Wang’s Family | 왕가네 식구들 EP.2 [SUB:ENG, CHN, VIE, IND]

(Episode 2) It’s yummy. The flavors are alive. My lovely brother, did you enjoy that? Be yourself. You’re creeping me out. Why did you drop out of school? Uh, how did you find out? Oh, my homeroom… Does the geezer know? Geezer? How dare you! He’s your dad! All the kids call him the geezer. If I don’t call him that, they’ll find out. Nobody at school knows your his son? Nope. Who was that truck guy? You want to know? It’ll cost you 50 cents. I said who was he? Must you bring that up at a local pizzeria where they serve delicious pizza? Why are you following a stranger around? What if he’s a human trafficker? What if he makes you beg for money? What if he sells you to a shrimp ship? I’m not a kid. Don’t you know me at all? Don’t you feel bad for dad? I said I’ll hold his memorial services! So what’s the problem here? It’s not the memorial services I’m worried about. Look at uncle, your second brother-in-law and me! How do you think our family will turn out? Really messed up? Incredible. Give me Truck’s number. I don’t know the truck’s number. I mean the truck owner’s number. – Dream on. / – What? Don’t you ever look in the mirror? He’s way out of your league. Ouch, man… Excuse me, you shouldn’t do that here. Really? They found her? It’s not 100%. They said they’ll call me tomorrow. I tried so hard, but I couldn’t find her. I looked for her for 3 years in Geoje-do Island. Auntie, don’t tell father. I won’t. He’d kick me out if he knew. I really hope you find her this time. You should meet with her at least once. Meet with her and get it off your chest. – You’re home. / – Yes. Daese, did you have dinner? I ate already. Oh, my doctor said not to touch this part. Oh, I’m furious. I should be better by now. So rude! Wait until I meet her again! – Who? / – You don’t know her. Oh, what happened with Mr. Kim? It’s not broken, but he pulled a ligament. He was lucky. My skin’s all rough, and my emotions are also all rough… Ugh. Would you like to go to Jeju-do Island after this? We can play golf. You can go to the spa and get a massage. Hey, let’s play for money. Let’s not let the other get off easy. I’ve been getting real good distance, since I have nowhere else to use my energy. That means nothing. You must finish well. Like this! Yes! Ouch, ouch… Play with me. Play with me and my doll. Oh, man! Play with me, mom. Ugh! Get away from me! – Play with me! / – You’re so annoying! Okay, next! Bangtong, you’re done! Yes. Get dressed. Let’s make rice rolls and go visit your granddad at his school. Yay! Nice! Oh, but it’s Sunday. He goes to school, even on Sundays. Mom, let’s go to the amusement park. All my friends have gone. Ugh! You know how expensive that is? You think money grows on trees? We will go. When? When? When we move to an apartment. Then I’ll take you to the amusement park. And buy you pizza, too! I’d grow old and die before then! How rude! I’m older than you, but I’m saying nothing. Mom. Lucky you. You can make money. Make money? Go to your sister’s place. Her housekeeper quit. Why? – Auntie. / – Aeji, poor baby. Auntie will play with you. Why did she quit? I don’t know. He fired her without talking to me. Minjung did? He told me to do the housekeeping! I yelled at him because of my credit cards. Now, I can finally breathe. I can’t take care of my children. Oh, Jungji, you’re precious. Oh, you’re so good. – Sintong, stop! / – No way. Grandpa, I can’t catch him. Sintong, stop! It’d be fun to go as couples. When you go into the blue waters of Maldives, oh, it’s like heaven. Guam’s nice, too, and we can go shopping. Or should we go to Hong Kong? That must really hurt. Be careful not to bump into anything. Oh, no… A woman? Is there proof? I have a feeling. Minjung isn’t the type. You can never be sure. Anyway, Aeji seems to have lost weight. She’s beyond picky about her food. And Jungji’s so cranky at bedtime. Both girls are so difficult. Rich children are supposed to be difficult. Should we get them some Chinese medicine? Don’t feed her. When my kids complain, I take the food away. I let them go hungry and got rid of snacks. Now they eat everything I give them. She’s not like your kids! She’s different from poor kids. Sit back down. I have the perfect solution. It works every time. – Yes, Subak? / – Hurry, hurry. – I can’t. I’m outside. / – She’s crying! Oh, man. Hold on. See? It worked. Gwangbak’s barking put her right to sleep. I was