Wang’s Family | 왕가네 식구들 EP.17 [SUB:ENG, CHN, VIE, IND]

(Episode 17) Welcome, Mr. Ko. Do you have a quiet room? Come this way. Minjung, eat. You eat, too. Don’t cry. I won’t. I have no right to cry. I won’t cry. It’s been about ten years, right? Yes. A little over ten years. Minjung… I’m sorry. I’m sorry. It’s all in the past. To be honest, for a few years after you left me, I really hated you. I kept swearing to myself that I was going to make you pay. But not now. I found out about the real reason. How did you find out? By trying to find you. It was because of your family and not because you fell out of love. I found out how you had to marry a rich old man because of your family. But I’m relieved because you seem happy. But envious, too… Your husband, he was different from what I heard. My husband? The man who buys all those things. Huh? Oh… He buys things off shopping channels, and most of them are for you and your kids. He didn’t seem that old, and he actually looked like a nice guy. Uh, well… I was joking about being envious of him. I’m glad you’re happy. And I was doing quite well until recently. I know. I heard about how successful you were. After you left me, I worked my butt off. I didn’t even sleep. You left because I was poor. The only way of revenge was to become a success. So I worked really hard, thinking I’d run into you someday. But now I’m embarrassed for running to your house with diarrhea. It was just so… I didn’t want us to meet like that. I wanted it to be like in the movies. That was really bad. It wasn’t. It could happen to anyone. Things just don’t work out the way you plan. I was so embarrassed that I was going to switch my delivery route. I look old, don’t I? No, you look the same. I’m the one who got old. You look just like you used to. Maybe because time has been kind to you. Thank you for saying that. When did you get married? A few years after you did. You got married, so why couldn’t I? Good for you. Any kids? A daughter and a son. They must be adorable. If they take after you, they should be. I must have some pictures. She’s so pretty. She looks like you. And your son is a spitting image of you. She must be your wife. She’s pretty. How did you meet? We met through a matchmaker. We got married 3 months after we met. How many kids do you have? One daughter. Show me her picture. I don’t have any pictures on me. Maybe another time. It’s funny how things work out. They say people who are meant to be together end up together. But if you do nothing, you don’t. You have to reach out and go looking for that person first. Remember? We went looking for each other. You’re right. Anyway, how can you call me your sucker? What’s wrong with sucker? It’s really nice. It means I’m not a special person. Shh! It’s because you’re a sucker for me. – Are you upset? / – Yes. Give me your phone. What? Arrogant bulldozer? But you are arrogant. Happy? (My sucker) What’s this? You don’t like it? We’re both suckers. From now on, I’ll make sure you never feel lonely, with lots and lots of love. If you don’t, I’ll get mad. You’re a sucker for me. You’re a sucker for me. Hey, sucker! This is pretty. Would you like one of these? Yes, sucker. Let’s buy one for each other. Hey, sucker, did you get home safely? We just said goodbye, so why did you call? Because I have something to say. What is it? I couldn’t tell you in person, so I called. I have a lot of emotional baggage, and I might hurt you sometimes because of it. Like this time. I’m prepared. Let me help you get over them. As for your mom, just forgive her. She brought you into this world. So forgive her for your sake. If you do, I’ll work even harder so you can get over the pain. I won’t play any games, and I’ll do whatever you ask me to. I’ll work part-time and treat you to dinner. Just dinner? I’ll buy you dessert and drinks, too. But I like it when women play games. Bye! Ouch. Stop doing that. Hey, knock! Incredible! Oh, that hurt. Why did you try to find me? To get you back. I worked really hard. So I could get you back. But I was too late. Minjung, what are you doing? Nothing, Daebak. Go to bed. I’ll pretend I never had you, so you pretend you don’t have a mother. Don’t ever come back here. Let’s see how well you do. Hobak. You met her? Did she apologize? Why didn’t you take me? It’s better to have more people. I could’ve beat the crap out of her. You couldn’t have. The moment I saw her, I knew I couldn’t beat her. I shouldn’t have met her. Her whole body reeked of money. But money isn’t everything! You have something money can’t buy. You’re his wife, and you’re a mother. So what? I can’t use them as weapons. I don’t want to use time I spent with him and my kids as weapons. It may be pathetic, but they’re my pride and joy. Gwangbak, like