Wang’s Family | 왕가네 식구들 EP.18 [SUB:ENG, CHN, VIE, IND]
Wang’s Family | 왕가네 식구들 EP.18 [SUB:ENG, CHN, VIE, IND]

(Episode 18) My baby, come on, baby. Oppa! This is nuts. Woohoo! Woohoo! ♪ Will your gaze meet mine? ♪ ♪ My heart bounce, bounces ♪ ♪I fear it my just jump right out from me♪ Woohoo! Sintong, Bangtong, let’s go out. Woohoo! We’re going on a picnic, too! How exciting! Are we going to an amusement park? Sure! Let’s go everywhere we want. When someone changes suddenly, they die. Grandmother said so. I don’t care if I die. I just want to go to an amusement park. Why would anyone die? We must go on living with tenacity! Sintong, Bangtong, I’m going to live a long life. I’m going to live a very long life so I can go to your weddings and see your lovely brides and your children. I’m going to wait for my turn and pay him back for what he did. I am going to live to see that day. And I’m going to live every day with tenacity. hey, Hobak. Oh? Sintong, Bangtong, you’re here! Auntie! Come in. It’s okay. Come in. Who cares? It’s actually father’s house. Maybe later. Let’s go out. Go out? I have a deadline, so I can’t go far. We were going to go to an amusement park. Let’s go somewhere closer today. We’ll go to an amusement park another day. I want to go to an amusement park! I’ll take you next time. Let’s go somewhere close today, okay? Daebak’s home, isn’t he? His girlfriend is here, too. Let’s take them. And, this. It’s for mom. She likes fried tofu sushi. I brought lots of food like glass noodles, tempura and pork cutlets. What’s gotten into you? If I have to go on living, might as well make it fun. Glad to hear that. Just a minute. Hold on. Hobak brought fried tofu sushi for you. Your favorite, mom. She left after handing that to you? Should I ask her to come in? No. Wow. Anyone can make that. I just don’t bother to make it. Why is she sending food over? She should come and beg me to forgive her. This is a form of asking for forgiveness. Just forgive her, mom. She’s not doing so well these days. Why is that? Sedal has a good job, she moved to a new place, and she doesn’t have to see me. If you ask me, she has the best life. No, she doesn’t. Did something happen to Hobak? Well… Don’t say anything to mom or dad. I’m sure she has problems. She just doesn’t like to talk about them. She doesn’t like to talk? That’s the funniest thing I ever heard. Nobody is more devious than her. She’s just like her grandmother. She’s not. She’s your daughter. You must have hated grandmother. They say you take after the person you hate. You should reach out first. Not all family members can get along. You and Hobak are a little off, that’s all. Should I ask her over later? Why? If she really wanted to, she could. I’m going to be watching her… Eat this and get over it. I’m going on a picnic with Daebak and Miho. Here. It’s good. Your grandmother’s bored, so hang out with her. Grandmother! Here’s the sunlight! I’m old, and my body’s getting old, too. I’m hungry. Is there anything to eat? I’m tired of cooking and ordering in. Being dumped is making me hungry. I’m always thinking about food. When you’re lonely, you feel hungry. Should we go to Sedal’s place? Let’s ask Hobak to make us some soup. Should we? – You cooked all this? / – Yes. What a beautiful flower! Excuse me. These flowers are so beautiful. Okay. Come over when you’re done. Uncle’s coming, too. Great. We have lots of food. Hello? Hello? I can’t hear you. You should say “Hello, mother,” instead of “I can’t hear you.” Mother, I’m sorry. I’m out. Out where? I’m came on a picnic. I thought I’d take the boys out. You only care about your boys? You don’t care about your mother-in-law. What goes around, comes around! Good job, mom. Crush her later. Should we order black bean noodles? Order sweet and sour pork, too. You can think better on a full stomach, so let’s eat first. Oh, it’s so nice to be outside like this. I wish the whole family was here. Let’s ask father to have a family picnic! We should. Is it good? Yes. I never had this kind of food before. I’ll tell her to make more. Oh, eat up. This bowl makes it even more delicious. You’ve changed a lot. You only ate out of pretty bowls. I know. I was in the Miss Korea pageant. You say that all the time, but to be honest, when I hear it, it breaks my heart. The others don’t know what happened, and they joke about you getting eliminated, but you and I know the truth. Of all days… Whenever I think about that day, like grandmother says, the Korean War was nothing. Your father almost divorced me. Hobak won’t say anything, will she? I warned her never to mention it. She only thinks about what happened to her. She’s forgotten about what she did to you. Mom, it’s all in the past, so let’s forget it. What’s the use of dwelling on it? I guess it wasn’t meant to be. Subak. Yes. Did you eat? Everyone went out. I know. I’m joining them. Do you want to come? It’s okay. You should eat more. You lost a lot of weight. I lost 3 kilograms. 