Wang’s Family | 왕가네 식구들 EP.21 [SUB:ENG, CHN, VIE, IND]
Wang’s Family | 왕가네 식구들 EP.21 [SUB:ENG, CHN, VIE, IND]

(Episode 21) Hobak? Is everything okay? I had lunch with Sedal, and I talked to him. He even took notes. I think he’s okay now. That must be why. What do you mean? He called me just now, saying he’ll come home early today. You should try to humor him. A married couple goes through lots of different things in their lives. I know, father. Thank you. What are you doing? I need to leave here. Would you like to come? Me? Remember the summer house from before? I’m going to go there. There’s someone I don’t want to run into. You’ll come with me, won’t you? I want us to go a place where your in-laws can’t bother us and just be together with you. We can play golf all day. Just the two of us? Playing golf? That’s heaven! Of course. We’ll be there for about a month. A month? Why? Think of it as a business trip. That’s what the hotel’s going to call it. And you’ll be paid for it. My wife is on hyper alert. I don’t know if she’ll fall for it. Open it. Is, is this the famous watch from Germany, next to Italy, no, no, no, I mean Switzerland, the watch every man dreams of, the legendary luxury brand watch? Yes. You’re coming, right? I am. I’ve been wanting to come. Let’s go. What the heck. This is nuts. Why aren’t you asking me for the time? What time is it? People of Seoul, get excited. It’s 2:45, going into 20 seconds. Again! What time is it? Look, look, look… 2:45, going into 40 seconds. Oh, you’re home? Where were you? I told you to wait for me looking pretty. I took the boys to mother’s house and went to take a bath at the bath house. How do I look? Don’t ask me stuff like that. Here. What’s this? Why did you buy this? It’ll be trash. Do you have money to burn? How much was it? I know, I know. No, I would’ve been mad if you didn’t get me flowers. Oh, it’s nice to get flowers. I must be a woman after all. I never knew you were a woman. Wow! What’s all this? Wow. Today is a special day. Let’s enjoy it together. You didn’t forget? Forget what? You know. Let’s have a drink. Huh? Is that a new watch? Whoa! As if you know what brand this is. Where did you get it? It’s none of your business. They give these to the VIPs at the hotel, and they gave me one. Here. You really love me, don’t you? No, the ring. I’m learning women really are materialistic. I’m feeling more love. It’s so nice to get gifts. Be honest with me. Getting a thousand origami cranes. Do women like it? I’ll be really honest with you. We don’t. We don’t like handmade stuff. We act like we love it and we’re moved, but it’s really hard to pretend. We hope men don’t give us gifts like that. Oh, no, I must be really materialistic! I got that impression from the other women I’ve dated, too. You can’t control it, can you? I think you got a text. Check it. There’s no text. Ding dong, you got a text. Hello? This is Gwangbak Telecom. Mr. Choi Sangnam is behind on 10 kisses, so unless the payment is met, the girlfriend service will be cancelled. How do you want it done? Tell me what you’ve seen on TV or in movies. Kiss me at the door when you take me home after a date. Kiss me under a street lamp in the snow. I would remember those forever. We’ll wait for snow for the second one. And? On the elevator. Whenever the door opens. It’d be exciting. And? We can run into a building and kiss in the dark stairway. Where did you learn those? I’ve always wanted to try them. Okay, I got it. And? Pushed against, pushed against the wall? A man pushes a girl against the wall. Oh, my! Oh, my! I should go. I’ll take you to your door. It’s okay. It’s right around the corner. I thought you wanted me to kiss you there. I had enough. I want to save it for later. Sweet dreams! Careful! You’ll fall down. Are you okay? I’m okay. What are you looking at? Mom. Why are you home so late? Your father’s been waiting for you. He has? What are you going to do with all that stuff? Were you with him? No, I wasn’t. Were you making out inside the alley near here? Your jacket looks familiar. What? I wasn’t making out. I was at the library. We should return them. What’s his address? We should get them delivered to him. Father, I want you to accept them. Returning them would be too… That’s not right. I do love free stuff, but I don’t want anything from a guy like that. He thinks this might change our mind, so we need to be firm. Call him now. We should