VW GOLF 7 R vs MERCEDES A45 AMG Acceleration 0-250 Onboard Sound Autobahn Test
VW GOLF 7 R vs MERCEDES A45 AMG Acceleration 0-250 Onboard Sound Autobahn Test

VW GOLF 7 R 2.0L inline4 Turbo 300 horse power Mercedes A45 AMG! 380 Newtonmeter at 1800–5500 rpm. VS Mercedes A45 AMG! 2.0L inline4 Turbo 381 horse power 475 Newtonmeter at 2250–5000 rpm. I really have to say that I like the sound of A45 much more. which sound You like more? And finally… let´s compare the 0-250 acceleration!

100 thoughts on “VW GOLF 7 R vs MERCEDES A45 AMG Acceleration 0-250 Onboard Sound Autobahn Test”

  1. ismail kaplan says:

    ben salağım

  2. Side Up says:

    Why this golf after he passed 120km/h is sooo f** slow!!??

  3. van says:

    golf=woomen auto….
    A 45 it's Mercedes ! but 2.0 L 4 cylinder it's big shit!

  4. Krzysztof Abramowicz says:

    going 260km/h still checking wing mirrors – Germany

  5. Mert Ozbahcivanoglu says:

    which one is realy better ?

  6. Erlend Miland says:

    Mercedes w212

  7. Ibo Stail says:


  8. BerlinTomek says:

    Nissan GTR Onboard POV 0-300 Autobahn Drive : https://youtu.be/QJZNDVubrRo
    Porsche 911 Onboard POV : 300 km/h Autobahn drive : https://youtu.be/bwEQZn4L88I

  9. Franko xy says:

    Ach Gott… bei 260 geht nix mehr beim AMG ohne Software Änderung, der knapp 50 000 € kostet Lach … da langt auch
    ein 220 Diesel, und der brauch weniger !!

  10. Dudu says:

    Mercedes of course, the sound of AMG is the best Sound

  11. Dlin Dlin says:

    Nissan Skyline GTR

  12. MrDaishee says:

    Gold 7 R vs Astra J OPC wäre besser gewesen

  13. Nebel STEFAN says:

    Wie die Golfis alle disliken 😀

  14. Boitumelo Matlhaba says:

    I would die for CHERRY OF GODS (A45)

  15. STAVROS/ Σταύρος Σιδέρης says:

    Nice sound of Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG.

  16. Zubaidahbintinordin Nordinbinjasman says:

    Merc no 1, coz at F1, they are a heroes engine

  17. Leon Meßmer says:

    moinmoin Mercedes ist die geilste marke

  18. Ojeyoh Ojo says:

    That is a cool acceleration speed of them all

  19. Paintball pro Nimes says:

    Moi je viens d acheter là golf 7 r il y a 2 jour

  20. Sven van Heun says:

    The sound from the A45 AMG lets me think of an Mitsubishi lancer EVO X Rally xD

  21. F Stéphane says:

    mercedes sound is amazing

  22. vince1964100 says:

    Golf anytime

  23. Stefan says:

    Douchbags choose Mercedes,Real carguys choose Golf.

  24. B. Chandler says:

    How AMG safely squeezed 381hp, nearly 200hp/ liter, I will never know. Astounding.

  25. iFreak says:

    i more like VW

  26. Simon Vuille says:

    Golf R + a few mods and it annihilates the A45, still a nice car though

  27. bravo1412 says:

    for 100000 dollar , there is no car thats goes crazy! thats bla bla shit!! buy that shit and smile!! noob´ologis XD

  28. MUSIC_ 95 says:


  29. Kevin Lichtenberg says:

    At least they should give a biturbo to the golf r and we will talk again boys 🖕🏼

  30. Nexus Time says:

    GOLF ! 4ever

  31. ///M POWER says:

    Golf 7R is better

  32. Robani Mahizan says:

    golf…nice…merc a45 gentlement looking…and standard

  33. Sven Thiesing says:

    Schlechter Sound von beiden. Wo sind bloss die 6 Zylinder hin?

  34. vince1964100 says:

    GOLF anytime

  35. qosui laith says:

    mercedes is good car

  36. drMINDdamage says:

    The Merc is so damn ugly… I'd take the Golf everyday!

  37. amarildo murrani says:

    Golf r the best in word

  38. MrZillas says:

    Meine Meinung: Gebt dem A45 endlich einen der neuen 3.0-Liter R6-Motoren. Größe und Gewicht wie ein 4-Zylinder, aber Leistung ohne Ende. Dann kriegt man den locker auf 450 bis 500 PS, ohne großes Tuning.

  39. AMG_CivicKindaguy 101 says:

    AMG A-45 for me 🙌🏾😈

  40. valkyrie04 says:

    how do you compare golf R with the a45? they are in completely leagues… golf R is a vw version of S3 and S3 doesn't compete with a45… RS3 does

  41. Markus K says:

    Volkswagen power👊🏼

  42. Nadirou Kiki says:

    Golfe 7

  43. Nadirou Kiki says:

    Golf sport

  44. Gaby Ra says:


  45. Hilmar Gunnarsson says:

    This comparison is plain stupid. The Golf R beats the hell out of Mercedes if you compare value for money. The Golf is an understatement and therefore more elegant in my opinion. The steering wheel on the Golf R is way cooler too.