3 kilograms? You were skinny to begin with! I was a nervous wreck. That was me. They were turning me into a nervous wreck. What gave you the strength for this picnic? Because I have to go on. I had to snap out of it, so I can take care of them. Good, Hobak. This will pass. I don’t know. This never happened before. When he falls for something, he loses all his senses, so I don’t know. Will we be able to stay together? He loses himself when he falls for something, but nothing ever lasts with him. He’ll get over it in a few months. That long? Every day is a struggle for me. Hobak, don’t worry. Relationships based on money don’t last. Money is very attractive, but that’s all there is to it. Who said that? Somebody. A sucker who’s really smart. They went on a picnic together. The two of them? He says it’s just work, but how can it be when a man and a woman are out together? I packed him lunch. You packed him lunch? I should’ve known. Are you stupid? Yes, I must be stupid. Please stop doing that. You should be hard on him. Why are you all scared of him? That’s why Sedal’s acting like that. I’m being patient for a reason. I’m just scared of getting mad because if I did, things might be over. But Gwangbak, I got revenge on him. Revenge? He must be going crazy by now. Golf is really fun. I’ve always wanted to play golf, but I had no idea how much fun it was. Let’s play a round of golf next week, oppa. It will be your first real game. Really? You promise? Yes. After a round, you’ll get a hang of it. Oh, this is nuts. I’m going on a golf trip with my friends. Who gave you permission? You belong to me. You can’t do anything without my permission. I think you forget that sometimes. I won’t forget. Watch me. Golf is half posture. Watch me. Stick your butt out like this, and like this. Like this? More, more. Push up. – Like this? / – Yes. Exert more force. What is… I need to go somewhere. Where? You haven’t eaten anything. I can’t eat anything right now. Oppa! Where are you going? Someone keeps calling me. I’m coming, I am. Yes, Gwangbak, where are you? Huh? Excuse me, please hurry up. I’ll give you money. Can you come out now? Can you put your pants on outside? Oh, help me. Yes, yes. Where are you? Why aren’t you back? Hold on. I’m coming. Hurry. Run, Gwangbak! The front leg grows! Mom, mom. She got you! What? Sing! Sing! Sing! No! This is nuts. – Sintong, stop! / – Catch me if you can! Ugh! Oh, my! What’s wrong with you? Get away from me! I’m sorry. They are my nephews. I’m sorry. May I help you clean up? No. Get the kids away from me. Apologize. I’m sorry. Get away from me. Let’s go. Huh? Uncle, she’s eating the same food we’re eating. Right, I saw, too. It’s the same food. You guys go back first. I’m still in the middle of it. It’s me. I don’t think I know you. I doubt I know anyone in this restroom. It’s me, Daebak. What are you doing here? Did you follow me? We’re here on a picnic. Leave before Sintong and Bangtong see you. You understand what I mean, don’t you? Uncle and Gwangbak are here, too. Your uncle, too? Yes. I won’t tell them. They can’t see you, so leave. I trust that you’ll leave. Oh, man. Oppa, where are you? Something came up. I feel really badly. But don’t ask any questions. Just do as I say. Get up quietly and go home right now. Go home and wait for my call. Do you understand? Oppa, oppa! Tell me what you did to him. Nope! Come on, Hobak! You want to know? Yes. Really? Carefully, carefully. That hurts! So funny! Hobak, you’re outrageous. How did you come up with that idea? You got him good! He’s probably stuck at the restroom. So funny. Good job, Hobak. Hobak? Hobak… Hobak… Yes, I’ll leave it at the front desk. Drop by anytime. I’m always home. I can’t call you or text you. When you get hungry, thirsty or have to use the bathroom, drop by. I’ll keep the door open. Oh, boy. Playing is hard. But I had fun. Grandmother, you should rest. Mom! Anggeum, your grandchildren are here. – Oh. / – Mom. Sintong and Bangtong came. Hello. Hi. Why did you bring them? They came to visit their grandmother. They’re spending the night here. Go wash up, and I will make you a snack. Okay. How about her? She’s coming later. What? What’s this? Oh, it stinks. Don’t you know? You know what you did! What did I do? You… Who else could it be? I had no idea you could be so cruel. How dare you pull that kind of stuff? What did you give me? I almost died. Look at my face. It looks gaunt now. Look for yourself. Just wash that. I’m exhausted. Sedal, let’s talk. Don’t lay a finger on me. This is attempted murder. I almost called the