send them back tonight. Telling him to come and get them would be rude, so tell him we’ll send them. Father. Father, I think that’s too cruel. They’re just food, so it would be too cruel to send them back. I think we should thank him but tell him never to do this again. I agree with Minjung. Getting them back would be too… Then let’s do that. Send him a text saying thank you but never to do this again. Okay. Is that a new ring? Did that guy give it to you? Did you guys get rings? No, this is a friendship ring. It’s not from him. Don’t even dream about it. You and I will both be dead. You should’ve asked me. I can make coffee. Oh, how pretty. Did you get this with your girlfriend? Bet it’s the first time. Is it? You used to hate wearing rings. You must really like her. You’re completely in love. Not completely. Are you happy? Yes. I’ve been sad lately, but now I’m happy. Now that you’re happy, I’ll talk. What are you going to say? I’ll give everything to you. You can take anything and everything. The apartment, the boys, and all I have. Here. This is my elementary graduation album. And middle school, high school and college. Look at them whenever you miss me. Oh! And the more important things. Tada! My undies, your favorite. Look, all my undies are here. Ones with the band loose and gone, the ones with holes in the front, in the back, and they come in every color, so wear them. You wouldn’t need to buy any for a year. Think of me whenever you put these on. Look, I’m broke now. Aren’t they perfect for a parting gift? Why do you think I wore your old undies? Because you like me. Right? I’m not the only one who thinks this way. I have another person on my side. On your side? Who? Your father. He feels the same way I do. He said you have lots of problems. He’s proud of me for living with you. Even your father called you hopeless. He said he almost had an affair. You’re out of your mind, aren’t you? Ask him. Even a teacher feels that way, so imagine how I must feel. I wrote it down because it was moving. Look. After 10 years of marriage, think of cheating. Yelled at for not buying any dollar undies. You didn’t get a word of what my father said! He said those things, word for word. You only heard what you wanted to hear. Your father’s really different from others. He’s really fair. So please set me free. Do you know what today is? This is the day we get a divorce. Today is our wedding anniversary. Our wedding anniversary? To me, it’s the anniversary of agony. It brought nothing but agony to me. You’re not sorry at all? As if you ever did anything for me! You’ve no right to ask me for a divorce. I should be the one. Then go ahead. Nobody in the world would ask for a divorce on their wedding anniversary. You picked the perfect day, you bastard. – Get out. / – Hey! Get out of my apartment! Hey! We need to settle this! Let me go! Hey! Get out! Hey! Open the door! Hey! Wang Hobak! Open the door! Hey! Goof-off! This is nutty, nutty, nuts! Here you are. Thank you. It’s been a while. How’s your delivery job going? I don’t want to talk to you. Loser. What? Come on. Let’s grab a drink. I got a room. I’m not drinking with you. Sedal! You came alone? Where’s Madam Park Salla? She said she’s tired. Why am I here? Let’s get a drink. Loser, I’ll see you later. You asked me to go drinking. Which room is it? Why did you call him? I didn’t. He was here, delivering pizza. You want to hang out with him? Why not? We used to hang out all the time, us three. Stop talking about that. I don’t even remember. You don’t, of course. When we were in middle school, you were a munchkin in first grade. Let’s drink. Her hair shines though she didn’t use mousse She looks into my eyes… Hey! This is boring. Yeongdal, you sing. Give it to me, give it to me Give it to me, give it to me I don’t know if I’ll get to marry Before I’m thirty I’d given my heart away What will do now that it’s broken? Amidst the rain falling blamelessly You should blow off some steam. Don’t hold it all inside. Punch it. Oh, my. Just how much did you drink? He didn’t, but he got drunk. Oh, oh. Was it just you two? With Loser. I want a divorce. Let me go! Why won’t you let me go? Let me breathe, huh? Divorce me. Divorce me, please. What’s he talking about? I think he’s getting a divorce. Oh, that’s cold! Aagh! Cold! Get up. Mom, why are you here? Don’t you remember? What were taking about last night? What? Yeongdal, get me some