wondering what that sound was about. Anyway, Gwangbak’s been giving me insomnia. Let her be. She can take care of herself. This month’s allowance. You’re the best. My precious, precious daughter. Dinner’s ready. Thank you. I’m going. Mom, you’re staying, right? I should prepare dinner for Minjung. Hobak, over there. You never help her out for free. You must’ve gotten rich off her! I have a money room. It reeks of money. You know how great that smells? If you have clothes you don’t wear, can I have them? But you never wear anything I give you. And you don’t carry the bags I give you. I wear them when I go to work. Give me everything you don’t need. You don’t even look good in them. I’d take them if I could wear them. Subak, you looked great in anything. And Hobak looked awkward in everything. You were Chunhyang, and she was Hyangdan. Why don’t you quit your job and work here? – Huh? / – I’ll pay you well. Quit that dumb job. It’s not dumb. That’s a great idea. Quit your job and work at your sister’s. I’d do it in a heartbeat. Minjung. – You came for a visit? / – Yes. Where’s your car? It’s at the shop. You haven’t had dinner, have you? I made zucchini soybean paste stew. Is something wrong? No. Why? You fired the housekeeper out of the blue, and you don’t look very happy. I’m just tired. I’ll see you again. Yes, Minjung. Take care. Hobak. Yes? What is it? Do you have something to tell me? Uh, no. Maybe later. Bye. I can eat by myself. It’s okay. I want to do this. And Minjung, be honest with me. Why did you fire the housekeeper? Are you trying to teach Subak a lesson? She should run the house and raise the kids. But she doesn’t know how to anything. She never washed so much as one pair of undies herself. You know how I raised her like a princess. She was even in the Miss Korea pageant. But she’s a mom with two daughters. She should be able to anything. Are you having an affair? Of course not. No. Right? You won’t find a woman like Subak anywhere. Go look. She’s pretty and lovely. What else would you need in a woman? What is it? Did it go down the wrong way? Drink some water, here, here, here. More, more, more. Mom, should I get a facelift, like this? I look 10 years younger, don’t I? You already look young. I asked, and there’s no other woman. No? All my friends’ husbands have girlfriends. Be nice to him. Where would you find another man like him? He’s handsome, rich, good tempered. If he were available, women would line up. But where would he find a woman like me? Everyone thinks I’m younger than my age. Mom, would you like to get a facelift? I would love to. Oh, my, it looks nice. Right? Oh, what the hell? Should I just get it? What could your father do after it’s done? He can’t un-lift it, right? Right. Just go for it. Who cares? Here. Oh, my! These are all luxury brands! They are in great condition! Hobak, where did you get these? Pick what you want. Aren’t they pretty? Give me a good deal on this. Don’t worry, I will give you a great deal. Hey, this would look great on you. $100. Yes! $100. Okay. Mom. A big hair salon is opening down the street. Thinking about that is making me so angry. What can I do with such a tiny shop? Why can’t you find a rich man? I don’t know what you do when you go out. What do you think I’m doing? I’ve been looking for a rich, handsome man who would love me and nobody else. Don’t just meet anyone. Find the right one. Look at the vice principal’s daughter Subak. That’s how you become a good daughter. Just wait. Don’t compare me to her. Oh, ask Hobak to lend you money. She always saving money. I’m sure she has some tucked away. Why didn’t you come in? I missed you, uncle. I wish other women missed me like you. It’s already been a month? It’s only $100. But you don’t even give your husband money. Whenever this happens, I feel real awkward. So you know this is awkward? Of course, I do. Look. Awkward. What life? “If you don’t own, you rent. Either unemployed
