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Now we show you how to retrofit a navigation from Alpine in a Golf 7 the style series with 9 “display and high gloss display! Looks really cool! Now we will install this together and show how it works! The Summary of all necessary information about your car whether the videos are pictures or just the products which your car specifically fit, you find under “find everything for yours car “on our website ars24.com. When the postman comes, he brings you such a box, where then that whole equipment is in it. We have that everything already unpacked for you. We have it here for a start, of course the Golf mounting frame where in principle now the original delusion is exchanged with this here, where the buttons already are integrated. Here is the giant big nine inch screen, then we have the real unity for the whole, that means here is the whole electronics in it. That’s all mounted behind the display, we have accordingly then here our recessed mounting parts all the things right and hard integrate. We have included a GPS antenna, we have a CANBUS adapter and accordingly various other connections, where to then the reversing camera and the other optional parts still with can connect. Here you can see the microphone connection. We have that complete antenna set with it to optimal to use the DAB of technology and the adaptation to the sm antenna too use and the whole by me because in the manual or installation instructions are also included excellently coated formed material that you know each one screw individually to make the way but we do that together now and Now build piece by piece vehicle apart at the places and integrate our new elb a style navi. In Golf 7 we would have theoretically also the possibility of a normal double serve universal car radio install then you would need the right one double radio strangers and us would also need a steering wheel information adapter and one corresponding antenna connection all he finds these three things as link in video description text training in my opinion, the variant is but relatively uninteresting because they are very expensive fails at first the first so retool Golf 7 with these parts So a universal device installed we can have here with 11 1 Part of me now in the Golf here already incorporate a prefabricated variation where about all topics of Golf 7 already parents or the corresponding manufacturer as well pioneer or teeth or iris hedging and everything already prepared in this dark we do not have Golf 7 now preparation of VW for a microphone because we just do not have a bluetooth car radio had installed we do not have a dvd player in glove box and we have as antenna terminal a single woman antenna connection each of the son boll he now loves to know this video move in here because it’s just that prerequisite for it for each of the one dvd player in the glove box a double in the radio bay finds and already one bluetooth car radio had integrated who knows our video over the white look at Golf 7 because it is the appropriate conditions in this gold the first dream what you pay Must be the choice signal light the can take staking out and on here do the side secondly, this is what you are developing here you can just get out of the blind here click on the page with it and now comes the big blind to it and you can take those out here slowly undo and with appropriate tool to top take out and the aperture once completely out of the car trophy ebel throw out the typical and how can now you are up here with there there are two of them here with ran.de the inside and the bottom are there is just another gate and that can we now take out the quad entices connection of the body accordingly solve the clip up here and then you can pull out the third dog You can see that is not normal double device or something like that but now here with the enter approach in the back and something like that it looks the same from 11 right away have the here in the vehicle now quad lures connection directly here at the control unit and thus have now according to the instructions of the composition touch koller in composition namely, as here as in the illustration 3 10 b of the 13a has got it I only have these two connections he has his glove box here additionally its cd drive and had isolated all in here advantages that means there would be the quad loxstedter can be found here and here is only the connection of the monitor for all of them we have done this system now even more of the glove box out and show you how that works that also with each other we could already here, however, say oh if i use the cd drive from parents I do not need what I have now in the case here we do not build it only one. There is additional CD tray or CD drive where you integrate with here can we will give that away but for all have the drive green and also I want to make a run second glove box also out with it see how the whole thing works we now have a total of three screws at the top and a screw is located in the bay at the very back in it how must it be now we have two screws one bottom left and right and must we still have a screw here still on the radio chess turn He therefore keeps the side cheeks there must not once okay and we have the side part now in the hand and now you can only part and now it has to go right make way do the screw and now you can we have the wrong subject and here you have to still solve the connection and one switch from the interior light and then we have the tube here from the cooling with that one can just pull off and down there we have normal switch and always plug it is still diffuse room lighting out you can simply based on second so sound summer our whole glove box in the hand in this gold yes now the variant so that the quad lockstocks are already here at the chess bar for all the now that Other infotainment system can be where the quad loxstedter here at the drive The whole thing was the plug of the