VW E-GOLF | Wie kompliziert ist Aufladen wirklich? | Daniel Abt

What’s up people? Welcome to a new video! And today we’re not in Kemptem but in the Stuttgart region. You might wonder now: “Why? What are we going to do here?” I’ll tell you. We came here with this car. The Q7 e-tron. There is an electric engine in there but it is a hybrid and the topic today that I want to talk about with you is: Driving completely electric. So task number 1 was that we needed to get an all-electric car and we have this one! This is the newest generation of the e-Golf. Our challenge is to try out how such an e-car handles during everyday life. How does it feel to have an all-electric car? How easy or hard is it to charge it? And we have gotten some help for that. There is a self-developed app from EnBW. Kindly enough, we’re allowed to use this one to see how fast we can find a charging station, how does the charging process work, to just get a feeling for it. So: let’s get in this beautiful car and we will hit the road. Before we are going to start driving now, the first task is, that we will start up the EnBW mobility+ app. I have already tried a feature on the way here that I can show you. You can simulate a drive with this app. I have driven from Ulm to Stuttgart with the simulated e-Golf and the app itself essentially gives me some information. It shows me here: maximum speed was 187 kph. This e-Golf can’t actually do that, so I was too fast. My energy consumption was at approximately 18.8 kWh. The suitability of the car is 80%. I can compare the results here and it shows me all kinds of established electric cars and it shows me how well they suit the route, for the way of me driving this route . That’s very cool for everybody who wants to get a feeling for an e-car and if it suits them and what would it have meant if I had driven this route like that. That’s the first feature. What’s more interesting for us now, or especially for me, is to see how I can charge my car here. Just imagine that we’re going on a trip now, we want to drive somewhere. The question is going to be:”Where can I charge?”. This app will show me where by pressing “charging stations”, find my location. Now, all around me, you can see it nicely here, there are a lot of different charging stations. It shows me a bunch. Here there are 19 available. It will collect all of them and that’s definitely a good amount. Now we have chosen something where there’s some greenery around it, so maybe it’s quite nice there. Now we can see that there are 10 charging stations available. When I click on it now, it shows me exactly that. Show me charging stations, type 2. Available, 50kW max, 22kW max. I see the different charging possibilites that are available there, see the operator, in this case EnBW. I see the options of access: mobility+ app. That means I can activate the charging station there with this app, which is important for us because we want to try if it works. I can see the tariffs and I can choose to save it as a favourite, we’ll do that right away. We like that! Then we use the route planner. Type this in here. 23 minutes, 28 kilometers and we will drive there now. That means that we will start up this e-Golf for the very first time. That’s it. Otherwise there’s nothing different in this e-Golf. It is pretty much the way you are used to from any other Golf. Otherwise this is our normal display, well not exactly, we dont have a rotation speed indicator, but we have this one. Positive when we accelerate, I don’t exactly know what the numbers mean, charge, for when we recuperate. Down there we can see the power that is present. But I’d say that we start driving now to get a feeling for it. That was pretty sick.
Not bad, right? That was really cool. Did you just see that? Not joking, everytime this is the proof that accelerating with an electric engine is super cool, because it gives you a different feeling and you were not prepared for it, were you? Nothing warned you that there’s going to be a good amount of acceleration.
That was sick! A completely different acceleration to a normal engine. Feels good, doesn’t it?
Yeah and so continuous. So sick, so sick!