or have a part-time job.” I’m giving it to you so you’d stop saying that and so you don’t need to ask dad for money. Bye. Write them all down. I’ll pay you back 10-fold. – Uncle, what’s your dream? / – What? Forget it. There’s no way you’d have a dream. Yum! Mom! Come, come. Hobak, come. What’s the occasion? Why are we eating out? I was craving meat. And your kids haven’t had meat in a while. They are going nuts. You move over there. You come sit here. Hobak, sit here. Mom likes Hobak better than me. Bet this place is expensive. We could’ve eaten this at home. Then you couldn’t eat for you’d be cooking. Before you eat, think about your faults. What? Try to be more like my mom. She’s generous and cool. How nice is that? You never treated us to pork belly before. She will, in the future. Yes! Why do you think she’s making money? She’s doing it to spend it on all of us. I’m right, aren’t I? Yes. Eat up. You’re the pillar of this family so you should take good care of yourself. I’m the pillar. Don’t play favorites. She’s the type who’s good at making money, and I’m the type who’s bad at making money. That’s called irreconcilable differences. Number 1 reason for divorce. Yeah, right! You should try harder. Where could you find a woman like Hobak? Right. Forget about the kids. You eat. Your husband or kids won’t appreciate it. There’s no need for you to worry about them. Eat two pieces at a time. Until you feel like you’re getting indigestion. You can take medicine later. After you eat, let’s go to my shop. Your shop? Your hair needs trimming. I want to do my only daughter-in-law’s hair. Wow! I can’t stop eating. I haven’t had meat in such a long time that my bones make sounds when I walk. Creak, creak. See? Creak, creak, creak, creak. See? Creak, creak, creak, creak. Ugh. Mom, can I order more? Fine. Eat up and get all greasy. Hello? Give us 3 more portions. Hello? What’s wrong with my eyes? Ouch. Hobak, Hobak, say ah. Oh, my! You look beautiful. Hobak, you’re so pretty. This doesn’t feel right. What’s going on? Oh, you’re so sharp. Hobak, do you know why I keep working, despite my terribly aching joints? It’s to feed your kids. But my shop is so tiny that I can’t really make much money. Oh, I need to put my kids to bed. Hobak, you have money, don’t you? I’ll pay you interest, so can I borrow some? When I die, this shop will go to you. But I don’t have any money, mother. You know I don’t make that much. You’ve worked for years, so how can that be? Unless you gave your money to your parents. Hobak, you’re heartless. Mom treated you to dinner, even though the business has been real slow. But I never asked her to. Your son and grandsons ate most of it. – Are you serious? / – Yes. Hobak! This is what I believe. Close people shouldn’t lend or borrow money. But who else would you lend money to? Those who ask to borrow money are bad. Okay, fine! If you’re going to act like this, fine. Pay me for the pork belly. You yelling at me should cover it. What? Then pay me for doing your hair. How’s this? Whoa! How rude! Haebak. Daebak dropped out of school, did you know? Do you know who talked him into it? Working isn’t everything. You should date. I’m actually trying. I’ll be back. Salute! – Take care! / – Okay. Hey! Hey! Stop! Hey! Over here! Huh? Oh, my! Hello? Huh? Hey! Hey! Can you get off for a second? Hurry! Hello? Huh? Oh… Stop right there! Hey! Oh, wait! Over here! Mommy… Over here! Here! Wait! Oh… Hold on! Mommy! Help! Help! Aaagh! Help! Aaagh! Hey! You! You! You! You! Excuse me! – Hey! / – What do you want from me? I feel crappy, so I can’t introduce myself. Do you know Wang Daebak? I saw you with him. So? I’m his older sister. Why did you talk him into dropping out? You know that’s illegal, right? Oh, wait, let’s go to the police station. Hey! Hey! What are you doing? You said you wanted to go to a police station. Get on. Slow down! How can you come at the same time every day? A man has to eat. The side dishes look good today. Give her one, too. I’m going to eat first. Is this the police station? Let’s eat first. It’s dinner time for the police, too. You’re actually eating right now? I am. I do manual labor, so I always eat at the same time. It’ll be a hard day, so you should eat. I think I’ve seen you before. That’s way too obvious. We really haven’t met before? Girls these days chase after handsome men. I can’t believe she said that. Yes, sir. You’ll need two concrete mixers, and unless it rains, we’ll finish on time. Yes. What is it? Right now? What’s wrong with her? I think we should teach them a lesson. What’s wrong with your barking? Oh, the one Jungji loves the most. Two dogs fighting, barking hoarsely! Do that! What are you going to report me for? Crime against a minor is a felony. Let’s go in. How much do you know about Daebak? I know enough. I changed his diapers. I raised him. He’s in 7th grade, but he’s really immature. His grades are horrible, he’s impossible, he’s outrageously positive, mischievous… Outside those. First, Daebak is in the middle of a storm. He’s easily tempted and too passionate. 