Wang’s Family | 왕가네 식구들 EP.19 [SUB:ENG, CHN, VIE, IND]

(Episode 19) This is a bus ticket to Seoul. You want me to go back to Seoul alone? Decide if you want to go back to Seoul alone or with me. I’ll be back in a while. Think long and hard, so you won’t regret it later. If you’re going to accept me as I am, stay here and wait for me. If you don’t have the heart to, take the bus to Seoul alone. And just in case, let’s say goodbye here. Hurry. You made me laugh. Thanks. Even if this is the end, I’m okay with it because I was happy. You! I can’t believe my ears. What did you say? A high school dropout? Everyone has a college degree these days, so why couldn’t he get one? And he operates an excavator? And he’s poor? Are you out of your mind? How awful? Where did you find him? Did you get a lobotomy without telling me? Father, don’t get upset over this. What’s wrong with you? You know how I broke their hearts. You were a teacher, so how could you meet a high school dropout? He dropped out in his junior year? I dropped out of college, and people hold that against me. It’s humiliating. He should at least have a college degree. I know. Even I have a college degree. I have an English lit degree. And I have a law degree. And I have a commerce degree. Gwangbak, I’m very disappointed in you. This is nuts. You should be ashamed of yourself. I was in the Miss Korea pageant! I can’t believe how dumb you are. The Korean War was nothing compared to this. We should beat some sense into you. Dad, here. Rude, ugly hag. You yelled at me to study hard, and you’re seeing a high school dropout? Can I drop out of school? We’re wasting our time. Get out! Out! Go inside before I get mad. No, no, no. Why I ought to! Are you okay? Honey, wake up! Honey! How can you hit him? Are you a thug? Hey, I’m sorry I yelled at you. The car from before, was that yours? It was a nice car. Give me your number. Your phone number. Aeji, it’s dinner time. Aeji! What’s wrong? Can’t you hear me? Mom! I broke the stroller. What? What do we do now? Your father’s going to be furious. What am I going to do? He might kick me and Aeji out. What do we do? Uh, father, you’re home! Mom! Father’s home. You’re home! You must be tired. What’s going on? What’s wrong? Nothing’s wrong. I think you deserve this kind of welcome. Don’t you think so, too? Right. Father, let’s go inside. Gwangbak’s spending the night out with friends. She called me. The house felt really empty today, and I couldn’t wait for you to come home. Empty? Mother and Don are home. What’s wrong? Why are you acting like this? What do you mean? It’s weird. Act like you normally do. Mother! Uh, father, about my getting a job… I asked a few people. What kind of job? I never worked before. When are they getting back to you? They said as soon as possible. Mother! Honey, honey, wait a second. Come here. Why? Tada! Pumpkin rice cake. Your favorite, pumpkin rice cake. You love pumpkin anything. Pumpkin rice cake, pumpkin soup, and your favorite daughter is Hobak (pumpkin). It’s really delicious, father. Try it. Later. It won’t be as good when it’s cold. Try it. I haven’t even washed my hands yet. I’ll feed it to you. Isn’t it delicious, father? Oh, my! I think his hair’s getting thicker. Huh? Oh! Right! You’re getting younger. You look 10 years younger. Did mother have some, too? Excuse me? Of course, she did. Father, I drew a bath for you. This early? Our bathroom’s cold, so it’s better to do it early. You worked hard all day, so you should soak yourself in hot water. Why are you rushing me tonight? Let me say hi to mother first. The bath is getting cold. Say hi later. Oh, man… What is it? I need clean underwear. I’ll bring it to you. Get into the bath. We’ve bought some time. What if grandmother doesn’t come back? Is that him? Name? It’s Ko Minjung. This is crazy. I looked for them everywhere. What are we going to do, then? What else can we do, mom? Let’s confess. Let’s confess and ask for forgiveness. He’s going to blow up. Oh, what the heck! He can’t kill us. Oh, that was nice. Hey, is there anything to drink? What’s wrong? Tell me. What did you do? Grandmother ran away with uncle. What? Grandmother! Uncle! – Grandmother! / – Mother! Grandmother! Have you seen my mother? No, I haven’t. Mom, I’m hungry. I’m hungrier now that I’ve left home. That’s normal. No home, no comfort. Can’t we get something and put it on Bong’s tab? Don’t ruin your brother’s reputation. Everyone knows he’s a vice principal. Do you have any