeum! Anggeum! He’ll get the money. When did I say I’ll marry you? You were playing with me?

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