7th grade is a very difficult time. He’s too excited, so school will do no good. – Second. / – But he should… If you’re worried, don’t say hurtful things. I didn’t say hurtful things. What the heck is wrong with you? You’re neither a good student nor obedient. What are you going to be when you grow up? You have no chance of success. Third, this is the most important thing. Daebak has no dream. He doesn’t? He said that? For a boy his age, not having a dream is worse than a desert without an oasis. I know that. Life is long, so missing a few days of school isn’t a big deal. Giving Daebak the time he needs to find his dream and go back to school is what we as adults should do. Let’s go inside. If you say I did wrong, I should be punished. You didn’t do wrong. Why did you call everyone over? Subak, Hobak, Gwangbak, Haebak! What are you good for? You didn’t know Daebak dropped out of school and you call yourselves his sisters? Daebak dropped out of school? When? Why? His your youngest brother. What did you ever do for him? But, you’re his school’s vice principal! Why didn’t you know about it? I don’t believe this! Why are my children always quitting? Where are you? Come home right now! Did a war break out? What’s going on? Daebak dropped out of school, mom. What? Why did he drop out of school? Huh? Nobody knows why. What’s going on? My phone’s been on fire. – Hey, what’s going on? / – You! You! Come here! Shut up! What’s the reason? There’s no reason. Dropping out of school ain’t a big deal. What’s wrong with him? Life ain’t all that special. Okay, okay. Everyone, just mind your own business. Bulldozers and excavators, go back to work. If you want to take care of your wives and kids for a long time, work safely. Put on your hard hats and keep digging. If you have complaints, complain away. And 7th graders can be explosive, treat him with care. So, I’ll see you tomorrow. Water! What’s wrong with him, huh? What were you doing? You’re in charge of Daebak. I’ve been trying to figure out what to do. So what did you figure out? First, Daebak is in the middle of a storm. 7th grade is a really difficult time. What use is going to school by force, without knowing the meaning behind it? What meaning? You just need to go! Hold on. Second? Second, if we want Daebak to do well, we shouldn’t say hurtful things. You’re worthless, what are you going to be, you’re a bad student, you won’t succeed, stuff like this. I regret saying such things to him. You, too, right? And third, this is the most important one. Daebak has no dream. There she goes again. Life is long, so missing a few days of school isn’t a big deal. What we should do is to wait for Daebak to find his dream and decide to go back to school. Wait? Why should we? We should beat him up, if it comes to that. What you said, all three of them, are right. So what do you want to do? Leave him be. Leave him be like that? Let’s pretend we left him at an island. He’s a middle school boy, extremely wild. This is what I tell the teachers. Everyone’s born with a certain amount of wildness in his blood, and if he doesn’t act it out when he’s young, he’ll do it… What’s he talking about? If you’re going to go wild, do it early. Mom, you’re smart. Mother understands, so why can’t you? Because we’re of different blood. Cheating on your spouse when you’re old is dangerous, so do it when you’re young. Don’t you think so? That’s not it, grandma. Did they call? They said they would, but they haven’t yet. How do you feel? I’m nervous. I don’t know. I don’t know what I’d say when I see her. You didn’t get a call, did you? No. How can she be so heartless? Doesn’t she miss you? Sangnam, if you can’t forgive her, don’t meet her. I’m worried you might get hurt. I’m already hurt. I thought it had healed… Even if I get hurt again, I have to meet her. Only then can I get over it. I don’t know what to say. I’m sorry. Why would you be sorry? Don’t be. Don’t get mad and go to sleep. How can I not get mad? Whom did our kids take after? They took after their parents. Go to sleep. A middle school drop out! How awful! And his father’s a vice principal! Ugh… Everyone go inside. Daebak, follow me. You’re dead! Daebak, you don’t want to go to school? I don’t want to go to school, either. The Board of Education’s breathing down my neck. I’ve so much to do, but the