water. You’re getting a divorce? How did you know? Are you really getting a divorce? I wish we were. This is nuts! Haebak, you must have lots of free time with your exams behind you. Yes. You did well on the exam, didn’t you? She did. Studying comes naturally to her. Incredible. Father, can I have some money? I want to start going to the gym. The gym? I want to exercise and learn how to swim. I need to. Why do you need to swim? Knowing how to swim is a good thing. It can come in handy, and it’s good for you. Don’t even think about meeting any boys. Why no? She should go on dates. Studying for the bar exam is hard! No dating until you pass it. You have to pass it the first time. I should go to school. – Okay. / – I’ll see you later. Please do it for me. Stay focused until you become a judge. I should have at least one good child. Bong, I have something to tell you. What is it? I have a dream. Incredible! What do you want to do? Open a pizza place. Not like any franchised ones, but one in my own name. My own, Wang’s Family Pizza. I’m going to take classes, starting today. If you do a good job, I’ll help you, even if I have to get a loan. But you have to be careful. People go out of business all the time. Don’t take it too lightly. Why can’t you be more encouraging? You’ll bring bad luck. Subak, what are you going to do? Excuse me? You quit because the works too hard. Making money isn’t easy. So treat your husband with respect. Money doesn’t grow on trees. Making money is really hard. Of course. You never earned a dime, so you don’t know. You’re not above it. You’re an able-bodied woman. You’re not above manual labor. Egh, hyo, hyo, hyo, hyo. Don’t copy me. Egh, hyo, hyo, hyo, hyo. Parcel service. I get everything delivered now, so I can see you. You’re being too bold for a married woman. You seem to be in a good mood today. It’s because I’m happy to see you. I can’t help but smile these days. It’s all because of you. Really? Come in for some tea. I made jujube tea. It’s okay, I’m busy. I can’t stay longer than 5 minutes per house. I’m glad I got to see you. You must be tired. You’ve never done such hard manual labor before. Oh, the parcel delivery guy is here. Isn’t it cold outside? It is. Have a good… – Hold on. / – Excuse me? The jujube tea was good. Bring some. Okay. Oh, it’s okay. I’m busy. Oh, please have some. It won’t take long. It’s okay. Oh, how odd. As if he was caught stealing something. He could’ve stayed for tea. He must be busy. He looked like a nice guy. He didn’t seem like he’d be doing this. Hi, there. Are you the Heo Udae I know? Wang Subak? Wow, you’re alive and well? It’s nice to see you again. How have you been? Enough small talk. Come out. Oh, who made you cry? Mom, I’ll be back. I said I’m meeting my friends. I’m sorry. Something urgent came up. I’ll be back. Hey! I don’t… Oh, who made you cry? Oh, man! You look the same. It’s been a long time. How long has it been? I don’t remember exactly. When was the last time we met? It’s been a few years. How many kids to you have? Two. A girl and a boy. How are your parents doing? They’re doing fine. They were so mean. Remember how mean they were to me, saying I couldn’t see you anymore? How’s your little sister? Was her name Hobak? Yes. If it weren’t for her, who knows where we’d be? I can’t believe it happened on the day of the preliminary round of the pageant… They said I was a favorite to win, but I didn’t couldn’t even go there. Now it’s an old memory. Old memory? I don’t even want to think about it. But we kept in touch behind everyone’s back. We met a few times after you got married. Was it the night before your wedding? That was really exciting. Let’s talk about something else. Because you’re sorry for me? Or your husband? You were all into me, so how could you get married after 3 months? It wasn’t because I wanted to. I was getting old and had no job, so I thought, oh, what the heck. You got married, too. I ended it soon afterwards. She couldn’t compare to you. I heard your husband is doing well. Doing well my butt. His company went bankrupt. He’s in parcel service now. He’s in parcel service? Whoa, what will your parents do? I thought they’d find someone amazing for you. Wow. You’ve changed. You’re staying with him? But I have two kids. We’re living with my parents. It’s crazy. And it’s no fun. Why don’t you get out of the house? My company needs someone like you. What’s this? That’s “land,” isn’t