police on you. Don’t go. I’m sorry. Why do you think I did that? I’m a woman, too. Don’t do this to me. You were a loving and kind man. You ruined the loving and kind man. You’ve already crossed the line. I haven’t. I’ll be good. There’s no need for that. You didn’t know this would happen? You treated me like a boy and beat me up. You never treated me like your husband. I will never do that again, okay? Let me go. I’m exhausted. You’re going to make me fall down. I’m sorry. Let go of me! This is nuts! Ugh. Who is it? It’s your brother. What are you doing here? I’m sleeping here. Don’t ask any questions. Bring me some blankets. I don’t need to ask any questions. Why do you always fight? Madam Park Salla, your son is here. You had another fight? I don’t know. You should talk to her. What did you fight about? You’re doing well, making lots of money. She doesn’t know where her place is. You should’ve taught her at the beginning. It was because of money. A man has to make money to have a voice. He’s making money now. I’m going to crush Hobak. I’ve been waiting for the right time. This guy I met keeps calling me. I’m meeting him tomorrow evening. Hello. How many? Two. Would you like a quiet table? No, we want to sit by the window. That table looks nice. We’ll sit there. I’m buying, so order whatever you want. Of course you’re buying. You know how much time I spent getting all dressed up? I’m sorry. If this works out, I’ll owe you one. I can’t believe this. Using me to make your boyfriend jealous? We’ve been friends since elementary school! Imagine how desperate I must be. But do you think this will work? I think this is the best way to find out if he really likes you. And I’m quite handsome, you know? You’re full of yourself. Well, I guess I can sacrifice myself so you can get married. Sit straight and look pretty. Like this? Don’t ask any questions. Is he here? Hey! Just your eyes! He’s here! He’s here! What do I do? Where? Across the street. What do I do? Just ignore him. Keep your focus on me. Focus. Oh, no. Hello? You must be chowing down barbecue. Oh, how did you know? I’m enjoying my dinner now. Come out this instant. But I have to eat. Stop eating and just come out. No. I have to eat. He just called me. What did he say? He told me to stop eating and come out. What do I do? Step one worked. – It’s done? / – He took the bait. We have to finalize it. How? Be pretty. Say, “Ah.” Ah. Answer it? Answer it. Turn around. Hello? Don’t “Hello” me! Don’t eat that lettuce wrap and come right out! He didn’t even wash his hands! Why would you eat that? You have no sense of cleanliness. And you open your mouth for anyone! If you don’t come out, I’m coming in. I’ll count to three. One, two, three. He… Hey! Hey! Good job. Looking pretty, ah. It’s working? If you ruin this, you’re dead. He’s quiet. And for the final step. You have feed me. Me? It’s worse then being fed, I’m serious. If he doesn’t react, just dump him. No. What do I do? I think he left. Don’t look around. I’m sure he’s here. But what if he left? Should I run after him? You’re overreacting. Aren’t you being too desperate? Who cares if I am? I really like him. I’m sure you do. Now feed me. If this doesn’t work out, it’s your fault. What if this was a mistake? What if he found about? Stop talking. Okay. What did I do to deserve this? I have to look at you like you’re adorable. You know how difficult that is? Oh, my eyes, poor my eyes. Just hold on. I said I’ll owe you one. What about him do you like so much? You never fell for anyone before. He’s not even that handsome. He is. I just knew it had to be him. I never felt this way before. Your feelings are killing me. Feed me slowly. Ah. Ah. Oh, my. I’m sorry, but I have to take her with me. Oh, my! What are you doing? Oh, my! Oh, my! Oh, my! Oh, my! What are you doing? You have no manners. Oh, ouch. Manners? How could you drag me out like this? What if people start talking? If they think I have a man, I won’t be asked out. Oh, that hurts. How come you’re so strong? You don’t like me because of that? I do. From now on, the only barbecue you’ll ever eat is the one I buy you and the one I barbecue for you. What do you mean? Don’t ever eat with just anyone, and don’t ever feed just anyone. Do it only with me. Just me. Hey! – Ugh. / – Hey! What? – What the heck! / – Come here! How dare you! Come here! Hey! Hey! Aagh! Nice! Yay! Woohoo! Why is this happening? This is nuts! Yay! You’re home? You were asleep? I kept ringing the bell. Oh, I think I dozed off. Did you sleep well, Sintong and Bangtong? Yes, we slept with uncle Daebak. They already had breakfast. Get ready for school. Okay. Where’s Sedal? He went to work already? No. He didn’t come home last night. What? How dare they! Shh! Lead the way. Subak, calm down and