money? Of course not. Mom, why did you name me Don? I have no idea. Your father named you before he died. He probably wanted you to become rich. Hey, look in your pocket. Do you think I can become rich someday? I have some! You do? Oh, you little! Try carrying some money next time. But I don’t have any to carry around. How about you, mom? I was furious, so I didn’t bring anything. Hey, follow me. Try to look as sad as possible. You used to look much sadder than that! Remember what you do best? Yes! That’s it! Follow me. Oh, how cold. Excuse me, it’s nice to meet you. It’s nice to meet you. Are you looking for something? Not really. I fled from North Korea during the Korean War. Excuse me? And I’m starving. Can you give me some food? You came from North Korea? Yes. He’s not my son but grandson, but he hasn’t eaten for days. Please give us some food. She’s my grandmother. You can have these. Thank you, thank you. God bless you. Hey, slow down. You’ll get sick. This is the last bus to Seoul! If you’re going to Seoul, please hurry! This is the last bus to Seoul! Excuse me, is this the last bus? Yes. This is the last bus to Seoul! Is anyone going to Seoul? The bus is leaving! Wait for me. Huh? That’s it? It should be bigger. Read it. Choi Sangnam! I wrote “Wang Gwangbak,” and I read it “My Love.” Excuse me, sir! Please let me get off! Excuse me, is there any other bus? There’s no more buses tonight. The last one left just now. I have lots of ointment. So leave it to me. I’ll make it all better. I’ll help you forget all your pain. I’ll be better to you. I won’t play games, and I’ll do what you say. I’ll go and come as you say. What a fool… You fool! Hello. – I want to report a missing person. / – Oh. It’s right over there. Okay. It wasn’t me. It must be a misunderstanding. Circumstantial evidence says you’re the one. Minjung. Father, how did you know? Know what? I didn’t come here for you. Why are you here? There’s been a misunderstanding. Your son-in-law is a thief. Excuse me? How could you steal from me? I said I’d forgive you if you return them, but you keep insisting it wasn’t you. What’s going on here? Your son-in-law went into her house while delivering a package today. After that, money and jewelry went missing. It wasn’t me. I came right out after pouring the rice out. You were standing by me the whole time. I really had nothing to do with that. But I had no other visitors besides you! People are really sneaky these days, so you could’ve taken them when my eyes were closed! Pickpockets can steal at a blink of an eye! Can I talk to you? Minjung, be honest with me. You really had nothing to do with it? Excuse me? People make mistakes out of desperation. Father, I’d rather go to prison. Even if the world thought I was guilty, I didn’t think you would… Even if the whole world casted stones at me, I thought you would believe me. Hello. This is my business card. Yes. I swear on my teaching job, my son-in-law didn’t do it. But the circumstances are suspicious. Then let’s go to her house and check. Let’s search the whole house. I swear to god. I’ll eat my hat. What did you say it looks like? It’s a pouch I always wear here. It’s a red pouch. I have a gold ring in there and all the money my sons gave me. Let’s all look for it. Isn’t this it? Oh, my! Why was it in there? Is that the pouch? Oh, what do I do? I’m so sorry. Why didn’t you look more thoroughly? Minjung. I’m sorry about before. I don’t know why I thought that. I thought desperation could make you do it. And since you’re in a desperate situation, maybe you did steal it. I’m sorry. But I never doubted your character. It was just a bad day for you. It started off badly with that tofu, and it just kept going like that. It’s because you feel unwelcome. It’s like feeling eternally hungry. I was a resident tutor when I was in college, and the family was really good to me, but I always felt hungry for some reason. I realized later it came from feeling unwelcome. You probably felt unwelcome, living with your in-laws, and that was why you were hungry. I’m sorry. There’s no need to be. You’re living here now so hold your head up. There’s no shame in that. Whatever my wife says, don’t dwell on it. She nags me all the time, too. Eat whatever you want, whenever you want. Turn the lights on at night, and make all the noise you want to. Make lots of noise when you eat. Wake Subak up to make you something. Okay? Thank you, father. I was really upset before, but now I don’t anymore. I’m