it? In Chinese? Udae Land Development Corporation. C.E.O. Heo Udae. Simply put, I buy and sell land. You’re a realtor? It’s much bigger than that. I’m not into renting. You know how I am. I deal in millions of dollars. The commission’s a lot bigger. Wow. I’d like a part of that commission. You should follow me around. Your pay will be different month to month. When can I start? Tomorrow. Here. Get a nice suit. Is this an advance? I can’t believe you’d even ask that. This is like a bonus. Your pay will depend on how you do. It could be tens or hudreds of thousand dollars. Oh, my! I have to go. Look nice tomorrow. Tell people you were in the final round. You know me better than anyone in the world. Of course. It’s me. I got the 2 million dollars yesterday. Send me 5 million by this weekend. Let’s make it 10. We should grab a drink sometime. Or play golf. It’s two dollars. Oh, wait, let me see. I have some dollar bills. Keep the change. Thank you, sir. Thank you. I’d drive you home, but I’m busy. It’s okay. I’ll see you tomorrow. Okay. Mom! Mom! You got a job? Yes, I start tomorrow. What do they do? It’s a really nice company. It’s like every hair on my body has come alive. Every hair on your body? That happens when you’re cold. I mean I feel amazing. It’s “effing” amazing! Why would you say that? You’re a mom. If your father heard you, he’d be mad. Anyway, I start tomorrow. What about the kids? You have to take care of them. I didn’t make it to my meeting today. I’ll give you money, mom. I’ll pay you for babysitting. It’s getting harder every year. I’m old, and it’s hard for me. I’m afraid to take care of them. Where is Gwangbak? Why can’t she babysit? Did you wait long? What is it? Well, have you ever experienced this? You see a person walking toward you, and you see a halo like this, like a big moon, shining brightly. Like in paitings of Jesus, he has this halo behind his head. It was just like that. You saw my halo? Oh, carrying that was a lot of work. I’m hungry. Here. Rock, paper, scissors! What was that? You’re cooking the meat! Let’s go in. Yummy. You’re good at this. Oh! It’s really delicious. You’re really good at this. Oh, that was good. I’m done. Let’s go. – What? / – Let’s go. This can’t be. Why are you crying all of a sudden? I didn’t get to eat anything! What were you doing? You told me to grill the pork. You said I’m it, so I have to do this! I’m not going to marry you. What? If I married such an inconsiderate man, I’d starve to death. I’m starving, but you ate alone. I waited to see if you’d give me a bite, but you didn’t. And now that you’re full, you want to go. I didn’t know you were like this. Excuse me! Can we get a new grill and two portions of pork belly? Eat. I was testing you, and you fell for it. You’re so simple minded. You were testing me? If I don’t have any income, you’d pack up and leave me. Just because you didn’t get to eat, you called me inconsiderate. I can’t believe my own wife would call me that. Are you going to call me that again? I won’t. What do you think about how you acted? I’m sorry. You really think I’d eat it all by myself? If you’d won, I would’ve grilled the pork. I was just trying to be funny, but you have no sense of humor. You don’t have an ounce of patience! Eat slowly. I told you, from now on… Eat only the meat I buy you, eat only the meat I grill for you, and eat only the meat I wrap for you. Got it? Good girl. Is it good? Because you grilled it, it’s so, so good. Don’t say so, so. Oh, no! Oh, no! Fire! Fire! What do I do? Oh, no! Hi. Hello. Here. Thank you. Thank you so much. Good luck. You got a job? She starts tomorrow. Where is it? It’s some land developing company. They’ll pay me a lot, depending on how I do. There are a lot of grifters in that field. You should do some research. He’s not a grifter. I can trust him. You don’t know what you’re talking about. I know the C.E.O., and he gave me a job. He gave her $5,000 as an advance, so she could buy some clothes. The company must be very solid. He gave you $5,000? Yes, he believes in me. Why would he? You don’t know how to do anything. She looks good just standing there. Who would pay you to just stand there? Hey, I would love to have that job. The real estate market is really bad, but it’s okay to try different things. Work hard for your family and for the country’s economy. You’ll meet lots of people in that field, and I think it would be perfect for