VW/Skoda/Audi/Seat 1.9 und 2.0 TDI AGR Ventil wechseln (P0401) II Replace EGR valve DIY
VW/Skoda/Audi/Seat 1.9 und 2.0 TDI AGR Ventil wechseln (P0401) II Replace EGR valve DIY

Hello people, today another video from me, this time we have a vw touran, in which the AGR is defective. We have the error message P0401, Exhaust gas recirculation insufficient We will now point out that AGR renew Before we begin to disassemble everything, we first read out the error memory. So I have my reader here affiliated As you can see he shows the mistake P0401 on. Exhaust gas recirculation inadequate flow rate detected Then, in 90 percent of cases, the EGR is also polluted and corked. As with every 1.9 tdi from VW is that EGR valve up here, And here it is controlled via this vacuum hose and can also be renewed relatively easily. And now let’s start … First of all, Let’s remove the engine cover so we can get to the EGR valve, that’s easy. Take this out. Then here is already the EGR free. Now you can check again if the Vacuum hose is connected, it could for example be that the vacuum hose has gone off, or is leaking, that would also lead to the same mistake. You can already see a lot of oil here. So probably the EGR valve will look the same from the inside. Let’s start now that means we solve here are these three screws, is a normal allen screw Before we take off the hose of the air supply, so that we more easily come to the screws. Yes, as we can see, I have now solved the top two screws, the third screw is a bit hidden … This is located here at this position. When you have loosened the three screws, you can pull off the throttle. Then you can unscrew the EGR. If we then unscrewed the throttle, the EGR is only on a screw, here behind, attached. and below the flange of the Exhaust gas recirculation. The flange is down here with two Allen screws connected. Here you can see the new part and below is the flange. Of the four screws, only two are used … What you can see quite well here is the difference between the old AGR Venrtil and the new one. The old one is tidy and probably the cause of our mistake. Then you take a six-inch Allen and go down here the screw of the
Flange and loosen it. Yes around the EGR final dismantling, you have in the end only the one screw up here, and here at the bottom there is still a screw then you can do that AGR from the intake bridge. I’ve loosened the intake manifold damti I better get to the screws ran. You see now the old EGR valve removed, as you can see, everything is corked here with soot and oil. Next to it you can see the new EGR valve from ATEC Germany. Cost 33 euros, the original OEM spare parts cost 50 euros. You can also clean the EGR valve, But I have the experience that this brings nothing …. If you are unlucky, the EGR valve does not work after cleaning … So you better start a new one, it does not cost much. Before you install the new AGR, Looks there are so seals with it, for the flange of the exhaust gas recirculation down here. This must be renewed. New O-ring seal is already included. And now we screw it back in again. If you screwed up the AGR again, you look through a mirror, whether the two screws are tightened and that the gasket is in place correctly. what you have to do is put the vacuum hose on it. and here the two screws and next comes the throttle back on it. Yes, once we have assembled everything and the new EGR is installed, Let’s clear the mistake and see if our repair was successful. Ignition on. Let’s make a diagnosis again … Delete the error code Error code is deleted, we start the car now. He still shows, hood is open, we have to close this still fast Error seems to be gone but make it out again and then again. I’ll look again Let’s read the error memory again … yes successful, error is fixed. EGR valve works again, that was it.

5 thoughts on “VW/Skoda/Audi/Seat 1.9 und 2.0 TDI AGR Ventil wechseln (P0401) II Replace EGR valve DIY”

  1. Niklas Haas says:

    Wirklich sehr gut erklärt! Bei mir war es genau dieser Fehler habe das Video geschaut und im Handumdrehen war der Fehler beseitigt.

  2. Elias Girma says:

    Wie viele kostet für aus und Einbau unterdruckdose für seat leon Auto

  3. H.m.r ok says:

    Ich hab auch gleiche Problem das ist wegen AGR?

  4. deniz berkan says:

    Bei meine ist auch defekt,
    wenn ich so fahre,kann es für motor schaden ?

  5. Nicht Bekannt says:

    AGR deaktivieren und Ruhe ist.

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