VW Golf OBD2 Diagnostic Port Location
VW Golf OBD2 Diagnostic Port Location

Hello Guys and Girls it’s Lurgs here.
Welcome to my Channel and today the Volkswagen Golf OBD2 diagnostic port
location. But before we get started it’s always nice to have a lovely cup of tea! ‘Hey careful man there’s a beverage here huh’. Right so this is the Volkswagen Golf
here, so go to the driver’s door, obviously unlock the door, open the door,
and then the OBD2 port location is down in the footwell just above the
accelerator pedal, and there it is and in most cars it should be purple or pink
purpley pink and once you’ve located that you can get your OBD2 port reader
which sounds like a droid from Star Wars! OBD2 and you can just plug that in and
start reading any error codes or resetting any error codes. So my advice is
to get one of these readers make sure you get one that’s compatible with your
vehicle because they all do vary quite a lot. If you’d like more How To’s and
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here. I really do appreciate you visiting my channel Guys and Girls. If you’d like to
select any other videos around here that would be really cool. Thanks for watching.

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  1. Lurgs says:

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  3. Kelvin Broder says:

    Oye there chap. My ODB2 port is behind the spare coin boot. The little 'ol drawer thingy under the torch switch. How do I bodger that crikey tray out?

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