our family motto, I put myself in Sedal’s shoes. If a rich handsome young man told me he was in love with me, could I say no to him? Could I say no to the lifestyle that I’ve never experienced before? I’m not sure if I could. I’m no match for her. I gave him $3 a day and belittled him saying, “You’re unemployed! You don’t need money!” But she gave him a $100,000 credit card and told him to use it as he pleased… Hobak. Stop it. Director, did you ask for me? Your wife came to see me. Excuse me? You didn’t know? She’s such a freak. Why does she do that? I told you I don’t like messes. We’re not even in a relationship. I’ll take care of it. What did she say? To let you go. She asked you to let me go? What did you tell her for her to come here? I didn’t tell her anything. I just asked for freedom. It’s so weird. I feel like giving it a try. Let’s reopen our contract. Take the car key and the credit card. It felt really weird. I thought nobody would be interested in him, but when someone was, he seemed more handsome, and I got jealous. I don’t want to lose him. But I don’t know what to do. I don’t know what I can do. I want revenge, and I want to beat the crap out of Sedal. Oh, I feel like a crazy woman. Do whatever you feel like doing. Go ahead. I’m not sure if he had an affair. They didn’t have an affair? It doesn’t look like it. I think it’s about money. He became a different person. It was scary. He’s not the man I used to know. How can money change a man so much… I’ve had all kinds of troubles before, but this is the toughest one. That woman isn’t the problem. The problem is us. I am. I was too indifferent to him. I only thought about making money and providing a better life for the boys. I heard even the densest of women notice these things right away, so I must be beyond hopeless. Even Sintong and Bangtong noticed it, but I wasn’t interested in my own husband. I was just focused on money. So I can’t blame him for going after money. I was all about money, too. Even when my mom called me stingy, I was still focused on making money. But money isn’t everything. How can I be so clueless? Don’t blame yourself. You were trying to make a living. When the boy were all grown up, I thought Sedal and I could play golf and go on trips together. But this is too hard, Gwangbak. What am I supposed to do? These are for you. Sunglasses? They are the hottest ones. I know that. Okay. How do I look? Look for yourself. This is nuts. They cover my bulging eyes. Crazy cool. We’re going to play golf later. Get ready. Me too? You should play golf, don’t you think? Golf? Why you little… Hey! Goof-off, you stop right there! Stop following me! Sedal! Come here. Let’s talk. I don’t want to. Go home! Sedal! Heo Sedal! This is nuts. Uncle! Loser. What did you say? Why didn’t you answer your phone? Why should I? I have nothing to say. Take those off, bastard! Uncle. We don’t need any words. He deserves a beating. Take those off! Loser, you always turn to violence. Goof-off, I can’t believe this… Calm down, uncle. Sedal, I did’t come here to yell at you. – So? / – Just hear me out. You know what kind of life Hobak’s had. We were all against the marriage, and she had a really difficult life trying to raise your sons while working. You know her life was a constant struggle, and that was why she might have been a bit indifferent. But she really regrets it. She’s really sorry she treated you like a child and belittling you for not being able to get a job and everything else. She regrets it? Yes. Tell her it’s too late. She thought if she worked hard and made money, everyone would be happy. After the boys are all grown up, she was going to play golf with you and travel abroad. Hasn’t she heard of the man who starved himself to go to a feast and ended up dying? Sedal, Hobak is in a lot of pain right now. She only looks tough on the outside. You know that better than anyone else. She cried a lot. But she’s done it to herself! Don’t you feel anything after hearing that? Your niece is really impossible. That was what I felt. Happy? You bastard! Let go of me. I’m going to beat the crap out of him. What did you say? Sedal, calm down. Uncle, you go over there! Sedal, I came to see you today to let you know how Hobak feels and to ask you to think things over. You must think about Sintong and Bangtong. I didn’t do anything wrong, so why should I? Did I cheat on her? Did I beat her? I just want to be free. I asked her to stay out of my business. Is that so hard? A married man asking his wife to stay out of his business is nonsense. I know that woman’s your boss, but for you to hang out with her like that is… You’re just like Hobak. I can’t communicate with you. Heo Sedal! How dare you! Uncle! – You’re an animal! / – Uncle! Oh, uncle! – You’re