you. I won’t disappoint you. I’m going to become a working mom. Don’t forget to pay me for raising your kids. Now that you got a job, you should. What are you doing? Stay still. Subak, I’m sorry. I didn’t want you to get a job. I know you love it. I don’t. If I could, I wouldn’t want you to work. It’s okay. It’s about time I got a job. Won’t it be too much? Even is it is, I have to do it. Oh, why can’t I open this? I met your brothers-in-law. Should I take your sisters out for dinner? It’s okay. You don’t have to. But I want to earn points. You already earns lots of points. Oh, the fish I sent before, they don’t sell them anywhere. My company does business with them, so when you run out, let me know. Don’t worry about it. You already sent too much stuff. I haven’t been able to do anything for you. Oh, the night air is chilly. You’re not cold? I get cold easily, but being here with you, I don’t feel cold at all. Liar. Your lips are blue. No, no, I’m okay. Don’t fart in front of him. If you feel one coming when you’re with him, start clapping really loudly. I see stars. Autumn night is very picturesque. Autumn is the man’s season. Do you know what autumn smells like? How funny! Autumn doesn’t smell! So funny! I didn’t say anything funny. The smell of autumn is funny? It’s so funny. Oh, my stomach. This is a children’s playground, so you shouldn’t pollute it like this. You hid the sound well, but I guess you didn’t learn to rid the smell. Oh, no! Oh, no! Good night, my sweet sucker! What is it? Well, please don’t tell him the family is opposed of us. I haven’t told him. What are you going to do? Mom and dad are really against him. I’m going to change their mind. He’s a good man. I know, so don’t ever tell him. Can we talk? Hey, you. Hey, how could you run home like that? I had to clean the mess you left. I won’t ever do that to you again. So delete that from your memory, please. I’ll think about it. I’ll be good to you. Would you like to video chat? No, I look awful right now. I can’t show you my bare face. You’ve been wearing makeup? I hate you. Gwangbak! Can I get some sleep? Sorry. I’m sorry. This is my room. This is my library. And this is the bedroom side. This is our bed. I mean, it’s my bed. It’s a really nice house. It’s so much nicer than my house. I don’t feel hungry anymore these days. You’re such a liar! Remember how much pork you ate tonight? I’ll have to make lots of money just to feed you. No, you won’t. I don’t eat much. You can’t call that “not much.” 2 portions of pork and a bowl of rice and soup? And you ate noodles, too. You call that “not much”? You eat like me, a manual laborer! That’s how much I ate? Oh, no. Eat up. Eat a lot and get fat. I’m sure I’ll make enough money to feed you. How nice! I’m so happy. I don’t have to worry about food, do I? I’m going to get fat. Hey, do you still think of me when you wake up? I think of you before I go to sleep, I think of you while sleeping, and whenever I toss and turn, you pop up. Do you think of me? I’m a manual laborer, so… Okay, okay. So when you fall asleep, you don’t wake up. How many times a day do you think of me? Just twice? No, no! I think about you all day. For me, it’s quality over quantity. I think of you twice a day, very seriously. You do? I’m not sleepy yet. I want to talk to you all night. Why don’t you stay up all night with me? Please let me sleep! Please! Are you trying to torture me? Who’s that? My uncle. He was awake. He asked me if I’m trying to toture him. I should get you out of there soon. I can’t even talk to you in peace. Let’s do this before the end of this year. Let’s set a date after you meet my father. Before the end of this year? Can we take it slowly? But you’re the one who wanted to rush this. I know. Put on a coat and a scarf when you go out. It’s pretty chilly outside. You’re outside? I’m going to the construction site. You’re driving? Of course. For a while now. Oh, no, I didn’t know you were driving. I thought you were in your room. I can’t talk on the phone while driving. My voice goes up, and I can’t talk nicely. How can you drive so well? Have you ever seen a player who can’t drive? Are you there yet? Yes, I’m here. They are all ready to start working. What time is this? The newspaper is here. So we talked all night. Write it in your journal. I’m going to start now. Okay. Be safe. You can’t get hurt. If you’re hurt, you can’t take care of me. Okay. Go to bed. I