really sorry. Let’s go in. Anyway, how did you come to the police station? The police station? I didn’t go there for you. Why did I go there? Oh, I can’t believe I forgot. Father! My father and I were in financial trouble, and in my junior year, we hit rock bottom. My father kept an installment savings account to send me to college, but I asked him to give it to me. It was meant for me, so I asked for it early. I told him I’d use it as seed money and be more successful than college graduates. And your father gave it to you? I can be pretty stubborn. Your father’s pretty amazing. He believed in me. And I dropped out of high school and started working. To get over my education complex, I read as many books as I could and learned English and Chinese. Maybe that’s why. I never thought you lacked knowledge. Actually, you taught me a lot of things. Thank you for saying that. Aren’t you cold? I brought you here for a reason. When I was little, my family came here on our first trip. Remember the rock we climbed earlier? We took our only family photo there. This place is meaningful to me, and I wanted to bring the person who would become my family. Why didn’t you go? Fool. You told me to wait for you here. And I was going to, all night. I was scared out of my wits. You won’t regret it? You can’t live without me. And you can’t live without me. You chose me, and you can never leave me. You won’t regret it. My sucker. I like getting things done quickly. Tonight? I’m not really ready tonight. What? We should go home tonight. Next time… What are you talking about? I can’t say anything to you. I saw your bag. You brought your makeup, pajamas, and everything, didn’t you? No, I didn’t. I want to marry you. I have something to tell you, too. Go ahead. Don’t leave me stranded like tonight. Don’t disappear on me. Don’t flirt with other women. And keep your eyes on me forever. If you don’t, I will… I promise. I’m yours forever. You look very happy. Mom, I’m cold. Sit closer to me. – Mom. / – Yes? Aren’t you glad I’m here with you? You’re not scared or bored. Aren’t you glad you had me? Why you little… If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have fought. You’re a college graduate, but you can’t even get a job, and that’s why people look down on you. I know. Oh, I’m completely awake. You were pretty good getting the bread. When I fled during the Korean War, all I wanted was to survive, so I begged for food whenever I could. I said I didn’t care if it was dog food. I begged for just one bite. That was how I survived, but I might die from being kicked out by my daughter-in-law. You’re not going to die! You survived the Korean War. They’d be sleeping in their cozy rooms, and we’re out here, freezing to death. Bong must be looking for us. Look what you gotten me into! Why did you break that stroller? It wasn’t me! I’m serious! It wasn’t you? I thought it was you, mom. Really? Oh, man. Then why did we leave? I know! We did nothing wrong, so let’s go home. Why I ought to… Ouch… Mom, rub spit on your nose. Ouch! Let’s go! Mother! Bong! Oh, son! I thought I would never see you again. Where were you? I looked for you everywhere. I can’t live without you, mother. And I can’t live without you, Bong. The Korean War was nothing compared to this. Bong! Bong… What’s wrong with this family? I can’t believe this. Look at that. All you need to do is that. Wang Subak! Have you no respect? He’s your uncle, even if he’s 2 years younger. And you’re his niece. Right, she is. How dare you talk back to him? What? Your mom? Were you talking about my mom? You want to be my equal now? I’m Don’s older brother, okay? You want a piece of me? Father, I’m sorry. She wasn’t trying to pick a fight. They were like friends, growing up. Be quiet. Don’t cut in while Bong’s talking. How dare you! I’m sorry, father. I’m sorry. Let’s leave it at that. Pay attention to the family hierarchy. Hobak, don’t treat your uncle like he’s your younger brother. I won’t. Daebak, he’s your uncle, not your brother. Okay. And you. Yes. How can you make mother leave home? And you framed her. You’re getting old, too, so how would you feel if your children treated you that way? Your children will follow your example. Your father’s right, so pay attention. Yes! And Don. Yes. I told you not to act like a loser. Why would you get involved in women’s business and get treated like a loser? It wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for you. You’re their uncle, so try to