here. / – Yes. Did you have lunch? I ordered in. I haven’t heard you whistle like that in a while. I was whistling? You do that when you’re happy. What’s up? It’s a secret. Is it a woman? I’ll tell you later. I’m going to check out a used excavator. Should I come along? Let me look at it first, and if it’s nice, I’ll call you. – See you later. / – Okay. (Heo Yeongdal) I’ll see you there. Really? Oh! The time has finally come. Make him fall for you and set a date. There’s no time to waste. Wasting time is stupid. I got it, mom. My life is finally going to change. And yours, too. Mom, I will make you proud. That’s my girl! You didn’t answer my calls or reply to any of my texts. I was really worried. You were on a business trip? Sort of. Thank you for coming back safe and sound. I missed you. Sangnam, did you miss me, too? I’m not the type who can say that in person. Let’s get something delicious. My treat. I’m actually busy today. But here. Is this for me? Can I open it? Open it at home. There’s a card inside. A card? Oh, my! Oh, my… I’m sorry, Mrs. Lee. I keep doing this whenever you pass by. I’m sorry. You seem very happy, Mrs. Park. My daughter’s getting married. She is? What does he do? He’s a businessman. He’s young, but he runs his own business. She’s going to be very rich. Everyone owns a business these days. He’s going to propose to her today. You may not know what “propose” means, huh? Ugh… My husband is a vice principal! Of course I know! We’ll be sending out wedding invitations. What is Gwangbak going to do? When she hits thirty, no one will want her. She shouldn’t have quit teaching. That’s complete nonsense. Who knows what’s going to happen? Mom! Mom! Tada! Oh, my! Is this a luxury brand handbag? It’s not just any luxury brand. This is “the” luxury brand handbag. Let me hold it. I should hold it first. Oh, wait your turn. Oh, my! This is perfect. Don’t you agree, Mrs. Lee? I’m not interested in stuff like that. Why didn’t you ask Subak to buy you one before when she had money? I have lots of handbags like that at home. I just don’t carry them around. Look, Mrs. Lee. You never know how life will turn out. Yeongdal wasn’t good in school, but a man gave her a luxury brand handbag. Let me have it. How do I look, mom? You look nice, but I look nicer with it. Give me this, and ask him to get you another one. Later. It’s too early for that. You can tell him you lost it. He needs to earn points from me. Right. You’re so clever. Mrs. Lee, would you like to hold it? Yeongdal, give that to her. It’s okay. I don’t like stuff like that. Try it. You won’t get another chance. Oh, my! It’s the bag that makes a person! You look beautiful. How does my fortune look today? You have to wait. I have to go to work. Hurry. Why you little! Oh, I asked someone to read your fortune, and she said there’s divorce in your future. – Uncle will get a divorce? / – Yes. Mom, I’m not even married. Oh, right. I should show her… Mom, calm down. That means I will get married someday. That’s good, then. Right, uncle. Ultimate optimism. You should be crying, not laughing! Why? Yeongdal’s getting married. She’s lying. She’s not. Some man gave her a luxury brand handbag. I saw it with my own eyes. Oh, she got a luxury brand handbag? What kind? Was it one of the new ones? I’m not sure. But I couldn’t believe my eyes. They were all bragging about it. How could you let Yeongdal beat you? Did she meet someone else already? Maybe she found some idiot from somewhere. Men give presents like that these days. How come you didn’t meet one of them? Not all men are like that. It’s only a few idiots who have gone mad. I know. Why didn’t you show up for your date that day? Subak, you’re no help either! Why didn’t you give me one of your bags? You let the creditors take them instead. Daughters are useless. You never bought me a luxury brand bag! Hold on, mom. I’ll buy you one in every color when I become a writer! Shut up! Why don’t you buy me a bag, too? Mom, not you too. I just don’t get women. Why don’t they just marry the bags? Ugh. It’s so pretty, isn’t it? So, when are you getting married? Right. Here it is. What is it? A card. He told me to read it at home. So? Did he ask you to get married? What does it say? Mom… Thank you for seeing me. This is a parting gift. I hope you like it… “Parting gift”? What do I do? You’re a good person, but you’re not right for me. I hope you meet someone nice. He dumped me, right? Why did you get dumped? What happened to your bag of tricks? Oh, this is so sad. Other men ask to give their presents back when you break up but his one gave you a break up present. Oh, how sad! Oh, this came out all wrong. I can’t believe this! Sunjeong, I’m getting a package today. You are? Why do you