teachers won’t listen to me, the principal is out to get me, and the students call me the “geezer.” I want to quit, but I can’t because I won’t be able to support you guys. Oh… Be frugal. What’s there to save? It’s $3. If you don’t want it, forget it. Even beef soup is 7 or 8 dollars. Don’t eat out! There’s food here. For a man, his wallet gives him self-esteem. My self-esteem is worth $3. Then go make money. You’re healthy enough. – Get up! / – Hey! Go to bed early and stop playing computer games all night! It gets rid of bad odor. You mean idle thoughts. – Stop talking nonsense and get up! / – Man! All you think of when you’re awake is this? I think of it when I’m asleep. – Get up right now! / – Man! Give it back! I’m going to school. Standing together like this is awkward. Watch out for cars! Cross the street when the light’s green! He’s only going to school. Big deal! Uncle, don’t you want to go to work? Ya, hyo, hyo, hyo, hyo. Wang Daebak, go for it! Hello? I’m Daebak’s sister, Gwangbak. Not Pibak, Gwangbak. Hello? I can’t here you. Who is it? Gwangbak. Daebak’s sister, Gwangbak. Oh… What’s up? I’m busy. Since you’re busy, I’ll make it short. Daebak went to school today, finally. It was quite moving. Thank you so much. So I was thinking… Get to the point. Yes, yes. I’ll get to the point. I want to buy you dinner, to thank you. You don’t have to. But if you’re asking me out on a date, sure, why not? Let’s make it tonight, then. Let’s meet when I get off from work, and can I decide where? Sure, sure. Whatever you want. I’ll see you at the construction site. Yes! I’m worried. You might quit your job after we’re married. You dropped out of school just like that. A job is different. I’m not going to get a job. I’m going to become a housewife. These days, we need to be a dual-income family. We can’t survive on a single income. There are so many vice principals who can’t quit because of their families. I will be frugal. Daebak, you’re not a mama’s boy, are you? How can you even ask? Daebak! Oh, hey. Who was that? My class vice president. Pretty, huh? She’s not pretty! You don’t know what you’re talking about. Stop that. Daebak, what are you doing? Daebak! Why? What is it? Daebak, stop right there! Men are so immature. They are all cheaters. Is Daebak cheating on you? He keeps looking at other women. Who cares? You’re prettier than any of them. I know that, but it still feels bad. Mom, do you think I should marry him? He has 4 sisters, and his mom’s scary. You’re scared of his mom already? In-laws are always intimidating. I just need to win over his third sister. Why? She’s really difficult. Even his parents can’t handle her. Do you have any ideas? I don’t know. Why do you speak with an accent with Daebak? You can speak without it fine. Seoul men love girls from Gyeongsang-do Province. When I go, Daebak, he melts away. Oh, boy. Who’s daughter are you? How precious! Yours, of course. – Let’s go. / – Huh? Why did you get all dressed up? I’m not dressed up. You want to look nice to someone? No, it’s not that. Oh, my! Oh, my! I was going to help you. Are you nervous? No, I’m not nervous. So you’re not nervous. When you get nervous, you get chatty. Thank you. Let’s eat. Why? What’s wrong? Why? What is it? It’s so delicious. It looks bad, but it tastes amazing. Try it. It’s good. You must come here often. I have a name. It’s Choi Sangnam. My dad named me Sangnam, “the man of men.” so I can become the best. Gwangbak’s a Go-Stop term isn’t it? Your parents must like the game. No, and I hope I don’t have a bad hand in life. I hope I have a good hand. Did you know? You can’t win with too many good cards. If you have everything, you can’t succeed. You only work hard when you lack something. Most successful people got there after overcoming their shortcomings. My grandmother said something similar. When you have a few good cards, you win. So I think you have a good hand in life. Because you seem to have many shortcomings. Should I list them? First, you’re ugly. No way. – Hot! / – You’re impatient. You have to blow on it before you eat it. Get some, like this. Okay. You have a foul mouth. But I don’t! I heard you on Daebak’s phone. Wow, I can’t even remember what you said. – That’s… / – Shh! So out of a five card hand, you’re ugly, impatient and foul mouthed. That’s three useless cards. I’ll count the rest as good cards. Let’s find out what those two cards are. You should be getting a call by