the quad lok and the antenna plug lined up left here because we come now with a connection adapter then to the campus and so on continues to be responsible and comes here on it must now plugged in here so here the island will need and with the other vehicles then just put it through here now in the state no at all The problem now is the fan unit to be changed from original connection to our retrofitted connection and the kids have to go here be opened up accordingly and that part will be removed here can you have the baby here and now that will be adapted again then afterwards just as pretty looks like before the must aluminum frame here as well be taken out and of course frame in the elb again with purely the aluminum frame is from behind paralyzed and now comes our biggest unit piece by piece are on it again everything in it new ventilation shafts, ventilation ducts with new lp instyle Our Golf did not have any in advance navi in there was no gps antenna so far we are now obstructing the build enclosed gps antenna in the set with it lies behind the combination instrument and the Let’s take everything apart each of a gps antenna in there already So it has a shark for everyone have antenna on the roof or just before in at least got a navi antenna connection already have for the there is an adaptation of the name here So X-factor-MGT5 are exactly mgt here and that can be handy here just do the station and the just plug it in again So it does not need new gps Install the antenna to make the side part away which we unlock with ours take care of our news channel and now do the good thing off here so that the okay, especially since the blind here what carefull put on top of it so now we have our come the instrument with two screws and Steering wheel completely and some forgotten then you would do it easier but Now we can get in down here second, solve it and that’s the whole thing combination instrument fixes number two so We now have cockpit and that we can also solve this click here the page and now we have a great one accessible amazon board for unfried ps antenna. Now we want the metal plate where you can afterwards with the double-sided adhesive tape stick in here accordingly and on the one after that our gps mouse on it so that is solid as far as afterwards. Possible front so here a bit actually only comes to this foam rubber has on this material here on it now from the gps antenna also which make the protective film and exactly stick on it like that and now we can pull the cable through to the radio bay there I can do it and now that all over here the cable is equal to us to let Everything here and there can do that combination instrument out again install. We would not have in a moment ago the blinds directly makes but equal the two unscrewed and solved of course that would be all about can take a path just like you get in again now assemble that is in place a little easier as in the beginning shown. So that cables are not unnecessary hang around tumor of gps cable summarize it right here merge together and completely in the back so it’s all from the picture surface disappears with it nation cable gives this. For all the usb connection directly here in the storage compartment on the side we have in there is then the adaption here the included in the scope of the order. Continue to use usb port can not do that for anyone down there there is a connection in it additional items KCE-USB3 and there can we then just contact us at the same to complement the USB port therefore we take out of here you can unlock it here so down below and from the other side also again below and now we can take this out here and from behind accordingly to edit this works you show up The side of the KCE-USB3 is considered universal piece thought that so infected can and wherever mount and here has the USB port of the world what to do with two screws we do it because that works now not really here to install this there would be the cable management somehow look stupid gets persistent right different the other way to screw is everything other than really good, I would have now says we do the whole piece here out and make automatically only one hole in there purely in this plastic part and sunk the right really nice plan on the original plastic part on it. USB connection in the glove box so in the storage compartment comes again storage compartment a USB cable will always be up too the remaining usb cable down here to summarize again and the same below spend because that’s one meter fifty instead of 130 centimeters wonderful down to it all is done. With the delivery of the Alpine device in the golf 7 is also the antennas split for DAB reception with and we have here now different possibilities at Golf 7 if that is a double fakra now antenna connection has or just in single. We have only one here single connection, the second factor connection here under ours connection here that is dead is even not proven but there are enough models that are now practically here a second cable actually turned off downhill and there you could do that antennae so our new ones simply connect here You can only do it in the wrong way. If I’ll do that on this one I connect my new fakra for UKW and my new DAB connection the whole still needs to go over the remote line electricity get the original antenna from the Golf again accordingly power is supplied but we have now here at the place a tiny little small change because it is that way cable directly to our FM connection. Actually, that’s what we need first here and are bitter purely that means you have to turn it over then there is the possibility here to make out the refiner here and now take care of the two cables interchanged because we just have a connection in the vehicle in there so for all the two did not need to do that. Now always get out of here here over here in and here in and exchange the two thus and the for locker on it comes again on it and now hammer that the antenna from