sound so happy? It’s not yours this time. No, I didn’t mean it like that. You have a crush on the parcel service guy? I’ll see you later. Oh, right. Yes, Daese? Is Sangnam seeing someone? Mr. Ju told me. I think he is, but I’m not sure. But this time, it looks serious. I’m getting curious. He’ll tell us when he’s ready. I hope it’s someone nice. Don’t worry. You should trust Sangnam. Don’t forget about the package. Okay. You must be tired. Sign here. Minjung, hold on. I have to go. Just a second. I made some sandwiches. You have to eat on the truck, don’t you? I’m not sure if I can take this. Don’t worry about it. I made them just for you. Where’s your husband? He’s at work. Was everything okay that day? Did you sleep well? Yes. I couldn’t sleep that night. It felt a little weird. I’m not sure if this was a good thing. Anyway, I’m glad you’re living in such a nice house. I hope I’ll be able to make you feel the same… You’ll get back on your feet. I believe in you. You still have that hairpin? Of course. You gave it to me. It looks bad. Don’t wear it. Your husband will be offended if he knew. Sunjeong… Let’s be friends. – Friends? / – Yes. I should go. Thanks for the sandwiches. Minjung, whenever you feel hungry or have to use the bathroom, drop by. I’m always home. I’ll be waiting. Bye. – My heart is pounding. / – Mom. Hurry up. Hurry, before Subak comes home. Mom! Where is the stroller? Ask uncle. Uncle, uncle! Uncle, wake up. Uncle! Oh, man. Uncle, wake up! Where’s the stroller? It was grandmother, wasn’t it? Where is it? Uncle, wake up! Ugh. Why is he pretending to be dead? He’s actually pretending to be dead! Oh, I can’t believe my eyes. Lift him up. One, two. Ugh! – Oh… / – Seriously. Where are you going? I’m just out on a walk. What do you call that? A drive? Yours look like it should be thrown out. Is that new? Of course, it is. My son bought it for me. I have two more at home. Two more? Yes, so I have three. One for the market, one for meeting friends, and another for going to the senior center. They are lined up in the yard. Ask your son to buy you a new one. You don’t want to be seen with that old thing. I’ll see you later. Oh, that looks good. I haven’t seen you in a while. Would you like some? Yes. I brought my stroller here. You can load it in here. Hurry up and load it. Okay. Grandmother! Oh, no. Wasn’t that your grandmother and Subak? Oh my… She could put that in the stroller. I feel bad for your grandmother. Ugh. I wish Subak’s husband cheats on her instead. Do you know Minjung? No, I never met him. I think Subak deserves it. What’s going on with Hobak? I don’t know. Shouldn’t you teach him a lesson? How can I do that? Your family should go to him and beat him up. I’ve seen in done on TV dramas. I hope you can beat him up someday. I know. Are you still hanging out with that girl? At school, yes. Who flirts with whom first? Sometimes I do, sometimes she does. Wait, that sounded weird. It’s not like that. Why are you flirting with her? Sometimes she gives me snacks. Don’t eat them. Why not? They’re good. Don’t just eat anything she gives you. If you do, I’ll kill you. Miho! Hi. Come play with me. Okay. I’ll see you later. – Who are you? / – I’m Miho’s friend. Miho’s busy, so go away, little boy. Miho, let’s play some other time. Is he a classmate? He’s the class president. I don’t talk to vice presidents. – Are you close? / – Very. He brings me lots of snacks, too. Don’t eat them. I hate two-timers. Go home and study! I’ll check on you later. Thanks. Oh hey, Miho! Where’s Daebak? He came home just now and is studying. I wonder what’s gotten into him. Well, I’m meeting that guy again. Really? That’s great! I owe it all to you, Miho. It worked out because of your advice. What should I do next? You must close the deal. Make sure he’s yours. How? I’ll tell you what I did. You were head over heels in love with him, and you went and got him. How awful! I didn’t go and get him. You did. – No way. / – Let’s eat. You must make him jealous. That’s the best way. What is it? I keep getting calls. Answer it. Maybe later. Who was it? Some guy I met before. Some guy? Why is he calling now? I don’t know. It’s obvious. I’m sure he’s just bored. That may be true, but he keeps asking me out. And, you’re going to see him? What else could I do? He keeps texting me, saying he’ll die if I don’t see him. I can’t believe you. You’re going to see him? Even though you’re not interested in him? Women are like that. We get interested when men are interested in us. He keeps saying he’ll take me out for barbecue. What should I do? He wants to take you out for barbecue? I love barbecue. I think I should give him a chance. What should I do? You can have barbecue at home. I can take you out. But I don’t know how to say no. What should I do? What do you mean? Don’t meet him. Did you say yes? – Yes. / – When is it? Tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. Where? At the barbecue place down the street. Tomorrow evening at 7, down the street. Why is the food so salty today? Can I get some water? Yes, mom. What is it? Let’s play cards. But I’m working right now. Let’s play one round. I can’t even take out the stroller! I’m so upset! Yes! I scored! That’s three points, and you owe me a point. Oh, you didn’t get three points. 