Volleyball at Mount Holyoke College
Volleyball at Mount Holyoke College

[Head Coach Sonnie Terrell:] I don’t know
any better way to make a woman feel empowered or confident in herself than through her body.
And through working with other women. [Martina Kneifel ’14:] Our team is definitely
like a family, and it’s great to see these people six times a week. They’re also kind
of a support system because, when you’re having a rough day or a bad day, you can always come
to volleyball and it just kind of lifts you out of that. [Team:] Lyons roar! [Stephany Yang ’15:] Our team is very tight
knit and we’re all friends with each other and we hang out a lot. It’s just a great sort
of community and sisterhood that we share. [Terrell:] We get on campus at the beginning
of August. We have two weeks before classes start to train. We start playing on Tuesdays
and Saturdays at least, and then we play until about the end of October, beginning of November.
We have some time off, right after that, for them to, you know, focus on their finals.
And then we come back in January and start training three days a week as a team, doing
strength and conditioning stuff. We have a nontraditional season which starts around
spring break and goes for five weeks, in which we practice three days a week at that point. [Kneifel:] You know, I was looking at a lot
of volleyball programs and I think what attracts me to Mount Holyoke most was the balance between
the academics and the volleyball. [Emma Sweeting ’16:] Being on a sports team
definitely forces you to organize your time better. [Terrell:] These women come here to do extraordinary
things. And to be in that environment pushes people to do things they never thought that
they could accomplish. We develop traditions. They draw people together
and they make us bond as a unit. And some of our traditions range from our cheers on
court and the cheers that we have every day in practice to we will go to the Big E every
year as a team or we go to Lake Wyola and just hang out together. [Team:] MHC! [Terrell:] I think getting to know one another
as people really cements our relationship. Because we have a working relationship on
court but we also have personal relationships off.

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