don’t use violence. Our father’s a teacher, after all. We must behave ourselves. Don’t worry. I’ll be civilized. Just talk to her. Don’t yell, don’t swear, and no violence. On TV dramas they splash water and slap people, but you can’t do that, okay? Who is she? Only rude people do that. But since our father’s a vice principal… Are you the one who called me? It’s you? What do you want? Hello. We are… Follow me. I came because you wanted to see me, but why are you here? This is my older sister, and she’s Heo Sedal’s sister-in-law. And I’m the younger one. Get to the point. – What do you want from Sedal? / – What? What are you going to do? I don’t know. I haven’t given it any thought yet. You haven’t thought about it? Should I start now? Are you kidding me? Maybe I am, but still, a third party shouldn’t get involved. You must have lots of free time. What? I can’t believe my ears. You witch! How rich do you think you are? I used to live in a huge apartment! Subak. You’re laughing? I drove an import car, okay? Subak. I don’t think there’s anything more to say. Sit down. Aren’t you done? We need to hear your answers, so sit down. I answered already. You should stay… Hey! I was in the Miss Korea pageant! Just who do you think you are? You know what you deserve? Did you just laugh? Subak! This is the famous water slap. Go ahead and laugh again. If you get in my sister’s way, I’ll kill you. Stop fooling around. They are my sister and her husband. You shouldn’t fool around with them. My sister came to you and begged you, so she can protect her family. Enough. Next time, I won’t stop with a water slap. End it before you get really humiliated. Really? Yup. Hey! I was in the Miss Korea pageant! Just who do you think you are? And she threw water on her and slapped her and said, “This is the famous water slap!” If you get in my sister’s way, I’ll kill you. I’ll kill you all! I mean… Really? Subak… Oh, Hobak. You should’ve told me about it first. I’m the eldest daughter. You think I’m a joke? No, I didn’t think you’re a joke. You’re the best. I felt great watching her. You were amazing. You were the best. I didn’t know you’d do that for me. Hobak, you’d never know how I feel. No matter what happened between us, we’re family, and family sticks together. Don’t you feel that way, too? Of course I do. I’m on my family’s side. You have us, so why didn’t you tell us? Right. Hobak, cheer up. You have us. We’re all on your side. What are you going to do? After you decide, we can come up with a plan. We can beat him up, or you can divorce him. Hobak doesn’t want to divorce him. You want to stick with a jerk like that? I don’t believe you. I held back because I heard uncle already beat him up, but I could’ve killed Sedal. I’m thinking about what to do. I don’t want to regret later. You’re an idiot. What regrets could you have? What has Sedal ever done for you? He’s been nothing but trouble. If it were me, I would’ve already dumped him. Yes, mother. No, I’ll come over. Okay. It’s my mother-in-law. Subak, don’t tell anyone else. Mother, I’m here. Don’t you feel anything? Excuse me? Why do you think I closed my shop early? Why do you keep kicking your husband out? It’s become a habit. Sedal slept here last night. Why does he keep coming here? He slept here? Why did you fight? It’s obvious. She only gets mad about one thing. Money. Am I right? It wasn’t because of money. Wait, I guess it is about money technically. Stop nagging your husband. You’re always nagging about money. I don’t understand why you’re like that. That won’t bring money your way. Being stingy will do you no good. To be honest, who else but Sedal would stay with you? Nobody else could, I’m sure. You’re right. Only Sedal could handle someone like me. – Is she being sarcastic? / – I’m serious. I’ve been thinking about my mistakes. You should. Don’t ever kick him out again. Where did you go yesterday? I took the boys to the park for a picnic. What’s gotten into you? I’m not going to be stingy anymore. Mother, have you had dinner yet? We’ve been hungry for hours! I’m not getting any customers these days. Let’s order something. My treat. What’s gotten into you? Being stingy will do me no good, mother. What would you like? – Sangnam. / – Yes, aunt. You’re quite the whistler! You caught me. I haven’t heard that in years. Do that again. Is there any older man like you? I doubt it. You said you’d introduce me if you ever met someone. Who is she? Well, I knew it had to be her. I’m dying to know. Tell me. She’s easy on the eyes, and very warm. She sees me as I am and doesn’t play games. She puts her feelings for me before her pride. And she respects my job. But most importantly, she makes me laugh. She makes you laugh? That’s enough, then. That’s important. Who makes me laugh. That’s