VW Golf mk2. How to Change a Distributor Cap & Rotor Arm

For the removal of a distributor cap (or ‘Dizzy Cap’) unless the leads are clearly numbered and the cap numbered then don’t just pull all the leads off. The cap itself – this one just unclips sometimes they are screwed or bolted on. Inside that one it’s a bit worn the rotor arm has worn grooves in the contacts so i will be replacing that one. The thing with a replacement is to make sure you’ve got the right one and in most cases this orange one would be supplied as a replacement for this car but that’s the wrong one! We need another black one like the one that was on it as this has a section there which fits into the grove. It only fits one way around and that will fit there. The thing is when you’re changing the leads the ht lead is obvious that’s the center one but the other leads you should change them all, one by one, to make sure that you’ve got them right. So that grove we’ve got over that side. We’ll do the one nearest that first. Then we’ll do the next one. If you do them this way you shouldn’t get them mixed up at all. That one. That one. and then the HT lead back in the center. The rotor arm if you have to change that that just lifts off and goes back on. and then that’s lined up. Then all you’ve got to do is put those clips back on. and that’s it! I’ll just test it now to see if it works!

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