So funny! I’ve already said it about the Q7 e-tron but with the Q7… the engine is a little less powerful than this one. Here in this e-Golf, we have a 100kW electric engine with one gear. So you have continuous acceleration. You have absolutely full torque as soon as you push the throttle. There is nothing that has to build up first, there is no delay. You push it and this thing rushes along and is just fun. We have 248 kilometres of range displayed now. This here is a generation 2 e-Golf. The first generation had 24kWh, the second one, this one, 38 and a little more. That means that this is a lot more. For comparison: our current Formula E car has 28kWh. And this range that we see here is significantly dependent on how you drive. This is always an ideal number. You have to make sure that you drive economically and wisely but that’s nothing different to the petrol one. The petrol car is exactly the same, it shows you that you can drive for 700 kilometres, but when you do 250 on the Autobahn and you really push it, the range goes down because consumption increases. And this here is nothing different in terms of electric driving. Looking ahead while driving. Letting go of the throttle, letting the car roll along, recuperate. I can only stress it again and again, how much fun I have when driving an electric car. The response characteristic of an electric car is just sensational, no combustion car can beat that, no way. No we have arrived at the service area. Let’s see if we can do this now. There is the gas station, we don’t need it. Bye. We are looking for the charging station. So we are going to stop here now. How much range do we have left now? It tells us 185 kilometres. We can turn it off now, it will tell us that here too. Current available range: 185 kilometres. And we will get out of the car now. Let’s see if we can charge the e-Golf here. We have arrived at the charging station now, it was easy to find it, the app showed me the way. Now the question is: How about charging? In the app I can display charging points. I’ll see the 3 different pins as well as the number, which is the same on here. It could be that you need different pins for the e-car. I have an overview now and I’ll choose mine. Ours looks like this. Means, that we need plug number 3 which charges at 50kW. Or up to 50kW. I’ll choose it on the app. It asks me to connect the charging pin and to press start. We should manage to do that. It’s activated. Payment information is deposited within the app, so I don’t have to do a lot more now. I’ll just press start. Starting signal was sent. Working. It’s working. It tells us here: 84% are charged. And that’s it. We’ll get a coffee now and then we’ll be back soon. According to the app everything should be ready now, the car is fully charged again. Means we’ll get in the car again. It’s really that easy. It is really uncomplicated. How long did it take to go from 80% to 100%? Well we were in there for a little longer cause we went to the bathroom but effectively 10 minutes. 10 minutes and it’s full. I can’t tell at what exact point it was completely done as it does not show me that. It’s definitely charged, or it should be, we will see. Bam! Done! This is how fast it works, uncomplicated, no one asked again. You don’t have to do anything anymore, you don’t have to confirm anything anymore, you simply unplug it. Thank you, get in, it’s charged, done! Now we will drive back! Before we drive back now, I can check what we have charged here in the charging history. All this was 5€ now. They are gone. Bye. Boom. Done. Everything works automatically. The receipt will arrive automatically. That’s it, I don’t have to worry about it and now when we turn it on again… … it’s full. Would you believe that? We will move on now. Another important topic is recuperation. Recuperation means regaining energy and that’s a big advantage of the electric engine. It can do that. You can regain energy here. When you drive in a smart way you can even increase the range and drive for a longer distance through recuperation. The most ideal case when recuperating would be: When you’re driving and you see that there’s a slower car in front of you. You don’t break but you recuperate there. This car here always recuperates as soon as you let go off the throttle, which is not the most efficient way actually. In the Formula E car we have a pedal on the steering wheel right under the shift paddle. That’s the pedal for recuperation. And we can choose ourselves when we want to use recuperation. Not everytime you let go of the gas, you really want to decrease speed and recuperate. As it would be too complicated for the normal user now to pull on pedals on the steering wheel, you do it this way. You always recuperate because it is still more efficient than not to recuperate and you don’t make driving harder for the user this way. That is the background story to this but if we wanted to be more efficient we would need something like that. The thing with electromobility is that there are still a lot of prejudices. Generally, the people think that it is ultra complicated to charge, that it is not actually possible. That you don’t find charging stations Of course, it might be difficult in some areas but partially it is also really good already. And this app really helps enormously. It’s a good invention so to say because you do not have to search these things but you have a database of I think 16.000 charging stations. And you can simply type it in. And we both said that we’re still motivated and we are hungry so we have just searched for something in town. I have just found a charging station in Pöblingen next to a thai restaurant and we will now see if it also works in town. If its practicable and how a charging station looks like there. I can’t stop. We’ll see if it is also as easy there. Because the last one was simply easy. Really relaxing, you have to say honestly. But look at that! Perfect! We are really in the middle of the city but… charging station… works! What happened? That was quick, right? Everything gone! So we have tried it today and I really have to say, no matter if at the service area or in the city, super uncomplicated to find a charging station with the app. Super uncomplicated to charge the e-car. It’s cool, I am glad that this is getting more attention and the topic e-mobility advances. That does not mean, and I am completely honest here, that one always has to think this black and white. Just because I like this one so much does not mean that I don’t like combustion cars anymore and also the other way round. That’s why you should be open for it and try it. And you can try it too, with the app. More information are in the description. Lastly there is to say: On tuesday you can find a video on the channel of EnBW, who have given us this car and this whole thing. And there’s going to be a talk with JP and Lina van de Mars. We will meet and talk about e-mobility together, I am already excited and looking forward to it. In this sense thank you very much for watching and I wish you a wonderful day, rock on!

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