now. You’re so funny. – Me? / – Yes. That hasn’t helped me. Women are so weird. I make them laugh, but they always run to the men who make them cry. How do you know women so well? I’m a player. No real player says he’s a player. But it’s true. Let me give you a tip. Don’t fall for me. I hate it when women cry. This isn’t much of a grand opening, but we’ll have a great party later. Let’s put our hearts together and work hard. But Mr. Ko, you’ve never done this kind of work before. I helped my friend do this a long time ago. I’ll deliver to the difficult places. So please help me. Yes, sir! For Minjung Parcel Service! Cheers! Next Saturday’s mom’s 60th birthday. Let’s have dinner and send her on a trip. Where to? Jeju-do Island? Mom’s been saying she wants to go on a cruise. Expensive. Where are we having dinner? At a hotel. Either a buffet or a steakhouse. That’ll be expensive. It’s $100 to $300 per person. Let’s invite some guests. Is 100 guests okay? 100 guests? How much is that? I can’t do that. That’s too much. Right. And I’m unemployed. How can you bring up money? Mom will turn 60 only once! You stay out of it then. I’ll take care of it. Haebak, are you okay with this? – Hello? / – Hey, I’m disappointed in you. Mom. How can you be so selfish? You make money! You want to cancel my 60th birthday party? It’s not that. Subak’s suggestion is way out of my budget. You’ve never bought me anything. Your husband never gave me any allowance. This is how people are. When you get something, you give. And I’m not asking for something big. I know I have no excuse for that, but you know how I live. Sedal won’t help, and my kids are growing, so I’ve been trying so hard to save every penny… Whatever! Mom, mom! How could you! How? Are you boy-crazy? Why couldn’t you get a job and help me out? Your older sister isn’t even married yet! They’ll think there’s something wrong with her for you to get married first. What if this ruins Subak’s chances of marrying? Do whatever you want! I’m not going to think of you as my daughter! Ugh! How could anyone love you? Oh, hold the elevator! Oh, hi. I got a call about a special article. Wasn’t someone else doing it? She had to quit because something came up. The deadline’s close. Can you handle it? I’ll do it. What is it about? The field every woman is interested in. Men’s job world. That sounds interesting. Types of jobs that are popular. Talk about which jobs will become hot, which job fields single women prefer. I want a series of articles on that. You can figure out the rest. You’ve done it before, right? (Arrogant Bulldozer) This is Gwangbak. I need to talk to you. Then let’s to it face to face. We live in the same neighborhood anyway. I’ll see you at the playground. Hello? You got into an accident again? What is it? I want to interview you. Interrogation? I like it when women interrogate me. Mmm… Player. I told you I was. This time, it’s just an interview. It’s a magazine article on men’s jobs. A-ha! I got it. You should come to the construction site. Is that okay? It’ll be dusty and noisy. Fine. I’ll be taking pictures. Good. Your magazine will sell like crazy. Pick a time and call me. Are you going on a blind date? Excuse me? Did you get all dressed up to meet me at the playground? Good luck on your blind date! How arrogant. It’s me, Choi Sangnam. Are you certain? Okay. I’ll be right over. I’m going. Sangnam. I’m nervous. I don’t know what to say. Do and say whatever you want. Do everything you want. You have the right. Auntie, I’ll see you later. – You didn’t go to work? / – I already did. Where’s he going? All dressed up? He’s meeting his friends. $3? Down there is $2. You know how expensive things are! I left it at the front desk like you asked. No, not there, the main front desk. Mom, what is it? Is everything okay at home? Of course. What is it? I saw something weird today. Why? What was it? Is Minjung’s company doing okay? Of course! And he didn’t say anything? Why? What is it? It’s nothing. I’m old. I’m seeing things. He could’ve been his twin. – Who? / – Nothing. I’ll talk to you later. Mom, can you get my kids? I left them with the lady on the first floor. I’ll be home late. Okay. I knew it. That scared me good. How could he look so much like him? Oh, boy. I looked, but I couldn’t find any jobs. I really want to sign a contract. You were too busy playing games. No, I really want to find a job. Big sis, let’s eat out. Go home and eat. I already cooked