so here is our antenna connector goes from the vehicle now first in the later here as inputs and now I have one new DAB connection and have on my connection here the UKW connection of the now practically here of the original UKW antenna is coming again on my Alpine device so this please we have to work properly the vehicle for the first time you say you may also receive dab because we have in the tailgate where the antenna itself. Also located is small frequency soft inside the currently only FM through that means we have to go here also exchange the thing with it. Let’s go through FM and DAB the tailgate on it is very important now our plastic parts with which we here possible to drive in and first go in here with your finger can and now elicit the whole thing so we have everything in hand and now we have to do just that mark out that is again such a sacrifice but died even more hidden here and behind not say okay yet and now you can stay in here plug out yet and the team change with it and the other new in Clear again that’s all fitting with the whole accessories and now everything was like that again for each of the original already one. Bluetooth hands-free system had in it so here’s a microphone already installed that is that recognition sign bluetooth hands-free because without free speak no microphone or without microphone no acquittal. They can now do this normally connect to adapt here and you need to get over the microphone do not turn your head because it is now here automatically the original in microphone from VW with integrated we have no here in the vehicle now bluetooth hands-free system had in it also have it here on this movement no cable on it where the microphone at all for the connection. So who does not have a microphone trainer needs in addition times that the order number KWE-901G7MIC and that is practically plus the preparation that me here is the original microphone can and must connect original in microphone from VW retrofit and please no other because the vote of the electronic values ​​are so that’s what it is here original microphone are the order number for the original microphone at VW means 3B 003 57 11 BB 41 costs 30 euro. Now build the metal parts together so that now the base unit with the monitor is installed and total afterwards be reinstalled in the vehicle Now the mounting frame from monitor moved Alpine the show have to stand up and the whole now here on the back with the tighten screws. Now we have this together screwed and now look which I have to stick here now take care of the brown plug introduce here and then we have still in our wire harness here we still have to do that together plug it with the wine down here so tune and take care now and cable times so hengl I leave now hang like that because screw now with our remaining four screws. The monitor with the unit here in the management parts we’ll do it together. Ok now has that mounted and now only of course you are the lead cable that the rest of times connected. Now we have one time the cable here with the short here with purely and now we have this one connection is down. There is ours main electricity connection and now we have the cables here a bit hang out. I think that is almost impossible avoid here and fifth case worst case we can bit bitumen on it make it so nation japan begins but how is it almost leave because behind it consolidate as here in the instructions train that does not work that way still tells the connection for that for the operation of the keys outside. That means we still have it here our service buttons and have according to switch connection plug and they must be afraid afterward it will be so clean the plug. How they have to chatter around namely the connection here once the is the right one must be out right he will come here later. purely So and now we still have that connection between the right and left connection that’s just that cable what goes in between and we put that in the same way and that cable making with a cable tie which is still in the set with in. Firmly we have everything connected so far and lead now in the car we have here now a hdmi connection will be even would like to study and maybe into put glove box or something. There is still the hdmi for locker you do not need that in the case now. Divorced is not at all so rest are still in the connection of the war still therefore still who in addition an external anxiety like install a sound system build the needs necessarily again that KTX-PRE1 then is the preamp output which is just plugged in separately here on this slot we currently do not care about it right now because of class because you only give us now. Let’s concentrate on the radio we’ll get rid of it for now, but we’ll build it of course, at some point a system and you need that purpose now put the radio again in everything on battery lock after and USB and GPS. Then if you use the antenna cable antenna cable also takes care of docking now we have here and under the cable before something just forgot our remote connection for the the antennae later that hides itself. Here’s a blue cable there you can the counterpart on it and on it squeeze and can directly with each other do together. And then we are worried about it now only everyone is valid cable neatly put in the back so that you now at the individual of the whole device will not get any problems and that’s all there to the side. The GPS antenna the two now let’s have a look and the whole time at all looks might be here before that can be up here stay tuned over then we have to do that now so I believe not even that far away removed that to have disconnected. That’s what it looks like. Last but not least we are building of course, the blindness here with on it everything is infected now plugs can not help but go listening to music and now cables behind it introduce. Top the cables back the cables insert to the rear and now we can be so bad in the back still our plug. The body is