why you can’t help but whistle? You must bring her. I want to meet her. Your father’s curious, too. I have to get something done first. What is it? Something. Tomorrow’s D-day. Did you start? Okay. Good. I’ll be there after breakfast. Did Mr. Park come to work? Yes, they started working. Sangnam is really good. Everyone in this field is stubborn, but he can convince them, no matter what. Just like me. To be honest, he’s better than you. How could you say that? He’s still my son. Right. Oh, seaweed soup. Is it someone’s birthday? No, I just wanted it, so I made it. Where did it go? I know I bought one yesterday. I’m leaving. Have you seen the tofu? Tofu? I ate it last night. How could you eat that? Why would you eat raw tofu? Why didn’t you ask first? I’m sorry. I was going to make stew with that. What do I do now? I didn’t know before, but you really like to eat. I’m scared you’ll eat everything up! And it’s not like you’re pitching in. What is it? He ate the tofu I bought to make stew. Why did you eat that? I was hungry. You weren’t like this before. You know how much money I spend on food? Everything disappears like crazy. I keep stuffing the fridge. I’m dying here. I know you’re flat broke, but you should try to pitch in. Look what you started. Ask before you eat anything. I’ll go get one. Mother! Why is Minjung running around so early? He ate the tofu mom bought for stew. Do you have to put tofu in? Of course I do. Still, how could you ask him to get it? He has to go to work. What’s wrong with that? I’m sorry I ate the tofu without asking. I keep feeling hungry since I moved in here. I’m sorry for eating all the food. And I’ll pitch in, starting this month. I’m supposed to deposit this, but take it. It’s $300. Just $300? Huh? Subak, come with me. Uh… What have you been up to lately? I’ve been taking care of the kids. You must be bored. Of course. I used to meet my friends and go on trips, but now I can’t even get a facial or go shopping. In that case, work around the house. Cook for Minjung, and raise the kids by yourself. That’s not your mom’s job. How could you let him eat raw tofu? You should’ve cooked something for him. You know how hard his job is? He runs around, carrying packages all day. He gets hungry all the time. But he has no time for a decent meal. Did you even know that? If you can’t do the chores, get a job. You need to make money. A single income isn’t enough these days. I can’t get a job. I’ve never worked a day in my life, so what could I possibly do? I’ll look for a job for you. If you put your mind to it, you can do it. Give this back to Minjung. Keep it. He can’t afford this. Men don’t want to live with their in-laws. When I asked Minjung to move in, I wanted him to get free room and board. Do you understand? Father, keep it. We’d feel better if you did. You don’t need to pay to feel better. You should try to make him feel at home. How can you yell at him for some tofu? How much was it? Was it some special expensive tofu? Even so, he said he’s hungrier now that he’s living here. You’re making him stressed. That’s why he’s hungry. You used to be so nice to him. How could you be so mean? I can’t believe my ears. I’m mean? Fine, so I am. We’re doing pretty well because I’m mean. Are you going somewhere? I’m meeting my friends. Remember Bora? It’s her birthday. We’re going to spend the night at a sauna. Is that okay? Did you get permission from your father? I’m going to call him later. Hey, take me with you. Not tonight, grandmother. I’ll take you next time. I’ll see you later. Shouldn’t you be writing? Did you quit being a writer? No, I didn’t! Oh, I don’t think you’ll become one! There goes the doctor son-in-law. The one who will like me The one who will love me The one! The one who will like me The one I will love… Goodbye, grandmother. Uh, wait a minute. I have no family, so could you pour the rice into the jar? – Into the jar? / – Yes. I’m not strong enough, so please. Okay. Minjung. Here. Thanks. It’s not from me, but it’s nice to hear you say that. Is it from your husband? No, I bought something for the house. Why didn’t you drop by? There’s a route I must take, so I can’t drop by unless there’s delivery. And it doesn’t really feel right. Why not? Your husband might get the wrong idea. I’m okay with it, but you might… I should go. Stay for lunch. It’s okay. You haven’t had lunch, right? Just have a bite, okay? Just one bite. Look at all these side dishes. Do you eat like this every day? Not every day. It’s seaweed soup. Try it. I thought you didn’t have time. I’m not sure if this is a good idea. Don’t worry about it. Nobody’s home. It’s good. It is? I’m glad. I was so worried because I wasn’t sure. I ordered something so you’d deliver it. I wanted to cook for you. But you