  46. fin boi says:

    volkswagen😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍mercedes benz is amazing too👍👍👍👍

  47. Skipper A says:

    The Merc AMG is simply ugly as shit…

  48. ta tum says:

    New Megane RS better than both.

  49. jonas hager says:


  50. Vlad Costras says:

    i just ordered the new golf r 2018.  0-100 in 4,6 is not bad at all.  the best hatch now is the new rs3, an absolute beast.

  51. lolek says:

    Both sounds like a shit, but Merc sounds a little bit better.

  52. Cabbarov_ Fərid_001 says:


  53. Cabbarov_ Fərid_001 says:

    Mersedes the best car👉🖒👈

  54. Cabbarov_ Fərid_001 says:

    Golf is baby

  55. TrumpCorp. says:

    Lada Turbo

  56. No Fearness says:

    Mercedes got more realistic sound. VW is a fake…sounding like a v6 which is only a cheap 4 cylinder. Also the ugly four exhaust at the golf are horrible.

  57. Cabbarov_ Fərid_001 says:


  58. Karimkarim Karimkarim says:


  59. The good guy says:

    but the golf is way better to tune 😛

  60. Masikela Actor says:

    vw is power than benz

  61. Tuul Tserengunkhev says:

    Hitler's machine obviously

  62. Arhimou Nouna says:

    Mercedes a45 vs golf 7r

  63. syahir adzizan says:

    Golf R mk7 4ever

  64. Dominik B. says:

    The Golf has way more fuel inside

  65. setti rafik says:


  66. Cedric Duhard says:


  67. Felix Lehmann says:

    Der Mercedes ist einfach nur eine Scheiß Prolleten Karre. Der Golf der kann was im Gegensatz zum Mercedes.

  68. Otto Potto racer Satire Channel says:

    Golf furzt nur!

  69. dot_ ore says:

    Neulich auf der A8 war ein Golf R vor mir und ich konnte zwar mithalten, aber mal schnell überholen war nicht drin!
    Btw fuhr der Golffahrer unterirdisch und hat mal schön auch von rechts alle überholt! Egal, MB hat mehr Stil und Bums!

  70. 021 8mile says:

    When a45 get over 230km was the GOLF R 200KM GOING HAHA

  71. Amin O Omaro says:

    التعليق العربي الوحيد ماشاء الله على الصناعة الالمانية اقوي مركتين للسيارات الجولف والمرسيدس

  72. Alt F4 says:

    Mercedes: biTurbo (2 turbo)
    Wolksvagen: simple turbo
    Wow, wich is the faster???

  73. Abd Almalek show says:

    Golf 😍😍

  74. Paul T says:

    The sound of the R is much more prevalent. The Merc – well kind of boring.

  75. _Maa_teusz _ says:

    Golf R ! Not expensive very fast and usuable golf r win

  76. Mohamed 2005 zenzane says:

    Mercedes w bas

  77. AutomotiveMotion says:

    A45 isnt Bi-Turbo.. its twin-scroll-technology. 2-turbos in 1.

  78. Muhamad Iskandar says:

    2.22 you can see a honda civic fn2…. hihihi

  79. Ferhat Kucuk says:

    381 or 300:)

  80. Omer Halis says:

    Mercedes is Golf r fucker !

  81. Hammami Tahar says:

    Mercedes a45

  82. mick21 says:

    Golf forever !!!!!!!!!! A45 a shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit !

  83. Eddie Eagles says:

    Shit I thought Mercedes is gona kill Golf but in real life just just a litle bit faster a few km. Mercedes have a nice exhaust sound but for me I would rather go for Golf that's what I always drive anyway.
    They both look very nice 👌

  84. joao paulo cunha says:

    golf R

  85. Tangi IT says:

    Jo Benz is something else

  86. Carlos Mourato says:


  87. Giovanni Cioffi says:

    But golf is in efficiency mode

  88. Pedro Moreno says:


  89. Παντελης Μαρασογλου says:

    merc is way better cause u see when u buy a car like this u fo it for the looks and the performance.
    vw just took the stock golf made some software upgrading bigger wheels, brakes and exhaust other than that its a stock golf.
    merc on the other hand created a whole new car every single piece of it has nothing in common with the stock a class except the badges

  90. Made by Abdul says:

    A45 fucks golf

  91. Konthaarvlechter says:

    Fuck Mercedes

  92. Gary Austin says:

    My 335d is faster than both of these 2 An it’s a diesel !

  93. Daniel Phagane says:

    I go with a45,

  94. Daniel Phagane says:

    I go with a45,

  95. Muammer Yildiz says:

    Golf R 🔥

  96. 3dot8_bedmr - says:

    after driving several CLA45 / A45 AMG's i can say that they feel very underwhelming for 380hp. especially for a 80k car. the sound isnt bad for a 4cylinder, but still nothing compared to the older V8 amg's.

  97. Extreme Gaming Dual says:

    A45= Pewdiepie
    Golf R= T Series

    Clearly A45 is better.

  98. kos mos says:

    Pff my golf will smoke that merc 450hp 0-100 3.2sec 0-200 12sec

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