have to work to feed you. Give me a kiss! Kiss! Were you on the phone all night? Yes. I’m sorry I kept you awake, uncle. Gwangbak, I don’t mind being awake, and I’m happy you’re in a relationship. I know it’s not in my place, and I can pretend not to know anything… I know, uncle. Break up with him before your parents find out. It’ll only get harder for you. He doesn’t want you. Why do you want to stay married? – Mother. / – What? Must you say this this early in the morning? Why do you think I came? Sedal came to my house all drunk. He drinks every night and comes to my house, saying he hates you. How could you say such a mean thing? You’re a woman, too! When Sedal talks nonsense like that, you should kick some sense into him. You said Sedal will become the president. Who knows what your grandsons will become? If you don’t want to end up at a hearing, you should talk to him. Who cares about any hearing? I agree with everything my son says, and I’m always on his side. I didn’t want you as my son’s wife, but I said yes because he wanted you. And the same will go for the divorce. You have sons, so why can’t you understand? If Sintong and Bangtong told you they’d rather die than stay with their wives, would you tell them to die? “Put yourself in his shoes” is your family motto. Let’s say you met an amazing man. How would you feel if Sedal wouldn’t let you go? You’d kick him off and go your way. I don’t even want to answer that. You should go. I have to go to work. Think about what you did to Sedal. You treated him like dirt because you work, and how did you treat me and Yeongdal? Even that rich woman fell for my son, so how dare you treat him so badly? I knew this day would come. Mother. He wouldn’t cheat on you if you were good to him. I can’t believe you gave him $3 a day and beat him up every day. Stop that, please! Sedal and I are married. So you stay out of this. Just think of it as your fate. I didn’t want to be a widow. I just accepted it because it happened. Where to? Department store. I need to go shopping for our trip. Okay. Oh, oh, my god! She scared me! What’s wrong with her? Why are you doing this? I’m sick and tired of you. We need to talk. I’m working. Can’t you see? Quit! What? Quit this stupid job! Let’s go. Let’s talk. Why did you tell your mother? Now my family will find out. What are you trying to do here? I’m trying to get a divorce here. You don’t feel guilty? I do. I know I did nothing for you. Then why do you want a divorce? I feel guilty, so let’s get a divorce. If you really love her, go. Go to her, but come back when you think it was a mistake. Really? For real? I’d like to say that, but I’m not that open minded. Why you… Are you playing with me? You owe me a lot, so you can’t divorce me. If I divorced you, I’d regret it. You said you feel guilty. Then stay by my side until you die. Die on my lap! This is nuts. How many more times must I tell you? Even if I wanted to, I can’t stay with you! You’re not a woman to me. You’re like a piece of log! I’m like a piece of log? Yes. That’s all I have to say. This is making you more pathetic, you know? Sedal! Sedal! Don’t! Don’t go. Let’s talk. Stop this! You’re not a woman to me anymore. You’re like a nagging older sister, and you make me feel little! You’re like a piece of log, okay? Get in. Hi! Yay! New clothes! Finally, I got new clothes! How exciting! Now. Sit down. What is it, mom? Are you going to yell at us again? I’m not. Mom’s going somewhere. Where? Somewhere far away. Do you want to stay or come with me? Where are you going? I’m coming with you. Bangtong, you come, too. Is dad coming, too? Dad’s not coming. It’s just the three of us. Do you want to come with me? Get in. Is this our car? Yes. I bought it for you guys. How exciting! Mom, you’re the best! We have a car! How exciting! Mom, mom, I wish dad would come with us. Can’t you see what’s going on? Why would you talk about dad now? Look how upset she looks. Why aren’t we taking dad? Get in. I’m not responsible for anything that happens. The phone is turned off… Oh, man. The phone is turned off… This is nuts. What is it? I need to go home. What is it? We have to go now. Just hold on. I don’t want anything bad to happen. I’ll be right back. Hey! Where are you? Hey! Sintong! Bangtong! How dare you… Your call will be forwarded to voice message. This is nuts. What is it? Mom, are the boys with you? No, why? There’s no one home, and she won’t