wouldn’t come by. Hurry up and eat. Have some fish, too. I remember how you used to cook seaweed soup for me. You made this on my birthday. Right. Today’s your birthday. Happy birthday, Minjung. You didn’t know? You didn’t eat seaweed soup for breakfast? Minjung. Minjung! Minjung! I brought some bread. Share them with the other teachers. You didn’t have to. Thanks to you, I got more students. They paid their membership fee recently. I thought I should come and say thank you. Okay. Thanks. But don’t bring stuff like this anymore. Anyway, is something up with Hobak? Why do you ask? She comes by sometimes, but I think something’s wrong. Oh, my! Uncle! What’s wrong with this? Oh, no! What happened? Oh, no! Oh, no! It’s broken. Uncle, what did you do? It wasn’t me. I was in the bathroom, and I ran out because I heard a bang, and I saw this. Don’t lie! Who else would do this? I’m serious. Mom. What happened here? Uncle did this, trying to get it down. I said it wasn’t me. Who else would do this? Did mother ask you to get it? I don’t believe this. Where’s grandmother? I don’t know. She asked you to get it, so she can go to the senior center. I can’t believe this. Why would she do this? Is she senile? Anggeum, how could you say that? Do you want my mom to become senile? And you shouldn’t be so mean, Subak. Why can’t she take this out sometime? Who cares if she uses it a little? It’ll get used regardless. Shouldn’t you apologize first? What’s all the noise? Grandmother, how could you break this? Oh, boy. Why is this broken? Uncle dropped it trying to get it down. I said it wasn’t me. Was it you, grandmother? It wasn’t me. I was at the florist’s to get some dirt. If it wasn’t you, it was uncle. I told you to wait until Jungji got bigger. Why can’t you do that? Even if grandmother asked you to bring it down, you should’ve said no. Why you little! How dare you yell at him? He might be younger, but he’s your uncle! But he doesn’t act like my uncle. What? What did you say? Let’s be honest here. Why do you think Subak said that? He should just explain what happened and apologize, instead of saying he didn’t. It wasn’t me, Anggeum. As if I can believe that. How could you lie? If you were my son, I’d beat you up. What? Go ahead, then! I didn’t say I was really going to do it. Are you talking back at me here? Fine. Let’s see where this goes. Grandmother, stop it. Why are you yelling at my mom? You stop it. She’s my mom. Do you know how mean she’s to my mom? I’m sick and tired of grandmother. Look at what your mom does to my mom! Just because she was tough on her in the past, look how she treats her now! How’s that? Oh, just look at what your daughter’s doing! Uncle is just as bad! The Korean War was nothing compared to this. You’re both attacking us! Let’s see how well you two do without us. Let’s leave this darn house. Come with me. Oh, boy. Oh, man. Mom, what do we do? What do you mean? Father’s going to flip out. Let him flip out. I’m not scared. Oh, boy. Who is it? The police. What’s going on? We need to ask you a few questions, so please come with us to the station. Excuse me? She didn’t come? Okay. I called all her friends, but nobody knows. Huh? What do we do? Your father will be home soon. Where did she go? Uncle left his phone at home. He never forgot it before. What do I tell your father? He will be furious. I thought you weren’t scared. This is all your fault. Why can’t she take the stroller out? Why are you turning on me? I’m already scared about how father will be. Oh, man. Oh, man. Catch me if you can! Hold on. What is it? I have something to tell you. I asked to come here because I wanted to tell you something at a meaningful place. My sucker, please don’t say a word until I’m done talking. After you hear me out, you can leave me here, if you want. I won’t blame you. The few months of memories I had with you are enough for me. – What is it? / – Shh. This is really important. – Actually… / – Are you married? Shh. I didn’t get much education. Excuse me? I never went to college, and I didn’t finish high school. I dropped out of high school during the summer vacation of my junior year. I only finished middle school. You went to a nice college and became a teacher, and now you want to be a writer. But my education level is awful. I only finished middle school. But… Will you still have me? If you can, wait for me here. If you can’t, you can take the bus home. You were the first person who made me laugh. Thanks. Tell me. What did you do? What did you say? Middle school? An excavator operator? Are you out of your mind? How embarrassing. Are you really my sister? I don’t need to hear more. Get out. Stay with me tonight. Don’t go anywhere. Were you crying? You look awful. I was just sad. It’s nothing serious, is it?