set an example. You’re younger, but you’re still their uncle! I know. I’m sorry, Bong. Who was that? My stomach’s asking for food. What are you waiting for? Go make dinner! Okay. Bong, you’re the best. Mother, I’m sorry. It’s all my fault. It’s not your fault! It’s not easy to survive among these women. I heard other women are pretty scary. Mother, don’t ever leave home again. You scared me to death. I won’t do it again. I know. Why didn’t you tell me this before? I won’t let her get away with it. Mr. Heo Sedal. Yes, director. Don’t get too excited. I normally don’t get excited, but this can’t be! I think you do normally get excited. I wasn’t going to tell you. I never had a water slap before. I saw sparks flying in front of my eyes. Did it hurt? I never had a water slap. Would you like one now? No, thank you. It sounds like it hurts a lot. I can’t really take slaps like that. Things are getting more interesting. Excuse me? I feel like going to war, and it’s going to get more interesting. Good shot. I hate it my feelings are hurt. Do you understand what I’m saying? I’ll take care of it right away. Sedal. What do you think you’re doing? What do you mean? Is your entire family gangsters? Are they thugs? Your entire family turn to violence, from your uncle to your older sister. How can vice principal’s kids do this? How could you get Subak involved in this? How can you slap an innocent woman? She’s never seen sparks flying in front of her eyes like that. You can’t solve this problem this way. You’re being really dumb, but this is against the law. You and your family aren’t that close, but you came together for this. Whenever something happens to you, Gwangbak, Subak and your mother come to me. It must be nice to have siblings. If your family butt in one more time, that will be the end of us. I screamed at her. She won’t pull anything like that again. It’s not like we did anything wrong. We just pretended to be dating. What’s wrong with your family? Actually, they’re not my family. They are my in-laws. They’re not even that close, but when something happens, they stick together like bees. I’m jealous. You’re jealous of that? I’ve always been jealous of kids with lots of siblings. Don’t be jealous. It’s better to be an only child. It’s better to be an only child? They say it’s better to have no children. It’s the same thing. Having lots of siblings is a huge headache, unless they are loaded and giving. You have me, so don’t worry. I’ll make sure nobody touches you. Take care of your in-laws. If anything like this happens again, you know, right? I must return the car key and credit card. This is my treat. This is what every Korean loves, and it’s called pork belly. It really hurt, didn’t it? I can’t believe you saw sparks. I know that feeling. Which cheek was it? This one? This one. This one? Hello. Let’s go somewhere else. Why? Oh, my! I’m glad I ran into you. Your kids are jumping like mad. I rang the door many times, but it didn’t work. That can’t be. My kids don’t jump. My ceilings about to collapse. Is this your first apartment? Don’t you watch the news? Apartment noise leads to murders these days! I’m sorry. I knew this would happen. What are you teaching those boys? You! You little rascals! Come here! I told you to play quietly! Didn’t I? Why won’t you listen to me? Why? Do you want me to die from stress? No! I don’t want you to die! Go ahead! Hit me! It’s not my kid you’re killing! What? What did you say? Come here! How dare you say such a thing! Who is it? It’s me. Father, how come you didn’t call? Maybe I should’ve called you first. It’s okay. Come in, father. I bought some snacks for the boys. You didn’t have to. Where are they? I put them to bed. Were you crying? What happened? I was a bit upset. Because of Sedal? Because of the boys. When I came home, they were jumping up and down, and the downstairs lady came up. Boys will be boys. They can’t help it. But tell them not to bother the neighbors. Apartment noise is a huge deal these days. They should put themselves in other’s shoes. I spanked them already. You didn’t have to do that. Just talk to them. I’m so upset. What happened? Hitting them up broke my heart. I don’t know why I’m like this. I hated mom, but I’m turning into her. Especially with Bangtong. Are you partial to one of them? When I’m upset, I feel like I’m doing the right thing by punishing them, but when I calm down and think about it, I think I hit Bangtong more than Sintong. I swore to myself that