5 points and 3 points, that’s 20 points. Give it to me! No! You have no respect for your mom, huh? Let’s play one more round. – I have to go. / – What? Mom, thank you. How can you win money and just leave? Oh, he’s useless. Egh, hyo, hyo, hyo. Aeji. This is the rain. Say it. – Rain. / – Oh. And this is the grass. Grass. Good girl. Learn this so you can play with me. – For money. / – Okay. Grow up quickly and play with me. Nobody will play with me. I’m so sad. I should just die. Egh, hyo, hyo, hyo. Egh, hyo, hyo, hyo. Let’s do it again. What’s this? Rain. Good! You’re so smart. – Grandmother! / – You startled me. This is crazy. What are you doing? I can’t believe this. Come with me. Nice shot! It’s been a while. What do you want? I’m not going back. That’s the result. I’m happy here for the first time in my life. You know what? Talk to my dad because he made me marry you. Did you see that? Did you? It went really far. Really far. Why would you hang this here? It’s pathetic. This is your problem. It’s better to forget and move on. – I’d like to pay for them. / – Okay. Please sign there. Okay. You took them back? Why? You deserve them. “Chasing money’s made me lose my husband. Why did I live this way?” I thought so I was just going to buy them, since I’m the one who earned the money, but I couldn’t. I’m so stupid. I am stupid. Does Sedal come home? At least he comes home. How do you feel? You must eat well and sleep well. Don’t get stressed out. Good night, Hobak. Okay. Father. Was that Hobak? Yes. Is something wrong? No, it’s nothing. She’s stressed about work, I think. Go inside, father. The Korean War was nothing compared to this. How am I supposed to go on living? Why should I even bother? I should just die. Egh, hyo, hyo, hyo. You should pay more attention to your grandmother. Like how? She wants a dog. Imagine how lonely she must feel. I’m not taking care of a dog. I’m already too busy. I’m not asking you to take care of it. Mother says she’ll take care of it. I bet she said that. But I’ll have to do it. My friend has a dog, and I thought about getting one, too, but it’s a lot of work. It’s just like raising a child. Feeding it, clothing it, cleaning up after it, walking it, and bathing it. Mother can do all that? She’ll play with it for a while and call me when it poops. Right. Grandmother isn’t lonely at all. She goes to the senior center, plays go-stop with uncle, watches TV… And yells at me all day. How dare she! Let grandmother take the stroller out. She never needed it before, so why is she acting like that? I can’t do that. Jungji has to ride it, but grandmother goes to the market with it, soiling it with vegetables and stuff. So how can I put my baby in it? How much was it? When Jungji grows up a little, she can push it around. Why won’t you let Aeji play with her? Mother can take care of Aeji. I don’t believe you! You should hear our side of the story. She was teaching that little thing cards! Telling her the names of the cards! She said they should play for money. But we learned it from our grandmothers, too. As long as it doesn’t turn into gambling, playing cards with family is okay. Playing that with grandmother is good. Right, yes. But uncle already does. Why should a six-year-old card gamble? Must you beat mother at cards? How much did you win? A dollar and forty cents. Give that back to her. Mother says she won’t talk to you. You should’ve let her win. Why would you make her mad by beating her? But mom likes it like that. When she gets upset, she asks to play again. You know how she is. She hates losing, but when she always wins, she gets bored. Whoever’s free, take good care of her. Don’t ignore her. She’s not a child. Why would we take care of her? When you get old, you become a child. What should we do? Play hopscotch? Mother, please come out! Let’s play house. She’s sleeping. You want to bet? I’m sure she’s listening. Your father’s going to play with grandmother. The meeting’s over, right? I’m home. – Oh, hi. / – You’re late. Oh, my daughter, you must be hungry. Here. Oh, you must be hungry. Eat slowly. You might get indigestion. It’s just around the corner. How do you feel? I’m sure you’ll do really well. Where are you going to apply? Law