14 thoughts on “Wang’s Family | 왕가네 식구들 EP.18 [SUB:ENG, CHN, VIE, IND]”

  1. Hazal Lovish says:

    Thats the first time the mom said: Did something happen to Hobak

    That was so touching… only for a nanosecond though 🙁

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  3. Ak-47Deadly smile says:

    she is wrong and he is wrong

  4. Ellie Tlau says:

    Sangnam get jealous 👏👏👏😋😋😋😋😋

  5. Mazvita Ndawana says:

    Who else is watching rn?

  6. Rachel Klinsmann says:

    Yaaaaaaa Kang Taejun!

  7. Velia Putri says:

    My favorite Lee Yoon Ji ❤️

  8. Anty Rahman says:

    This fridge was brought with minjung’s money everything she brags about are all from minjungs money and now the greedy mother is least bothered of giving him 3 times meal…she is really getting on my nerves..I think the father should take step as he promised minjungs father he will take care of minjung

  9. المهيووبةة الشااميةة says:

    اجمل مسلسل صيني

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    ارجو مترجمته للعربي

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    ياريت لو يترجم بالعربية

  12. Asisin Mama says:

    Gwangbak always looking like Kajol

  13. Ayisha Reid says:

    Lol.I want that guy belly to run

  14. Ayisha Reid says:

    That guy act as kang taejun in a movie

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