answer the phone. I called her office, and she’s on vacation. Where did she go? She took the boys? Right? Mom, come to my apartment. We need to talk. Okay. After you meet my father, we’ll go ahead and plan our wedding. You cannot marry him. I’m taking this to the police! How dare you punish my child? How can a teacher beat my child? I’m sorry. I apologize for what he did. What if something bad happens to my child? I’ll make sure this doesn’t happen again. I’m very sorry. Let’s go. Oh, what’s with the fuss? Are you introducing me to your future wife? It’s Sangnam’s future wife, not mine. My daughter-in-law’s coming today. Really? Sangnam went on a blind date? He didn’t. He found one on his own. I never met her before. And you’re calling her your daughter-in-law? I trust Sangnam, and I trust Sunjeong. You go ahead. The excavator mechanic is coming, so I’ll catch up with you. – Okay. I’ll see you later. / – Yes. – I’m going! / – I envy you. – Bye. / – Yes, I’ll see you. Okay. Wow! That smells delicious. Sunjeong, what should I wear? You should wear something nice. Should I wear a suit? You don’t have to go that far. Wear a shirt and a cardigan. Okay. I’m nervous. I hope she likes me. But Daese, your hair’s a bit… Why? Does it look weird? I think you should do your hair again. Hairstyle for men is like makeup for women. I don’t have time to go see my barber. Just go to a nearby hair salon. You could get them to style your hair. I got it! Oh, hold on! Excuse me? I’d like to get my hair done. Can you do it? I have to be somewhere. Please. This is really important for me. I can’t… – Oh, my… / – Please! Oh, my! I can’t! Hey! – Come in. / – Oh, my! I can’t believe you. Oh… Oh, my… I’m in a hurry. What would you like? Just make me look good. Make you look good? – You have curly hair? / – Yes. Blowdrying it to style it won’t do. I’d have to straighten it. That’s going to take time. Please, I really need this. I’m sorry. I’ll pay whatever you want, so please make me look really good. I think she planned this. She cleaned the whole apartment and emptied the trash. She even took the boys. If she just went somewhere, that’s okay. What if it’s not just that? Who knows? Awful things happen these days. Mom! How could you? Hurry over! What is it? Mom, Sedal wants me to come over. What’s going on? I don’t know. He said she must have planned this. She cleaned the apartment and everything. She took out the trash and took the boys. I don’t know where she fled to. She fled to somewhere? Why? Excuse me… It’s okay if she just fled, but I’m afraid of her trying something stupid, like in the news. You should hurry over to his apartment. I’ll come over right after I’m done here. I think something’s burning. What could be burning? It’s not burnt. But the smell… I didn’t smell anything. Go. Get out. Bye! Hey… It’s burnt? Yes, a bit… Why didn’t she pay attention? Oh, man. What do I do now? I want my daughter-in-law to like me. She won’t see that, so it’s okay. Go and change. They’ll be here soon. Okay. Oh, man… Come in. Hello. Welcome. You must be nervous. Yes, I can hear my heart pounding. This is my first time. Hey. Oh, my! Miho! What’s going on here? She’s my niece. My aunt’s daughter. I told Miho earlier. Wow, I don’t believe this. You didn’t tell him about us, did you? No, I didn’t. But I think you’ve graduated. No, you have to keep teaching me. And you must become my spy. Okay, I will. What are you whispering about? It’s nothing. We must be meant to be together. Miho’s my baby brother’s girlfriend. She’s told me a lot about you. Her third sister-in-law. Hobak, good luck. I’m going to my piano lesson. I’ll see you later. Yes, see you. Come straight home when you’re done. Where’s father? He’s getting dolled up in his room. He even went to a beauty salon. He didn’t have to. Father! That’s enough! Come out! Your daughter-in-law is here. Okay. Oh, I can’t believe she burned my hair. I’ll get her for this. My daughter-in-law, welcome. Nice. Where did she go with the boys? We should call the police, Sedal. She must be… How many years has it been? Did you miss me? Of course. I’ve never forgotten you. I’m going to stop delivering to your house. Minjung, actually… Please, don’t ever see my son again. Please let me see you and apologize in person. You met a rude girl and completely lost your head! This is who you are? Is this really who you are?

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