I’d love them equally, but I’m doing the same thing mom did. And it’s driving me crazy. That’s how things are. The victims of domestic violence grow up and become violent. Don’t beat your kids out of anger. I tell the teachers at every meeting not to hit the students out of anger. That leaves emotional scars. I know. I’ll be more careful, father. Good. Is everything okay with you? Yes. I heard you’re going to the gym. Namhyeong told me. Yes, I thought I should exercise. I keep gaining weight. Gain weight? You? You’re skinny. I think you lost more weight. I look skinny, but I’m not. You know I’m different from what you see. I think your mom’s softened up a bit. She speaks harshly, but has softened up. You should drop by and talk to her. I will, father. I better get going. Hobak, can I ask you for a favor? Anything, except to borrow money, father. It’s Subak. Can you find a job for her? She needs to lend a hand. I’ll see what I can find, father. I hope I’m not putting pressure on you. Where’s Sedal? Is he always this late? I think he has a lot of work. Everything is okay, right? It is, father. Why do you ask? It’s nothing. I’m glad everything’s okay. You play golf now? My son is successful. I envy you. It’s nothing, really. I need to know how to do certain things to be with the boss. Like this. This is how you stand. Good shot! Good shot! Oh, I wish I could play golf. Everyone who’s well-off in this town carry around their golf bags and practice their swings and play golf. Your time will come. Did you ask your director? Not yet. You said your director’s rich. Just ask, Sedal. Mom’s trying to make a living. I’m waiting for the right timing. Why do you keep sleeping over here? What did you fight about? Just pretend you didn’t… Yes, director. Right now? What’s going on? What is it? I’m so, so lonely. I’m scared to be alone. Stay with me tonight. And don’t go anywhere, okay? Let’s go out for lunch. Okay. What about Sangnam? He left because he has plans. He seems to be very busy these days. Is something up with him? Who knows? Maybe he’s seeing someone. Go sit down. I’ll bring it over. Did you bring it? Tada! My third grade winter vacation journal. Oh! Mine’s from third grade, too. Let’s write a report on them after reading. And your photo album? I don’t show this to just anyone. Tada! How adorable! Not adorable. Handsome. A baby less than a year old isn’t “handsome.” Look. I already look like a player. I was born with it. Not this one. Why not? It’s too sexy. My pants are missing. I want to see. Please show me. I can’t… Oh, my! How adorable! I’m embarrassed. Give me 10 cents for every kiss. Advance payment. I have nine left. Album. I couldn’t bring them all. I’ll show you when you come to my house. Is it because you had work done? Is that why you can’t show me? No. I’m a natural beauty. I had the same face since I was a girl. With big eyes. I must be nice to have many pictures. I don’t have that many. This is it. The rest of the pages are empty. We will become a family and fill them up. Let’s do that. Well… Remember? My mom? Like you said, I’m going to forgive her. I won’t be able to love anyone unless I do that first. You’re such a good boy. When’s the best time? As soon as possible. I told you. I don’t like wasting time. I can’t sleep because I want to marry you. Can we not tell my family about your school? It has nothing to do with how I feel. I don’t care about that stuff. I know. You don’t want them to be biased. Right. That’s it. Time will solve it, so let’s not bring it up just yet. Okay. We’ll tell them later. I won’t bring it up. You need to meet someone today. Who is it? This reminds me of the soup you made me. You made this soup on my birthday. You didn’t know? You didn’t have seaweed soup this morning? Minjung! Minjung! Don’t get off. Here. I made some dumplings. You called me to for this? Yes. You like dumplings. Eat it while you drive. I also packed some warm coffee. Go. I’ll see you later. Sunjeong. You’re busy. You should go. Thanks. But don’t do this again. All people are the same. I’m not just some guy you used to know. We almost got married, and no man would approve of that. Minjung, when we’re together, don’t talk about others. It’s okay. I’m doing this because I can. So don’t worry. Why are you looking at me like that? Are you worried about me seducing you? You’re not capable of that. Huh? I’m not the same girl you used to know. It’s been over 10 years. How did you know I like dumplings? Even my own