rice. Sedal, we’ll have to pitch in for my mom’s party. What? This is nuts! Hotel buffet and a cruise? You tell your rich sister to pay for them. $1,000 or $2,000 means nothing to them. Maybe $10,000 would put a dent. But I can’t not pitch in. I’m still her daughter. You are, but she doesn’t care about you. Tell those who want to show off pay for it. Hey, isn’t that your brother-in-law? Huh? Minjung! Minjung! What are you going to do? So your company went bankrupt? Totally? You have nothing at all left? Wow, how could this happen? How unbelievable. Tell Subak. You shouldn’t burden this alone. She needs to know. I’m trying to find the right time. She won’t be able to handle this. I brought it up a few days ago, and she said she’ll die with our children. She said she’ll die? I can see her do that. Hasn’t that thought crossed your mind? That you just want to kill yourself? What’s wrong with you? I would, if I were him. But you’re really amazing. How could you start a parcel service? I’d be crying, jumping into the river, jumping off a building, set myself on fire, and go nut… I really admire you, Minjung. It’ll be hard, but what could she do? She’s a mother. She must get through it. Subak’s been through just about everything. All sorts of things, like… What do you mean by that? What bad things? What bad things has she been through? Nothing, Minjung. She didn’t. Before she met you, she was a student. Sometimes things just come out of my mouth. I’m sort of all over the place. How could you crush my foot? Oh, my poor foot. You’re such a blabbermouth! Why can’t you think before you speak? Subak doesn’t think of you as her sister, so why are you covering up for her? If I were you, I’d tell him everything. He would go insane. I’m doing it for Minjung, not Subak. You’re so concerned about Minjung. Go live with Minjung, then! Keep this a secret until he tells her. Even with uncle, okay? Let me ask my mouth. Mouth, mouth. This is the biggest crisis of your life. What would you do? Huh? This is nuts. What are you doing? My friends are going crazy. I uploaded photos, and they’re dying from jealousy. So what’s the occasion? You feel bad for firing the housekeeper? I do, and I need to tell you something. Oh, I have something to tell you, too. Next Saturday’s my mom’s 60th birthday. You didn’t know, huh? No. I knew it. You can’t remember her birthday? Us daughters had a meeting. We’ll have a buffet dinner send her on a cruise. And she’s getting a facelift. What? I’m looking for a European cruise, and we’re thinking of inviting 100 guests. So it’ll be $150 per person, cheap. With flowers and orchestra, about $30,000? No harp. They asked for a delivery charge. I did good, huh? Do you know what day next Saturday is? I told you, my mom’s 60th birthday. It’s my mother’s first memorial service. Oh, no! Can’t we do it another day? What? What do I do? I’ve already made reservations. We can’t do that for her. We can do something simple, like dinner. You don’t want to spend money on my mom? It’s not that! We can’t afford it! Why not? She’s taking care of our kids! I’m disappointed in you. Subak! Father. Where were you? Why didn’t you answer your phone? We were having dinner. You have a very good life. It’s not good at all. What brings you here? That’s all you can say? I’m not in a good mood, so please don’t add to it. Hello. Did you see that? “Don’t add to it”? And a simple “Hello” to father? Stop that. Let’s just go. Why should you? This is your son’s house. Go inside. Come in, father. Go in. You shouldn’t mind her. Why should you? I have to go and catch the train. Minsuk! Go in! I told you. If you don’t take him, I’d bring him. Take care of him, and control your wife. I’ll send the rest of his stuff soon. – Enjoy. / – Thank you. What’s this? Black bean noodles. I know what it is. Why did you order it? It’s for father. What? Tell your father to come and eat. This is the third time you did this to me. – Pay up. / – Excuse me? This is different from what I wrote. How could you belittle someone who’s proud of his job? You don’t want to live with me? What is it? I did everything I could for your family. You might think he’s an embarrassment, an aged country folk, but he’s my father. This is what being married means? What did you have to endure? I’ve always been discriminated against! You think you never hurt me? Hurt you? You did. How did I ever hurt you?

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