a click ask to turn it on so we already have a great part the logo here on the display on it and now the same with our USB stick. Let’s have a rough look we have the navigation button here we have an audio test is mine media and that media medium what I chose. We have here the menu button and at the menu button we will all media displayed to me now available. Just like bluetooth audio because I just mobile already connected and I have also usb can switch between DAB and UKW on it and now I have here my transmitter memory I can let me hide and could show me my whole industry now what is all there and there. I can just do something here select the theme DLF culture and DLF likes to save eleven culture here a page my memory and say to I have another example for twelve a lot clearer 13 just like that knows when received radios easily save finished. Then I have the already on it and presented to select example Energy and you can me too with my favorites button here Energy directly on my favorites on it and we have extra favorites for that button and now I have my DAB here Energy or just heaven or paradise a USB-stick can be different here even my most select things dialed phone numbers or something. Can I choose directly or here also navigate to my home or home back to the shop here. Can tell me all about the favorites here to pack can also edit and can also say that DAB antenna Bayern always away, always take out. Others for that and can here accordingly my favorites you can edit it to favorites more than these new ones displayed. On page 2 with it on it is expandable as I think the country up in any case, around all the favorites where you need to take off like external phone keys for phoning too. For all my contacts and there I can now in my phone book say the same, show me everything with E or just directly the search function turn on to say I search and then get me the letters directly in there and now have it for example directly as a contact as a favorite already laid down or I could now call directly and call and have. Yes, the subscriber volume and so on as the microphone with on sensitivities we lay down now here again on your phone. Of course, a call list for my dialed numbers or just quite normal the key combination if now choose here 08331 99-0 300 and call. Let’s go what she found really cool that is the fast function that is yes, how to give you an overview if I have just slide in my media or my stored transmitter. I can get into my position here get on car info or retrieve my camera is going or if i am from purely slide in then I can on mine. Sound menu to grab and can directly modify fields and the textbook level make bas plus minus or just in the menu directly into the setting then actually go to the sound to address attitudes explicitly. Just with a subwoofer or level just the frequency soft here what’s all set here is set or next to it our negwer quieter or even even a runtime correction yes here too. everything is complete with built-in set in normal radio operation or which medium I always as I can listen to music in split screen and can my navigation in show the second screen half and both are still big enough to read that, of course, the cool story. I switch directly to the navigation and have that as a screen on it and can navigate then very nice is also the fade in the function of mine is on this screen. As soon as i get the temperature here this will stop me everything here displayed yes like my fan of the intensity. I have my seat heating how I am governed with and what we still have we have our car info that means I can now also call my parking sensors or just make the car settings that I would have on my original VW radio can do. Nothing is denied everything is still there and usable I can now in my bluetooth audio menu go for the phone where I am right now coupled or just here. Choose in my sound menu with which device basically my navigation should select. Here I can choose beside up to sign up for five different phones and choose my priority or just mine list for the bluetooth devices select and which device at all. The hands-free system is capable of use and which music storage I just now I like to use it and then according to the Music by Moritz on a mobile phone, for example. Choose and then it works namely that here on our USB we can stick here the songs select accordingly now are right on it or here in the folder jump in and the next select stop click here so and as soon as I track it here now he chooses and takes over the same way. I’m now in my folder view in here and if you are I can change the folder again. Just step back here back and can then just me here select my other songs and now is also automatically again in the first level in it. Of course ours are also ours steering wheel buttons as far back with loud and quietly and can do the whole thing here which can also be controlled before and either reset my center choice or the folder or what i know and I also came to use the telephone costs for the conversation to accept if I am get a call looks device looks. Cool or looks awesome out there. There is no alternative 9 inch display in the order of magnitude is really the good and what do we have in there now? Actually we would bluetooth have USB connection hdmi connection with have navigation with audiostreaming so we can connect power amplifiers and the operation and everything goes on over the steering wheel just as cool as before. Everything is automatic we will become one rear view camera even with it get an original from VW and then an extra video over it but make views now so far that you say okay cool everything is ok and yes I hope you agree that’s really cool story is from parents thank you too. As always, we are happy to say about subscribers. So you want it again please short subscribe who it is not yet did and here you can again choose two videos with those you spend your evening now.

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