wife doesn’t know that. This may sound presumptuous, but I think I understand your wife. When you lose all your money like that, women can’t help it. She must feel very lost. She has to take care of you and the kids. It’s natural to forget things like birthdays. I know. You should be nice to her. And you should try to rely on me a bit. I can’t be of big help, but I can be there for you. Aunt. I’m right on time, right? Say hi. This is my aunt. Hello. I’m Wang Gwangbak. It’s nice to meet you. I was wondering about the lucky girl. Isn’t she perfect? Sit down, aunt. You look like a good person. People with big eyes are all kind hearted. Right? But he teases me, saying I look like a puppy. You should hear her barking. Sangnam told me a lot about you. He made fun of me? No, he said you’re a very nice person. You’re like his mom. How fake! Be yourself. You’ll be attacking each other soon. We have to reveal one thing at a time. You’re not supposed to show everything at once. I need to get this. I’ll be right back. Yes. I’m not looking for anything else. I just want you to be happy with Sangnam. That’s all. I won’t forget it. You’re the first woman he wants to marry. You heard about our family, right? Yes. Unfortunately, you can’t move out. I know we have to live with his father. But the house is big, so it should be fine. You can have the second floor. The second floor? And there isn’t much to buy. Maybe a new bed. We bought new furniture recently. Okay. And the house isn’t very old. It looked pretty old. I ran into him by his house one time. That can’t be. It’s only 3 years old. Really? There are many people there, so no wonder. And there won’t be much work. The garden’s big, but we have someone who takes care of it. So you won’t have to worry about that. I’m sorry, but I don’t understand what you’re saying. I’m talking about the house you’ll live in. I know, but having the second floor or garden sounds weird when he lives in the basement. He lives in the basement? Did Sangnam tell you that? You should yell at him. He tricked you. Excuse me? Are you okay? What is it? I met with my friends a few days ago. Yeah. And one of them saw his son-in-law meeting some other woman. And he was wondering what to do about it. Why would he wonder about that? He should’ve gone straight over to them, yell at the evil witch and beat the crap out of her. That’s what he should do? Of course! Why would he worry about that? Tell him to call her and teach her a lesson. He should nip it in the bud. It’s not Minjung or Sedal, is it? It’s not Minjung or Sedal. It’s someone else. I miss mom. I’m hungry. Where’s my mom? Does she hate me now? If I see her, I should say I’m sorry. Why did I do that? Because you’re happy. Correct. What were you doing? I was meeting a little girl in third grade. See? You’re better with words than I am. You’re a writer. I was meeting a lovely ten-year-old boy. I think I know why you wanted to do this. Go to bed. You need your beauty sleep. Okay. I’ll see you tomorrow. This won’t do. Come out. Right now? I can’t do this. I miss you too much. I think we should stop. Let’s go. I’ll take you home. You live here? Go in. I’ll see you tomorrow. Good night. I’m going. Waiting for Gwangbak’s future husband brings me back memories. Of when I came to meet you. How was it? I was nervous. I used to hang out here all the time, so I wasn’t nervous at all. The first impression is the key. Men don’t like women with lots of sisters. So be lady-like, and watch what you say. Just be yourselves. You can’t fool him. He should be here. Hey, sucker! You look nice! The best! I always look nice. You’re full of yourself. Let’s go in. Everyone’s waiting. Am I shaking? Don’t forget what you promised. I won’t. Let’s go. He’s here. He is? Hello. It’s nice to meet you. I’m Choi Sangnam. Welcome. Welcome. Here. I never gotten flowers from a man before! He brought dried yellow corvina and fruit, too. My fridge needed restocking! Come and sit down. Sit. Sit here. He’s handsome. Huh? Yeah. – What school did you go to? / – Excuse me? Did you study abroad? Actually… – You’re getting a daughter-in-law. / – What? She’s our daughter. She’s pretty. She is? – It’s mine. / – What? I saw it first! I’m scared. Come quickly. Hurry up! What are you doing? Why aren’t you calling me? I’m sleeping with my wife. Are you out of your mind? I had high hopes for you! How could you fall for him? I wish you’d trust me with this.

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