school, of course. We need a judge or a prosecutor in the family. Stop talking about that. Haebak should decide, not you, mom. I thought you were going to be successful, but look at you now. Nice going. Who knows? I might become a famous writer. Shut up! Why can’t all my children be like Haebak? She’s so smart, she’s so good. I’m a lucky woman. Kids like her always stab in the back. How dare she? You can’t even write! Here. Oh. You should try to change his mind. You’re home early. Wait by the door around the time I come home. Hey! What’s that? Can’t you tell? Golf clubs. You never bought me anything like these. Water. Okay. Ugh. Here. Why did you take this out? I don’t feel anything for you. Stretched out t-shirts and my old undies suit you the best. So stop trying to make it work. Pack me lunch tomorrow. We’re going to see the autumn leaves. All of us? Not you. Me and the director. They haven’t changed colors yet. Don’t worry. Me going there will change the colors. There’s nothing money can’t buy. When I get there, the leaves will get scared and start changing colors. What should I make? Why are you making that face? Why? I’m not going out there to have fun. This is work related. I’m getting paid, so I must do what my boss tells me to do. You love it when I get paid. You said your dream was for me to get a job and bring home a paycheck every month. What should I make? Rice rolls? Sandwiches? I don’t want boring things like that. Write these down. Go. Don’t make me repeat myself. Go. Pancakes, shabu-shabu. Don’t misspell them, okay? It’s shabu-shabu. Marinade some beef, glass noodles, sushi, and some fritters. Oh, including vegetables and shrimps, and potatoes, sweet potatoes, and stuff. Some sweet and sour pork, dumplings, and I saw you making pizza before. Oh, and pork cutlets. Sintong and Bangtong love them, so don’t forget, so I can think of them when I eat it. That’s it. Shabu-shabu and marinated beef would be difficult to eat outdoors. I’ll make the rest. The director hates kimchi because it smells, so don’t put any of that in. I’m going to sleep in the living room, so you can sleep here, feeling lonely. I have a question. Do men usually cheat on their wives? I don’t know because I’m not married yet. Some do, and some don’t. Doesn’t the same go for women? I’m sure. But let’s say some rich woman appears in front of you. Would you fall for her? Me? I don’t fall for money. If she were extremely sexy, maybe. Is it about your brothers-in-law? It’s not about my family. Don’t worry. When she runs out of money, he’ll come back. What if she’s really rich? Hey, sucker, listen carefully. A relationship based on money doesn’t last. Money is extremely attractive, but that’s all there is to it. Really? That actually made me feel better. Sangnam, you sure know a lot of things. There are more things I don’t know about. It’s not like I’m really old. You were a good in school, weren’t you? I did read a lot of books. Are you drinking something? Coffee from the tumbler my sucker bought me. I’m not using mine. I don’t even know where I put it. Huh? You better know! Let’s go on a golf trip to Southeast Asia. I don’t practice. I’ve been playing it for 10 years, so I don’t need to. Okay. Let’s play a game sometime. This is nutty, nutty, nuts. You went grocery shopping? Make it good! What’s that? What do you mean? That. Oh, I got some medicine. I have a headache. I’m sure you do. Don’t I have any red socks? Huh? Red socks? Why are you all startled? Make sure they’re delicious, so my director would like them. She asked me why I live with you, and I told her it’s because you’re a good cook. Go and get ready. Right, red socks. Uh, okay. Okay. What’s wrong? Acting all weak. Drink it. No. You have a long day ahead of you, so drink. You doing this won’t change my mind. So stop making useless effort. Just do what I ask and ignore me. It tastes… Why? Does it taste weird? If it’s weird, don’t drink it. Did you mix something in here? I didn’t! It’s a combination of vegetables. It must taste weird. It’s incredible. Keep making this for me from now on. This is so good that I’m going nuts. Oh, uncle! She’s eating the same food we’re eating. Don’t lay a finger on me. This is attempted murder. Don’t go. I’m sorry. Why do you think I did that? I’m a woman, too. What? You know it’s me! Don’t eat that. Come out this instant. What are you doing? You have no manners. It wasn’t me, Anggeum. I can’t believe you’re lying to me. If you were my son, I would beat you. Go ahead! Let’s see how well you do without us! Let’s leave this darn house. What are you two planning on doing? I haven’t given it any thought yet. How dare you? Who do you think you are? You know what you deserve?

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